F*ck Black History Month But If You Care for the BS, Here is How to Really Celebrate It

effingtired When we African-Americans arrived from the motherland as slaves in bondage, we were stripped of our identity, our culture but we did not lose our spirit of endurance and the faith. And if you actually believe any of that crap, you on some straight silly ish and we are going to set the record straight. We were some weak ass Black people who didn’t run fast enough from the slave catcher, allowed future generations to be raped, separated and beaten and worked to death, then we accepted the slave master religion, then after freedom, we start modeling ourselves after the American society that saw us as inferior and we Black people still act this way well into 2014. I’m tired of this bullcrap Black History Month and really am – we need to do something new other than this lame Black History crap because the jig is tired as hell. People without knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots. – Marcus Garvey Motherfuckers ain’t trees - we got feet, not roots so we have to stay moving. If motherfuckers keep looking back while the world move forward, we will not be able to navigate the road ahead of us – Ed Dunn The problem I see with African-American people is our people like to sit around and talk too damn much. I want to believe this is African storytelling but this is not the same - believe this started during slavery after they captured all of us brothas and sistas and stripped us of our identity and who we are, we sat around and started talking in the slave cabin to each other about who we think we are and the other slaves who didn’t know any better, just nod their head in agreement. Then some slaves decides to spice up the story and started making up stuff like Yakub or one of the original Statue of Liberty was modeled after a Black woman just to make the other slaves feel inspired, despite the reality they were just property that had to pick that cotton and tobacco early before sunrise tomorrow. This is not African proverbial stuff that the African-Americans were talking about. African proverbial tells history to teach a lesson and carry a learning lesson, the same way the Bible and other religious documents are based on. African-Americans slaves were just sitting around talking shit about anything and everything, making up shit as they go along talking about Magneto and Professor X was modeled after Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Now think about it – if you want to hold a group of people down that you conditioned as slaves, the best way to keep their ass down is to have them keep talking shit about their past and keep promoting it as inspirational stories. This is all Black History Month to me, a time when African-Americans want to talk worthless anecdotal shit that has no lessons or takeaways and just want me to have some warm and fuzzy feeling of Black inspiration. Real talk, fuck Black History Month and let me explain why. The reason why Black History Month is some bullshit is because it is the same scripted garbage that is being done since I been a child and the shit hasn’t change except exploited more year after year. Let’s go through the nonsense they be pulling during Black History Month. The First African-American to Do Something. I hate this shit because it is nothing but ego bullcrap. And 99% of the time, it is the not the first African-American to accomplish something, it is the first time White elitists allowed someone African-American to accomplish something. Like the first Black person working at Google, Inc running around thinking they so special and shit. And most of the time, we know some other Black person probably tried it but didn’t get the credit or the fame. I found shit in our Black History research where dark-skinned Blacks accomplished something but the story was whitewashed to show some fair-skinned mulatto as the one who made the accomplishment. Tom Joyner and other cats promote this “first African-American to do something” crap and we going to call it out all throughout 2014 Black History month. Did You Know? This is the annoying part that is used mostly by cats trying to hustle and run games on other. In fact, if you are a con or a street hustler, that is how you try to draw other cats in on your hustle by saying “did you know” as a sales pitch. Did you know the first beer brewed in America was by a Black teenage scientist? Did you know the first trip to the moon was supposed to be accomplished by a Black man? And then these con BS artists want me to say “Oh, wow..I didn’t know that!” and I like and share their Facebook post after hearing this stuff that is news to me. There is nothing of value in these stories except try to draw in some sucker to say “no, I didn’t know that!” so the next step is running the con game. Hell, I use that same crap when I’m dating Indian chicks all the time – did you know Caribbean food was inspired by Indian cuisine and I mention curry and she says “wow, I didn’t know that” and then I’m all good with my beautiful Indian sista... Outright Lies and Exaggerated Made-Up Crap. You got to remember back in the slave cabin, Black folks hated their reality and had to make up ish about their history and stuff around them to keep them inspired and keep living. So they make up stuff and they also exaggerate the truth like saying there was a Black person who made the first automobile, forgetting Daimler Benz made Mercedes way before Henry Ford put his Model T on the manufacturing line. Then when you confront these Black people about the lies they made up, they want to try to attack you personally. The reason why these slaves want to attack you for telling the truth is because they want to believe their lie and made-up stories instead of go out and fight the real war to change the reality around us to make the truth for our children better than the horrible truth we have to face today. Don’t Talk About African Diaspora History. Dream and Hustle will have a special section on the blog that calls out all African-American Black History campaigns that do not address African history. It seems some corporations out there want to sponsor us celebrating Black History Month but do not want us celebrating Black people outside of the United States. You got oil companies sponsoring Black History Month here in America but don’t want us talking about how the oil companies are historically robbing Nigerian people of their natural resources that they should leverage use the oil riches to build up cities like Dubai over in Nigeria. They don’t want us African-Americans talking about Lumumba and how American government played a role in getting him killed and also how American companies sought to imprison Nelson Mandela in the first place. Well in 2014, we African-Americans are going to celebrate the history throughout the African Diaspora and we going to call out the frauds who acting like we should only talk about African-Americans and not our African Diaspora brothas and sistas and we are going to acknowledge our global family. Don’t Talk About Black Urban Economic History. First of all, I’m tired of Black people keep walking around for the past damn 50 years and more talking about Black Wall Street in Oklahoma somewhere. That Black Wall Street shit is tired and I’m tired of fucking hearing about it, damn you cats are lame keep saying the same shit year after year. I find it insulting for these same lame cats to talk about Black Wall Street but cannot articulate the history of Black economics that covers the Great Migration, Black-owned businesses in the 1970s to Black global ventures and creating global trading partnerships. Talk about the housing projects in Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago and New York and the economic history there. 1970s Operation Push led boycott campaigns and if they worked and if they didn’t work and why. The reason why these characters avoid Black economic history is because Black economics is Black power and when you discuss how to learn and get better at economics, people don't want to see us get better. Really - did you ever ask yourself why we don't talk about Black economic history? Because cats don't want to see you progress economically and I hope you realize this. Overall, Black History Month over the years has been some straight bullshit and we cannot take this anymore. Cats want to be like storytelling all the damn time, year after year about the first Black or this “did you know?” crap that supposed to give us inspiration. History is to be learned from and applied in our current situation, not feel inspired and that is the part Black people do not seem to grasp and it is frustrating. If you haven’t realize by now, it seems they do not want us Black people to learn anything from Black History and extract data points but guess what – we going to do this at Dream and Hustle. It also seem they don’t want us talking about the African Diaspora and the history of our people worldwide but guess what – we going to celebrate and acknowledge the history of our African family throughout the African Diaspora. And it seems they have a problem with the Black community talking about Black economic history – well while Black Enterprise focus February on writing up bullshit topics like they always do, Dream and Hustle is going to discuss Black economic history like we have been over the years and we going to go in hard on the topic. And last and most important – fuck “they” – we are going to name names on Dream and Hustle and call out all the bullshitters of Black History Month. The truth is, our ancestors who were caught and sold into slavery kept looking back as they were running forward and tripped over something and fell. Then the slave catcher netted their fallen behind and dragged them off to never see their homeland again. To this day, we African-Americans still do that same dumb shit - keep looking back and we keep end up tripping over shit that keep coming our way because we are not looking forward. Celebrate Black history every day of the year through appreciation and libations to honor your ancestors. Use Black History Month to focus on showing our people how to extract data from historical events and apply to our current situation to better improve our lives and our future. That is how you should celebrate Black History Month from this point on.