Observing Other People Rise Up While African-Americans B*tch Down During Black History Month

xtianwarrior Because we African-Americans like to tell stories and say anecdotal stuff all the time instead of face our own current situation and see resolution, I think I’m going to start with a story to tell. When I was in the military, I remember this heated argument about something that went down like a fight and some of our people didn’t jump in. I wasn’t at the fight, I just overhead this conversation by the way and I was still fresh out of training at my new base. One of the guys who did all the swinging started talking about how others don’t stand for theirs and then he went into a berserk yelling “p*ssies get f*cked!” over and over again and I’m like damn! I’m still 18 and still thought puppies were cute and I had to help calm down some berserk GI screaming “p*ssies get f*cked!” and I ain’t never forgot that crazy ish. In recent history during Black History Month, we been watching other people around the world take a stand and even giving up their lives to fight for theirs and take on tyranny. Here in African-America, cats just whining and complaining on AM talk radio stations, comedy Black nationalist Facebook groups and Dr. Boyce Watkins blog comment sections and ain’t doing nothing but still talking and ish. So we going to ask the question Dream and Hustle asked a few years ago regarding the Arab Spring – why everybody else making history during Black History month except our Black asses? In this article during Black History, let’s discuss how other people are standing up for theirs while we African-Americans standing down mumbling and grumbling. Cats Up in Ukraine ukraine 3rd Strategic Institute has an interest in Ukraine and we have been monitoring this situation for almost a year since the elections and I have been briefed on the situation since in our reporting and saw the inevitable buildup to this escalation. The video gives a background of why the protest where going on. Kiev has been an emerging city for quite some time and the home of many of the world’s best talent when it comes to STEM. But in terms of opportunities, free market growth is not available for the local talent to grow their country and is stifle by self-serving politicians who will resort to any means necessary to retain their position of power. The biggest concern that elevated us was the attack on Tetyana Chornorvol who blogged about the government and their riches and how they are trying to maintain their personal goals. She started filming homes and collecting information and start posting the information. Once these elitists bring out their thugs, that is usually the signal for their end. A lot of you cats be fearful of these cats because you like to talk about they got gang connections and thugs on their payroll – the minute these elitists unleash their thugs, their ass is over and we knew revolution was coming soon. But after the Euro fiasco, it appears to reach the tipping point of people tired of being unemployed, human rights abuses going unchecked and motivated by the Arab Spring, decided to take over their Independence Square to stage a protest. And once again as usual, the government use brutal force to try to quell the opposition and the following is a video of a protestor falling to the ground getting constantly beaten and kicked. Then more brutality that shocked the world is you see protestors holding up shields taking sniper fire and watching people around them getting put down and they still standing their ground. The protestors in Ukraine..I love them and that’s how you do it. They did not fear the police, they built shields to protect themselves, they created piles of bricks to fight back against the police and they also took police hostages. They ain’t scare over there and they willing to fight hard for theirs. Meanwhile you hear African-American coward leaders here talking about how the police will beat us. These protestors look like they scared of something to you? As a result of the protestors standing up, taking bullets, bodies, beatings and more casualties and putting everything in chaos, the government and the world reacted and the President was impeached from office and you best believe retribution will occur against those elitist characters who thought their thugs army was more powerful than the people who want a better way of life. Cats Down in Venezuela venezuela Venezuela is similar to many of the Arab Spring countries where they have a charismatic leader who is hellbent on holding onto power instead loving their country enough to see it grow and move on without them. You got to love George Washington for being a strong enough leader to step down and let other people run for US President to uphold democracy and growth of America. Look, people are tired as hell of same leaders being around for 40-50 years and ish like these people are monarchies. And they try the democratic route but over and over again, these same people are still in power. There are plenty of Latin American countries that are going to go through this and just look at the leaders and you will see. Venezuela has high crime that is unchecked, extreme poverty and poor crime and the people want change. The problem is the people in these countries know they can be just as rich and smart as First World countries if given the chance but the roadblock is self-serving leaders and politicians who are looking after themselves. Here is a background: So Venezuela has the same script where they jail opposition leaders, use force and thug armies against the people and the people are standing up. Look at the people protesting: Meanwhile, African-Americans hide in their home and play Xbox and Playstation or watch Scandal while suffering high crime and high unemployment in their communities while their elected politicians keep being involved in self-serving corruption. Cats Over in Thailand thailand Thailand protestors is fighting long term corruption and want real change for the country to move in the right direction instead of serving the self-interest of a few. In the video below, they will discuss the background of the ousted corrupt leader and how the leader sister who is currently in charge is basically a puppet for the ousted leader and they want real change. Once again, the people are protesting and the lady in power refuse to give up her position and don’t even think for a second she is the sister of a corrupt leader and probably think she can get her ousted brother a break. I just don’t get it – over and over again, people get in power and lose their goddamn mind. You know why that happens? Because you cats elect fake ass people who never put in any real work or sacrifice to truly appreciate how great this country is. You guys support people who position themselves as status quo and yall fall for the glitz and glimmer and then you wonder why they act like they forgot who the hell you are when they get in office after you voted for them. This is drone footage of the protestors in Thailand who is straight sick of the tired old way of trying to rule over people with power and elite possessions. They down there fighting and standing up for what they believe in and we also see an escalation over in Thailand, which has a strong tourist economy and business economy and walking a fine line. Thailand need to be globally competitive as Vietnam and other countries are strongly emerging in the region and they trying not to be held back either. African-American Pussycats parade Note: The image above makes me chuckle seeing a map of Africa, but no African people who made history, just Americans..this is the silly Black American stuff I keep telling yall about. Here in America, we are seeing African-Americans who are also suffering from persecution with a biased criminal justice system, high level of crime, poor access to education and growth and high unemployment and being shut out of future opportunities, we are seeing African-Americans holding a Black History Month Parade: Note: let's ignore the fact in the video above he throwing that stuff on the ground for the Black kids to pick up from the ground... This is how we African-Americans choose to deal with high unemployment, high crime, gentrification and lack of opportunities and growth while our schools are being closed. Then we get some nut jobs on some Dr. Boyce Watkins blog or talking up nonsense on Facebook pro-Black groups and saying the same rhetoric over and over again about how they hate us and COINTEL and other crap over and over again. Been hearing that same ish for the past 30+ years. At best, we want to run to Twitter and think we can publicly shame someone and think that is power and leverage to change things in our favor. We think putting one or two people in a token position on MSNBC is progress for our people overall. You look at these Black politicians selling their own community out for a $5,000 bribe – that’s all your Black community is worth to these Black politicians, $5,000. And while everybody else is sick of tired of being sick and tired and standing up, African-Americans want to be singing, clapping, dancing and rapping and trying to talk revolutionary in a poetic tone and ish. Is that what Black talk AM radio for? Because every time I turn that ish on, it’s nothing but Black people calling in every damn call just running their mouth. Stand for Nothing, Fall for Anything Before I wrap up this article, let’s go back to Ukraine and in the video below, you will see protestors trying to storm upon an office. You will see machine gun fire and a woman fall to the ground. Did the protestors run? No, they stood their ground and they went and did something about it to stand up to the tyranny. This is the sh*t me and my crew watch all over the world going on and you African-American talking some damn 1960s COINTEL or fear/shock of police brutality crap like a bunch of f*cking p*ssy ass cowards. They stand up for theirs while we see African-Americans b*tch down and just talk all the damn time on Black talk AM radio stations. You see the damn videos in this article so you African-Americans can’t run and hide anymore. They have high crime and high unemployment, they got self-serving corrupt politicians, they got thugs ready to beat up anybody to challenge them and if the people stand up, they will have the police try to use force against them. You African-Americans have the same damn issues and the same challenges before you. But as you see, they stand up for theirs while African-Americans b*tch down and still complain day after day about what’s going wrong in our community. The moral of the story here is simple, we brothas and sistas here in America need to stop talking that fantasy ass 1970s Black revolutionary fake-militant sh*t and start looking at how we going to stop living under these repressive conditions and not let our children grow up in this repressive conditions and start standing for something. The majority of these fake Black Nationalist clowns, the best they can do is kill Malcolm X or a journalist in Oakland but they cannot lay out a realistic vision for our people progress and prosperity and got nothing but threats and rhetoric and they on Facebook outright lying about Black History trying to get people to listen to them. Please give me the link of the YouTube where you see Black nationalists build up homemade shields and created piles of bricks to take on these police trying to use brutal force to shut us down – yeah, thought so. So every Black History Month in the recent events, we watching people all around the world ready to fight for their lives for their people to live better and we watch African-Americans b*tch down telling ancient stories trying to give hope and inspiration while we suffering high unemployment, high crime and dealing with sophisticated assaults to keep our people down and destroy our communities. It’s time for African-Americans to look real at how we need to progress our interest and better our lives and stop doing all this rapping, dancing and clapping all the time like a bunch of docile cowards. Until we learn to go medieval, show no fear, stand our ground and have to take to bricks and shields to stand up to jack-booted thugs to show we fighting for what we believe in, then just remember that p*ssies get f*cked.

7 thoughts on “Observing Other People Rise Up While African-Americans B*tch Down During Black History Month

  1. ed if you go to the deep south states where the majority of us live, the bros are beat down and i do not understand why .but at the same time there are certain rules of the game that is world wide,one is learn to read and write way too many of us think that is bs.

  2. At the moment I’m both sleepless and speechless. So on point all across the board. Thank you. I feel the same way. That parade flyer hit home. No connection to the world just a American defined boxed in black identity. I listen to a great deal of black talk radio formats, xm, fm and just this year diminished am completely. When I did the first hour of the show was about pet peeves and callers were calling in with their own pet peeves. Thank you again.

  3. That big orthodox priest with a shield needs to substitute about three feet of black cruciform steel for that crucifix and then everything would be legendary!

  4. I put myself in that pan African category. I don’t think it’s bad to know your history and things and try to claim some form of identity from it. I will say though being involved in some of those circles you find too many people who are full of shit. They never look to the future to build and never try to enhance their skills to build anything.

    It’s a bad feeling when you realize that brothers are not going to do anything about our current situation. They won’t focus on programs with concrete solutions like Blueprint for Black Power or Powernomics. These actually show people step by step processes to help our plight. The don’t even mention these brothers (Dr. Amos Wilson or Dr. Claude Anderson) during black history month.

    Side note, I appreciate the business ideas you post and it really has me trying to act on some of these ideas as I build capital from smaller hustles.

    Thx and keep doing what your doing even if only some of us wake up.

  5. You would think that after what’s happening in Baltimore now bruthas would wake up. I guess not…

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