Reflecting This Black History Month on How Liberals Conspired to Destroy Our Black Communities

ourpurpose This Black History Month, we are going to look back and expose one of the biggest assaults ever committed against our people that cause death, marginalization, constant poverty and degradation of the Black family and Black love. The liberals were and continue to be the biggest enemy of African-American people and have targeted Black people to be the victims of their perverted liberal/socialist agenda and ideology. The number one agenda of the liberals in their assault against the Black community was the total marginalization of the Black male. This marginalization of the Black male was plotted in a very sophisticated matter and used the Black woman to help the liberals try to take Black men down as fast as they can. In addition, the liberals used a group of Blacks who are referred to as the Boule to present a false representation of African-Americans in politics and media to advance their agenda. In this article, we are going to celebrate our Black History Month by recognizing what the liberals have done to African-American people for over a century to try to tear us apart. No hate group, no government agency has done more to destroy African-Americans more successfully than liberals. If you are one of those dumbass people that think this is some liberal vs conservative stuff, homey this was calculated warfare against Black people by primarily targeting for the marginalization of the Black man. Republicans didn’t do that, this was straight liberal agenda and let’s discuss the strategy and techniques the liberals used against our people. Abortions The founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was an avowed racist and believed in eugenics the same way as the Nazis in terms of exterminating “undesirables” and this is not a disputed statement. It was Sanger who first created Planned Parenthood to promote abortions specifically in the Black communities like Harlem. And speaking of Rev. Al Sharpton who is out in Harlem, Sanger knew she could not just go in and kill off Black babies so she devised a plan as explain in this letter she wrote: “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” To this day, Planned Parenthood set themselves up in Black communities, convincing Black women and young Black teenage mothers to go and kill off their “unwanted babies” under the guise of telling them their lives will be better without their Black child growing up to be a thug or menace to society. And Black women just yap that ish up and then the sista walking around with an “I just killed my baby” look on her damn face for the rest of her life. So the liberals run around talking some BS about pro-choice but underneath their rhetoric, mass killing industry of suckering in young Black women to kill off their unborn child resulting in more Black babies murdered at these abortion than Black-on-Black youth violence or race-motivated killing year after year. The liberals convinced these Black women to run around saying “it’s my body” and all kind of rhetoric when the liberals can seriously give two f*cks about a Black woman and her plight. By default, all Black babies in America are unwanted babies but we all still find a way to make it, don’t we? And if you want my opinion, I’ll deal with a single mother on any damn day before I deal with some chick that does abortions – the f*ck I want to deal with an ignorant ass Black woman who made the decision to kill her own child because some liberal bitch at a Planned Parenthood clinic put some words in her ear? If a sista ran around f*cking cats and getting pregnant, then she need to play the cards she dealt to herself and there is no way I can respect some sista who took the easy way out of dealing with life. But then again, that’s why the liberals made sure they want to take down strong Black men like me, right? Social Entitlements Social entitlements originally came about to help families during the Great Depression have a decent life due to the collapse of the American way of life that was stagnating economic recovery. It was assumed a family that was given a helping hand would be able to find their way back into society as a contributing member of the American economic workforce. But in liberal dominated cities up North, there was resentment of the “lazy Black man” not working and taking social entitlements and liberal rage began to take shape. We Black men do not need to be sitting around collecting welfare, the White man tax money – we Black men need to be out there begging for a job and then what they did was a sexist and racist move to require that a Black man cannot be in the home of a family receiving social entitlements. So what the Black women did later in the years was thought of some clever scheme that if they just have babies out of wedlock, they can get bigger welfare checks. So these smart and bright Black women decided to keep getting pregnant and having more babies and making sure the father is not around so they can live a so called good life off social entitlements. Liberals realized the Black woman was actually destroying the essence of a solid Black family by becoming welfare moms and actually encouraged the activity and turning the blind eye. The only thing the liberals was interested in was keeping the Black man, a father figure out of the household of these kids and believe that would create undesirables who will destroy their own communities as they had no father figure to look up to. Affordable Housing This is the new cliché that you hear of nowadays with the liberals and that is the term affordable housing. I brought this up in a previous article and the real goal behind affordable housing is the same scheme as the social entitlement and the goal is to have single moms on Section 8 or whatever have a place to have and raise out-of-wedlock babies to unleash upon the Black community for negative and destructive purposes. I asked the question and asked again – why don’t they allow men to have affordable homes? You know why? The answer is simple – if you give a Black man affordable housing, he will likely find a wife and raise a family. You give a Black woman affordable housing, she will likely have multiple out-of-wedlock babies and claim she some independent woman that don’t need a man. That’s why the liberals choose to give Black women affordable housing and avoid putting the emphasis on Black men having affordable housing. Like I stated before, if you truly want affordable housing to work to create a positive community impact, a Black man or any man by nature would create a home and go find himself a wife to raise a family, Michael Landon and Little House on the Prairie type ish. In fact, when the public housing projects first started in the 1970s, they were great places to live and I grew up in the public housing projects because they had Black fathers and Black men all around. When the liberals changed it up where the public housing projects have only single Black women who let any knucklehead run up in her to have multiple out-of-wedlock babies, that’s when everything turned south. Micro-Lending women_only Last year, I personally stop assisting micro-lending projects because I realize the practice was anti-male sexist and also designed to marginalize Indian and African males while pretending they are helping the women in those countries. You know what the women do in those countries? They give the money over to their man because they don’t believe in that feminist bullshit and know their man is the one that is going to protect them and provide for them and the clan like men been doing for thousands of years before liberal feminists were even invented. Do you notice these liberals always talking about they are helping women and children and you don’t hear anything coming from their micro-lending mouth about a man and their role? They got some nice line about women will spend their money on their kids but they trying to quietly allude that a man will spend his money on liquor and other women and that’s a straight slander about Africa. Those men in Africa will spend their money for their clan and their people and don’t you dare let some liberal feminist tell you about how your ancestral family and relatives of the African Diaspora do for theirs. You can look at 100% of the successful Black men in Africa and see they give back to their people and take care of their family and kids – don’t you dare let some liberal feminist tell you that Black women in Africa are important to give money to but Black men in Africa are not. Same applies to India. Boule and Media and Politics While all major television networks engages in this, NBC makes it explicitly obvious they have an established relationship with the Boule to present a fake representation of Black people that are controlled by liberals in the media. We can go as far back as Bryant Gumbel and what you will see is the same pattern of light-skinned, curly hair or half-Jewish, half-Black people who are put on the spotlight as the spokesperson or the appointed person by liberals to speak to our issues or be viewed as the authority figure that non-Black people can speak to for our issues. The Boule are a bunch of self-appointed Black elitists who are rumored to be the recipient of anal sex by their non-Black handlers and as return for giving up the booty and loyalty to the liberal agenda, they are rewarded positions in media and other parts of society such as politics. When you come out of the hood and you start coming up in the world and start meeting people, you will begin to start seeing these weird ass people and they talk funny and walk like they had something stuck up their butt and you sitting here wondering what the hell is this? Then you start seeing these cats trying to shun you and shut you down for being too Black and too proud of where you from and then you realize something is not right here. You meet with top politicians and see these characters, then you see these magazines like Black Enterprise and Ebony magazine feature these characters in so-called “most influential” lists and crap like that. Then when it comes to addressing the issues and dealing with our issues in the African-American communities, that’s when you begin to realize who these Boule characters are. They come out of nowhere when a Black person start shining and they appear in media trying to counter that Black person and you realize, hey something is up. See, the Boule is there to serve as gatekeeper to keep their non-Black handlers happy by attacking any Black person that show up on their radar and start attacking them as a stalking horse for their handlers. And by the way, some the popular names yall like to name-drop as Black leaders and claim to be real Black leaders, they Boule too in case your dumbass haven’t figured it out. This is How the Liberals Are Going after Us Brothas and Sistas You guys love to talk about slave movies made by liberals and love to see these Black media try to shock you about someone put up a noose at a workplace or White college students taking Halloween photos in Blackface. You read that crap at NewsOne and YourBlackWorld and love to be “shocked” by those stories and try to appear mad or whatever. But you never hear the stories of how the liberals have long plotted against brothas and sistas since the beginning of the 20th century which is way worse than those silly stories yall trying to be shocked by. The liberals set up shop in the hood targeting Black babies to be considered unwanted and be aborted before they are even born and given a chance to promote their “Pro-Life” agenda that we have nothing to do with. The liberals conspired with Black women to keep the Black man out of the house and out of their children lives and promised these Black women social entitlements and affordable housing to promote out-of-wedlock babies and told them they didn’t need a man – and these sistas sold out the Black community just to believe that ish too. Then you have this worthless group called the Boule that been screwed in the bum for a little recognition and now is considered outdated as the Boule been replaced by Hispanic elite and Chinese and Indian elitists who got nothing but respect and welcome by the same handlers. You cats can talk all the damn ish you want about how Republicans hate Black people, how these hate groups do things to us and how the police brutalize us, but when you got a damn group of liberals plotting with your woman to tear the Black man down and keep the Black family dysfunctional as a result to destroy the Black community as the bigger long term better recognize who the real enemies of our people are during Black History Month.

8 thoughts on “Reflecting This Black History Month on How Liberals Conspired to Destroy Our Black Communities

  1. Applause Brother.
    Spot on.

    My argument differs slightly from yours only because of my emphasis on the mandate that the ESTABLISHMENT put forth a package of social/cultural/religious/entertainment/academic/economic “norms” and principles that produce effective development for the masses within.

    In as much it is the case that the Post-Racial Progressive-Fundamentalists are merely interested in attacking Right-Wing windmills that they can generate large congregations of followers in “The Struggle” but which fail to produce a groundwork for the people to live in a functional community.

    I always ask the question “What condition will the Americanized Negro be at the end of this American experience? Will he be in any position to provide structural assistance to any other Black diasporatic population? OR are they merely consumers, unable to function anywhere else outside of the American cocoon , having failed to develop a Black Community Governance Culture.

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  3. Ed,
    You were right on with this article. I found out about Margaret Sanger back in junior high school. I was talking to an ex boyfriend about abortion and what it does to women (the physical and mental repercussions) and he just blew me off. I wonder what he thought after reading the headlines about how more babies were aborted in New York than were born or about the Gosnell Trial

    As a woman, I have heard about, and know way too many women who have had abortions. In my sophomore year in high school my classmate had 3 abortions and one month after her 3rd abortion she was pregnant again, and decided to keep that baby. My former pastor once stood up and told the ladies of the church that if they have had one to please keep it to themselves. It would change the way he looked at them. And why does every unborn black baby have to be a thug or a menace to society? I was an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, and I’m not a menace.

    I have female family members that get food stamps, and everything else, and they still come around begging for money, using the kids as an excuse. I thought all of the handouts were to help them. My mom fall for the okey doke, but I don’t. I was thinking the other day, how much money has my mom given to my sister and other family members felling sorry for them. M aunt has 4 kids by 3 different men and is about to be a grandma this year at the age of 36. My 2 nephews and 1 niece each have cell phones and tablets that my sister and brother in law bought them, but my mom had to give them money for rent or they were going to be evicted. In what world does this make sense?

    As far as the micro lending, I knew back in the day (the ex pastor told us this), when they tried to set aside money for loans to minorities businesses, that a white man would put the business under his wife’s name and that way she could go and get the loan, because women are considered minorities. The husband is the one who would run the business and the wife would be at home chilling. A real man is going to take care of his family.

  4. Here goes the debate the evil liberal the evil conservative. Republicans and Democrats two parties same agenda. You are similar to Al Sharpton an agitator complains about everything but you do nothing. Basically talking is your hustle black people don’t do this black people don’t do that. I’m going to stop writing blog.

    1. Bilal,

      How do you know what I do? The only way you would know if I’m doing something is if you were actually doing something and you would see the players involved. From where I’m standing, I would argue that I’m not talking a lot but it seems you read a lot, homey. And you saying I’m not doing anything is a projection that in reality, you are not doing anything.

      You also sound simple – if you come to Dream and Hustle to complain about what i say or talk about Al Sharpton instead of look at the business models and other important information – me and other cats are straight laughing at cats like you when I do meetups, I hope you realize that…

      Let me state this again – any cat like you that want to claim you want to stop reading a blog that is about business because you want to argue politics says more about you, Bilal…

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