Responding to Brianna Question about UDM and another Lady Frustration with Her Current Job

bloom I had a question come in from Brianna about how to get into the electronic music industry and I also had a conversation with a woman who is not happy with her job. So I’m going to interrupt my normal publishing stuff and provide a response. How to Get Into UDM? Brianna wrote: Ed, I would like to get into UDM, especially the media aspect of the industry. I think publishing music would be a great way to earn money. I’m in college, graduating with a B.A. in communications. How can I get into this industry? The quick answer is you have to make your own way into this industry and not rely on someone to bring you in unless they trying to run game on you. I mean, you don’t see me and my crew asking anybody for permission or seeking their acceptance or opinion. We respect business, not opinions and our goal in promoting electronic dance music is to first and foremost create a platform where people get proper pay for their work. I don’t care who got an opinion on EDM, nobody is going to mess with us when it shows that we pay-for-play with cats in the UDM game and that’s what matter at the end of the day where we come from. The music industry is exactly like the tech industry and I done both and how you approach the industry is the determination of how far you want to go. You want to throw little money parties at a hole-in-a-wall joint located on a college town strip, that is about where you going to end up at. You want to create a music label that sign artists globally and enter global markets signing deals with distributors and resellers then that is where you going to end up if you keep at. So it is important to make sure you have expectations and think big if that is what you want to do. So let me give some advice on what to do. The first thing to do is go check out EDM parties and be part of the scene and go enjoy yourself. Take note of everything you see around you from merchandising to the ticketing process to the music being played to the DJ promoting themselves and others passing out flyers. Also go on Facebook and other digital groups and peep how people are promoting themselves. Become familiar with how other people in the EDM game are operating. Definitely make sure you can get to a real EDM festival when you get a chance. After that, try and find your place where you want to get in. Do you want to run a label for artists? Do you want to organize venues and festivals? Do you want to do the setup and ticketing part? Do you want to do the videos? Or how about you setup a EDM weekly news show and invite DJs to come perform and run it on YouTube? Remember that there is really no limit and think big if that’s where you want to take it. But before I go, this is what I definitely do not want you to do. I do not want you to take drugs of any kind or get into drugs – I do not do drugs and the number one reason I do not do drugs is because of house music when I was growing up was uplifting and spiritual to giving a real dopamine rush. In fact, absolutely zero true house people I grew up with never done any hard drugs, period and I’m talking South Side and West Side Chicago hoods. Second thing I don’t want you to do is listen to any opinionated characters out there about EDM or UDM or whatever they think. Music is to be listened to, felt and loved, not people having opinions about it. And last, do not think small – it’s way too many small people involved (they are usually the most opinionated ones) and the solution is to get bigger thinkers involved. I Hate My Job and Want to Pursue My Degree So I’m talking to this young sista I know nothing about and we having just a conversation – in the city of Atlanta, there are so many sistas that you just end up talking to several of them each day. So anyway, she started rambling about hating to wake up in the morning and go to her job. I was a little taken back because I didn’t like her attitude. The truth is, if you getting a paycheck then that means somebody figured out how to make money to get your ass a paycheck and you better figure how they did that ish at the job you working at. Learn how the business work and how they get paid and how the money trickles down to how you get paid – that’s what you do at a job. So I asked her what would she love to wake up in the morning and do and she told me she wanted to pursue her degree which was fashion. I basically told her she had to start blogging and make a name out of herself and she basically said she doesn’t do that. I told her that’s the reality and then she stated she don’t have time to do a blog. I told her it only take one hour and at least give one hour to pursue an alternative. She still had her grumblings about her current job but I think she probably will try my advice. The point I wanted to make here was this sista was skeptical about doing the blogging thing and didn’t want to commit 1 hour to doing it. Here is the point – you got to at least commit 1 hour of your personal time to your personal goals every day. If she wanted to create a fashion magazine or a fashion blog, she could have spent the first 1 hour days just looking on the Internet and taking notes. You don’t need to be 4-hours each night like some people and to be honest, 1 hour is plenty of time to work on your side hustle and slowly build it up while you working a full-time job. Nobody is going to help you pursue your passion except you and if you want to make that move, you can do it right now by just dedicated one full hour, even the next hour after you read this to pursuing your goal. I used to have a timer I set for an hour and then start putting in work and you be surprised at how much you can accomplished just being focused on your goals for that one hour. And the feeling of self-improvement is priceless knowing you doing something towards making progress. The Summary Always think big when you see a new opportunity because you can always fall back to being small time like the other cats out here if things do not work out. Also, stop making excuses and stop talking and complaining and find time to start working towards your goal. You should always give yourself 1 hour each day for your future and your passion to pursue. And last and most important – don’t hate your job, learn how your job is making money because this is important business education for you to understand how money is made. When you understand money and business, you are going to realize money is work and there is no such thing as a bad job, it is just things that got to be done to keep the money coming in and learn to appreciate that fact because you going to have to remember that when you are an entrepreneur going places.

3 thoughts on “Responding to Brianna Question about UDM and another Lady Frustration with Her Current Job

  1. Truth in your perspective, Ed. You can’t expect to play like Kobe sitting in the stands and if you can’t get on an NBA court right out of the court, go to the playground that doesn’t care if you practice your shot. Analogies aside, people (and money) are attracted to those who put enough effort forward to master their craft and if Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule is true, success = effort / time. Nothing else will get you there.

    1. I never agreed with the 10,000 hour “rule”. The notion that someone is telling you how long it takes me to master your craft should alert you. If I spent 1 hour a day on my craft x 365/days a year, it would take over 25 years to be a master.

      I don’t think so!

  2. I believe Gladwell’s 10,000 hours was for phenoms. The Bobby Fischer and Kobe Bryant types. It doesn’t take that much practice to be good, just to be that small handfull.

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