Are The Sistas Ready to Work on the P2P Hair and Cube Shop? Let’s Get to Work!

weaveandmicromall Ok, I gave you sistas plenty of time to prepare yourself with learning ASP.NET MVC and also study the concept of micro-malls since the beginning of March. Now it’s time to go to work and that’s all we going to be doing through the end of this month and through April if necessary. This article is important because I’m going to lay out all of the stuff the sistas need to gather up and let’s make something happen. Facebook Group: Weave and Micro-Malls facebook I created a new Facebook page called “Weave and Micro-Malls” and it is designed for the sistas to join the page and I can centralized more detail information without waiting for a blog post on Dream and Hustle. It is also design for sistas to share and contribute information and we work together on coding and making interactive dioramas and how to take to market. So that is the first thing sistas need to do, join the page. Don’t worry, I expect only 3 sistas and maybe 1 lurking dude to join but as you know, experts like me ain’t trying to seek mass appeal and I’m likely to shut the door and just work with the small crew. Just remember that the 3rd Strategic Institute in Asia going to have a nice setup for a sista who get her act on. Micro-Mall Cube: The Materials cubematerials In the picture above, you see I have all the materials to start making the cube diorama and let me list the items. Designer Stock Paper: You can find these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby at about .50 a sheet to $1.00 a sheet and these can be used at the wallpaper or another effect. You should notice I have wood paper that can be used to resemble a wood floor. Letter Stickers: These are high quality stickers that will display the name of the store in bold letters. Notice I have chrome letters and I have white letters which depending on the wall paper I choose will have a nice noticeable contrast. Cutting Blades: I have sharp cutting blades but this may not be necessary but if I have to cut some sharp bold lines or cut other materials, I will have this available. Cutting Mat: The cutting mat is used to cut on so I don’t scratch up the surface underneath. Tape: The tape is important and notice I’m using tape in lieu of glue here. If I have to create curves in the diorama display, you will see how the tape will be important. LED Lights: These are the lights you see in Wal-Mart for the student poster board. Now, I’m going to disclose up front that I bought a solar power Christmas lights on clearance and will be creating a sustainable solar-powered micro-shop for hair weaves as my personal project to display here in Atlanta. Of course there are other things but you should actually start realizing something – yes, this is the same concept in scrapbooking except we are going 3D with our design to promote a small storefront. You can tell I got most of this stuff from the craft store, mostly Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Now there is another resource I need sistas to check out and that is and this web site has tons of inspirational designs we can swagger-jack and incorporate into our cube store. We can provide this on the Facebook page and share photos of inspiration. Setting Up to Develop the Software Now to setup the hair stylist peer-to-peer and the service to process the cube store, this is what I’m going to be using: GoDaddy Web Hosting. This will be the $4.99/month version for Microsoft version. Windows 7 Operating System. I have not migrated to Windows 8 yet on my development environment but still on Windows 7. Visual Studio 2012. However you should be able to use Visual Studio 2012 Express. SQL Server Express. Keep in mind that GoDaddy use SQL 2008 but download the latest version for your system if necessary. WrapBootstrap Template. We will be using a template from Wrap Boot Strap and I prefer Bootstrap for the HTML markup. One of the dumbest things I see on Dream and Hustle is cats come around trying to do their own thing acting like they can outsmart me or correct me and stuff like that. These are the same cornballs who are preventing brothas and sistas from working collectively to make progress among our people. With that said, don’t try to be an oddball or unique or come to me talking about some damn Mac computer or you using Bluehost instead and then ask me to figure out a problem for you. If you ain’t doing what I presented above, you are own your own. besides, I’m not providing any of you cats with tech configuration help and if you become too annoying because you too confused, I’m just going to kick you off the group, real talk. We got to keep it moving. Moving Forward But I Got One Problem I have been trying to find a hair sample kit for Remy or something else but had trouble finding someone reliable. If someone can tell me where I can find or order a hair sample kit or even have one that they ain’t using no more and live here in Atlanta, let me know. I noticed a lot of these hair resellers are on some shady games talking about an annual fee and stuff like that. Ok, that’s it’s for now, let’s get started and hope to see you sistas on the Facebook page so we can get started and get it on.

5 thoughts on “Are The Sistas Ready to Work on the P2P Hair and Cube Shop? Let’s Get to Work!

  1. Hi Ed,
    I am seeking clarity- is the P2P hair biz affiliated with the mini cube mall? I was more interested in one than the other. Meanwhile, I’ll head over to fb.


    1. No,the hair referral is based on the code stuff while the cube is based on the diorama creation – but there will be software behind the diorama.

  2. I’m going to be rolling this out In Australia, cube stores are popping up all over the place and I’ve been waiting for a good hustle to use to maximise potential profits in them.

    Thanks once again d&h

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