Extending Our Coverage for the Sistas Into April

extended Because I had other things going on that took time away from me publishing, I will be extending our coverage for the sistas well into April. I was actually going to make April coverage for the brothas but the truth is, brothas can wait. Brothas always waiting on someone else to help them, so the brothas can wait a little longer while Dream and Hustle finish up with the sistas. I have multiple projects going on as Hustle Space was rebooted and if you didn’t know, Typhoon Haiyan that happened last November in the Philippines was extremely disruptive and we got people back on board to keep moving forward. Now, one of the things I changed with Hustle Space magazine is we are using FOAP and other photo sourcing mobile applications to buy photos for Hustle Space magazine covers. If you have any, please let me know and I will cover FOAP in another article. Second is the radio station for EDM and UDM. I went through trial and error with a test stream and we are in business talks in terms of royalty payments and that’s all I can say for now. Overall, I’m choosing to be a great listener and realize so many people in EDM got a lot of opinion to share. All I can say is being from an original background of EDM, it’s great to hear what people got to say, even if they sound stupid. You got to remember, I sound stupid talking about New Order to someone who grew up listening to the group in Manchester, England. Also, I did not realize how many hot sistas love EDM out there and like me for being a different brotha than the cornball Juicy J and 2Chainz listening clowns out there. Third is Swagg-Scientific and our projects. We always get some wannabee that comes around and says that we are promoting phathom-ware or something like that. Let me explain how the business work – I only deal with industry cats the same way a person in the music business don’t let you listen to his tracks he shopping around. Second, and this is when any STEM-based startup is we have to look at current and future coding standards. A lot of Swagg-Scientific stuff has to be moved into cloud-based processing for example and we have to re-code many of the web sites into HTML5 and other techniques. And besides,my crew wanted me to shut up talking to you cats about what we doing and I agree with that. So with that said, let’s go back to the sistas – I have dozens of great articles I haven’t published simply because I didn’t have time to finish them. Also, I decided with the technology piece for the hair expert finder service and to drive the micro-mall, I’m going to do most of the heavy lifting with the coding part and I will explain what I done but I will not be hand holding. To those who joined the Facebook group called Hair Weaves and Micromalls, I will be providing exclusive content to get you guys started. Now let me say this before I go – the 3rd Strategic Institute Asia crew has already prepared a micro-cube setup for an American sista who can show she can create a nice micro-cube diorama. But the micro-cube will be localized to the Asian market and I’m not identifying the city at this time. That means the products that will be sold will be for either the Asian women market or Asian children market. So this is all that is going on. But wait a minute there is one more thing! As a bonus, I’m going to be covering the establishment of an urban sista fashion scene here in Atlanta that is going to be world-class. I think Atlanta has a lot of potential and I will be working with some sistas on setting up the scene. We are going to swagger jack the living jeebus out of Harajuku and use every and available technique they do over there and take it over here to Atlanta. And last but not least – I have already began work on the improved SistaSphere web site that will be a permanent virtual trade show to showcase products and services for sistas. So for the sistas, Dream and Hustle is going to continue in April to get things popping and I will resume blogging operations and making moves as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Just wanted to take a moment to come out of lurking. I appreciate your work, and really enjoy this blog. I am getting serious about my hustle, and your posts are thought provoking and inspiring. Thanks for looking out for the sistahs.

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