Sista Guide to Swagger-Jacking Japanese Storyline Techniques to Create an E-book Series

runner1 One of the challenge sistas who want to get into publishing tell me is they don’t know how to come up with a good storyline. This Black Woman Business Month, I’m going to show you sistas how to come up with a very long-term profitable storyline that can get you not only long-term sales but extend into TV series and movies. Overall, the best advice I can give to sistas is swagger-jack that ish from the Japanese and that is what we about to do, use some of the great things Japanese have done that we can use as our model and influence. I got this article idea from a sista I know and we were talking in an elevator and she did not realize as she was running her mouth, she gave me this idea to share with you sistas. So she probably be mad as hell when one of you sistas get rich but she don’t read this blog anyway to notice. cookdaddy One of the things I love about the Japanese manga and anime is they can take a subject most consider boring and actually bring depth and dimension to it. For example, there was this popular video game on Nintendo called Phoenix Wright where the main character was this lawyer. Then you had a TV show called Cooking Papa that was about a man who can cook extremely well but he pretended at work that his wife cooked for him. Now this may sound corny to sistas, but these are the best type of story lines that sistas better figure out real quick if she wants residual income from her e-books and media publishing. What make these story lines beautiful is they revolve around a simple concept and then you add everyday complexity and storylines later. In America media, most of the storyline concepts try to revolve a complex drama but this stuff is short-lived and get tired fast. But in Japan, they come up with more basic storyline concepts that can expand out in depth and go further. This is seriously publishing goldmine and why manga and anime is a big global export. So what I’m going to walkthrough with the sistas is a Japanese example of a storyline and then we are going to create an original storyline for the sistas to model after. Case Study : Slam Dunk Slam Dunk is an anime about basketball and for the life of me, I do not understand why it is so popular and has a big global cult-like following. The video of the anime intro look like a 1980s series and I remember some basketball TV series back in those days. But this whole anime revolves around the basketball court but also focus on rivalry, off-court action and young adult experience. To many Americans they look at this as being corny but the truth is sistas, take a look at Slam Dunk anime above and think about it. Seriously, play the Slam Dunk intro video and have an open mind and look at what you are seeing. Can’t there be a story about some brothas who play on a basketball court and create a whole e-book series on it? The girlfriend? Someone messing with another person girl? Someone moved to the neighborhood and got balling skills making the regulars jealous? Someone who can’t play but keep practicing? The professional athlete who came back and picked his team? The girl who want to ball too? The father who want his kid in by 9pm but come out to see his son practicing free throws? Do you see how many storyline and years of short e-book stories you can write on this topic alone? Now you see why I want you sistas looking at the Japanese animes and manga topics because they mastered this technique. See many of you guys don’t remember back in the days but the longest running series revolved around a cruise ship like Love Boat, a Korean war medical station like MASH, a hospital like Trapper John or Quincy or even House and then you had courtrooms like Law and Order and also had one long running series based on concepts about a poor Black family in the projects like Good Times or a rich Black guy holding onto his culture like the Jeffersons. The Japanese perfected this concept from America 1970s and 1980s and this is the same concept the sistas should adopt when creating her self-publishing empire of e-book titles to give her residual income for life. Case Model: Running Club runner2 Here in Atlanta, mostly inside the Perimeter, we have running clubs where brothas and sistas meet up in our cliques to go running around the Beltline, Stone Mountain or different parks and areas Saturday and weekday mornings before cats go to work. I was talking to a sista about this, the one in the elevator and she stated how it helps her meet new people and network and stuff like that. So now you sistas realize what a possible long term storyline can be - create a running club that involves brothas and sistas that engage in everyday life. A sista who just moved from Indianapolis to Atlanta and decided to join a running club and she is cute. The existing sistas in the running club welcome her and some of them are jealous. One of the sistas want to lose a lot of weight and have to stay encouraged to keep up and not stop. Another sista believe she is Queen Bee and the one the guys want and like to bend over while stretching so the guys can start oogling mumbling among themselves. Then you got the guys where some are jocks and brag about themselves, others are single dads who getting over a breakup and then you have some trying to look good for the ladies thinking it is about physical. All of these dynamics make a great storyline of episode after episode of short e-books. A guy get laid off his job but he keep showing up pretending nothing is wrong among his running club. A sista get pregnant by one of the guys in the running club and she trying to hide it the first few weeks and she get sick and the guy noticed her and realizes something may not be right. One of the girls hates the group due to a previous confrontation and decide to run on her own at night on the Beltline and she get attacked and the running club come to the hospital to support her. One of the old school ladies have a birthday and there is a flashback of her meeting her a soul brotha back in the 1970s while jogging in Central Park New York City. A roachy sista who don’t wash herself start running with the groups and other runners can’t stand the smell but want to stay quiet. A brotha mad at another brotha keep passing gas for those behind him to smell the downwind. See, you can go on and on with the storyline and daily things that can happen in a running club. Expanding the Story Something as simple as a running club can be migrated to a YouTube original series or even to a Netflix original series and get a green light for production. Then you can expand this storyline globally for a running club in Brazil, in London, in Paris, in Tokyo and I hope you realize this is how a sista can expand her self-publishing empire on just one basic storyline concept. There can be animated books on this subject also for manga series. Keep in mind that this is a universal topic that can be promoted and sold worldwide for decades. This is how you sistas want to do self-publishing with an e-book series.

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