Sista Guide to Swagger-Jacking the Harajuku Fashion Scene to Establish One in Atlanta

takeshitastreet As an additional bonus for the sistas, I’m going to work with the Atlanta sistas on setting up a fashion scene here similar to Harajuku and we going to swagger-jack, mimic, copy, imitate, borrow, steal and whatever it takes to get it done because the ends justify the means. In fact, I’m planning to expand the upcoming Facebook group to incorporate the fashion scene and provide whitepapers and documents to help the sistas do their own thing to make the scene happen. In this article, I want to give a high overview with the sistas. Anybody who read Dream and Hustle know I love some Japan and not as a Japanophile but because of the patterns and practices we can extrapolate and apply to our urban communities here in America. What me and you sistas want to accomplish is establishing a world-class fashion scene for the sistas and what will follow next is the entrepreneurial activity to support that scene and then the expansion of media and other opportunities for sistas. But the biggest goal is to create an empowerment structure for sistas to choose Atlanta as the place to be that they can be whatever they want. So what we going to do in this article is talk about a section in Japan called Takeshita Dori and what’s funny is I gave a young Japanese sista in Takeshita Dori who was working some outdoor stand and freezing, I gave her my expensive sweater to keep her warm and I found out she still have it and remember me. I need to go get my sweater back from her one day. Then we going to discuss the target location in Atlanta which I’m proposing will be the Underground – hey, don’t run! I know Underground Atlanta is all bummy right now but I know me and you sistas are stronger than that. You will see it is a great strategic location to get things started. Then we going to talk about what we going to extrapolate from Harajuku into our plans to establish a scene in Atlanta. Harajuku Takeshita Dori takeshita Takeshita Dori is tight walking strip similar to a back alley and is tightly pack with retailers and other establishments like a McDonalds. Please use Google Maps to take a virtual tour of Takeshita Dori and take a virtual look around and walk down the path of this place. You will see Takeshita Dori also is next to a public train station that allows all of the fashion youth to congregate here and hang out. But this is more than a strip, it is the heart of Harajuku and the Japanese fashion scene. As you sistas watch the video above, do you notice how much economic power these Japanese sistas are representing? All of the women clothing stores, all of the women walking around in packs and their own fashion style? You see guys out there too who are also dressed fashionable. This is what you call an economic hub where you create a place to be scene and it attract traffic and this enable strong economic activity to occur and give women in fashion a place for opportunity and access to the best fashion resources. sm_mag Note: you can change the CC caption in the video to see the English subtitle translation for all Harajuku Kawaii videos... The fashion scene is also supported by local media that focus strictly on the fashion and lifestyle scene and you sistas should take note of the strong market geared towards sistas. All of these factors in one concentrated area of Harajuku created an explosion of economic activity geared towards Japanese sistas and this is exactly what we going to steal, copy and take and apply here in Atlanta for the sistas here. We got to get magazines up and running and we got to have short videos with sistas. snap Now the image above is what I need sistas to pay close attention to as this is Asobi System, the most impressive media company me and my crew have ever seen in the entire world and awesome cannot describe how good Asobi System handle their business. We blogged extensively about Asobi System and how to incorporate their business model to create a media empire for sistas last year. The image above is a poster advertisement for what you call a “snap team” and what this poster advertise is the “snap team” are coming through to take pictures or “fashion snaps” of street fashion models and they will appear either on the magazine or web site for publication. Notice the QR codes at the bottom but will be the magazine operation if I’m correct – if you been around Dream and Hustle you would know the Japanese in the picture are Asobi System models that we featured before. So as you sistas see, this is just a briefing of the scene and landscape over in Harajuku fashion scene and the Takeshita Dori area and I recommend you sistas do more research online about the area to familiarize yourself with what is working so well over there for the Japanese sista to create their scene. Underground Atlanta underground Underground Atlanta is an economically struggling strip that used to be the spot back in the 1990s for a brief period but it went down and way down in terms of a place to be at. It is full of homeless cats where some church coddle these bums who go around harassing everybody and cussing at people coming to visit Atlanta and do more than that. So I hope that explain the police presence everywhere when you see more information on this Underground area when you do more research. Then the businesses in the area are basically ghetto broke businesses selling that tired old African art stuff, oils and incense and maybe some weave and some Korean beauty supply stuff and cheap ghetto women clothing. So this is a very hurting mall and if you haven’t hear the news, the City of Atlanta has bought out the Underground Atlanta lease and will be trying to sell the Underground to a prospective buyer. It is highly likely and my sources are telling me that they will start kicking everybody out of the Underground pretty soon so they can make the place attractive to a prospective buyer. Because who wants to buy the Underground right now where you got bums leaving human feces scattered about? But Underground Atlanta is a hidden gem because if you ever go down there and observe, you begin to notice some very attractive and eccentric ATL sistas who are walking about with their own strong fashion statement. They are actually very unique looking sistas too and you also see brothas who have their own style and fashion walking about too. You will see these gems among all the dirt down there in the Underground and see the potential of what you just saw above with Harajuku if we force out the good stuff and make it eclipse the current bad stuff about the Underground. Also, the Underground is right across from the Five Points MARTA train station meaning it has the infrastructure to attract sistas from all over, even sistas who are flying in at the airport to visit Atlanta on a day trip or while they have a layover. So as you see, very similar to the infrastructure of Harajuku but the only problem is the place is run down and there need to be some kind of revitalization effort and get the rats and dirt out of the area to make it attractive to become a destination. We have looked at other places around Atlanta but we would be lying if anybody said it would be better than the Underground area to create a scene. Strategy to Swagger Jack solution Ok sistas, I showed you this awesome area in greater Tokyo called Takeshita Dori and showed you the success model we want to adopt and bring back to here to Atlanta. Then I showed you this has-been crappy Underground Atlanta that is already slated to be closed down and full of bums and crap and pseudo-religious characters standing about around the MARTA station. I’m pretty many of you sistas looking at me like I’m crazy and saying I’m trying to make a chicken salad with chicken sh*t thinking I can turn the Underground into a Harajuku area. Baby, just hear me out on this one okay? triblock Let me explain the proposed strategy. The first thing that will be done is the creation of the magazines and web sites and we going to have brainstorming sessions to come up with topics and look at every topic we seen done over there in Harajuku and write it down or post to a board. It will be up to media entrepreneurial sistas to take the topics and write it in their magazines and YouTube video shows. The only thing is it has to target the Atlanta Underground area as the designated fashion scene. So I will be announcing those strategy sessions and help sistas launch their web sites and video production. Second, we are going to do “snap teams” drills where we create these posters and advertise we will be at the upper level of the Underground and street taking pictures of street models for these magazines. We can place these posters from everywhere to the AUC to the Georgia State University and also promote on local areas and pass out flyers to the sistas walking by to show up. We can also promote on Model Mayhem if possible or on Facebook group. I will train the snap team to use their smart phone and also use a non-disclosure agreement with street models to help them sell or place their photos with fashion bloggers and magazines. After the establishment of bloggers and magazines and snap teams to draw fashionistas to the Underground, the culture will begin to take shape and that is where economic opportunity begin to manifest itself. That is when retailers – real damn retailers who can target the strong base of sistas and other brothas who are into fashion move into the area while the rent still cheap. The magazines and bloggers can cover these stores and these retailers can advertise in these magazines and blogs too creating additional revenue stream. Then when you see stuff like the Bronner Bros Hair show come into town, other events come into town and people coming to visit Atlanta, they will make sure to check out the fashion scene. Regarding the bums, we are going to have to create a real interdiction team to show who running downtown and it not going to be the petty drug dealers, pseudo-religious characters and bums. I have full confidence knowing City Hall will have the sistas back and help the sistas do their thing here in Atlanta. And don’t forget Sista Sphere will be near in the area as a geofenced virtual exhibition in the area. So trust me sistas, I think this plan is going to work. What is going to happen next is the establishment of a newer Facebook group that will cover the micro-mall, the web site coding and establishing a fashion media scene here in Atlanta for the sistas. Also, I know plenty of real, I mean real sistas with tech talent here in Atlanta who can contribute and there are real brothas too who willing to help put in work to make things happen. So I’m just giving the sistas the heads up that is the bonus work we going to do for sistas. Make sure you join the Hair Weaves and Micro-Mall group so I can get you over to the new group and we can start the ball rolling.

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  1. I am glad that you wrote this as I am in the process of helping my daughter establish a magazine centered on the harajuku trend with her own flair to it. I think this is a great concept-while you are doing this in ATL, is it possible for me to be doing this in Memphis? This should really take off-

  2. I can’t find the facebook group you are talking about. Could you link it here?
    I am interested in finding some more niche groups to get involved with since in my own country this kind of fashion is not well known.

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