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1stfamily One of the most impressive things I think happened in 2014 was First Lady Michelle Obama trip to China. The biggest benefit was how Michelle Obama took her mother and daughters and was well received by both Chinese dignitaries and the Chinese population. From playing ping-pong and also being offered to play jump rope and watch the Chinese sistas play double-dutch jump rope with the Chinese knowing we got talented jump rope teams here in our communities. I believe First Michelle Obama opened the door wide open for the sistas and that should be herald as a big accomplishment. On a personal conviction level, this is why I imposed dating sanctions against African-American women because of their patronage of some TV show called Scandal when we got a beautiful multi-generation family of sistas in the White House making history right here and right now. I would be proud to tell my son and my future generation how I proudly refused to date a Black woman who watches Scandal and chose instead to honor a Whitney Young High School sista who is making history and paving the way for past, current and future sistas to be respected and revered worldwide. One of the best speeches Michelle Obama gave as First Lady was in China as she addressed students studying abroad in China. One of the things that stand out is the Chinese saying that it is better to travel 10,000 miles than read 10,000 books. So when you see our Black men, all you see them talking about is reading Dr. Claud Anderson books and these same Black men wondering why they stagnant and frustrated and unemployed and owe child support and Bria Myles don’t even want to date them anymore and Macklemore winning the Grammy for best hip-hop album. But our sistas learned to travel 10,000 miles and that is what this article is about – to show you real sistas out there who are traveling and experiencing the world and sharing the love. In this article, we are going to highlight some of my favorite travelling sistas doing it and also sharing their experience for other sistas and brothas to get the travel bug. In my opinion, these sistas are absolutely awesome because all these sistas walked their own walk and doing their own thing and you will see an awesome independent spirit coming from these sistas. So I really hope you sistas learn more about these travelling sistas, support them, join their program or listen to their show. But most important, I would like you sistas to take the leap of faith and start traveling yourself and realize it is other sistas out there just like you and I know these sistas we covering here will help you along the way. So let’s talk about these jet setting awesome sistas. Nomadness Travel Tribe – Evita Robinson The Nomadness Travel Tribe has an active group on Facebook where you can join and have real travelers just like you who are all over the world give you tips and advice and share your wonderful travel experience. Food Flight - Kellee Edwards Kellee is a world traveler and I believe she is shooting this pilot (no pun intended) video for a show. I have to admit she is Bessie Coleman bold here and you got to love this sista and her moves she making. This is a great sista and a good role model for the young people out there and I really hope you guys follow and support this sista and her endeavors. Travelista – Andrea and Teri Travelista was one of the first web series I saw years ago where I enjoyed the actual work these two sistas put in to create their show. What I like about Andrea and Teri is kind of the same thing I like about Kellie Edwards above is they are a lot like me – I can go anywhere in this world and just do me and talk to you and enjoy the environment around me. Also, what I really like about Travelista more than anything is you don't see them running around shopping and going to tourist stuff but see them enjoying themselves and having a great experience when they travel. The Traveling Eye – Bonnie DeShong and Ja'Vonne Harley Of course I have to save the best for last because I grew up in Chicago and I grew up on Bonnie DeShong. This a syndicated radio show that is on WVON in Chicago and the show covers topics for mature sistas on world travel and just travelling locally. They talk about planning for a trip, how to enjoy the trip and other things like local dining than the excursion experience of the trip. Sistas...The World Is Yours globalgirl This article just gave you all the proof you need that your fellow sistas are about making moves in this world. I seriously would recommend all sistas go out and travel and get away from the USA or UK from time to time. Especially America sistas – get away from this culture that tries to constantly degrade sistas and not even expose you sistas to the fact there are real ambitious sistas out there making global moves. I’m actually planning a trip and planning to take some sistas with me but this is a business trip to Asia. I'm taking sistas because I know full well the world is wide open for the sistas to go out and get hers. But even most important, it is just beautiful to travel worldwide and relax on a beach somewhere, visit ancient ruins or an art museum or an old palace and just see these things. The next steps sistas should take is to start joining groups and subscribing to sistas who are travelling worldwide and there are plenty of sistas who are in places like Korea who run their own video blog about living in Korea and some are in Japan and other countries. Then plan a trip or join any of the sistas like Nomadness for the young sistas or the Traveling Eye for the grown and sexy sistas and go find yourself. I really wish more sistas go to Brazil and learn more about their own sistas instead of read these silly American articles about Brazilian sistas – those women down there are your sistas and could be a great strategic partner long term. But anyway, check out these awesome travelling sistas and their resources and I hope more sistas start making worldwide moves and take advantage of worldwide opportunities because it’s already been established for you sistas to go and get it.

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  1. What gets me about the videos is how cool the sistas are. Anyone watching can tell the ladies are having fun. Homegirl in the Cessna should’ve been picked up to do that food show on CNN.

  2. I read a little about her trip and found out that people went online to look up Michelle Obama a billion times when she was in China. People stateside better not let the worthless American media demoralize them.

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