The Mis-Education of Porsha William Divorce Within the Black Women Community

dumb_article Madam Noire published a negative deceptive and misleading article about a divorce that involved a lady named Porsha Stewart or Posha Williams who appear in an American reality TV show. The article appear to give the impression Porsha was screwed or lost in the divorce proceeding. As I was driving in the morning, I heard several “celebrity gossip” people here in Atlanta radio talking about the subject saying Porsha got nothing from the divorce and they acting like she was screwed over. Then I see comments by extremely ignorant Black women on comment boards about she didn’t get any alimony or anything else as if there are “trophies” to get out of a divorce. In negative Black media, there is an obvious orchestrated attempt to promote breakups of a Black family unit or couples in love. You have negative Black media promoting music that degrades Black women and you also have Black media promoting destroying marriages. Then you got miserable Black women trying to talk married women into getting a divorce and sell her this story of getting “divorce trophies” out of the deal. Then you have a whole marketing scheme by divorce lawyers who are promoting the idea to married Black women of getting a divorce from Black men to get a huge payday and settlement. Before I get started, love is an act sanctioned by God and God gives love and people the ability to love. The point of love is purpose – it is why you are not just a simple animal species because the ability to have compassion towards others and things. Anybody who thinks messing with people who are striving to find love, think it cool to talk about people who are falling out of love is really messing with God. I don’t care if a cat is religious or not, but love is not something that can fit in scientific theory somewhere. You look at ruthless Mother Nature with top feeding chain taking out bottom feeding chain then you have to realize love is something that is bigger than all of us and omnipotent. I say this to everybody out there is you Black people want to bring hate towards love, you dealing with God and from my life experience – 100.00% cats who practice hate and anti-love usually don’t end up too well in their mortal life. Let’s address the Porsha Williams angle of this article and I noticed Madam Noire may have changed their title after I wrote a comment in the comment section about how ignorant the article is. In regards to Porsha Williams, she agreed to a settlement and this was not a court judgment. That means Porsha Williams fully agreed to what she wanted and did not wanted so she did not lose anything. The Madam Noire article has a picture of Porsha Williams crying as if she got a bad deal. Ignorant “celebrity gossip” Black people on the radio stations who will be soon put out of a job due to technology were also presenting the message Kordell Stewart got everything out the divorce and Porsha got nothing. This is the negative stuff our Black media provides to a Black audience. Now, this video above is a lady named Lauren Fox who reporting on the divorce and she is reporting on this divorce like there is some scoreboard about who gets what. When said in the video “not a damn thing” I noticed something and grabbed a screen shot for further analysis: madame_noire_lauren_fox This is the screen shot of the part when Lauren RD Fox said “damn” and I didn’t do the “Editorial Ass” part, the video must have some animated text effects that was timed when she said “damn” and that’s God at work when someone want to attack God-sanctioned marriages. The things I immediately notice this is one ugly ass Black woman and no, this ain’t about looks, I’m saying this as a professional expert grown and sexy Black man who spent my life analyzing sistas and know what beauty is and what ugly is and my expert opinion is this is one ugly ass sista. Let me explain. The first thing I want you to notice about Lauren RD Fox is her teeth – do you notice the curve on her upper teeth? This is usually associated with lifelong thumb sucking as a child and most of the time, these chicks grow up to be lifelong d*ck suckers too. Some guys like that because they can slide in and out of the mouth of chicks like Lauren RD Fox without getting scraped but I don’t care for that feature. [update: I was informed her teeth could be result of constant grinding, but was assured it is still good feature for d*ck sucking] Now second, look at Lauren RD Fox bulging eyes and bulging lower neck – this is another sign of possible health issues from blood pressure to kidney issues. I explained this clearly a while ago, if you go to a Black funeral home in the hood, you don’t see thugs in caskets and you don’t see too many old people – the most profitable bodies coming in funereal homes is Black women in their 40s and 50s who succumbed to the health issues you seeing similar symptoms on this Lauren RD Fox chick and I suggest Ms. Fox better get her own editorial ass in order before worrying about what Porsha Williams got out of a divorce settlement. Now let’s talk about the ignorant Black people making comments. I saw some ignorant comment about why Porsha Williams did not get alimony. Let’s address that – the courts and judges award alimony when there is strong evidence the spouse was a homemaker. Unless you Black chicks were sitting at home while he worked 9 to 5, you ain’t got a case for alimony. And because so many Black women insist they are independent and work too, ain’t too many Black women going to get alimony and I do not understand why Black women going around saying this crap about alimony like it is an option on the table as if she sitting at home cooking and cleaning raising kids waiting for their man to come home. Second issue about the material things and I’m going to have to frank here – who wants that shit? Who gives a damn about furniture, cars because that stuff gets old and tired looking anyway. Just start fresh and new and build from the bottom up, that will quickly get a person in the right path while the other person talking about what they kept, holding onto something in the past. And the house thing – I’m extremely tired of Black women saying “they got the house” when in reality, they just got the mortgage payments to make and there is no real equity. It is more common the woman who wants the house has to refinance the home in her name and that puts on dude credit report he has a mortgage paid off. So let’s end that stupid “I got the house” myth about divorces also. Third is this “who is their lawyer” crap and let me personal address that – fuck a divorce lawyer because 99% of them ain’t shit anyway and working to screw you over more than your ex-spouse is. You want to know who my lawyer was when I got everything I wanted out of my divorce? I was my own lawyer arguing in court and I was going against Lisa West who was representing Tameka Foster at the same time. I wrote an article on this blog about the advantage because I knew more about my marriage than Lisa West ever could and I could tell my side better than any divorce lawyer working 10 other cases could explain to a judge. Lisa West up there asking me about Fooky when she should have been asking me about MochaSpot and ask who is Mocha. The only one good divorce lawyer I had simply told me as a Black man to go represent myself to the judge. By the way, anybody who relies on a lawyer for a court case is a true idiot that deserve the screwing over they will get. Only a fool will say “they have a good lawyer” versus knowing their own case to the point they can fight it themselves. Cats be talking about “prison lawyers” but what cats fail to understand is those prison lawyers actually do wonder for cats behind bars, that’s a fact. The game with the divorce lawyers and how they will try to get a Black woman a good deal out of a divorce case is the attempt that was pulled on me that is done to many Black men. They try to claim domestic violence and run to some white judge who give them a protection order with flimsy evidence forcing the husband to leave his house. This action is designed to hope the husband who been served with divorced papers has no money or a 2nd home to go to and cannot make response to the divorce complaint and they get a default judgment asking for alimony. That is the strategy many of these Black lawyers be promoting to these Black women on how to get over on their Black husbands for some “payday”. But even in those cases, what the divorce lawyer is not disclosing to these Black women trying to burn their own marriage to the ground and alienate their husband for “divorce trophies” is brothas can get out of most of the things. All I got to say is global world and easy to get new passports and citizenship that has no extradition treaties, that’s what most European men do after they get an American Black woman pregnant and don’t want to be bothered. Then assets and income are two separate topics – the courts look at income but some things cannot be reported as income. So while all these Black women running acting like they got the upper hand, it’s nuclear options brothas can take if he was actually smart enough to realize. I think this is an important topic for Black Women Business month because there is an orchestrated attempt to market divorces to married Black women as a “pay day” and nothing is far from the truth. Statistics show over and over that it is the man who benefits from divorce proceedings and long term after a divorce. And the most important basic concept is this – there is nothing fun or great or nice to talk about when it comes to a divorce. When I see people talking about someone else divorce or taking sides, that let me know they purely ain’t shit. One thing I will testify here is I have a family that didn’t take any sides in my divorce case and that is what a real family does and the children don’t forget that either. No one should tolerate Black media promoting Black divorces that break up Black families and I don’t care if the married couple is childless like Porsha Williams situation. We don’t need that kind of crap in our community and we should be strongly promoting Black marriage, both straight and gay marriage. There are economic and social benefits to marriages from starting a business to having a lifelong partner and that is a beautiful thing that will uplift the Black community. Let me say this before I go – Oprah Winfrey already proven Black media can be a success if it promotes positivity and it’s time for the Black community to start focusing on the positive aspect of Black life and start demanding it from Black media than talk about someone else divorce, especially when Porsha Williams signed a settlement to simply move on with her life and just wish her the best with her new chapter in life.

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  1. Ed,

    I love the article and I am glad a black man is tired of the negative drama that surrounds the black marriage and relationships. The stance is so negative for black women to basically “get all you can get” from a divorce and vice versa that it is sickening. I love black love, black marriages, and I am a supporter of the positive images.

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