The Top 3 Mental Disorders Black Women Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

lasttrain Many sistas in pursuit of their goals and dreams will find the journey stressful, lonely and full of drama. I meet and date a lot of ambitious and entrepreneurial and global sistas and the one characteristic I can say about all of them share – most of them are a little nutty and got a few screw loose. Especially expat sistas and they really need to be monitored closely. In this article, I want to help the sistas avoid the pitfalls that are on the journey to success and keep a level head because success should be enjoyed while a person has their sanity. This article is not meant to be funny but it is serious and I’m not trying to attack women, I got real world experience where I’m coming from and what I have experienced dealing with ambitious sistas and the problems they bring to a relationship and their own personal lives. The thing about mental disorders is they manifest as a result of conditioning – that is the most important thing to take from this article. When people are put in a certain environment, their brain kicks in to trick them to adapt to that environment. And the best approach to deal with mental disorders is to remove a person from that environment and recondition them. Black women go through a lot of hostilities such as dealing with no good brothas, negative media that degrades and objectify Black women, overcoming negative attitudes at the job and in business as well as dealing with their children who often turn on them by betraying values and sacrifice mommy done for her kids and the kids turn around and do something ignorant. So what we want to do is help sistas ahead of the curve avoid the pitfalls and traps of trying to condition herself to a stressful negative environment creating mental disorders and instead learning how to keep a level head so she can continue on mission to get what she going after. Let’s go into the top 3 mental disorders I always see manifest dating these ambitious entrepreneurial sistas and how they can be avoided. Psychopathy According to Wikipedia, psychopathy is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. I noticed this behavior when dealing with Black women expats who exhibit this worse. Also I dealt with this personality in my younger years with Black women serving in the military and they are stationed somewhere like Korea or Japan. What happens is sistas go overseas and she find herself alone and she start trying to cope with being in a new environment by trying to hold onto things she remember about home. Then she start getting twisted in the head. I’m not saying any names and yall know one of them – I thought she was cool then she come back to the states and I’m talking to her over the phone and she cussing like she crazy. Then like I said, she back home and act like she got so much important stuff to do than spend time seeing me or pay me a visit like she got so much important things going on. Then she back on the social networks acting like she normal publishing things. I left that crap alone – I don’t give a damn how important someone think they are or how busy they think they are – when they too busy for me, they need to go somewhere. I see this very common around Black women who do things like go to Afghanistan or Iraq or work in Dubai or work in a field where they travel a lot and rarely get to touch down with people. They start pretending like they attached to wherever they came from but failing to adapt to the environment they are currently in and mental disorder begin to take shape. The solution to this is simple – when you are in Rome, you do what the Romans do and you adapt to where your two feet are. I see Black women go overseas and they are staunch political observer of American politics 1,000s of miles away from America. I see Black women go overseas and they are talking about the motherland and fatherland instead of where they are at right now. One of the solutions I suggested is when Black people decide to move to a new country, they have to go with someone else like how other immigrants operate. When you see immigrants come to America, they come in packs of families and they setup communities around each other. Black women and Japanese women tend to migrate alone and find themselves alone and they start trying to hold on to where they from and failing to fully adapt to where they at because they have no one to connect to or not willing to connect locally. When we brothas and sistas start leaving the states, we have to do so in clans and packs and we also have to learn to adapt to our new land instead of try to hold on to the past. That avoid all of the crazy conflicting stuff that I see from Black women expats and I swear psychopathy has been 100% in all expat chicks I dated. Tribalism I hate tribalism with a passion, I really do. According to Wikipedia, tribalism is the state of being organized in, or advocating for, a tribe or tribes. In terms of conformity, tribalism may also refer to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are more loyal to their tribe than to their friends, their country, or any other social group. Black women like to do “cliques” and that is the biggest and most damaging mistake a Black woman entrepreneur can ever make in her life. These are the sistas who try to associate with a clique of people and they act like they are a tight-knit crew. No one can mess with their clique, their clique is the ish, they printing up t-shirts and taking selfies of them and their clique. This is something I see a lot with Black women entrepreneurs is the desire to be associated with some kind of social group instead of focusing on her dream and ambitions. This is a serious mental disorder because it makes a sista who should be entrepreneurial to be put into a box and constrained. I think one really dumbass clique is that whole Blogging while Brown and Black Web 2.0 crap out there. Do you really think those clowns even cover the whole Black bloggers and all the Black tech talent? Of course they don’t. But they running around pretending like they some clique and the ones to be seen in the tech space. They ain’t the best Black bloggers and damn sure ain’t the best Black tech talent either. The real Black bloggers and real Black tech talent are on mission honing skills and stepping their game on an individual level - they ain’t part of some clique, they doing for self. You go to the club or even one of these business networking social setting and you see Black women looking for that clique to be part of. One of the reason some Black women seek a clique is because she feel she will be vulnerable all alone and this is the part I hate the most and why we good Black men always end up dating non-Black women. The white sista, the Indian sista, the Asian sista and the wise Latina sista can hang by herself and her own accord and Black men respect that – real independent women stuff. Then you see Black women talking about they part of some clique and a brotha see a fine sista he want to holler at and she hanging around ugly sistas and these chicks got a clique nickname and crap like that. The solution to cliques is Black women have to learn how to stand on her own and lone wolf her way in this world. One of the best things I read I can recommend for sistas is tips on how a white girl can go solo to a music festival like Coachella and enjoy herself. They recommended that she quickly talk and introduce herself to everybody around her and make everybody around her they aware of her. She approaches a group of guys and say her name and they greet her. She approaches another group of guys and girls and greet the whole group “hi, my name is Cindy” or whatever. Then those groups are quietly watching over her and they also invite her over so that gives her the freedom to go in and out of groups at Coachella when she is there by herself. That is how sistas need to learn the damn game. I only know one Black woman in my life who is smart like that and know that exact technique I described – only one sista in my life I know who can really get down like that. Let me be 100% about cliques my sista –wait until one of you sistas meet a good man or you get pregnant or you get a good job – then you see how fake your damn clique is when they ain’t standing there with you and instead looking at you from a distance with their lips twisted up. Don’t be messing around with these cliques and avoid the mental disorder of having to be at a club all cliqued up. Learn to be an independent woman who can make herself known and learn to meet and greet people and keep a lot of people watching over you. Cognitive Dissonance According to Wikipedia, cognitive dissonance is the excessive mental stress and discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time. This stress and discomfort may also arise within an individual who holds a belief and performs a contradictory action or reaction. The best example of this is Black women who watch some garbage TV show called Scandal knowing she living in an era with First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House and trying to ignore this current historical significance. Black women destroy themselves so much with cognitive dissonance such as having sex with a knucklehead knowing full well he will not be around for the baby if she get pregnant. Then she will lie to everybody around her and say she thought he was a good man or she don't need a man. Or a sista will say that there are no men out there good enough for her when she associating with mostly garbage and shallow men. But it gets worse in entrepreneurship because sistas develop cognitive dissonance and this become extremely dangerous. In business, you have to fully understand why things went wrong and why it failed. You cannot be sugarcoating your own failures and you have to know what happened to get better. What I seen with Black women entrepreneurs is they tend to make up stupid crap about why business isn’t going great. They are the ones that say other Black women are jealous of her or the community is hating on her success. But she ignore the fact her working capital is all tied up in inventory in the stockroom. Or she isn’t doing proper marketing to reach her audience. Instead, she making up cognitive dissonance crap as to why things went wrong and trying to blame someone other than herself. Sistas have to be hard-core honest with themselves when it comes to entrepreneurship and why things did not go wrong. There is no need to be shameful or feel to cover it up. Who do we entrepreneurs need to cover up our mistakes for? Our entrepreneurial mistakes are to show us how to get better and if we want to get better, we have to make sure we identify our mistakes and shortcomings and learn from them. There is never a need to lie, be in denial or be shameful to tell the truth. The best approach to being an entrepreneur is being honest because lying will get you sued or end up in jail in the business world. You never see me lying or trying to lie and that is what’s frustrating to my haters. My haters are frustrated at me because I embrace my failures more than my haters can use my failures as something to attack me with. I will straight give you full disclosure of my failures and my problems and also tell you how I overcame them because as an entrepreneur, this stuff come with the territory. When you succeed, you will appreciate it knowing the failures and issues you dealt with to get to that point you will appreciate the fact you earned where you are at today. There is never a need to be ashamed or develop cognitive dissonance to avoid facing failure – take failure head-on and try again. How Sistas Should Proceed The overall problem with entrepreneurial and ambitious sistas is her failure to adapt to her environment. By failing to adapt to her environment, she begin to develop a mental disorder as a coping mechanism. If a sista move to Malaysia and I go visit her 6 months from now, she better be eating and sh*tting like the Malays instead of talking about some crap happening back in USA or over in Africa. The best way to avoid going nutty is to quickly adapt to the environment you sistas find yourself in and adhere to the customs, whether you personally like it or not. Second is to learn how to be a true independent spirit. Avoid the need to chase men or that so-called “good man” crap and also avoid the need to belong to a clique. Instead, pursue a purpose-driven life and find the gift God gave you to contribute to this world with the life you got. That is where you sistas will find your fulfillment so as long as you learn to live where you stand and learn to find your personal purpose, your mind and head will always be in the right place.

4 thoughts on “The Top 3 Mental Disorders Black Women Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

  1. These descriptions sound more like Personality “flaws” than mental ( medical ) … Most Mental Disorders would probably call for medications daily.. this seems more like a lifestyle adjustment and not biological.

    I would think that is a black women suffered from Bipolar Disorder, with traits of Obsessive Compulsive behavior, that would be something medical and she would still aggravate the hell out of people around her lol– even though they love her and she is at heart a good soul
    The condition would drive people up the wall.

    Being in a “click” is not biological but environmental…. that’s not a sickness , depends on how you describe and illness… it’s a huge personality flaw.

  2. By far one of the best blog posts! You touched on the real issues that I’m dealing with an an entrepreneurial women. Thank you!


    MJ Allen

  3. “pursue a purpose-driven life and find the gift God gave you to contribute to this world with the life you got. That is where you sistas will find your fulfillment so as long as you learn to live where you stand and learn to find your personal purpose, your mind and head will always be in the right place.” THIS is best takeaway of this article. It applies to life PERIOD. Currently feeling the slow burn of shifting towards mediocrity. My past years were filled with vibrancy and hopefulness.. but over the course of time, and not rejecting the situations you outlined above, I have become jaded.

    You are VERY observant brother. Are there also any books you might recommend I can read to help further recondition my mindset?

  4. I believe that they are in fact mental conditions as most will naturally “develop” over periods of time as the symptons become more pronounced. While I agree with you, in that not all require medication, I think a mood stabilizer will help until the mental conditioning allows her to learn better coping skills.

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