A Preview of Black Men Month: Nation Building and the Periclean Strategy against the 3 Ps

realblackmen We are working to give the brothas the best coverage of Black men on Dream and Hustle that brothas never been seen before and brothas never seen anybody else went there before. I doubt anybody will be as honest and raw and have the most comprehensive solution approach and path forward outlined more than what me and my crew will lay out for the Black men to navigate through problems. A little bit about my background, I’m grew up in the Chicago Housing Authority and moved to the West Side of Chicago to get my education and upbringing. I left the hood and went into the US Army. After leaving the military, I went to college on my GI Bill and pledged a fraternity and started side businesses and began programming. After college, I worked some hustle jobs then dived right into a career as a web programmer or web master. I’m a happily divorced single dad and I seriously date everything from 20 year old strippers in Atlanta to Asian women educated in Europe to wives of professional athletes and music executives I meet at the Mercedes repair shop. And I’m an investor, entrepreneur and global strategist that focus on urban economics worldwide. Now, if you care so much about my background – my response is going to be simple – go fuck yourself. I don’t even care about my own background except I learned to fail and get better and not repeat previous mistakes and develop skill and experience along the way. I’m always forward facing and future planning – that is all you need to know about me that is accurate. What matters right now and every day is survival and preservation and that is what a man is and what a man is about. Our job as men is to maintain the survivability of the tribe and nation and create the infrastructure to sustain the nation and leave behind for our future generation to build upon to have a life better than ours after we pass away. I run into a lot of adult Black males who are simply not men. They are African-American, they are employees, they are hustlers, they are rappers and they are cats who watch basketball on TV but these are not men, plain and simple. They are older than 25 and do not have children, if they have children they do not support their children. They are also not nation building in their community or other communities and just reading Amos Wilson books talking about they got knowledge or they are a Black Hebrew or Black Muslim or Metu Neter or whatever. And these worthless ass males are the same Black males who got strong opinions and be on the Internet running their mouth all the time in comment sections of various blogs, especially over on Dr. Boyce Watkin blogs. The job of a real Black man is to preserve the tribe and build the nation – any Black male on something other than preservation of the tribe and building the nation is not a Black man but a living piece of worthless shit, plain and simple. Once this basic concept of differentiation is understood and undertaken by brothas, we will solve 100% of the Black problems in our community. But right now, the current environment and challenges of the Black man is making sure we brothas are realigned to our core true purpose as mortal living men to accomplish something with our lifespan. In America, we have a lot of Black men who are known as “bitch-made” where they were raised in households not headed up by a strong male figure. These males take on aspects of being emotional, talking too much, dreaming of accomplishing things they not willing to work for and not willing to learn the skills such as STEM to preserve the tribe and built a platform for future growth. These same males will resort to primal violence out of tribal jealously of other Black men and even Black women because these males know their societal order is beneath the Black man and Black women who are actually involved in nation building and progressing the people. But we have a lot of real Black men who are just going unnoticed but at the same time, have no true cohesive strategy to make sure we are all doing it right. So with the combination of weak Black males who need reconditioning and Black men who need realignment, I’m calling out and welcoming all brothas to join us in our upcoming coverage of Black men and how we are going to proceed from this point on to give us our God-purpose role of preserving the tribe and building the nation. Every Black man should know how to establish and manage a food supply and should know the art of butchering, fishing and agricultural. Black men should make it a habit to go fishing and learn to fish. Learn to respectively kill and cut meat in a way to preserve. This is the same as canning fruits and vegetables and canning fish using salts. In every advance military unit, the elite forces are taught how to live off the land and survive on their own – this is what all men should learn and we will cover that here. We will go further into discussing fisheries, agriculture and technology and skills to maintain the food supply. The Black man should know how to love and support his woman. Please note and this is the part many of you weak brothas going to try to say something back and I will advise you to just shut the fuck up at the moment – I didn’t say the Black man need to love and support his Black woman, I said love and support his woman. No one ever told your Black ass that the Black man need the Black woman for his tribe and nation – you made that intra-racist shit up all by yourself in your own head. The man who builds his nation, preserve his tribe will rule over his tribe. The Middle East and birthplace of many major religions were ruled by people of many ethnic backgrounds – what mattered at the end of the day was the Kingdom, not the racial makeup of the couples there. With that said, no Black man should be running around whining about African-American women – if she want to act stupid, then she can go fuck herself and we Black men can move on with other women around the world who we can continue to build our nation with and preserve the tribe. Many of you Black men think you know what a fine woman look like but you never been outside the country – the minute your ass go outside the country, you going to see what a fine woman, especially what a fine Black women will look like and that’s the next topic. The Black man should be well-versed in the Africa Diaspora. To hear a Black African-American male talk about Ghadaffi like he something other than a dictator who needed a bullet in his head when African men who trained in Ghadaffi-sponsored guerilla camps are now testifying and recanting their involvement of harming their own people throughout West Africa for Ghadaffi money is the epitome of Black American male ignorance regarding the African Diaspora. We got to start working with our brothas worldwide and we going to do more than talk – I didn’t say we got to do something, I’m saying we going to do something because we are. We Black men are going to reach out to our African brothas whether they are in China building up trade lines or back in Africa building sustainable energy to power their homes and we going to assist them in any way we can with the Black American Empire resources and assets. Afrocentric clowns can wipe the shit off their ass with their Kinte cloth material – we real Black American men are going to help our African Diaspora family worldwide if we got the resources and ability to take care of ours. And we will listen to our African brothas and believe them. The Black man has to be 1000% STEM – cats be talking about they Black Hebrew or Black Muslim and ish and they don’t know a damn thing about STEM and ignorant as hell. A person cannot even be a true Hebrew or Muslim without knowing STEM and just a clown claiming a religious belief system. To get closer to God, you have to know science, technology, engineering and math and if you don’t know that, you just a clown in a religious clown suit talking up crap trying to get someone to listen to you. If you a Black Hebrew and you don’t know how to build a solar power plant, then you a fucking joke with a belief system. If you are a Black Muslim and don’t know how to do manure composting, then you a fucking joke with a belief system. God build things and maintain things and for a man to claim he is closer to God, he must too learn how to build things and maintain things. We going to talk about how to build things and maintain things. And last and most important – the Black man has to learn to go to war and win. We going to discuss military strategies, political strategies and other strategies to get what we need and what we want. The 2nd Amendment is your best friend in America, homey. No one is going to feel sorry for us and give us shit to help us build our nation. Get it in your damn head we got to fight and go hard to get ours and accept that fact. We already thought the US government was going to help the Black community with social entitlements and the US government ended up turning Black females against the Black man for a Section 8 check and food stamps. Keep your pacifist comments to your damn self, ain’t no pacifists here at this blog when we discussing the preservation and protection of the tribe. We have to learn the Art of War, we have to know our enemy and their strategy and we have to establish brute force and tacit strategies against our enemies. Dealing With the 3 Ps : Punks, Pussies and Pastors A lot of Black male macho bloggers like to talk about “chauncey” Black males all the time as if this is a progressive and productive argument. Talking about weak people don’t make you stronger so to be honest, this is a worthless conversation. I recently came across a video that I found disturbing because it brought back memories of my childhood growing up in the projects. Please check out the following video: In the video a cop is basically man-handling some grown Black man. There is two ways to look at this video. If you are concerned about how the cop is treating this guy, then you belong in the pussy category, plain and simple. If you are extremely concerned about how pussified the Black male in the video is acting, then you are a real man extremely offended and bothered by this weak ass Black dude. “I’m not doing anything! I’m scared! What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” Then he on the couch looking like he getting fucked missionary style by a cop on the video – does this look like how a Black man should act when confronted by police or an adversary? You don’t even need to guess if this same pussy Black guy would be in the interrogation room snitching and giving up everybody names because he already indicated in this video how scared he is. You really want a Black guy like this in your crew or on the team? You think this Black guy in the video can preserve the tribe and build the nation? This goes back to my childhood growing up in the projects in Chicago. There was this one tough badass dude who start stuff with other Black people in the community and do all kind of crimes and abuses. He had this notorious reputation. But when the cops caught up to him, I'm a child watching this man run and scream like a bitch crying loud and saying "please!" and I never forgot that, especially how he was running from the cops chasing him. He preyed on his own community to have that badass image but ain't willing to stand up to pigs - we got a lot of those type of Black males within our community. Yes, we got a lot of punks, pussies and pastors hiding behind religion in the African-American Black male community. The pastors are the worse because they take money from poor Blacks and spend it on lavishing themselves instead of do the Catholic Church does and build a square for poor people to start merchant businesses on to empower themselves. Here is the thing – the Catholic Church empowers the poor to be merchants on their square and guess there a part of that money goes to? Yes, more money to the Catholic Church by investing in the poor! But Black pastors are too greedy and stupid to think like that and spend the initial money on themselves instead of invest back into their members to be merchants. We cannot have a drawn-out war fighting the punks, pussies and pastors and to do so will distract us from nation building. You are going to see these same weak Black males try to come to this blog and see if they can challenge me or any of you guys and you must remember, these characters are not interested in nation building or preserving the tribe and are not Black men. We have to use the Periclean Strategy against the punks, pussies and pastors as we brothas focus on our role as Black men to build the nation and preserve the tribe. Look forward to the discussion of the Black man and hope the brothas join us on what we are going to do for self, our people, our community and our future.

8 thoughts on “A Preview of Black Men Month: Nation Building and the Periclean Strategy against the 3 Ps

  1. I hope the guys in that video were trying to set up a lawsuit. I’d hate to think that grown men would play themselves like that.

    1. From my understanding the guy being arrested was cussing very loudly on his porch and started cussing at a neighbor with their kids around. Also there are reports he was arrested years ago for making terroristic threats here in Atlanta years ago – once again, someone who can’t stop running his mouth.

      There is no lawsuit – it is not his home or his domain so the police can enter the home and arrest him. But to hear this man who was seconds ago cussing but sounding like a punk with the officer speaks volume…

  2. “ain’t willing to stand up to pigs”………………………or white people in general.
    your “boy” over at (subrealism) is one of the “3 Ps : Punks, Pussies and Pastors”……..yet an still you “build” with him. he loves the white folks.
    free all black liberation army vets, who made it possible for pussies to write blogs and rest in pieces to the dr. martin luther king jr’s of the world that made it possible to love the white man.

    1. And what are you Sean? You a straight punk pussy running around the internet talking shit on Black blogs. That all you do for years.

      You a fucking grown ass Black man and what you do on the internet? You go around talking shit on other Black blog comment section.. the fuck kind of Black man you think you are?

      Real talk, how long you been running around talking stupid shit as a Black man? I believe a few years from my observation. What info you contributing to brothas and sistas other than negative stupid shit to say? You been around for years doing this shit – not weeks or months but years…

      That’s not the purpose God gave you to spend your energy running around talking worthless shit. I’m calling you out right now on your punk shit..you ain’t got nothing to say from this point if you aint trying to be productive.

      Not your damn friend and you fucking talk too much as a Black man claiming to be from Brooklyn. Fuck your Black-on-Black beefing mentality too..brothas got to make real shit happen and you need to unplug and check yourself and this stuff you bringing to other cats.

  3. …………………………..and with that said i always supported your monkey ass.

    1. You didn’t answer the open question. How many years you been going around talking shit on other Black people blogs? Are you even man enough to admit what me and other cats already know? Now when Black men are speaking – you resort to name-calling another Black man “monkey ass”? You ain’t real world homey.

      See here is the problem Sean – we ain’t hearing Sean raising kids and supporting a family, we ain’t hearing Sean owning land or property, we ain’t hearing Sean got a hobby or a passion. All we hearing is Sean from Brooklyn going around Black blogs talking some shit and it is obvious you ain’t a young cat either. Young cats got better things to do with their time over years than go around doing.

      What you look like Sean? Do the sistas like you or find you attractive to fuck with? Are you impotent or got a little dick or disabled or some shit? Man the fuck up and tell us all why a grown ass Black man is running around the Internet targeting other Black sites.

      The fuck I need your damn support for? What good are you to me and my people? We fight real wars here unlike you going fucking with other Black people on the Internet. You ain’t demonstrated shit over the years except when I go around the Internet I see comments posted by you targeting other Black bloggers in a negative way, right?

      It’s easy to tell you on some east coast NYC Black-on-Black beefing ish while every other brotha is out there working it out for our people. Like I said, all you seem to do is keep talking shit like a little kid – check yourself and step back and look at yourself and what you doing. Cats are making moves while you just talking shit and hoping to get in the way of somebody progress.

      It’s been years of you doing this silly Black-on-Black beefing shit on the Internet and it’s tired – recognize that…..

  4. That video was sickening…It is because of cops like this that I left the US when it was time for me to get married and start a family. My two 6′-4″ sons have never even had to talk to a cop in their entire lives, thank goodness.

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