A Warning for Sistas Regarding Our Upcoming Mega Article on the Next Generation Cube Shop Diorama

mega_article Dream and Hustle is going to deliver the strongest warning yet to the sistas regarding the “mega article” I’m currently working on about the cube shop diorama that is extremely disruptive. The sistas will have only a limited time to follow through with our published article and have to immediately be a fast mover. For too long and too many years, when I published these “mega articles” on Dream and Hustle, I have personally watched African-American people start sucking their teeth talking some “this is a good read” lazy crap while I’m getting emails from ad/media agencies, cats in China and Europe about how to adopt what I published and they moving on what I wrote instantly. Dream and Hustle been around for several years and read worldwide and I contribute technology information worldwide and widely known in expert circles. The truth is Black people want to talk about self-empowerment but when presented with self-empowerment information and solutions, Black people want to pretend Dream and Hustle don't exist or they forgot to read this blog in a while. Black people want to pretend I didn't go out there and ran businesses, didn't travel worldwide, didn't create code and implemented solutions. Black people want to pretend I'm just a blogger of a blog to make them feel comfortable believing it is not brothas and sistas out there like me actually making moves. This is how Black people keep lying to themselves that no one in the Black community isn't doing anything or we are not building anything as an excuse for their own laziness and unwillingness to actually do for self. That's the truth about Black people and Dream and Hustle history over the past several years proves this. I'm asking the sistas to stop following this failure pattern of Black people and let's try to get something accomplished. I want the African-American sistas to appreciate the level of effort me and the 3rd Strategic Institute Asia team performed for the sistas. We spoke about micro-malls for years here on Dream and Hustle and we developed expertise on the topic and we research on the ground in Hong Kong cube shops and checker box shops and the business model. We translate articles from Chinese - okay, if you didn’t know and I like to mention it all the time – my girl is Chinese and she is very interested in doing something which is why I’m trying to warn your sistas. It’s bad enough you Black women lost a good sexy caramel complexion Black man like me to the Asian market, please don’t lose this good cube shop diorama business model I’m presenting to you sistas to the Asian market either. Overall, the cube shop model started last decade and exploded from Hong Kong into mainland China as well as Taiwan and Singapore. However, there are challenges in the business model practices over in places that the 3rd Strategic Institute researched and discovered and we holding this information secret to be revealed only for the African-American sistas to take to the Asian market. This is how Dream and Hustle going to help the sistas create a product/service they can take to the Asian market and create a global internet business. And I already indicated what we going to do – the 3rd Strategic Institute is going to cover the cost of leasing a space in a cube shop for one sista to have in Hong Kong and our Asia crew will setup the promotion and debut in Hong Kong – I already planned to be in Hong Kong and will see to the release. I actually haven’t been to Asia in a long time and look forward to going back. We already have the cube shop in mind and it is an excellent location and if a sista is smart enough to research, she may figure it out the cube shop we are currently eyeing. Excellent part of Hong Kong and I will give a hint – check out our previous article on the Groupon store – yeah, around there. Our research show that what we are going to present is so disruptive that the 3rd Strategic Institute is taking steps to make sure we can get the sistas into the game before it gets out mainstream. We may be so secret that I’m planning to cover most of the details in the Facebook private group only that will be revealed shortly. Please like the Hair Weaves and Micro-Mall Facebok page I setup so I can transfer you over to the private Facebook group when we are ready. Okay, enough teasing – let’s explain what’s about to go down. theartofnail Ad agency Grey Hong Kong created a cube diorama display to place in a cube shop with a QR code. As a result of their award-winning campaign, there was 24,000 scans which is very impressive. Me and my crew had already talked about using “museum exhibit” style displays for cube shops several years ago but Grey Hong Kong actually was the first one in the world to execute and show results and did an impressive job. I believe the African-American sistas is going to take things a step further with the help of the 3rd Strategic Institute. The information and research we gathered is extremely unprecedented because quite frankly, no one created a cube diorama except Grey Hong Kong that we know of in this fashion. We research everything from how Lego do dioramas at Toys R Us, how these role-playing game stores create dioramas for stuff like Warhammer, how cats create scaled towns for their train sets, how fathers create dollhouses for their daughters, how sistas create scrapbooks to how engineers create architectural models using foam board. All of this is original research derived from all of these various techniques to create an advance cube display diorama strategy to share with the sistas. However, once we share our strategy – it will become public information and it will be extremely important for the sistas to move fast. The sistas will be creating her own style and possibility be able to export to the Asian market cube displays to sell to micro-merchants which is an opportunity we will discuss. Going further, a sista can create a Microsoft Azure cloud service to setup mobile commerce to sell products from these cube display. We will show how to do the lighting effect and how to deal with the sizing issue also over in Hong Kong and China as cube shops have different size cubes. We will also talk strategy and products to sell over in Asia and what works. All of this is original research me and my crew gathered over in Asia to bring to the sistas to develop a strategy to introduce a product/solution back over to the Asian market. Now, yall tell me when Black Enterprise, Essence or Ebony went to Asia to research business opportunities for the sistas to establish global business operations? When they ever wrote an article helping sistas specifically like that? Yeah, so don’t get it twisted – Dream and Hustle is the only one around putting in real work to empower our sistas out there. Hell, none of those lazy magazines even bothered to tried to create anything that resembled a SistaSphere, did they? Yeah, thought so. But anyway we will publish the “mega article” very soon and once it is published, then it is green light and on for the sistas to get moving. Yall sistas been warned.....this is a massive opportunity for the sistas but you have to move fast on this one...

5 thoughts on “A Warning for Sistas Regarding Our Upcoming Mega Article on the Next Generation Cube Shop Diorama

  1. What else do I need to do? I bought the items per your last article…Do you think having a private section for the ones who are really interested would help? I am ready to move into bigger and better things. I began the publishing as you suggested, I am working on the cube diorama, and I am working on a few other things you discussed. I am ready and I have really been blessed to find this site and you. I want to move into another direction and I do not care that others want to sit and talk…I am making moves. Please let me know…

    1. I will update what happened last week as the next article. I basically collaborated with people in Hong Kong and Singapore and shared notes.

  2. Oh wow! We will definitely see this sooner rather than later. I am sorry that no one was able to move on this. I hope you are still able to help the ones that are willing to make things happen.

  3. I Just Signed On To Your Blog Very Recently. I Was Going Through Previous Blogs When I Came Across The Cube Blog. This Is Exactly. What I’ve Been Looking For! I Feel The Innovative And Revolutionary Impact That Is Anticipated. I’m Looking Very Forward To Move On This Massive Opportunity. I Can’t Believe That In This Day, We Are Being Given A Heads Up And Sistas Run Away From It? Well, I’ll Be Moving Forward With This info. This Is Too Big To Let It Pass. Ed, Thank You For Being Who You Are And For What You Are Doing. I Know It’s Frustrating Dealing With The Sistas At Times, Because A Lot Of Them Are Still Asleep And Being Distracted With Stuff That Doesn’t Bring Truth And Knowledge. Not All Sistas Are Like That. A Few Of Us Are Very Aware Of What’s Going Down And Making Significant Steps To Move Forward, No Matter. What! This Is Our Time! What Are You Afraid Of? That You Are Great Beyond measure?Proceed With No Fear. Stop Being Distracted And Bring Forth Fruit!

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