Effectively Immediately, No More “Projects” on Dream and Hustle..Never Again

effingtired I will remove and discontinue all “projects” on Dream and Hustle because over and over again, just cannot even make it to first base. The same pattern happens over and over, we like to talk about things but the minute I begin publishing the solutions – Black people want to act like this blog don’t exist anymore and go hide. The 3rd Strategic Institute took a major serious hit with the micro-cube article within hours of being published and when I get a job offer by a major global firm within 24 hours of posting the article - that means the opportunity is lost and it’s over. The article had strong competitive intelligence and research that has never been compiled before. Even though I tried to share this exclusive information to the sistas, other people already got their hooks in. The 3rd Strategic Institute already knew this was a disruptive and game-changer opportunity and we started getting inquiries rolling in through my personal backchannels. You guys didn’t seriously realize how awesome the prototype of the car shop was? I turned the video screen off on the diorama to not attract too much attention but it didn’t work. One person in Hong Kong asked me if the solar panel can power a micro-controller to create a miniature light show – that’s when I realize these cats are already on it and it’s over. Now I have no choice but to quickly publish our findings professionally to claim original credit for this idea and we aborting the project altogether. If one of you guys actually tried to acknowledge the project within 24 hours, we would have been good but that didn’t happen. Yall left me out there and I’m offended at the snub doing all that research and putting our necks out there. It is extremely embarrassing each and every time I post the start of a project we talk about on Dream and Hustle, zero comments or one or two comments. It sends a nasty message about our people I cannot co-sign anymore. Black people online sends an impression that brothas and sistas are not serious about solutions but love to complain about problems and I cannot roll with that nonsense. I have realize projects I initiate work best in the real world, around real people in real-time who demonstrated they ready to get down. With that said, I will only work on entrepreneur/technology workshop projects locally here in Atlanta in a close-knit fashion. We have colleges and plenty of professional brothas and sistas in tech to network here in Atlanta to make things happen and I’m not playing around with online cats anymore. I will create a Facebook group where brothas and sistas can network on STEM and discuss technology and solutions and we all contribute but that’s about it. Already blogged and stated how brothas and sistas can get real depressed and disappointed trying to help or educate Black people through the Internet and I’m just going to do real world from now on. All of the projects me and my crew working on will be done but we just ain't setting ourselves to be disappointed again, that's all.