The Dream and Hustle Mega-Article on the Discussion of Race and Blackness in America

letstalk Wow, this spring of 2014 is probably the biggest stream of race-based stuff we seen in a long time. I was trying to be like President Obama during his first term and avoid this racey spacey stuff and focus on the business at hand. What I done lately was sit back and watch others Black pundits in media and blogosphere run their mouth and observe them and see how strong they are. Now, it’s time for me to come in and have that real discussion on race. I’m going to be honest when it comes to the topic of race - Donald Sterling probably exploded the biggest shit storm out of his asshole so far reaching its ridiculous. Everything from the greedy bigoted slumlord media self-hating Jew that like light-skinned long hair Black girls to the NAACP giving this guy an NAACP Life Time Achievement showing they are a bought and paid for bunch of Negroes to the Korean girl from Fox News asking Adam Silver a question acting as a 21st century stalking horse for the bigots. Just every angle of race relations is wrapped up in this whole Donald Sterling stuff. Even President Obama couldn’t help himself and had to say something about this Donald Sterling stuff all the way over in Malaysia. ballerhoes You know the funniest part about Donald Sterling? Remember those dingbat chicks at Baller Alert and their “Billionaire says Black women are for grown-ups” nonsense? That whole “Black girl swirling” with white men fantasy bullshit? Damn, Robin Thicke dumped his Black wife and now we see a billionaire Donald Sterling and how he treat his Black girl like a grownup. Damn, yall sellout ignorant Black women stupid as fuck with your silly ass “swirling” shit – these bigots been fucking yall Black women since slavery and you Black women started acting like you bed wenches got something special to offer these bigots they couldn’t pay for or take by force from sistas for the past hundreds of years. These bigots been swirling your Black female ass since 1683 and shit! That’s the part that got me laughing in the middle of the night coughing up phlegm in the process – damn that swirling crap took some serious losses real fast. So with that said, let’s talk about race in America and our Blackness. The problem is you know those cowards at the Root, the Grio, Black Voices and the rest of those plantation blogs ain’t going to be real because they got the same kind of self-hating Jewish bigots like Donald Sterling feeding them, buying them clothes and cars and taking care of them. Yeah, we got a lot to talk about don’t we? Let’s get started. Lazy and the Inner City pryan Republican Paul Ryan who was a candidate for Vice President and once swirled with a Black woman made a comment about urban decay. He indicated that there is a culture of Black men who do not want to work, do not value working and subscribe to a culture of not working. Do you think the Black woman who was swirling with Paul Ryan bother to record him saying this stuff or did his former Black girlfriend just swirl her mouth on Paul Ryan penis? Yeah, thought so... So when someone Black confronted Paul Ryan on his comment, this is what was reported on a liberal blog: "This is not a race thing. It's just a poor thing. Poverty knows no racial boundaries," Ryan responded. "That’s the issue I’m trying to get at, which is we have to rethink our war on poverty and our programs so that it always pays to work. Because we have these incentives to people not to work." The audience applauded Ryan's response, after which the Wisconsin congressman told Gardner: "I get it. You don’t know me, so you don’t know who I really am. Race has nothing to do with this." What incentives are there for Black men not to work? What incentives are there for Black men to be lazy? Or even any inner city / urban male? We brothas can’t get food stamps, we cannot get free housing, we don’t even get child tax credits so what incentives is Paul Ryan talking about? But Paul Ryan is not who I have a problem with. The problem I’m having with this discussion is the Black politicians and everybody who is claiming how they so offended. Paul Ryan is holding up a "Path to Prosperity" document - do you see any Black politicians holding up any document on this subject matter? I have not heard one urban economic policy proposed by any Black politician or so-called pundit on how to find jobs and revenue for Black men in the inner city. All I’m hearing is these same Black people are so “offended” by Paul Ryan comments. This is the problem we see over and over in the African-American community where our people spend too much damn time trying to be “offended” than be offensive about solving problems in our community. Why one of these Black politicians or pundits couldn’t step up and proposed a real solution to Black male unemployment in the inner city and took over the conversation? You know why? Because we Black folks are too interested in whining about being “victims” and whining about how offended we are when someone says something. Welfare is the New Whip cliven Cliven Bundy a rancher who is trying to establish his “sovereign rights” made some comments about Blacks and Hispanics that appeared to be conversation and off-the-cuff remarks. He stated he didn’t know if the Negro is better off under slavery than being a recipient of government subsidies. Then the next thing you know, you see these Black pundits at plantation blogs and the liberal machine start calling this old man a racist hoping to turn the tide against him and his tirade against the government. Well, the Donald Sterling thing changed the conversation real quick from Cliven Bundy, didn’t it? Cliven Bundy is not a racist and nothing in the video he said was racist – if you cannot recognize this is an old country ancient white guy who just rustle cattle, then you reaching real far trying to find an excuse to call someone a racist. It bothers me when yall going around calling anybody a racist because what you guys are doing is taking attention away from the real racists out there that has to be dealt with. A racist is people who are actively promoting a race to the detriment of other races. Fox News promoting a secret Zionist agenda under the guise of promoting White Privilege and scapegoating illegal immigrants, Muslims and Blacks is racist, Cliven Bundy making a commentary about the Negro and slavery and government subsidy is just his damn opinion. I have asked the same question here Cliven Bundy has and that is if government subsidies have made Black people in America worse off? Black people killed more Blacks in those subsidized public housing than they killed slaves the past 400 years – slaves cost money back then, cats in the projects lives ain’t worth much in America. Black women are aborting more Black babies the past several decades than Africans who died on the transatlantic trip. Some of you cornball Kinte-cloth wearing goofballs wanna believe your Black Nationalist crap but the numbers are real – Black people dropped more Black bodies than any group out there since we started getting welfare checks and public housing. I’m trying to figure out how a bunch of broke ass Black people in the projects figured out a way to start hating each other – how the hell that happened in Black history? It’s a legitimate question about African-Americans relying on the government too much. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans people were screaming for the government to save them. When President Obama cut Section 8, you saw Black people passing out waiting in lines just to fill out an application. Black America has to ask that question of ourselves instead of running around acting like we offended because Cliven Bundy asked the question. The Bigot and the Basketball sterlswirl Dream and Hustle has declared Vanessa Stiviano 2014 Black Woman of the Year and we will dedicate a full article on why she deserve the title and why she is so damn awesome. Many of you people are jealous of her and trying to tear her down, which is typical of petty Black people but when you get over your damn emotions, you are going to realize V. Stiviano accomplishment and have no choice but to concede she is Black Woman of the Year and no one even comes a close second. You should have noticed I didn’t publish anything except my rantings over at Subrealism blog when the story broke. The reason why is I wanted to sit back and see which Black pundit or Black blogger got the balls to call out a self-hating Jew that use Blacks and try to pit races against each other as gamesmanship among other self-hating Jews. And I’m not surprised – these Black pundits and Black bloggers are punks and chumps and had to restrain themselves on how they would go after Don Sterling out of fear of offending the Jewish community and that’s the problem to me. Don Sterling is not a Jew and he is not a WASP which is what most Black people were trying to label him. Donald Sterling came from a Jewish immigrant family who worked hard in Chicago and he changed his last name to some punk name like Sterling and lived his life portraying the worst Jewish stereotype of a cheap greedy bastard that enjoy screwing over poor people and hating people that cannot defend themselves like poor blacks. Calling Donald Sterling a Jew is like calling Whoopi Goldberg a Black woman and the Black community should not have been afraid to call Donald Sterling out on his actions because these are the self-hating Jews that permeated the Black urban areas with liquor stores, bodegas with overpriced spoiled food and the biggest client of screwing poor Black women dangling money over their heads. The Black community know all about these damn self-hating Jews and Jonathan Kaufman know about them too and I watched these coward Black pundits and Black bloggers drop the ball and tried to portray Donald Sterling as some Archie Bunker type WASP bigot. These self-hating Jew bigots are rampant and are some of the biggest racists out to exploit and hold down Black people while pretending they helping us dangling money over our heads. Norman Lear ain’t no different how he did Eric Monte, some of you cats talking about you a damn Chicago Bulls fan but can’t figure out why no star player want to be traded to the Bulls and why Scottie Pippen had a shitty contract despite all the championships. Do we need to even talk about Jerry Heller and others like him and the bad music contracts screwing over Black artists and promoting only rappers who rap about killing other Blacks and screwing Black women? So you guys want to pretend Don Sterling was the only one that existed and yall scared to talk about how these cats were doing Black people for the past 40-60 years? Why do you think I do not want anything to do with Silicon Valley? It’s Don Sterling all over in Silicon Valley and you got this silly chick Angela Benton running around acting like she special and ish over there. Those people in Silicon Valley have been ordering VC principals they better not invest a nickel in Black technology startups and just like Don Sterling and the NAACP, always resort to promoting Black tokenism or a little token of gesture like those mediocre motherfuckers at NewMe to pretend these bigots doing something other than discriminating against overall Black technology entrepreneurs. Then we got the biggest offender – NBC/Universal who promote the racist image of light-skinned Blacks over the past 35 years conspiring with the so-called Boule. We can keep looking around and from the New York Times to Obama cabinet picks by Rahm Emanuel, nothing but a fresh set of light-skinned Blacks who are willing to co-sign to these Don Sterling bigots for a little bit of fame and recognition. So that’s why I sat back and watch – these fake Black pundits and Black bloggers are too coward to keep it real and honest about these type of self-hating Jewish bigots who prey on minorities and use us as games and tokens and keep us divisive for bigoted entertainment. Don Sterling telling a Black-Mexican woman not to hang out with Black people – you actually hearing him say that proves over and over again why you Black people see stuff like the Grio, the Root, Omar Wasow and all that other crap and now you cannot deny it anymore. Our community need to have that real conversation about these self-hating Jews and be 100%. We are not talking about real Jews and I know plenty of Jews who are the some of the most diverse-friendly, unselfish and welcoming people I met on this earth. Real Jews were not screwing over the Black community – it was self-hating Jews who turned on their own teachings, changed their name like Donald Tokowitz did and exercise a game of bigotry and hatred towards Blacks for the past several decades. Stop acting like you scared to address this reality of racism against Black people – if you cats ain’t going to be real then we going to see these Don Sterling characters continue to operate business as usual. When you deal with justice system, you’ll deal with these WASP bigots but wait until you start trying to get money and power and you will quickly see the Don Sterling types and their sellout light-skinned stalking horses come after you. That’s the real takeaway none of these punk ass Black pundits and Black bloggers didn’t want to go because these cats are cowards. The New Black discounting Jenee Desmond-Harris who writes at the Root like her colleagues has the worst job in the world. Nothing in the world is worse than being a content-writer pushing race-based articles. Except a broke blogger pushing race-based articles trying to appear on NPR and peddling e-books. You know most of these race-hustlers always turn to weird stuff like kinky sex or abuse like drinking and gambling, real talk. And what’s really bad is these non-hood clowns are promoting fake Blackness articles knowing real Black people ain’t reading that crap but they pushing out these race-based articles claiming they speaking for Black people or pretending they speaking from a Black authentic perspective. What’s funny about Jenee Desmond-Harris is in her biography is she claim to promote data on African-American employment. You know why that is funny? Because it was me over here at Dream and Hustle who called her ass out on writing those articles saying the overall unemployment rate was good but ignoring the details of the African-American unemployment numbers. I wrote an article on how the Root and the Grio and Black Enterprise were parroting mainstream news about unemployment decreasing and not looking at the Labor Department numbers to show African-American employment is increasing while the overall unemployment was decreasing. I still have the old article and made screen shots of their articles including Jenee Desmond-Harris article and I commented on her article saying she ain’t looking at the real numbers. I’m not making this up and if you read Dream and Hustle for a while, you knew I was the only one going deep in the data regarding African-American unemployment back in the day. But anyway, let’s stick to topic. Jenee Desmond-Harris wrote an article attack Pharrell and his comments about “the New Black” and let’s just quote what Pharrell said: The “new black” doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The “new black” dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re gonna be on. Then Jenee Desmond-Harris – I knew a Caribbean person who last name was Desmond and you know the Boule pride themselves as being a bunch of light-skinned curly-headed Caribbean people better than the African-American here in America, I’m just saying. Okay, Jenee Desmond-Harris wrote the following comment: It’s not clear what “it” is or who exactly gets to be “the new black,” but the vague nature of the declaration wasn’t all that bothered many of those who heard it. .. But unfortunately, off-the-cuff remarks on race, when tossed cavalierly into the public sphere, often do more to aggravate than to inform, and raise more questions than they answer: What’s this based on? According to whom? What are the numbers? Where’s the evidence? How about some examples? What’s the historical, social, psychological and legal context? This was Jenee Desmond-Harris core response to her lame ass article trying to attack Pharrell for his “new black” comment. She didn’t say anything special and just raise some questions like a pathetic lawyer trying to raise doubt instead of having her own argument to state in opposition. The reason I bring this up and bring this up last is because what you are reading is what Jenee Desmond-Harris is really about and her job is to discount others. See, Jenee Desmond-Harris job is to promote race victimization and intellectual pacified Black outrage with her articles, basically lame weak shit. She not trying to uplift or empower anybody in her articles or ramblings or writings – her job is to keep Blacks complaining, whining or have a “good read” while drinking coffee and browsing The Root on their tablet. So when someone like Pharrell come around and talk about the “new black” then it is Jenee Desmond-Harris job to attack anybody for challenging the notion that we Black people should be something other than victims and whining all the time. In order to be a race-based content writer or a race hustler pundit then you have to keep the perception that Black people are victims, Black people need someone light-skinned and curly-headed to speak for them in an intelligent manner and that we are intellectually offended people. That is why you see so many of these fake Black people operating as pundits and bloggers avoiding real West Side Chicago Black people like me and frankly, these people like Jenee has to attack Pharrell because they cannot let America see the image of Black people making it outside the realm of what these race-based content writers and race hustlers want to sell in books or talk about in articles or run their mouth about on cable TV and radio shows. Pharrell influence people all over the world, Pharrell has business all over the world, Pharrell does charity work all over the world and his works with 311 in Japan is acknowledged. Jenee Desmond-Harris writes shitty race-based articles for a broke ass unprofitable Boule content firm called the Root that Washington Post sold off after acquisition. So let me end this article with this question – what are you going to respect, Pharrell “new black” or Jenee Desmond-Harris tired ass race-based rantings?

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  1. It’s open season on us. Everyone is squading up to make sure they got their piece of the pie. It’s not even hidden anymore. They are blatantly telling you.

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