The Top 7 Stuff Sistas Be Getting Arrested For

tired_of_getting_child_support_checks When it comes to the criminal justice system, many sistas get a case of Schadenfreude thinking only brothas get caught up in the system. But sistas are very much targeted to get caught up in the criminal justice system and we are hoping this article help sistas understand this fact. We are going to discuss the top 7 ways sistas be getting caught up and also talk about how these situations can be avoided. The sad part is these top 7 stuff sistas be doing to get arrested and put in the criminal justice system can be easily avoided. Just like the brothas who keep getting locked up, the number one reason cats be getting caught in the trap game is cats be doing stupid ish they didn’t need to do or wasn’t worth it, plain and simple. But sistas tend to be a piece of work because the majority of sistas who get caught up believe they can get away with what they done with a slap on the wrist or they will allow to slide. A lot of these sistas seriously believe in their head they are smarter and can manipulate everybody around them but there is one problem. The county government realize Black women caught up in the criminal justice system are a bigger revenue generator than Black men, especially through probation fees that has to be paid monthly to stay out of jail. Black women are more motivated to pay probation fees than Black men because of children and lifestyle so the criminal justice system recognize this and make sure they can get as many sistas caught up. Let’s talk about the Top 7 reasons and how the sistas should not get caught up. Shoplifting Shoplifting has to be the worst and most idiotic crime in the world sistas be getting arrested for. The majority of shoplifting crime are young Black teenage sistas who are usually shoplifting out of peer pressure from other sistas trying to set her up. A lot of you cats got young teenage girls doing this and it is strongly advised you talk to your daughter at a young age about shoplifting. Brothas be getting away with smash and grab but sistas rarely get away with shoplifting so we brothas are smarter than you sistas in this battle of the sexes regarding retail theft. So here is the setup – a sista hang out with her friends at some cheap accessory store and they start talking about they stealing some earrings and not paying for it. The security cameras are already profiling these Black teenage girls because these sistas in packs all seem to follow the same dumb script. Then one sista and like we said – she think she got everybody around her fooled, decide to pocket something and it’s caught on camera. That’s how the shoplifting charge get kicked in. Most of the arrests comes from sistas who hang at the same high school together or even better – they are family members! Meaning one sista going to the mall with her own blood sister or her cousin and they trying to shoplift together! Here is the trap game – most sistas who shoplift have good working parents with money and the court system hit up the parents to pay for things for their daughter action. First of all, no sista should be shoplifting because to be honest – ain’t none of that cheap labor stuff worth stealing. Sistas should learn how to accessorize using used items and also learn to make her own fashion like they do over in Harajuku, Japan. Those Japanese sisters over there like to take used clothes and get patterns and sew their own fashions – that is what the sistas need to learn as a teenager and learn to do for self. I promise you sistas there is nothing more impressive to a Black man than a sista who can make her own clothes if we see her out and about. Second and this is most important, a sista should be taught to walk away from anybody peer pressuring her to steal, including family members and school friends. Take your daughter to the store and sit her at the accessory counter and bluntly tell her exactly how she will have fake friends encouraging her to steal and explain to her specifically why she need to avoid being caught and don’t let family and friends bring her down and to stand on her own and walk away from the situation. This early pre-emptive intervention will help less sistas get caught up in the shoplifting trap game. 3-Strikes Driving Violations Sistas be driving cars when all their stuff is not in order and they get arrested because of 3 or more violations. This is probably the number one thing sistas get arrested for. They have an expired tag, a suspended license (which can be suspended from having an expired tag), no insurance, no driver license, no brake light, illegal lane change and cops are smart enough to pile on the violations to ensure an arrest and getting a sista caught up paying probation fees to the county and the cop meet their quota. So here is the trap game – sistas be driving through a speed trap zone and the cop gets her for speeding 10 miles over the limit. The cop can scan license plates from their camera mounted on their car and instantly tell if the driver insurance or tag expired. From there they will follow and pull over and the cop is basically not looking to take someone off the hook, they looking to see if they can make an arrest looking for more than one violation. Many sistas believe they can talk a cop out of a ticket – oh no you can’t my sista. The county put those cameras and microphones in place to make sure that cop tries to find as many violations and make arrests. So the cop is not going to be on camera talking about he going to let you off the hook – you ain’t never seen that happen after they installed those cameras on the cop cars. The county is mandating they take you in and arrest you if possible as a revenue generator for probation fees. Here is the obvious solution to avoid these driving violation arrests for the sistas – metrosexualize yourself and move back into the city and get the heck out of those suburbs! In the city, you drive a short distance to everywhere including work, shopping and entertainment. In some cases you can take the bus or take a cab or uber or lyft somewhere. In other cases, you can rent a car for cheap such as Zipcar or even Enterprise. I’m going to talk about this later but the truth of the matter is – you sistas been duped to believe you need a car when a car is a financial trap game and a legal trap game. Don’t you sistas realize when you get a car all the trap game there is? You need insurance, if you don’t have insurance you go to jail. You can’t drink and drive, if you under the influence, you go to jail. You can’t leave your kids or poodle in the back seat of a car, if you do that, you going to jail. If you speed, you get a ticket and if you got 3 or more violations, you going to jail. If your tag expired because you can’t pass emissions, you get a ticket or you going to jail. Do you see all the trap game and setup associated with owning a car? Seriously, f*ck a damn car! What does a car do beside make you sistas want to drive to the mall and spend money? Go out and spend money eating among your so-called girlfriends at some restaurant? Move into the city and even if the rent is higher like $400/month that is still economically cheaper than living in the suburbs paying a car with insurance and gas and risk tickets and going to jail over something stupid – do the math and I bet you find out I’m telling you the truth! If you are a sista in Atlanta and do not have a Nissan Leaf lease where you make $30/month in profit from tax rebates and incentives, you ain’t too bright either. A lot of sistas, a lot of fine sistas be on the train and subway and get around and learned to move in the city, especially here in Atlanta. If you are caught up and you can’t maintain a car, get rid of that car and move into the city near public transportation and trust me you will begin to see the difference and financial benefits and stay out of the trap game they setup in the suburbs for sistas with cars. Failure to Appear Ok, the courts gave a sista a ticket or she got to show up to court and what she do? She decide there is something more important in life going on right now instead of showing up to court. That is clearly the most idiotic thing on this entire list of things sistas get arrested for. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more important than showing up at court. If you do not have a baby sitter, they have social services that can take care of these things. I don’t need to or explain too much here – when a sista fail to show up for court, she will get arrested and she have to end up paying money and may get put on probation. Sistas ain’t hiding and running around these streets like the brothas and the sheriff department know where to find you sistas and haul your butt to jail too. Sistas can end up losing their job to losing custody to the baby daddy and so much stuff just because she thought it was smart to miss a court date. Here is the thing – just write the court or call the court clerk office and indicate you want a motion for continuous and explain why you can’t make it to court ahead of time. A judge will almost always grant a delay in trial just to give you sistas time to prepare for your day in court. But don’t just let the court date go by – this is by far the worst reason ever for a sistas to get arrested for. Probation Violation Ok, you sistas already got caught up and they got you on probation. Once they got you sistas on probation you sistas go to pay money, get a ride to see your probation officer, pay a monthly fee and subject yourself to random drug tests and also got to show you sistas looking for work. Do you know sistas still get caught up and charged with probation violation more than anything? Do you know what they do with probation violation? The county may increase the probation fee or extend the period of probation and sistas have to spend more money and waste more time and she getting caught up and in some cases, spiral out of control where she has to serve out her sentence in jail. Look, you sistas on probation has to realize why you got there in the first place. And the reason is the people you sistas choose to hang around the environment you stayed in. One of my girls I knew where I paid her probation fees, she just couldn’t move out of the hood and stay away from her ratchet and roachy friends and guess what? She got caught up once again hanging around her friends. You sistas have to immediately change your life when you get hit with probation. Get away from the clowns that got you caught up, realign your life priorities and go hard core. Start working out, learn some computer skills, find a job somewhere to get away from the nonsense and don’t forgot the reality a sista is on probation. Seriously go underground and tell people to leave you the hell alone and definitely start dropping friends and family and the environment that got you caught up in the first place. In terms of paying the probation fee, get a gullible brotha like me to pay your fee by giving him some and telling him your sob story while he drives you back to your crib. Probation is a strategy that targets sistas who are capable of making income and can get a low-wage job and sistas need to realize this trap game and be mindful of it. While sistas talk about brothas being locked up, she need to look around at all the sistas around her who are on probation. Theft by Conversion Theft by conversion is when sistas take money meant for one purpose and convert it into their own personal purpose. For example, writing a check that had no money in it and withdrawing the instant credited balance and spending it and let the check bounce. Isn’t that stupid and dumb like she won’t get caught? Another case is where she is in control of a bank account or has company credit card and she spending that money on herself with the promise she will pay it back. It was never her personal money to withdraw from and that is where the problems begin. Theft by conversion also mean receiving stolen property. The overall problem with theft by conversion is the sista is thinking she is outsmarting a financial system that has computers and audit checks and real-time monitoring. Another form of theft by conversion and I seen sistas in Atlanta arrested over this is they went to one of these buy-here/pay-here scummy used car places and if she fail to make a payment and fail to return the car, they do not call the repo man, these places call the police to press charges and the sista will get arrested for something called security interest. Here is the best way to avoid – do not have a checking account or use it minimally plain and simple. I do not write checks and use the online transactions for everything. The brotha at the bank also showed me to put everything in savings and only “feed” the checking account with unlimited online transfers as needed. Use cash for transactions and get away from the financial institution crap as much as possible. Also avoid financing cars from these dirt bag car dealers and their buy-here and pay-here scam and avoid title loans and all that stuff. Move into the city, shop local using small cash and keep your money up in a simple savings account. Many of you sistas saying you can’t establish a banking account may not realize they don’t want you setting up a checking account. Just open up a savings account and then pull your money out with discipline and that will avoid all the trouble. Always refuse to manage other people money such as the social organization money, the church money, the company credit card and all of that – throw it away or put it somewhere and never touch it. Manage only your money and focus on cash-basis only and small transactions and scheduled big transactions. Theft by Deception Theft by deception is when a sista advertise a service and take money under false pretenses of delivering a service. This is a common way of sistas being caught up trying to launch her own hustle or whatever. I’m going to be short on this because this one is easy to resolve and avoid. See, where most sistas go wrong and she be getting arrested for theft by deception is she failed to have a contract in place. The majority of people will take money from someone without a contract in place that stipulate all of the terms and conditions. Think of the software industry where 80% or more of the million dollar projects outright fail – you don’t see them going to jail or charge with theft by deception, do you? How about your scumbag lawyer telling you to pay an upfront retainer fee and deposit but don’t work your case or give a damn how your case turns out – you don’t see them going to jail or charged with theft by deception either. Or your insurance company that you make payments to but they ain’t trying to help you in your time of needing the insurance company to make things whole again. Never take money without a contract in place and stipulation laid out. This is why Black people fail so damn hard and being charged with financial crimes is their failure to create contracts in writing. Even if the contract is crappy and one-sided, this is what professionals do to take people money even if they cannot deliver. Just have clauses in there that says you will do your best effort, if there work is not satisfactory, you will make repairs on actions as promised but make sure you indicate you charge by the hour and the fees involved. That is exactly how the lawyers and software development companies are able to take money from clients and do crappy work and keep the money given to them. Simple Battery/Assault This is where sistas want to talk on the Internet about no one should hit a woman but she running around swinging and fighting, pulling out hair weave and extensions of other sistas and she punching her boyfriend after hearing he found another chick that he like licking better. This is actually the crown royal of probation where the county love this because of the massive revenue they will receive from the plea bargain and long probation sentence. The issue here is sistas let their emotions take over and cannot check herself. She also put herself in an environment that is extremely negative and she cannot handle it. She will get with a pretty boy who she bragging about but the pretty boy knows she bragging about him and he can do what he want knowing she won’t be leaving him. So she sitting there mad knowing he doing some other girl and licking on some other girl while she sitting at home and calling up her ghetto girlfriends on the phone who is telling her to beat that man up like man-hating Tyler Perry advocate in his movies. Or the sista see one of her girlfriends flirting and hanging out with her pretty boy and acting too nice around him instead of being respective and she can’t take those sly games. Then tension build up and she talking to other sistas about the sistas flirting with her man or hating on her and her man behind her back and her girlfriends are egging her own to beat up the other sista for looking at her man. So now the sista is emotionally manipulated and out of control and what she does? She want to fight the other sista, beat up on the pretty boy and she is the one in handcuffs looking stupid not realizing everybody was playing her emotionally and now laughing at her getting arrested, including her girlfriends who was egging her own to beat up the pretty boy or the other sista. When a sista get arrested for battery or assault, she has to get that big feeling of why she messing with all these people around her? Why did she put up with that pretty boy games that was harming her? Why did she fight another sista for a no good guy? Why did her friends wanted her to use violence instead of find her something better? So the sista caught up is not realizing her mistake of hanging around these female cliques and chasing pretty boys. Sistas can avoid battery/assault charges by learning how to strongly drop people and keep to herself and be independent. The pretty boy want to smug in all the photos instead of show humbleness, drop his behind. Yall sistas be on Facebook and Instagram killing me showing us pictures of your boyfriend and he looking all smug in your pics like he owns your vagina, mouth and anus for his pleasure. If dude taking pics with you and he does not look like your partner or humble, then you sistas better get a damn clue and get rid of his smuggy behind real quick. Now with the girlfriends, the only thing girlfriends should be doing is help sistas get better. Not fight over men, not fight other sistas but to focus on self-development. Many of you sistas do not belong to positive sista groups and instead associate with ghetto negative cliques of sistas who ain’t got your best interest at heart and just like to talk about you behind your back when they get a chance. Learn to avoid conflict by simply learning to get away from negative elements and recognize them when you sistas see them. No brotha should be smug around his woman, he should be respectful and humble and no sista should be sweating some brotha who ain’t going to be 100% for his woman and flirting with her girlfriends. Get away from all that and there won’t be no drama if there are no drama people to get involved with. Summary As you see, the sistas can easily get caught up in the criminal justice system just as fast as brothas. There are numerous traps out there designed to get sistas who make mistakes all caught up and sistas have to learn to not be a target. Quite frankly, most of the sistas who will get caught up will never read this article because they too busy reading gossip and other garbage blogs out there. But for the rest of you sistas, there is some important takeaways. The most important takeaway and avoid getting caught up is sistas just change her lifestyle that we been preaching here on this blog. We recommend sistas move into the inner city, take advantage of public transportation and the sharing economy and also get into inner city activities like the gym, the running club, the meetups and walking to local activities. Get away from garbage sistas, pretty boys and the suburban trappings of getting sistas caught up paying probation fees. And one more thing is learn to pay for experiences, not things. All of this creates a quality of life for a sista where she can live in true happiness and peace and away from drama.

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  1. This is some great advice. I talk to my daughter about some of these traps. And, not showing up for court is like running out of gas, its really no excuse for it. Also, didn’t know they had to pay probation fees…its all about money from top to bottom.

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