Black Women Continue to Blissfully Ignore the Black Elliot Rodger and the Black MRA Threat

bliss On this blog several years ago and a few months ago, we addressed the issue of so-called MRA or men’s rights activism in the Black community and how African-American women are at serious risk. Everything from Cathy Hughes Radio One playing music degrading Black women to Panamanian Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube to the “black women ain’t sh*t” BBS groups ran by sexually frustrated black men and more is probably the most established anti-women structured environment in America targeting Black women. But over and over again, African-American women do not take this issue seriously, sistas go and watch Scandal and have Scandal watching parties and too busy on gossip sites talking about celebrity relationships and what happened on reality TV shows. It’s frustrating seeing the sistas actually follow some entertainment media moron like Michael Baisden chasing popularity and cute quotes instead of having a real platform. Not even the so-called “black feminists” activists are doing anything worthwhile and treating this matter as after-the-fact sensationalism after a sista is already killed or hurt. This article is designed to help the African-American sistas take this issue a little more seriously. The last time I wrote about this, it was a black woman in Europe who appeared to be more concerned than any African-American women about this. Let’s talk about the MRA environment in the black community, how MRA brothas are and what the sistas need to do about this and take this entire issue seriously. MRA in the Black Community The men’s right activist is someone who associated with the men’s right movement and according to Wikipedia: The men's rights movement contests claims that men always have greater power, privilege or advantage than women and focuses on what it considers to be issues of male disadvantage, discrimination and oppression. The MRM is considered to be a backlash or countermovement to feminism, often as a result of a perceived threat to traditional gender roles. Now there is a legitimate MRM that does focus on protecting the rights of men from fringed feminists who read the popular published S.C.U.M (society of cutting up men) manifesto on a daily basis. But the legitimate MRM works through the legal system like every other legitimate civil rights group actually doing something. However, MRM has one big problem is they failing to fight the PR campaign where companies are promoting commercials of single moms and children and not fathers and his children. And because MRM is failing to fight the perception issue, this cause the MRA individuals to take to the chatterbox of the Internet and run their mouth. Now with the black community, you and I both know that black activists tend to run their mouth on AM talk radio, be on Dr. Boyce Watkins web sites running their mouth but too cheap to buy Dr. Boyce Watkins white papers and videos, adopt some pseudo-religious ideology and everything else under the sun except actual work towards progress. You talk about cooperative economics, cats running their mouth all day long – you setup up a date to convert an empty lot into a mobile-friendly marketplace in the hood – you all by yourself waiting on Black people who will not show up. We in 2014 still talking about some our accomplishments from the 1960s Civil Rights Movement ain’t we? It’s important you understand this angle because what I’m trying to explain to you sistas is that whenever there is a mainstream movement, it becomes radicalized in the black community because so-called black activists do nothing but talk, think, talk, become radicalized and feed off their radicalization instead of do anything. That’s why black people are shooting each other in the black community because they didn’t fight the real enemy, they looked at their black neighbor and beefed with their black neighbor and then it became a perverted exercise of killing our own instead of taking the fight to our original enemy. I’m not asking you to solve this black-on-black problem sistas, just understand it know the landscape. When it comes to black men and fatherhood, the situation men are complaining about revolves around child custody, child support, his word versus her word in a court system or with the police and child visitation abuse where the black woman can run game like keeping the kids away and the court does nothing about it. The problem in the black community is the black men instead of being true activists and go against judges up for re-election and district attorneys on these issues and raising awareness it in a noticeable manner, black men run on the Internet and start running their mouth festering the negative environment and this creates an environment for radicalization and anti-woman sentiments against the black women instead of fighting the actual structured system that is screwing black fathers over. So with that said, the MRA in the black community does nothing in regards to action and progress – none of our black activists do a damn thing to put in work to make progress, do they? Al Sharpton still running his damn mouth, right? Black feminists still running their damn blogs, right? Black AM talk radio still got topics to discuss instead of progress to report, right? So you sistas need to understand that a radicalization culture is structurally festered in the Black community which is why me and my crew is addressing this matter to you sistas and pleading with you sistas to take the black-orientated MRA groups seriously because their radicalization leads to being anti-women, black women. Extrapolating Elliot Rodger to Understand MRA Black Men There is a lot of chatter about Elliot Rodger and how he wanted a woman and did not have sex and still a virgin and stuff like that. I need you sistas to take a step back and use your woman intuition and common sense. And when you do that, I want you to realize you should notice the same pattern about some of the MRA black guys out there. The bottom line is Elliot Rodger was a repressed virgin homosexual who used an ultra-macho persona to fight against his homosexual urges. Look at Elliot Rodger again and read everything about him from talking about banging blonde chicks, driving nice cars, on a body builder web site talking ish – that is all macho crap to cover up his inner repressed feelings towards men and trying to find his way around the kind of macho man he wanted to ravish him and help him come out the closet. The reason Elliot Rodger lurked on that bodybuilding discussion board is because he was that "young man" they talked about in the YMCA song by the Village People. Now, go ahead and take a close look at all the so-called hyper-macho black men we got running around talking about black women in a negative manner on the Internet and calling in radio shows. I seen these guys in the real world and they don’t have a girlfriend either and they ain’t getting sex either from the sistas. But they on the Internet talking about black relationships and black women. Look at these cornball brothas writing up black relationship books and you should notice they ain’t with a quality sista either. I don’t believe Elliot Rodger ever approached a woman real-world and just talking about other guys being with hot women and how women supposed to crawl to him. Do you sistas actually look at the guys who be on the Internet talking about Black women? You sistas need to use your instincts – you sistas know what a man who recently mounted a sista how he looks and act like. He all snoring in bed and walking about chilled, sleepy eyes and relaxed and too lazy to write up a Dream and Hustle article for several days because he thinking about that sex he had a few days ago and the sounds and the climax and ish. Yeah, you notice these other guys always got a new blog article or YouTube video published consistently out on time everyday too, don’t you? you sistas beginning to get it.. Hyper-Macho Black Men and MRA I know cats talk all day about they used to be in a gang, how they work out and selfie-pics of their muscles not towards women – but other men, how black women act or think, what a real man is and in the real world – no woman he can show and tell except a beard - he just talking about having a woman. When a guy like me talk about f*cking women around them, they don’t want to talk about it or make up some ish about they bigger like that – all heterosexual men like to talk about f*cking women. See, I already figured out dude may be in the closet because of the hyper-macho persona, narrating their conversation to other men and talking about being this “alpha man” versus being a guy setting up his world and destiny for his soulmate woman to fall in love with and raise a family with and enjoy of the rest of their lives together. That’s how you sistas should realize, these radicalized MRA black men have repressed homosexuality in them somewhere. I wasn’t trying to be funny here, what I want you sistas to realize is these radicalized MRA are not truly interested in women and likely suffering from homosexual repression masking it up with a hyper-macho façade. Their sexual identity frustrating them and inability to have the kind of sex they want leads them up to having a hatred towards others. The guy who killed 70 people in Norway cited this very same reason for going out and kill because he was ultra-macho with guns and women didn’t want him. The two guys at Columbine expressed the same thing with pics of guns for the hyper-macho image. The Virginia Tech shooter taking pics with guns as his hyper-macho and his inability to have a girlfriend. Adolf Hitler had a problem with his penis and treated his women with utmost emotional cruelty. Do you see the common thread over and over, sistas? Now the MRA brothas will come to Dream and Hustle and talk and attempt to talk to me directly on this blog about how women get over on men when it comes to child custody and screwing the dad over with child support. That is all punk stuff that only validates the homosexual repression argument I’m presenting to you sistas. Real brothas buy and maintain, MRA brothas cry and complain. What the MRA cats is going to fail to realize is that I personally went through the same thing during my divorce and anybody reading my blog for years know I went through these same issues. I even blogged how I represented myself at the final divorce hearing, didn’t I? But I’m not here as a black man complaining and bitter and angry at black women - you sistas see this brotha still making moves and handling his, right? I’m only upset at black women watching Scandal with Michelle Obama in the White House but I’m not bitter at some negative garbage I dealt with that does not even compare to the positive sistas I have encountered in my life during my marriage and divorce and now the single life. As I’m typing this blog, I got this chick perfume all on my neck and I haven’t taken a shower yet..okay..TMI..let me continue. Sistas, real black men work first to be friends and family with a sista, we don’t make you our enemy or adversary and we don’t talk to other men about how we dislike you sistas. As a black man and an accomplished self-made man, I know and have the resources to get the woman I like from anywhere in this world and it’s a few birds in the UK right now that going to make this brotha buy a plane ticket, real talk. But regardless, real brothas is still going to love you sistas as our family first and still have faith brothas and sistas can work out anything and accomplish anything as long as we work together. So sistas need to understand, no normal brotha is going to be on the Internet talking day in and day out how black women ain’t sh*t and the things black women do. We may slip out say black women ain’t ish or these hoes ain’t loyal one day, then the next day be all chilled because some sista just rocked our world last night and we don’t feel like doing sh*t not even writing a blog article or even taking a shower so we can still smell her on our body and underneath our fingernails. So when you sistas see a guy talking negative about black women day in and day out, you sistas need to take it seriously and not ignore something is going on. What Sistas Can Do African-American women should take very seriously the threat of MRA black men activity that has manifested over the years. There have been several violent acts and murders of black women related to black men affiliated with MRA online. Mainstream media does not care to go into details the same way mainstream media don’t care to go into the huge number of black women now getting HIV. Remember that black-orientated MRA is not the same as mainstream MRA as black-orientated MRA is a structured system festered by black media portraying black women in a negative manner and black men becoming internally frustrated and talking themselves into insanity on comment sections and BBS boards instead of taking progressive action to structural problems. It doesn’t matter if these MRA dudes are repressed homosexuals who masking under hyper-macho façade, what matters is you sistas protect yourself and deal with these mother*ckers ASAP when they pop up on the radar. To be blunt, you sistas need to be prepared to kill them before they kill you. I explained in the last article what need to be done and I will discuss once again what sistas need to do. Work Collectively and Clandestine. Black women will need to work together and there are already underground resources where sistas list the name of black men who to watch out for and not date. But we are talking about a true dark database of not men but the spots and hubs these MRA black men are frequenting. Work collectively on identifying the hub spots, taking notes of user names and context of the message. Don’t have just one sista out there acting as a nutjob, make this a secret collective effort to discuss the hubs, the user names and what stands out in the commentary and context. Learn to Search and Identify. It’s kind of easy to search and identify, just find an article talking about some kind of drama and just search, the black-orientated MRA resources start showing up on YouTube, on BBS boards that Google search and so on. Most black-orientated MRA groups do not go dark and try to invite as many bitter brothas and possible to their resources. When a story come about a man done wrong by a black woman, these are your events for you to discover “hits” and monitor existing “hits” of activity by MRA black dudes. Infiltrate and Impersonate. You want to know where MRA brothas hang out at? They hang out on blogs, youtube channels where you see a brotha trying to act macho and talk about black manhood and the rest of that made-up hypermacho garbage that is repressed homosexual chatter. You also see these same MRA brothas on butt model resources – remember Elliot Rodger wanted a hot blonde chick and not any chick? These same brothas want a big booty sista and not just any sista so these guys fester like roaches at butt model web sites that are “urban” and “ghetto booty” focused. Then start mimicking like a guy and pretend to be hyper-macho and fake like them. Don’t try to operate like a real man because none of them are real heterosexual men – act like a person who pretending to be this hyper-macho persona and you will fit in real easily and undetected. [Update: I was recently advised about resources like PUA or pickup artist resources as an additional hub area where brothas learn mack lessons or whatever]. Collect Data and Classify. In your database and I talked about this years ago on Dream and Hustle as we did this against bigoted journalists in the technology industry covering only white people and the people in technology supporting the bigoted technology environment. We got so good connecting dots back then we recognized family members and other conflict-of-interest VC-affiliated cats working tech blogs and tech magazines and mainstream media and shit, damn that was fun especially when we leverage that data to our advantage too. Create a data table for the hubs and identify the frequency and reach of the hub. Create a username table that list every username being used. Then create a relationship table of user names to hubs as some people use similar user names on several hubs. Then have a section to copy/paste interesting comments of user names and hubs to attribute a pattern or argument or interest. Even Eric Snowden and Julian Assange would want to holla at a sista if they see you sistas classifying and collecting data on these MRA brothas in this fashion. Report and Repeat. Once the data is collected, it is up to the sistas to determine the threat assessment and threat vectors and from there, establish reports to the proper groups and authorities. This information is there to protect the sistas at large and quickly identify brothas on their activities with proof and a history to back it up for authorities to take action. Do not reveal your operation and keep it secret and do not revel in victories publicly. You see these clowns come to Dream and Hustle asking what me and my crew done for Black people but you see we do not reveal anything or revel in our victories and now you know why. Win your battles quietly then repeat the cycle again and look for more fish to catch until the message is clear that MRA brothas engaged in war with the black woman will meet battle and will take losses, will be made an example out of and will be eventually defeated by you sistas and your secret crew. Start Taking this MRA radicalization in the Black Community Seriously Black women appear to be waiting for a mass tragedy before taking the issue of black male MRA radicalization seriously and that is not a good look. As we indicated before, most of the current black feminists are no different than the other so-called black activists where they are more interested in running their mouth after the fact instead of pro-active preventive measures to fight the battle before the enemy get a chance to make a move. The only thing at this point that has to be done is a real action and effort for the sistas to deal with this matter. This issue is not the same as other ethnic groups as here in America because there a structural media system and social framework developed to attack black women specifically. Black media attacks black women as well as mainstream media. Now, on a tangent, there is another angle called MFA which is "male female activist" and these are dudes who sympathize with “saving a woman” and attack men in a fashion to stroke a woman ego – the best example of this in my opinion is Tyler Perry where he promotes hatred of black men to entertain through emotionally manipulating hurt black women at the cost Black culture and Tyler Perry is a destructive moron - f*ck his movies and the sistas that like his movies/plays and ignoring the overall damage. Tyler Perry done more with his MFA action to agitate the growth of radicalized black MRA activity over the past 10 years. Most of the MFA men have in common is the same with the MRA cats but most MFA cats been “poked” early on or have penis issues and this is a whole other subject need to be discussed at a later time. MRA cats are the most dangerous and the ones that need to be dealt with immediately, harshly and swiftly. Elliot Rodger left some serious clues all over the Internet prior to his mass shooting plotting. In fact, the majority of the mass shootings characters created manifestos where they rage about their lack of sexuality or confused sexual identity. When you sistas see a black dude running around talking day in and day out about having problems with black women and black women ain’t ish at the barbershop and on the Internet and Facebook and how "macho" and a real man he is, you better start taking names. Some dudes will be complaining but eventually calm down but then when you got a cat with nothing on his Facebook image section are picture quotes talking about trifling black women, that’s a clue. The problem is we are not picking up on clues and then it’s too little too late after these characters manifested into a mass shooter nutcase. I believe when it comes to MRA black men, they will just target and scapegoat one sista and that incident is written off as domestic when you sistas know the dude didn’t know girl he shot or killed like that except they both were connected on a social networking site. Sistas need to raise awareness and develop a true investigative and intelligence gathering system to discover, detect, identify and report dudes and activities and make example out of cats. Then sistas need to learn how to personally protect themselves and gun up and knife up. Real talk my sistas, take the offensive and don’t be a victim for someone else to feel sorry for. These black MRA dudes are more radicalized than you can imagine since 2005 and that’s nearly 10 years so you sistas better step up and start taking this matter seriously and follow up with real action.

19 thoughts on “Black Women Continue to Blissfully Ignore the Black Elliot Rodger and the Black MRA Threat

  1. Ed,
    I knew Elliot Roger was gay just by looking at the pictures he took, with his lips all poked out.

    It just dawned on me that the Virginia Tech shooter and Norway shooter never had a female come out and say that they dated the killer. I googled the Norway shooter and he did have a girlfriend at one time, but she said that when she went to his apartment he had makeup in there (because dark eyebrows made him look more masculine) and he didn’t respect her. He was a male chauvinist who believed a woman’s place was in the kitchen.

    I read the last article you wrote about this, but I didn’t take it seriously. My eyes are wide open now.

  2. I wish I took those guys seriously when it caught my attention around ten years ago. I heard them and dismissed them as some bitch ass dudes. Hearing those guys talk was depressing and I figured they weren’t messing around in the sugar walls. Some of those dating “gurus” were kind of funny to me as well. I believe they work their forearms a little too hard. Their suggestions didn’t match my experience.

    I also can’t see someone being that angry all the time. There’s something to that. I remember Gayroll the Gimp being like that. So, what’s up with Tommy Sotomayor? I believe you could be right about him. He’s starting to get paid with that nonsense.

    Hopefully, they’ll be taken seriously after the most recent shooting.

    1. Maybe Tommy Sotomayor may do a move like Tariq Nasheed who made money off the PUA (pickup artist) movement off these dudes that followed him and reinvest in a project like Hidden Colors. Being a radical blogger is not a good long-term strategy or good for the mind..and neither is marketing to broke pathetic brothas either…

  3. Im glad that you are still touching up on this subject about these brothas. To me as a sister and raised around mostly men I see it as some homosexual rant because men who can get women NEVER go to that extreme. There is a young brother on my Facebook page who continuosly “thinks” he is educating men or what he calls the “average joe’s” about worthless women. Yet it is always aimed at Black Women. I told him that he sounded hurt from a relationship. This is something sistas should NOT sleep on because we have many young men who minds can get affected wrong by this. Also Sotomayor is getting paid alright…by “white” people as he claims. So to me this turned into an agenda. This has got to STOP and I’m glad to see brothas who notice that homo ish step up with us sistas. We all have our issues and both have the same amount of blame in them.

  4. Great post, indeed I have NOT been paying any attention – never heard of MRA thanks for the wake up call

  5. My eyes are wide open also. People came around me talking about Tariq Nasheed and Blacc Topp and I didn’t realize there was this PUA culture thing going on with these sorry ass black males. No wonder cats were coming to Dream and Hustle all these years but ain’t willing to do shit but talk.

    This explains everything to why these black males coming to this blog were just not right. PUA is up next….

  6. I think its sooo internalized Ed. We’re programmed to talk ish all day instead of looking for viable solutions to our problems. Because then we would have to come face to face with the lack of real power we want so badly, but unfortunately do not possess.

    These “brothas” are dangerous because they pop that mess off and still expect their targets to support them. Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed got grown men following them like dogs in heat. And like you said, these arent just ignorant thugs either. The best way sistas can deal with this type is to UNDERSTAND their motivation and play it against them. While this will take a large number of black women, I truly believe the best way to combat this craziness is by LIVING WELL and disconnecting entirely from the “urban community”.

    No hideous rap songs, no all-black neighborhoods, etc. But the one that may set you aflame is controlling the “p” to the extent of selecting only quality men period to procreate with. I DID NOT SAY “F DA BLACK MAN”.. so please, dont come for me.

    But eeven long ass commnent, I tip my hat to you because THIS is exactly what you’ve been proclaiming lately through your posts aimed at women. I’m just amazed that the light bulb is only just now going off for more and more black sisters.

    Cant wait to learn about the pickup artist.

  7. To the dudes at United Players of America….talking around any black man is a straight punk. Do not make up rules in your punk ass head and your circle jerk forum that I’m polarized against Tariq Nasheed, Tommy Sotomayor or Dr. Claud Anderson. Y’all sitting on the sideline chattering and posting up butt pics and don’t know who on the field deals with and talk to. Been doing this thing longer than you cats been a lame ass excuse for a black man.

    The fact you running some closed BBS group is an indicator what kind of black dudes y’all are. Like I said I been through things myself but I’m open source while you lame bros fester like inbreds on some shit called United Players of America – keep that fact in perspective when you run your mouth.

    No one talking about Tariq, the focus is on you lame ass PUA internet virtual characters.

  8. This was a badly written article.

    1. If there’s tons of cases of Black MRA killing Black women, why not site statistics? The mainstream media not covering it is a cop out.

    2. If the mainstream media is not covering the Black female HIV rate, why are you not asking why is the HIV rate different among Black women and Black Men? Of course women are more susceptible to HIV but do the difference between Black women and Black men correlate to other ethnic groups?

    3. forum do have weirdos, racist etc but if you view that site it doesn’t make you a gay. If you want to lose weight, gain lean weight etc then bb is a logical source.

    4. Tariq Nasheed is not a Pick Up artist or a women basher. PUA hate a lot of Black men yet steal from them. I’ve actually read some of the comments from PUA which is mostly white and asian guys.

    Tariq and Tommy sotomayor are not the same category.

    5. How are you anti Dr. Claud Anderson?

    Back to the article:

    6. Why are you citing non Black events to condemn Black men? That’s the same issue people have with Black feminist.

    1. James

      Here is a hint: a real man would not try to debate this article…:) This article was written for the sistas, why you talking?

      I hope you sit back and realize this, after the fact…

      Not to be dismissive but we black people know PUA started in the black community and we engrained this on our culture. So your worthless bullshit talking that only a lightweight brothas would allow to swirl in his mind is not worthy of a discussion.

      I want to have real black man discussions like building the community, protecting the family and vision…I hope you understand nothing you said is real black man conversation but appear to reflect a problem with being in love with the black woman.

      Either you got love for the black woman or you don’t – your comment above reveals your position. And when a cat acting like he got no love for woman and ain’t willing to do for his woman, I will question his sexual orientation…

  9. Ed … you willing to come on my talk radio show and discuss your strong opinions? Thursday, July 10, 2014 @ 10pm EST Google, “Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie” … BlogTalkRadio’s #1 Show for Discussions and Debates related to Dating & Relationships

    1. No I’m not interested in discussing “strong opinions” – is that some kind of trap game where you wish to upstage me?

      I’m a man and provider and if you research what I’m about, I’m not a big fan of “strong opinions” but actual action. And this article has action steps outlined – how did you miss the action steps and focus on “strong opinions”?

      No I can run my own radio show if I need to and I’m not exactly impressed with “black men” and “strong opinions” used in the same context.

      I appreciate the invitation but I’m bigger than that sort of discussion. Let me know when you a discussion on actionable items and we can talk.

  10. Who says you cannot discussion “actionable steps” on my show? I never said that. Hill Harper, well-known actor and NY Times Best Selling Author has been on my show TWICE … and most of his commentary centered on “actionable steps.” Don’t hate brother …. assuming you are an actual man (as opposed to a woman pretending to be a man)

    1. That should be “Who says you cannot discuss….” not discussion.

  11. I’ve listened to Tommy Sotomayor and what he does is expose the behaviors that black women have been getting away with for years. Everything from the foolish ideological backwards thinking of “Yo Mama’s Black,” to the issues with self-hate, Tommy talks about these things that most men (because of articles like this) are scared of. Most black men have an idol and it’s called the black women’s vagina. Tommy addresses that AND is man enough to speak of his own failures. If you’ve really listened to him (and I know you have) you would have picked that up. Instead this is just another feminist, (even though white feminism used y’all during the civil rights movement) intellectually dishonest, article put together for women who would rather have a white man at the end of the day.

    1. I’m going to clean up what I said and responded because I realize that you appear to be a young cat that is probably still trying to find his way. So let me speak to you as a responsible elder.

      First of all, you as a man should never talk about what another man said especially what he says about women. You are your own man and you go out in this world and find out yourself as a man. When you build yourself up to support a family and a wife and have an empire, you will discover you don’t have these “black women problems” that these other dudes are talking about.

      I don’t give a damn what Tommy Sotomayor, Tariq Nasheed or anyone else is talking about – fuck what they talking about – I’m my own man who made my own way up in this world and do things my way as a man. This is the problem we having with Warren Ballentine right now with cats following other cats in these media stuff and not being their own man. So please do not ever argue or mention what another man said as you are your own man.

      Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed attract weak-minded bros who ain’t their own man and I don’t want any of those kinds of simple ass emotional dudes near Dream and Hustle. I want go-getters, cats who think for self to go do for self around here. So with that said, I hope you realize that you need to realign your life as a man and disconnect yourself from that crap you reading and watching like Tommy Sotomayor or Tariq Nasheed or whover you bros want to name-drop. Get another man name out of your mouth and instead, be your own man out in this world and live your life. Stop following other cats. We don’t do followers here at Dream and Hustle and if you are your own man, you would never have these so-called “women problems” these other dudes are talking about and whining about on YouTube and other places.

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