NAACP Charlette Stoker-Manning Comment About Black People and Entrepreneurship Will Absolutely Shock You!

msmanning OMG, when I first read Charlette Stoker-Manning comment on the Internet I was like how so not cute of her really like what the dilly yo? I have no words to describe her so unpretty and unadorable statement and just have to let you decide for yourself. During the 2012 election year Governor Mitt Romney took it upon his conservative heart to speak to the NAACP gathering. The NAACP gathering already had on their tiger claws ready to dig into Mitt Romney and whatever he had to say in his speech. But one statement made by Charlette Stoker-Manning was an absolute shocker!
“I believe [Mitt Romney] vested interests are in white Americans,” said Charlette Stoker Manning, chair of Women in NAACP. “You cannot possibly talk about jobs for black people at the level he’s coming from. He’s talking about entrepreneurship, savings accounts — black people can barely find a way to get back and forth from work.”
You cannot argue how upsetting and hurtful Charlette Stoker-Manning comments were depicting us adorably cute African-Americans as nothing more than proletariat job seekers! This did not make me smile at all and it is very unfunny! It does not matter if the NAACP mind was made up to endorse President Obama, any proposed solution for helping uplift the Black community should always be welcomed with appreciation and respect. Entrepreneurs are the ones who help Black people find a way to get back and forth from work. Savings accounts help Black people accumulate a financial safety net and long term wealth. Why would a NAACP chairperson be so anti-entrepreneurship and anti-saving but claim to be about advancement of colored people? Isn’t that so oxymoronic of Ms. Manning? This is just further proof the unadorable NAACP like many other fake Black organizations and Black institutions do not want to see us Black people do for self, create self-sustaining economic empowerment in Black communities and do not want to see us Black people enjoy freedom and a high quality of life in America. The NAACP like many other fake Black organizations and Black institutions want nothing more than to continue to portray us Black people as victims to get some funding from white-guilt liberals who think we Black folks are all hapless victims who just want a job and remain a permanent working-class proletariat fixture here in America. According to Ms. Charlette Stoker-Manning, entrepreneurship and savings account are for white people. If you are Black talking about entrepreneurship and savings accounts, then you are talking white! These are the kind of Black people running around talking about they are Black leaders and they represent us brothas and sistas. When are we everyday Black people going to stand up against this S dash H dash star dash T exclamation point! No award for you Ms. Manning, shame on you! So uncute!

11 thoughts on “NAACP Charlette Stoker-Manning Comment About Black People and Entrepreneurship Will Absolutely Shock You!

  1. I remember her saying that a couple years ago. You’d think she was talking about children.

  2. First Leon, now Charlette – i haven’t witnessed these levels of curl activation/texturization – in decades. I’m honestly concerned about the neurotoxic effects of 30+ years of Jheri juice on naacp heads…,

  3. It is very obvious that we have no “real” leaders in my generation or the next. When we sell out for dollars versus helping one another, it is sad to me. But at the same time, when I see sisters using “Love and Hip Hop” as a basis for their life, it saddens me. We are not showing anyone anything better so that we can be appreciated for the brilliance we have or the moves we can make. BET sold out to Viacom which is a mostly “White” dominance and all we see if music and sports. Are we really just music and sports? Why can’t we see people like HER are demeaning us and degrading us? I do not have a NAACP membership and as of now, I will never have one. The leaders we have right now only show when there is a hot topic available for them to fight and get TV time. We as a people have to take it to another level. But change starts with self…

  4. I’M GLAD THAT IM GROWING AS A LEADER AND NOT A FOLLOWER. It’s sad that we have these types of so-called leaders in our community. I for one don’t follow their lead and continue to do for self. How can she make that absured comment????!! I embrace entrepreneurship and love doing what I’m doing to HELP as many as I come across to gain better financial stability for themselves and families. Teaching our ppl instead of criticizing or stereotyping us as if we don’t do shit!! She still has plantation thinking and those tht follow that bullshit will fall to a demise while ppl who rise above will prosper.

  5. Sedaria do we need leaders? I’m just curious a lot of times I feel like were waiting for messiahs to come along and shepard us to the next stage. We need to follow suit, in the many ways Ed has laid out for us to make moves. And we all should know after the D. Sterling incident the NAACP can be bought.

    I know we(those who come to Dream and Hustle) haven’t made our voices heard when you have asked us to Ed.


    Assume formlessness. Careful planning doesn’t mean rigid inflexibility. Avoid being predictably tied to a particular pattern of behavior and action. “By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack. Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp, keep yourself adaptable and on the move” (The 48 Laws of Power). Nothing is completely certain and no law is every set in stone. “The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes” (The 48 Laws of Power).

    – Robert Green – 48 Laws of Power

    1. This is important to note: We do not need to wait for leaders! We have to become what we want to see in our community. The other day while I was at work, I began a conversation with a young boy and his father. Somehow we began talking about math and I revealed to him that I am a tutor with a specialty in mathematics. His eyes lit up and he shouted over to his dad like “Dad, he’s teaches math!” I told him to stay on top of his schoolwork and he shook my hand enthusiastically. After he left, it occurred to me that this 12-year-old may have never encountered a young Black man like myself who encourages excellence and who expresses a passion for learning. Yes, I believe that the tutoring work I do is important, but to him that moment may have been life-changing. I think on that constantly. We don’t need to wait for the next King, Garvey, or X to lead our communities. I could have chosen to wait for someone in my community to come teach our young brothers and sisters, but then I’d be waiting forever. I decided to be that person.

  6. Brother Ed:

    A few days ago WAOK AM was riling up “The Blacks” to come to an upcoming anti-foreclosure rally as they fight against the Banks.

    They said that the recent loss of homes to foreclosure by Blacks shifted the “Black /White wealth ratio” (from my memory) from $1 for every $7 of White wealth up to $1 for every $22 of White wealth.

    He logically concluded that WE MUST FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR HOUSING.

    At that same time I recalled a chart that said that the stock market had lost $12 Trillion in valuation after the 2008 implosion but then GAINED ALL $12 TRILLION BACK as of 2012 (or so).

    The point is CLEAR.
    They agreed that Black people have their wealth invested in their own house (real estate).
    Yet Whites have diversified wealth.

    If you live in a community (Stone Mountain Georgia), bought into it when it was a ‘nice place to live’. Presided over it as it went on a decline thanks to shaky schools, increasing violence and ‘The Black Flight Progressives’ having moved out on their way to Gwinnett County – WHAT OTHER RESULTS should you expect but a loss of wealth?

    It stands to reason then that there should be more active awareness about the need to DIVERSITY.
    Your Defined Pension plan from your government job is tied to the economics of the city/county that you work for.

    While the stock market has volatility – the fact that it is up from 10,000 during the crisis to over 16,000 as this FAKE MONEY from the Federal Reserve juices corporate profits – PLAY THE GAME more effectively while you are locked into a capitalistic society

  7. I just took a casual look at the NAACP website. There is nothing at all I could find dealing with economic empowerment. There was plenty about economic justice. Which is code word for jobs. This organization has no desire to push pull or drag african americans to be business owners. Nor do they put weight behind black business ownership.

    And they have no financial incentive to do so. Look at all their corporate sponsors. You think Coke going to keep giving them money if the Naacp starting telling black folk to support Shaq’s drink company ? Or any other black owned business that goes against companies that support the Naacp. They want to keep us beating the streets for economic justice vs black economic freedom.

  8. I am so glad that I discovered this blog! It has been life changing & eye opening.Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I spent 4 years in a classroom earning a degree but I’ve learned the most from reading articles on this blog. I respect your genius as an entrepreneur, data scientist, global strategist, and author. Thank you for writing about business analytics, strategic economics, thought leadership, IT, transit oriented development/urban planning, and innovative hustling! I love this blog because u challenge people to think for themselves. Thank you for exposing the ‘good job’ myth/ mentality that plagues the black community.

  9. Chris, at some point, you do need someone to lead…Its with any mission or task you have…there should be someone to lead to get to where you would like to be. I am not saying we should wait on others to take up the fight, but we do not have a responsibility as you say to begin to adapt and change for the better. Once the ones that are in a position to change things actually step up, then we can see others follow suit.

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