The Top 3 Changes for Sistas to Soar to New Heights and Purpose

theygonnahate As I wrap up the focused coverage of the sistas and will focus more on the follow-up action items, I wanted to talk about what I concluded are the top 3 things sistas should embrace in 2014 to move in her own direction and purpose. Real quick, I will discuss the progress of the peer-to-peer hair stylist showcase as well as the micro-cube showcase. I have created a new Facebook group already and will be notifying everybody on the current Hair Weaves and Micromalls and update with interesting news on our development. But overall, I realize from all I wrote and the information I gathered how sistas should move forward. Sistas should look at the landscape around them and start holding things accountable. The first and most important is anti-sista negative Black media, barriers to personal growth and Black cultural shaming of a sista that want to do big things for herself like climb mountains or sail across the Atlantic. Then a sista has to look at herself and accept who she is, what is her purpose and what she want to do in life. The sista has to make the decision to immediately stop trying to please other people and start broadcasting the life she want to live and pursue. I believe there are 3 essential things a sista should do immediately in 2014 that will change her life immediately in the right direction. A sista should immediately remove negative elements ongoing in her life, pursue bigger goals that her friends and family won’t encourage and remove herself from the ranks of disposable income docile consumer. So with that said, don’t expect the Top 3 list to be anything you will see in Ebony or Essence magazine so let’s just get into it. Transition to EDM edm Black women should 100% divest immediately from so-called “urban music” and move into EDM – immediately. Black media has been unkind and horrible to Black women in terms of degrading sistas and have not acknowledge their sins against the sistas and have never apologize or intend to apologize. If you in Atlanta, you didn’t catch a clue with the Black women like Egypt and Mo Ivory leaving V-103 and they had to cut short For Sisters Only? Think about events like Freaknic or Black Bike Week where dudes want to take pics of Black women booties and gawk on BBS web sites. Real talk sistas, get the hell away from all of that negative Black music crap and artists like Trey Songz who talking nonsense instead of real love – Black women want real love. None of that Black media crap is helping Black women in any way shape or fashion so go ahead and remove it from your life. EDM genres promote positivity, ambition, love and it’s a good feeling. You surround yourself around positive like-minded people in EDM and don’t let these cornball tell you EDM is a white thing – EDM is a universally created genre with contributions from all over the world, including the hood. And I don’t need to preach EDM, sistas are flocking over to EDM in droves. South Africa and other markets are widely adopting EDM and the sistas are finding EDM festivals to be extremely fun and free of the overt hyper-sexualization going on at Black festival events. The minute you sistas remove all that urban music crap from your life and embrace EDM, you sistas will have nothing but positive media and vibes all around you and you will start meeting some of the best people you can have a friends and colleagues. When I started talking about Kyary Paymu-Paymu on Dream and Hustle cats wanted to think I was weird but I knew something they didn’t know – sistas been in love with Japanese culture and Kyary for the longest time. I take my son to the bookstore and you see dozens of young sistas all reading manga comic books. I told you that you ain’t going to see this stuff for sistas on Ebony and Essence, didn’t I? Change your life by changing the music you listen to. Start Side Hustle Enterprises sidehustle When I see people talk about sistas doing for self, it is usually lightweight side hustles like selling hair weaves, being a MLM affiliate, making baskets or trinkets on Etsy and Dream and Hustle is advising sistas that side hustles can be enterprise-level in the 21st century. You can run serious global businesses as a side hustle while working your main job. Also let me make something clear - don’t ever let some clown tell you sistas about your day job versus your side hustle. Your side hustle can make more money than your day job and you may just want to work your day job to be around other people. That’s the whole point of what you sistas need to realize – your side hustle doesn’t have to be some low quality side operation that make less money than your day job. And you can keep your day job while running a serious side operation. Don’t let cats make up rules on how you sistas stack your paper. Sistas should realize there is tremendous opportunity for Black women media development and the market is wide open. If a sista learn technology, she can create software to enable pop-up boutique stores for sistas or get a spot in the hood and transform it into a pop-up rental for the sistas to do trunk shows. Then you got what I’m actively working on in Atlanta is helping the sistas creating a fashion scene similar to Harajuku and plenty of opportunities from being a street snap photographer selling pics to creating events for the sistas for happy hour around town. There is plenty of digital technology like SistaSphere for example – any of you sistas can set that up for your hometown and should have gotten a clue from what I done last year. Creating shopping wall QR posters to even being the social media expert consultant on the side are plenty of activities sistas can do. And most important, sistas can start publishing not e-books but short white papers on how to be a sista. The same way I talk about anything and everything on Dream and Hustle, a sista can make a white paper on something like “The Diva Guide to Making Fish Recipes” and the 20 page white paper covers everything from Pollock to tilapia and salmon and so on. Keep making 100 or so of those white papers and the money will be incoming residual for the next 15 to 40 years. The overall takeaway I’m explaining to the sistas is do not subscribe to the belief the side hustle has to be a low-income operation. Drive your luxury car to work and if co-workers have a problem with your Bentley, that’s their damn problem because cats in this tech game show our ass all the time with the money we make from side hustles. Embrace Circular Economics gourban I cannot stress this enough – Black women are dangerously focused on material ownership in the 21st century when circular economics is practiced. There is no need to buying sets of clothes when clothes can be rented for events. There is no need to own a car if you live inside the city and can take public transportation and ridesharing and Zipcar. There is no need to even own a home when an apartment has better quality of life amenities to offer. I still run into an incredible number of Black women who want to focus on having a home, focus on having a nice car and she tries to demand Black men have this stuff too and she wonder why she ain’t got quality of life and have to front a happy life. Sistas should move out of Powder Springs, Lawrenceville, Austell and the rest of that suburban crap and move into the city. It is easier to commute from the city to the suburbs in the morning and vice versa in the evening. Children of white flight are already realizing this and becoming urbanites real fast as a result. It’s easier to hang out and go to a lounge or club and relax after work than spend 40 minutes in slow traffic – why even have that stress in your life? The first thing some sistas are going to run their mouth in objection is the inner city is more expensive – go ahead and let the gas price jump up to $4.75-$5.25 again and let’s see what’s up. Go ahead and spend all night stuck in traffic during cold weather because of a snow storm your kids ain’t made it home and talk that suburbs are cheaper stuff. Once a sista want to move into the city, live in an area where there is a bus line not far from a train line and walkable to a grocery store. This saves a tremendous amount of money for a sista and it also have a healthier lifestyle being around other sistas and a lot of other people. You meet new people every day, you go jogging on the weekend or morning, you leave work and be home in 20 minutes or less and you can walk to the grocery store and only by fresh food for the day. Get a Nissan Leaf that pays you back after you add up the numbers. I find it funny when I drive out to the suburbs and see all those gas guzzling SUVs but when I go into the city, economy small cars – people in the city are saving money. Make Your Change Effective Immediately choice These changes can be done immediately by sistas by just saying she want to do something better and different. Whenever a person decide they want to change, the first thing they going to get is hate and shade from their friends and family. Well, make sure those same friends and family be part of the negative things you remove from your life and keep them at a distance. Don’t be afraid to explicitly tell your friends and family members that you don’t believe they support your ambitions and your ambition is the most important thing to you. This helps you sistas realize who is real around you and who is not. By focusing on a positive music culture, launching enterprise side hustles and embracing circular economics, a sista will set a foundation that focus on being free, expressive, inexpensive and entrepreneurial. Sistas are already doing everything I’m talking about, it just that Ebony and Essence need to portray this so-called Black-identity angle and trying to keep you sistas contained in their ideology box. By changing the media you consume, the dreams you have and the environment you live in, everything else will fall in place to give sistas the quality of life and progress she is looking for.

8 thoughts on “The Top 3 Changes for Sistas to Soar to New Heights and Purpose

  1. Thanks so much for this informative article Ed. What stuck with me the most is having a side hustle that can create more income than your day job. I’m certainly going to put these into practice. I will keep you posted.

  2. Awesome read Ed. I’m glad that I came across a brotha like you because it’s hard trying to be a sista with ambitions and goals with negative ppl around bringing you down. I’m making my moves to be free and great at what I do and nobody’s opinion matters.

  3. I’m definitely interested in writing some white papers. However, how should I market them and where? I was thinking amazon for e-books, but I’m not sure if you can buy white papers there. Whenever I marketed my consulting services to my mostly black associate and friend base they never would patronize me. They would ask for it for free and when I directed them to my website they would suddenly not be interested. So when it comes to marketing white papers for black women I don’t think I want to.

    1. Lol don’t be so pessimistic nzinga as I got frustrated publishing free information for black people for several years. I actually on schedule to discuss white paper development this week.

      Yes you can sell them on Amazon but its best to establish a clientele like Forrester be doing so look at being web based and building a data list of contacts.

      So don’t give up and yes….get the fake friends and their fake support out of your life to focus on building a relationship with those willing to support your endeavors. And one more thing..just because sistas in USA be tripping does not mean the sistas in UK and Africa ain’t going to support’ll be surprised…

  4. Ed,

    I do have a question for you…since you brought up side hustles. I work 8-5, but also have a side hustle while just completing a degree in Psychology with my eyes set on another opportunity. I am having trouble marketing my side hustle to the other persuasion, as with “us” we tend to want things for the low or for free. How can a sister make all this work with no known contacts and global rolodex?

    1. Who is the “the other persuasion” you referencing? I do not believe the group you referencing will never have a level of respect for your enterprise and to not waste one second marketing or selling to those who do not respect you.

      All of our people are not cheap. I believe there are correlation and will take a whole article to explain. Sean John or Carols Daughter or Harold’s Chicken are not cheap but if you look at the geographical area, I hope you see where I’m getting at.

      In terms of global connect, that is new FB group I’m working on and will announce. I’m creating a group that is bringing our people together with global resources to create connections you speak of.

  5. The other persuasion being non-African Americans-I will not work or market to someone who does not respect my level of enterprise. Not all of our people are cheap but I have come across a plethora of individuals asking for things on a “free” basis or “discounted” rates. Yes, looking at the geographical information has caused me to consider moving within the next 6 months. I am glad you are getting this group started…I will be one that will attend and learn from it. As a sistah, I have had to accommodate the image that is perpetuated in order to even get the clients I deserve. I look at it as growing and expanding…LOL.

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