Vanessa Stiviano Is the Uncontested 2014 Black Woman of the Year

lovesomev In information warfare, the end justify the means and sometimes the data path and data carrier itself are manifested instead of manufactured. With that said, V. Stiviano and her direct actions leading to bigger indirect actions is being recognized here by real cats who been fighting this war for years and we are seriously impressed with V.Stiviano and we want to wear her hat more than brothas wanted to wear that “X” hat back in the 1990s. We have spoke on this blog about event-based and agent-based data manipulation to help African-Americans understand information warfare. We referenced Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig where a shadow government agency created data manipulation around a figure named Kuzi and staged event-based manipulation to manufacture a minority/military crisis in order to gain from the crisis in a secretive fashion. While V. Stiviano became an agent, her action lead to event-based data manipulation where Black NBA players took advantage of the event to get rid of an institutional NBA bigot Donald Sterling. How you people out there negatively feel about V. Stiviano is petty and irrelevant and to be quite frankly, I expect a lot of yall to be jealous, envy and mad at V. Stiviano. You see the self-hating Jewish media and Barbara Walters working overtime to try to find something about V. Stiviano to discount her and it won’t work. Because V. Stiviano is nothing but an agent and her actions already triggered event-based data manipulation by the real cats in the information warfare game and we got nothing but love and thanks for V. Stiviano for her role. Now you know the small-minded people going to come around and throw labels and shade on V. Stiviano and come up with some talking points. But most of the talking points people trying to say about V. Stiviano, let’s cover them: V. Stiviano is a Gold Digger. You guys really want to believe V. Stiviano approached a billionaire and seduced him to give her a big house and luxury cars and money? In case you didn’t get the memo, Donald Sterling is the one that stalk these colored women out, give them houses, cars and money the same way he stated on tape he does this for his Black players. In addition, another Mexican woman came forward and said that Donald Sterling bought her a nice house, nice car and she was dating him and when they broke up, Donald Sterling wife sued her for the house back and clothes back and money back. From what you read so far you should already figure out the game. Donald Sterling wife approve of him out there tricking on these brown girls dangling money over their head and when these brown girls break Donald Sterling heart, the wife comes in and help destroy these brown chicks. And I hate to be blunt but for you people talking about V. Stiviano messing with an old billionaire, what should she be messing with – young broke clowns? V. Stiviano Leaked the Recording for Publicity. I knew this wasn’t a secret recording because when I first heard it, I noticed the audio is not muffled and the recording is very clear. Come to find out the story I heard that is being hinted at is Donald Sterling appear to have these recordings made with a third party available on all of his conversations with people. It now appearing V. Stiviano didn’t leak that tape but it sounds like someone in Donald Sterling own circle gave it over to TMZ. We noticed V. Stiviano have claimed over and over she didn’t leak the tape nor anybody in her camp leak the tape and it makes sense. She wasn’t his enemy and why would she turn bitter towards Donald Sterling who is buying her whips and cribs? lovinv Note: Before you laugh at the solar visor, you may want to check out this link: Now that we covered the myths, let’s get into the reason why V. Stiviano is 2014 Black Woman of the Year. She Defended Her People in Front of a Self-Hating Jewish Bigot. Over the years, I seen it over and over where white bigots and Jewish bigots tell these sellout Black people to not associate with regular Black people and these Black tokens comply all the time. We seen it over and over when these white bigots and Jewish bigots be on the job acting bigoted and the Black people stay silent and only mumble among themselves. We seen over and over Black nationalists talk that ish about these bigots but these Black nationalist never step to a bigot directly and tell them what’s up. Who do we see in a conversation talking to a bigot defending her heritage and her associating with Black people? We see a Black Latino sista V. Stiviano do it and I’m 100,000% impressed with V. Stiviano than I am with any big mouth civil rights activist or nationalist or anybody who runs their mouth all the time about racism and victimization as she stood her ground when it was time to stand her ground. Her Actions Exposed Leon Jenkins from Detroit. Here we have V. Stiviano talking directly to Donald Sterling about his views towards Black people while the NAACP in Los Angeles is taking this bigot money and giving him NAACP Lifetime Achievement Awards. V. Stiviano actions exposed in open air the hypocrisy of our fake Black organizations and these Black organizations all are for sale to the highest bidder. Did you notice how Marc Morial and the Urban League started showing up in the conversation when it was hinted/leaked the $2.5 million dollar fine will be used to fund anti-discrimination in sports? Every Black person know if you meet someone who name is Leon Jenkins and he is from Detroit, do not trust a damn thing about them. But we believe the NAACP put Leon Jenkins from Detroit in that position to keep screwing over Black people. V. Stiviano exposed this stuff about NAACP for the whole world to see and in my personal opinion – this NAACP exposure and fallout is more valuable to the Black community than Donald Sterling comments. Her Actions Exposed These Fake Black Celebrity Entrepreneurs. Do you see all these Black celebrities on Twitter talking about buying the LA Clippers? Rick Ross and ish? So let me get this straight – you characters would rather buy a redundant NBA team like the LA Clippers instead of spend that money on the hood? Or just give that same money for the LA Clippers to an HBCU or Morris Brown University founded by former slaves? I mean that’s kind of an insult to say some ish like that – you will buy the LA Clippers before buying into Black institutions and Black businesses in the Black community. Let me say it again, these Black celebrities want to buy the LA Clippers instead of buy a Black barber some clippers to startup a shop in the hood. The 2014 Black Woman of the Year President Obama couldn’t have said it better about why V. Stiviano is the 2014 Black Woman of the Year – “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything, you just let them talk” and that is what V. Stiviano did in that recorded conversation. V. Stiviano character and conversation in that recording triggered and resulted in one of the biggest scattered fallout of structural racism in America and exposure of these fake Black organizations like the NAACP that quietly co-sign for shakedown money. V. Stiviano, we are extremely impressed with you and I cannot say anything more than the two words that sums up my appreciation of how you handled yourself and how you continue to handle yourself – thank you.

8 thoughts on “Vanessa Stiviano Is the Uncontested 2014 Black Woman of the Year

  1. For Mayweather and all the other cats that are taking about buying the Clippers, I find it strange that they won’t invest in industries/businesses that are much more immediately lucrative like Black hair care, for instance. Or, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Thanks Ed. I’ve been listening to this coverage through black radio outlets and got mad. Some are trying to spin it like “oh that’s the L.A. Chapter of the NAACP”that got caught up. My eyes have been opened.

  3. Maybe not “Woman of the Year” but V is definitely not the villain. She stood up to a bully and I am proud she did.

  4. Every Black person know if you meet someone who name is Leon Jenkins and he is from Detroit, do not trust a damn thing about them.….,

  5. you sound stupid talking about a black queen of the year is someone who is selling her body who’s been dealing with this for money and now she’s selling information for money. This is why I know so many black men don’t have to respect for the Queen

  6. Ed,you are so on point,& in a world where few are,you are literally life giving to the oppressed!You thanked Ms. V.S.,which she definitely deserves,but you are deserving as well.So thankyou so very much brother you are greatly appreciated,so don’t ever think that you are not.Please keep up the great work!

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