What Is Your Advice and Message for the Brothas and Sistas Graduating in 2014?

grad14 For the graduating class of 2014, we have good news and optional bad news for the brothas and sistas. The good news is the class of 2014 is the first class in over 10 years to graduate with an abundance of opportunities and can basically write their own check or choose their own venture to pursue, thanks to technology and new market demands. The optional bad news is for Class of 2014 cats who don’t want to hustle, think someone owe their ass a job and read too many books and chat too much and selfie too much and want to stay in the same place they grew up - well you cats going to have a no better life than the economic lost generation of your predecessors 10 years ago. Brothas and sistas have an interesting landscape in 2014 painted for them that allows opportunity I have not seen or heard before and let’s cover them: Globalization. It’s already brothas and sistas out there that helping mature and getting global markets ready for brothas and sistas to go overseas and work jobs and have opportunities. It is now common to see brothas and sistas working in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Middle East nowadays and networks are now more mature for brothas and sistas to pursue global careers worldwide. Wall Street is no longer the hotspot for financial, London is. Mobile. The smartphone has opened up a new global field of opportunity that is bigger than the dotcom boom of the 90s due to the global adoption of smart phones. While everybody in the world did not have a desktop computer in the 1990s, almost everybody in the world has a mobile phone with at least SMS or smartphone capabilities. This creates a whole new field of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities that can explode worldwide. Circular Economics. Brothas and sistas can move away from the foolery of the previous generation buying McMansions, luxury SUVs and trips and going broke real fast, especially when the economy bottomed out. Life is good hanging out with friends using a deal found on Groupon, getting a ZipCar and driving around an urban city exploring random sites, saving up or getting on the payment plan to go to Electric Zoo, Coachella or TommorrowWorld and living in the new lifestyle format apartments hanging around cool people from all over. This allow Class of 2014 brothas and sistas to start saving their money and focus on living money-free and enjoying life to the fullest at a young age. We see very good opportunities for the Class of 2014 and this is the first time in history where brothas and sistas are going to start breaking the $150k-$200k job barrier off the bat. But there is a catch – the Class of 2014 have to have their ish together and focus on being entrepreneurial in both their career and personal ambitions. When applying for a job, show that you can do the new stuff by having an portfolio and be ready to pitch your talents like an entrepreneur and sell the living hell out of yourself. When doing for self, learn to focus on the hot markets and position yourself where you can contribute to social marketing, solar power, micro-controllers, business intelligence and data mining as well as mobile programming and mobile marketing implementations. Let me advise the Class of 2014 what we see is the biggest opportunity – retailing. The retailing industry is going through a massive change with the advent of mobile worldwide and the brothas and sistas who learn how to use mobile and program mobile and manage campaigns will find their behind working all over the world on assignment and getting paid serious bucks racking up airline miles. Buy online/pickup in store or BOPIS is serious business. Cash registers are being phased out and digital point-of-sale software is being in demand. Payments is a big deal for the most efficient transaction experience possible. I don’t give a damn what the Class of 2014 major/minor was in college, find a way to get into next generation retailing as your career. This is my analysis of the Class of 2014 and now I turn the mic to you brothas and sistas out there already in the real world – what advice or information would you offer our graduates entering the market? I can assure you that brothas and sistas are listening and want you to be as real with them as possible. Let’s hear what you have to say and keep it 100% for the brothas and sistas who made it and now ready for the world.

8 thoughts on “What Is Your Advice and Message for the Brothas and Sistas Graduating in 2014?

  1. My advice would be to learn to multi task but master your craft..Spend money wisely …really find out how much it takes to live…food, transportation, etc and plan accordingly…While pursuing your interests aggressively, volunteer whenever you can at some organization for balance.

    1. This is very good advice especially about knowing the cost of food. This is a very serious problem and a money waster as people don’t know how to buy and consume food and end up overbuying and underutilize food items.

      I learn to eat to live and eat to prepare as well as revolve around certain food items and it greatly improved my quality of life and budget.

  2. In addition to what you and Clinton have stated, I would also add to make an effort to be health conscious to a reasonable degree. This does not mean you have to be a holistic extremist but recognize that without reasonably good health and exercise, your energy level and drive can be greatly diminished. I would also say take time to meditate, go within, periodically, if that vibe’s with you. Also whatever creative/artistic thing you may have or like doing, try not to ever lose it. Cultivate it when you can and you just may find a way to integrate it with the technical/financial world.

  3. Great advice! I would also add let’s be more health conscious as diabetes, heart diseases & HIV/AIDS is rampant in our community. We must take care of ourselves as well as the material things we would like to possess one day. Make sure to be the change you are talking about…

  4. Set up a an IRA, bonds, stock broker account. Put your hands in different streams of income.Use the skills you gained upon graduation, Network with your classmates and check in on them on a personal level. Think BIG at all times!

  5. Health is wealth, taking care of mind and body is the first priority. You can’t create big things if you are lethargic, obese, and have multiple health issues. A raw/paleo diet will make you make $.

  6. First off congrats to the Class of 2014! Graduation is a result of hard work and perseverance so once again hats off on making it through!

    I’m a 2008 graduate, yes during the heart of the recession so if I can land a dream job doing that trying time (from a HBCU may I add), you can definitely do it as well.

    1. Don’t have a sense of entitlement. Yes you might’ve been an A/B student at your university and spent thousands on a degree but so did many others. Walk into every opportunity humbly yet confidently, but never assume you must get it just b/c you feel you deserve it. That type of mentality isn’t healthy and can ruin your chances. I’ve interviewed many people like this especially those from “good schools” and we always gave them the boot b/c their energy and mentality was off-kilter.

    2. Patience is a virtue. Listen rejection is imminent. So coach yourself not to get discouraged when you get unwanted rejection. It’s not the end of the world and there are so many opportunities out there. Instead of getting down on yourself, use it as an opportunity to get better. Don’t be afraid to ask the employer for feedback or what you could’ve done better to improve your chances in the event next time the opportunity arises.

    3. Once you do land that good job, learn financial management. When I landed my first real good job, I spent so much money unnecessarily you guys. I bought expensive things I didn’t need, treated people all the time on my dime, I partied all the time (drinks and club admissions can be expensive, excessive partying is for ppl with money to blow is what I say), took expensive weekend getaways around the country, I was just young & irresponsible. You never know when you’re gonna fall in financial emergencies (I once was laid off twice in one year) so try to save at least 20% of your gross income per check. Not only that but remember one day you might want to buy a house/condo, go back to grad school, have children (children are expensive), take an extended vacation for personal reasons etc. Financial management is so undervalued in the black community but very important!

    Good luck grads! Hope this helps …..

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