When African-Americans Stepped Back on Me, the International Community Stepped Forward

cubey Do you guys want to hear about my last week? It was very interesting, trust me and I got stories to tell. And as a result of last week, I decided it time to make some changes in my life and direction as a result. Everything I said is real and it actually happened last week, so let’s get into the discussion. I published an article meant for the sistas about the micro-cube setup and I published some detailed research including an actual mockup that I created in the innovation lab at my crib. Here is the thing – I got other micro-cube prototypes I built that are more advanced and didn’t put them out there yet. To make a long story short, every time Ed Dunn and Dream and Hustle put out some information or action, African-American people disappear or attempt to collectively snub this web site as if I shouldn’t be creating actual solutions. This is not the first time – we can go back to the IPTV coverage, we can go back to the prepaid card business, we can go back to the self-checkout market and we can even go to the Wikipedia I created covering hundreds of hood business where African-American people did not want to participate building up the content. I do conference calls and cats don’t even show up. It’s always just one or two cats who show up but African-American people overall be talking and disappearing when the rubber meet the road. Cats even disappeared when I did the Liquiditi kiosk in downtown Atlanta – the center of downtown Atlanta in front of my old job. But the funny part is you have African-American folks coming back to Dream and Hustle and start claiming I’m not doing anything or got nothing to show for. So this time, I published the thing about the micro-cube and I talked about how this is an Asian urban opportunity and discussed the challenges and solutions. Me and my Asian crew who did research and my girl helped me out on researching and translation to understand how the business model works as it is not well-documented in English. I did this original research for the sistas I was covering here. When I published that article, well you saw the same script and I have a feeling African-American people want to try to shame me for knowing something or actually doing something. I don’t get that – I’m damn good because of the work I put in, not because how some African-American people want to feel about me. So I see it all the time, African-American people trying to make a statement with silence when they see one of their own trying to take action. What kills me the most is African-American people acting like they need to see someone else do it right before they jump in – technology sector don’t work like that – you got to be in and ahead of the curve and that’s what I keep trying to teach here but African-American people want to be stuck on stupid and think I have to be all validated by others before they notice and take attention. Hey, I’m the one that’s eating good right now and you’ll never see my technology skilled behind at a African-American job fair like the rest of you job-seeking brothas and sistas, remember that ish the next time you African-American people think I need to prove something to you. So I published the article about micro-cubes and the business model and I will be honest, me and my crew were already talking to cats over in Asia about the business model and how to improve it. I was talking it up because I want to make sure we are good when I help a sista here in America establish her micro-cube that the 3rd Strategic Institute was going to pay for to help a sista learn how to setup shop in an international market – this is what I was trying to do for the African-American sistas who in turn, snubbed me after publishing the article. After publishing the article, we got interest growing over in Hong Kong about the business model such as cloud hosting as a way to outsource the service and sell to cube shops throughout Asia. That is a big deal and an extremely big opportunity. I was answering questions about how to build the store, use the colors and the materials and also how to improve the model. So I spend the last week talking to people I don’t even know about the micro-cube model because the article was received over there. I get embarrassed sometime when my articles go international and I’m running a web site trying to talk to African-American people. Then I spoke to the firm behind the actual micro-cube I kept referencing here and they provided me with information and I talked briefly with them. Anybody on my social network connects would have noticed I had some new connects from Asia - I don’t need to lie to clowns out here. I learned a lot and discovered some techniques I can use such as using a 9V battery grid versus solar power and just swap out the battery pack. From the questioning and discussion all last week, I realize I can use a micro-controller to do everything from miniature light effects and robotic style animation to capture attention in a micro-cube and transform them into “micro-spaces” to market products and services and allow people to interact with their mobile device. Last week, I didn’t have time to blog for African-Americans who were snubbing me every time I’m publishing knowledge to share and I didn’t care. It’s like being a married man seeing a stripper that look exactly like the woman he should have married, I was dealing with people over in Asia who had an interest and genuine appreciation in what I presented. I made sure the article was now distributed as a PDF file off Dream and Hustle because I don’t want cats in Asia seeing how my own people be treating me and I getting upset at my people keep acting funky all the time. Then something else happen. I was in the grocery store and I saw this nice Korean sista who was thick like she may play volleyball, that kind of thick right there. I thought I saw her earlier in the day somewhere else and I really did. I’m in line at the grocery store and I’m behind her and I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around and I asked her was she at that place earlier in the day. She said “no, that’s not me” and you want to know what happened next? The Korean sista said “she must been really pretty..” and it was on. I told her “yes, but I think you prettier” and the Korean sista ask me what I do and I told her and she told me what she does and told me she don’t get out and hang about which is why it wasn’t her I saw. I told her she can hang out with me and I gave her my number. The next day, she hanging with me at the poolside while I’m grilling and we drinking red wine together and she had swagger. I got another +1 on the Asian chick list, homey. Do you know when the last time I had this kind of encounter with an African-American sistas? The answer is never – I never had this kind of chance encounter with an African-American sista, ever! I also started ranting about sistas and things online about how my people don’t support or want to take action and then my other non-American girl contacted me and asked if I’m alright. I told her it was a cultural thing I’m just ranting about and she told me don’t worry and I’m a good person and then start sending a stream of selfie pics and I’m telling her how pretty she is. Then last week, I’m getting an African sista telling me that another African girl I was chasing is back in the country as I thought she left for good and she telling me we would make a good husband/wife couple trying to arrange marriage a brotha and I’m laughing because here is the backstory – the African girl trying to hook me up, I wanted her but I accidently talked to the other girl thinking it was her. Okay, you heard enough about my last week. Do you know what the moral of the story is and why I wrote this? The moral of the story is I, Ed Dunn don’t need any of you African-Americans validation and approval and can give a f*ck about your African-American validation and approval. All my life you African-Americans tried to condescend me, withhold any love or support and try to go silent or downplay one of your own damn people while pretending you supporting Black people that you see in mainstream media like Farrah Gray or whatever with your fake behinds. You African-American sistas also try to put me down plenty of times and make me feel less of myself instead of make me feel better and as a man who can handle his own. I went out there and went global and expanded my options and cats in Asia and these pretty international girls stepped up and supported me last week and I found a new chick that we clicking already doing grownup middle age stuff. The American-American community can’t make me – I’m already made and worldwide, homey. You African-Americans can’t break me, I already broke it off globally and my name is out there worldwide. At the end of the day, brothas and sistas are going to work together and get things done or brothas and sistas are going to watch other people go out and get it and African-Americans will start falling down the charts and heading towards further marginalization and demise. There is a strong possibility I will be removing this whole Black identity stuff from my life based on recent events and reflection of how my own African-American been treating me trying to downplay me. So I will be making a decision based on that and will let the world know really soon.

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  1. Mr. Dunn, I’m guilty as charged. My love and current studies are along the lines of holistic nutrition and nutrition science (but even that is expanding into other areas of biological sciences). I just got in tune with your site a couple of months ago and have been taking the time to go as far back as possible, working my way up to current to digest things. (No pun intended). Since, I don’t feel I know enough right now about the technology, from the business angles you share, my silence is based on observation and learning, not indifference. I may not be ready to make moves from a S.T.E.M. point of view just yet, but I am inspired and am thinking in ways I haven’t before. No matter what you decide, I thank you for “opening the blinds” and will spread the word while there is still time.

    1. Carlton, I need to make some kind of changes and believe I came up with a good solution to reach those who need to be reached and be in a more encouraging environment. The problem is many African-Americans think I’m crying for their support when I’m the one already knowing this powerful game-changing stuff and get attention worldwide.

      I’m just trying to explain is the rest of the global young generation is hipper than African-Americans on doing for self and innovation right now and share my information with my people. It’s been 7 years of this nonsense with African-Americans and I have to do something different without alienating the few people trying to be globally competitive.

  2. I haven’t slept on this, I will show you when my cube is up and running out here in Australia. I rented out a cube $5 a day & have sourced my hair from Malaysia like you have said in a previous article. There are 3 stores, I am using different models photos a Asian model in a heavily Asian area, and another in the city centre.

    I also am going to sell special shampoos that help the hair keep the colours and other hair products.

    I will let you know how much I make in my first month, when I showed the samples, they were very excited.

    1. This is impressive Charles – keep it up and I think we know who can hang out with me and the 3rd Strategic Institute in Hong Kong to setup shop…..

    2. Let me know when you are setting up in Hong Kong and I will be there.

      I am also going for VC funding for a technology based project I’m doing, 5 million up for grabs.

      Have you ever gone for funding, if so, how did you structure your pitch? What should I focus on, I have sorted out a trademark and innovation patent.

      Also could you write a article about creating your own brand and how to convey your message across, my business is taring down a 100 year old business model.

      (If I get the funding I will need someone to help set up in the states)

      Much respect,


      Feel free to contact me on my private email.

  3. Mr Dunn I too have been in the background learning from you we are children to the technology game alot people don’t know that your blog is out here I’m spreading the word so when swagg scientific is up and running I will be the first in line. Hang in there Bro.

    1. Swagg-Scientific is going through trial testing but I cannot speak on it for professional reasons until I’m ready to announce something publicly. But I’m very close to start showcasing many of the business models I have been discussing.

  4. Ed,

    I’m glad you had great week. You deserve it. You are the real deal.

    The things you share here are amazing and I hate that you feel neglected and unappreciated in this space where your primary desire is to inspire, build and create opportunities for those from the African diaspora. Please do not stop what you are doing. Most who know what you do, do not reach back and share.

    I know for sure that I am not alone in that I am completely inspired by this blog. I have a Masters degree and have learned more here from some of your articles than I did in school and have greatly been touched by the distinction of a business owner v. entrepreneur. Many of the concepts presented here were so new to me that research and project direction kept me from participating. As I am unaware of many of the ideas/concepts you present, I can research a singular blogs components for weeks. My hesitation is therefore researched based. Further, I am more of the social entrepreneurship type, but even so, I am trying to manage how to incorporate many of the tools you’ve seeded here into my business plans.

    As a P/T after-school teacher of STEM to middle school students, I loved all of your pieces on global innovation, sticky notes, community solutions and the like and have thusly incorporated some of these strategies within class. I think my biggest inspiration was the piece on endowments! Because of you I am researching my idea of building a community park that implements many of the ideas of which you speak. And as a “naturlista” the hair ideas were not in my radar – however now I get it. You could have never once told me that I would consider the sale of hair or enhanced beauty products, or creating white pages, or rifd technology as side hustles. Your blog has given me a much greater ‘vision’ and I thank you for that. You are appreciated probably much more than you can see. I know I am not the only one. This is why your African American themed work is necessary. You are far from ‘down-played’ as you describe.

    I think you get more of a global embrace because the concepts that you present are more familiar there and they can easily see the opportunities you present. But, please believe, we see the light you have been shining. I hope you continue to share. I truly enjoy the impact of your work and if you leave this space, please let me know how to be apprised of both your and swagg’s work.

    In the meantime, I am building and growing thanks to your work!

    Love, respect and appreciation to you!

    1. I read your part about teaching middle school kids about sticky notes and innovation and want to say thank you for teaching this. Every kid especially Black teenagers I taught how to use sticky notes life changed dramatically as they were able to externalize every thought in their head and put it on a wall, not hid it in a journal book. Then they were able to organize their thoughts into future actions. Our schools do not teach our kids how to innovate and this is the essential skill that is tearing down and holding back our community and I appreciate you making a change. It only cost $1 for a pack of sticky notes from the dollar store. For a classroom of 30 students, it cost only $30 to change a class of students forever.

      From an operational angle, I outsourced the upcoming Hustle Space to the Philippines hiring content writers and teaching them how to research African-American issues and provided them exclusive content for Dream and Hustle. They are more engaged because the problems we African-Americans experience present global opportunity they can be leaders in. Many emerging markets having poor people transforming into middle-class are having the same issues we Black people are experiencing but our people are not being global leaders but acting too funky.

      With that said, I’m going to have to take steps to leverage our experience to teach others in this world but I need to come up with a solution to not ignore African-Americans who are truly interested in what Dream and Hustle vision and mission here that is solution-orientated and action-orientated. I’m working on the solution and will respond soon.

  5. Mr. Dunn,

    I’m a recent college graduate and I’ve been in the professional arena for about a year now, and I must say you are the man!!! I don’t care what obstacles come your way whether it be in the form of resentment, folks from our own community throwing shade at you, all of that stuff. Just keep doing you man. I too am in the process of trying to grow by learning things outside of my normal scope of work. And I’m happy to say that your motivational blog has helped me do that.

    Best Regards,

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