Chronicles of a Brotha Ashamed of These Worthless Black Dudes in Our Community

disappointed While we try to inform the black woman about the threat and radicalization of these brothas out here radicalizing themselves on the Internet adopting virtual personalities, I can tell you as a strong black man how frustrating for us black men to know these black dudes even exist. All of the hardship our people been through, all of the struggle and sacrifice ancestral black people made to try to make black life better, we got whack brothas trying to have a virtual personality and perpetual conversations on the Internet instead of having in their heart the male primal ability to go out and build, maintain and protect the black community. In this article, I want to share a collection of short discussions on these worthless black dudes who hang out on black male PUA sites, out there defending Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomayor, d*ckriding Dr. Claud Anderson and referencing a worthless book called 48 Laws of Power. These black dudes run their mouth and will run their mouth but will never grasp the concept that as a black man, you are to build on your own, not run around and talk ish and develop emotional personas and us real black men have to hear this crap and be like “damn this dude talking is a beotch” and continue to be disappointed and embarrassed knowing this is the kind of black dudes we got walking around after so many black people died and sacrificed in the past for our people. Nothing to Show For, No Purpose to Live For umadbro When I was in elementary school, high school and college I learned to study, learned to finish homework and assignments to get them out of the way and disciplined myself to great education as a life enrichment experience. These lame brothas did not study or do homework and rejected formal education and did not learn to extract the life building skills for their own benefit. They develop worthless opinions about education and basically have zero education and BS illogic thoughts over the Internet and now they self-proclaimed experts on ancient Egypt and Hebrew religions. When I was dealing with the sistas, I learned to become friends with a sista first and realize my sistas are just as complex as me in terms of ambitions, perspectives, feelings and struggles. I only made one mistake in my life choosing a sista where I got serious with a broad I found on the Internet. But instead of getting mad, I learned a lesson and only do real world encounters with sistas. Brothas sit around and group in male cliques on BBS boards talking about which sista got the nicest booty but don’t approach her like a brotha looking to court. Then he listening to music and watching videos and reading butt magazines objectifying a black woman and develop hate and resentment because he can’t get the butt model chick he craves for in his porn and butt model pic collection. I went and served in the military so I can do something when I turn 18 instead of staying in the hood being around the same ass people who ain’t doing shit either. All the cats who were about something were leaving the hood going off to college and military and I did not want to be 18 sitting around these marginalized brothas who get stuck and caught up in the hood. I joined the military so I can take care of myself and developed a close network of friends where we came from the same background and had the same ambitions. The older brothas who were sergeants served as real world role models helping me and the other brothas stay the straight and narrow path and did not divide us. I learned a lot of life and had a close support network to help me along the say. These worthless black men instead of doing what it takes to get to self-sustaining manhood, make up excuses and fake conscious objection ideology like a straight coward. I got my college paid for while these other lame brothas working jobs driving beer trucks around the black community to liquor stores. I have a child and I raised a black family and was married and I have a professional career. That enable me as a black man to take care of myself and also take care of others in my community. It also allow me to have passion for and develop the younger generation of brothas and sistas. These other lame brothas because they ain’t got their own life together cannot support a child and run from child support and complain about it instead of having the means to pay and just focus on being there for their kids. These other lame brothas ain’t got money to support a woman as a natural man nor support a family as a natural man so they focus on other activities like talk about PUA stuff and Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Claud Anderson books and speeches. In summary these black dudes failed to develop their natural purpose and have nothing to show for as an adult male. They don’t own anything and have nothing to show for as a man. They failed to invest in themselves as a youth and outright rejected self-development. Now they are adults, they have no purpose nor do they have the resources/means do anything purposeful as a black male adult. Their life now is working a mundane job waiting on the next paycheck or waiting on their manager to make up some bullcrap to get them fired and replaced with an immigrant worker. So when you see a black man walking around and he trying to mean mug or look upset, that’s your marginalized brotha. He has no purpose, nothing to show for and he has nothing but an attitude and a defensive worthless ego to show for. So whenever I see these brothas trying to look at hard, talk all hard it does not make me become scared of them, I actually try to prevent myself from laughing but then I cannot laugh – it is shameful to see such a worthless black male who didn’t take care of himself walk around with no purpose and no ability to create resources on his own. The frustrated black male who resort to porn and PUA and butt model web sites, resort to being angry and mean mugging, resort to everything except being a man that can provide for a family and build and maintain as his primal purpose. 48 Laws of Bullcrap nofaith Do you see these black dudes running around talking about read “48 Laws of Power” as a hustle resource and bible? Do you notice it’s always some snapback hat wearing clown and not business executives saying read “48 Laws of Power?” and stuff like that. Think about it – executives and others who strategized for success reference the “Art of War” which discuss how to fight wars and win through strategic techniques. The Art of War was written thousands of years ago by tacticians who saw real war and ruled vast empires and their techniques are studied in war colleges around the world and by the top business executive schools. But we got some punk b-boy walking around talking about read “The 48 Laws of Power” and ish. Do you see these dudes keep talking about Powernomics and Dr. Claud Anderson? How old is Dr. Claud Anderson, how long has he been around? How young are these black dudes talking about Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Claud Anderson? Better yet, how old are these black dudes talking about Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Claud Anderson? Where I’m going with this is that when you see these black dudes run their mouth about Dr. Claud Anderson or run their mouth about “48 Laws of Power” you just dealing with fake ass brothas who comfortable about running their mouth. You know the funny part? Dr. Claud Anderson message at the core is black people have to be competitive with global competition. I’m saying the same thing and President Obama saying the same thing and that is the message – black people will fall behind and become marginalized if we do not stay competitive with other people worldwide. So what do these lame black men do? These lame brothas don't learn STEM or anything - they just name drop Dr. Claud Anderson name all the time. Have you ever seen in the history of Dream and Hustle existence when I talk about Dr. Claud Anderson a black man come here and talk about STEM or contribute any information on STEM at the technical specification? Or even economic development on the technical and applied level? Or have you see these lame black dudes come to Dream and Hustle and talk worthless opinionated crap about Dr. Claud Anderson basically d*ckriding him? I have applied almost every Art of War strategy in my life and fought battles and won plenty of victories over battles that did not form. These snapback hat wearing black dudes be on BBS boards and comment sections on blogs talking about 48 Laws of Power and be like “ooh, that’s deep bro..that’s deep bro!” and stuff like that. Notice they talking about “laws of power” and not the Art of War or what it actually takes to make moves on the battlefield. They talking about “power” instead of action and that tells you how fake and lame these brothas are and these brothas too stupid to realize how ignorant they sound talking about “power” and think there are some laws to it. This is the overall picture of these lame dudes and what I believe happen is the black community is experiencing a more mutated form of the fronting culture in it’s 2nd generation among black people. The first generation of fronting black people would be in the club wearing suits and driving a car they barely can afford on their paychecks fronting like they are rich and living on steak and shrimp every day. The latest generation of fronting black people took it to another level where they are everything to a life coach, a civil rights activist, a philosopher and black economics expert because they have opinions to share on Facebook groups, blog comment sections and BBS groups. They write a crappy e-book and call themselves an author and that supposed to make them an expert. Do you know the reason why these lame black dudes come to this blog and say I haven’t done anything? It ain’t because I actually haven’t done anything, come on now – that’s illogical for me and my crew to be around this long to not be doing anything. What these black dudes are really saying and you have to listen is they saying because I did not publish a book for these black people to read and consume like a consumer, I haven’t done anything to appease their virtualized fake fronting nature. They want me to create a book that caters to their fantasy hustle ego and they read it and talk among their lame friends who also got virtual hustle egos. Dr. Claud Anderson knows these are the fake clowns on the Internet referencing him and he personally hates it – he didn’t do all that damn work back in the day to have some weak ass brothas just name-drop him instead of actual build and maintain the black community and black economic structure. Mad Because Brothas Like Me Getting Ours and Straight Styling On These Lame Brothas wolf_of_wall_street_dance Thank God for the real brothas who did their homework as a child and taught themselves how to learn and acquire new information intelligently and efficiently. Thank God for the brothas who put in work and practice to learn a skill and craft and can sell that craft in the professional marketplace to get a salary. God is great and blessed to the brothas who get to travel the world on their skills and craft and enjoy life to the fullest. It’s real brothas out here who have no problem talking to sistas and can take her home and make her his woman and he can fully support her and raise a black family. It’s brothas who straight starting operations and empires and straight doing it because they can. And these brothas are straight styling on these lame ass black dudes who sitting around doing nothing but talking ish on a comment section of a blog or in a black male PUA BBS group. These lame brothas on the Internet talking about making money and being a playa - we real brothas actually doing it real world because we put in real work. So instead of a lame black dude realizing all he had to do is just learn to educate himself properly, dedicate time to honing a skill or a craft and be friends first with the black woman and be her king, these lame ass brothas choose to hang on hustle blogs and BBS groups talking about vending machine hustles and other bullshit cute ass stories about making money. I learned from the other brothas who straight taught me at an early age – don’t be showing these lame ass brothas your money and your work because they cannot handle it and want to try to come at you instead of take the information and do for themselves. I also learned I should not share my success story with the lame brothas because bottom line is these lame ass brothas will not support black business because they broke and marginalized and most of all, jealous. I already wrote these lame brothas off in every business model and business operation we developed and make sure these lame ass black dudes are nowhere near us and keep them contained over there talking about butt models and vending machine hustles at their lame ass BBS groups and within comment sections of hustle blogs. What I learn to do is just enjoy my life, enjoy the fruits of my success and be out there styling on these cats. As a black man, a real developed and true black man who can say it and show it in public, I learned that my children and descendants are who I spend my time celebrating my success with and show them the hard work that I have to do to get where I’m at. I cannot convince some cornball brotha over the Internet how to hustle but I can convince my son, my nieces and nephews, the kids who live in my community and who I volunteer to educate, the sistas and brothas here in Atlanta onsite on how to get it done because I’m real and in their face and they can see I’m really about seeing cats succeed. These lame brothas will never try to recognize any success I accomplish because they want to strongly believe all black men are fronting like them and will want to maintain that cycle of continuous bullsh*t of talking about they hustling and trying to do for self. Meanwhile, I learn to affiliate myself with successful brothas and sistas around the world, we go out and have fun and celebrate being successful. As a black man or a black woman who is doing your own thing, learn to keep these lame broke brothas as far as possible and do not respond to their emails or request to get in touch with you. Who Coddling These Sorry Ass Brothas? Every black man from the hood who chose to come up know that if you do not hustle, you go hungry. And not only will the black man go hungry but his kids go hungry and there is nothing worse for a black man to see his kids go hungry. So as a black man, the choice is to hustle or die from hunger. That is my background and the conditions that were laid out for me. But I’m seeing a lot of lame sorry ass brothas walking around with no hustle and they do not look hungry. It look like someone is feeding them and keeping them intact to stay on the internet talking about hating black women and the virtual hustle culture. The majority of these worthless black dudes should be dead as a result of natural selection but there is definitely artificial selection in play keeping these lame dudes around. So who is feeding and coddling these sorry ass brothas? We believe black women is coddling these sorry ass brothas, no one else would be interested in doing this task. The only one with incentive to coddle these sorry ass brothas are black women who are raising these young black males to collect either child support or public aid with no regard to child development or investing in the child well-being. And these same black women are looking the other way as their male child is learning to hate black women as you see in the example of the 9-year old kid running around beating up on little black girls while older black women look away and call him a “normal child”. We cannot say these lame brothas are coddled in the poor black community as I seen more of these lame black males grow up in middle class working households where they were nothing more than the single mom collecting child support. Then in a catch and release fashion, as soon as the black male turn 18, the mommy is still coddling her lame ass baby boy and the lame black dude gets on the internet and go on black male PUA sites and virtual hustle blogs and start posting commentary. Think of the irony here – the lame black dude that hates black women relies his entire worthless existence on a black woman that is coddling him. I believe this was done on purpose by family planners that used family science to destroy the black community and black family unit. Plot to give uneducated but greedy black women a financial incentive to raise a black kid without the black father in the household and knowing the mother will coddle her son and make excuses for his reckless actions to keep the food stamps or child support coming and coming. And we see the result and the result is real – these black men committing destruction on the black community and then you see the black mother show on TV talking about her child did not rape and kill that young black girl that was found in the black mother house in her son bedroom. The Dream and the Message About the Hustle shaving After I discussed the black male PUA community and thought about these lame brothas we got in our community and coming to Dream and Hustle talking too much, I had a dream later that night. The one thing you may want to train yourself is to learn how to have unfettered smart dreams that speaks to your true conscious so you can learn to recognize what is really on your mind and allow your subconscious to talk to you and tell you what’s up. So let me tell you what I dreamed about and how it affect the hustle. This is a real dream and not made up. I dreamed I was summoned to the White House and met with President Obama who had a request. The President requested that I draft a document so we can take action and I told him I will get right on it and right away. I went to a nearby location with a bunch of desks where other people were working at and saw two young black males acting like fools and trying to be disruptive and talking loud and cracking jokes and laughing at themselves. For some reason, I decided to sit next to them and do the serious work I was asked to perform. I believe that my presence would let them know this was a place of serious business and hope they get serious also. Well, I sat there and tried to draft the document and the brothas got quiet and just looked at me. Because they realize I was black like them I came from the same background but I was about the business. Those cats got quiet and then the two black males decided to challenge me. One of the black males just wanted to ask me questions over and over and I kept answering them not focusing on the work. But the other black male wanted to look tough like he was capable of kicking my ass but that wasn’t going to happen, come on now. I got tired of dealing with their ass and realize I made a wrong choice to sit next to them and went into a private office to finish the document. As I was working, the one dude who kept asking me questions was outside and tried to enter the door as if he was hellbent on bothering me personally and disrupting. I pulled his ass into the office and held him in a way where I was ready to snap his neck and he had that wide-eyed look of a punk that realize he is about to be physically killed by an alpha male. Then I heard a crash outside and people gasping and went outside and saw the other brotha who wanted to look hard, he picked up a vase and threw it on the ground. The Secret Service came over and handcuffed him but he said nothing and looked down. I walked up to and walked around the brotha who was physically handcuffed and he had nothing to say and kept his head down and quiet. That is where the dream ended. When I woke up I was like damn, where the hell that came from? I don’t dream like that anymore and knew there was a message and something was there. As I was brushing my teeth, I realize what the dream meant and it made perfect sense. President Obama signified a leader who asked for my help to do something for the greater good. The document I was supposed to write was the upcoming Hustle Space magazine I’m working hard to wrap up and keeping under the lid. Instead of focusing on the work at hand, I chosen to hang around these worthless ass brothas who thought they can try me. The punk who wanted to try me, he would’ve gotten killed by me and I know that and that is not the concern of that dream. What did get me was the so-called hard brotha who acted like he wanted to get physical with me, all his punk ass can do is throw a vase and make a scene and then he all quiet like a loser when he is being handcuffed and taken away. His head was down and quiet like a punk child who just wanted attention and someone to acknowledge him. I realize what my subconscious was telling me is that I have important work to do and stop dealing with these worthless lame black dudes as they are nothing but a disruption and in the way of progress. These lame brothas will either try to come at me with 20 questions hoping to waste my time answering their worthless line of querying or they going to try to act hard with me when I’m fully capable of ending them and their miserable existence. What these lame brothas will never to is try to change their ways to help our people. You have to remember even as President Obama was running for President the first time, these whack black dudes having ignorant things to say instead of just supporting a brotha from the South Side of Chicago get into the White House. I’m doing everything I can to reduce the footprint and exposure to these weak black males running around. After exposing the black male PUA culture and black male MRA culture and this fake virtual hustling culture among lame black males and these butt model resources among black males, I’m deeply ashamed that the African-American community today do not have the numbers of strong black men that is needed to build and maintain our community and have stabilized families to create strong family empires. I’m disappointed whenever these black males come to Dream and Hustle and want to leave a comment that has nothing to do with building the black community or creating black love and black family but these black dudes providing an opinion that only a weak man would entertain. We are about to go into Black Man Month here at Dream and Hustle and we will go into what a real black man is and what a real black man is about. A real black man is a lion who is in control of his fate and do not cry about black women because he is the king and the lion. A real black man knows how to fix his car, keep his lights on and keep food on the table so the kids can come to the table and eat. The black man comes home from work and his family come to the table and eat together knowing the food came from father who worked hard all day to bring the food home. When things go down, the black male is a trained warrior who knows how to fight, defend and keep the community stabilized and have survival training and instincts. I believe for the first time in African-American history, Dream and Hustle will be the first to discuss and have the real coverage of what a real black man is and how he do. This is also the goal with Hustle Space also and we are in the works and excited about our progress. The true black man is a maintainer, a builder and a warrior and he is a lion and the top of the food chain. Weak black males need to die off and strong lions need to cull the weak males in the pack if necessary and let the hyenas have at them so the whole pack can survive and eat off the daily kill. It’s time to start discussing what it takes to be a real black man and I hope you join us in this discussion as we use the month of June to discuss the black man.

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  1. I heard the aunt say the boy in that video was on some medicine. What the hell was he on?
    All I can say is people should keep their distance from those cats. All they’ll do is hold one back.

  2. Love the article Ed, its something to learn from for both black men and women. I search for brothas like you and dislike brothas who think I should just give them the number and they have no intellectual conversation BUT to sex a sista down or “beat up the p****y” with his pants half way or all the way off his behind.. Its lame and Im fed up with it! So I been a sista FOCUSED on making her dreams come true and building a relationship with a brotha who on his empire ish like me. Its sad to see this is more and more but I totaly understand what your getting at and this sista WILL compete for my community and herself and family.

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