How Emotionally Weak Non-Chicago African-Americans Are Helping to Destroy Black Communities Buying into that Urban Prep Academies Bullcrap

ourproblem While writing this article, I got word Chicago Public School system or CPS made an announcement they are doing a layoff of 1,100 people including 550 teachers. You don’t have to guess the teachers and staff most impacted by the layoff will be in the majority black communities on the West Side and South Side of Chicago. Earlier in 2014, there was an announcement of school closings in these majority black communities. Many of you remember last summer the news regarding inner city school merging on the West Side of Chicago where little children had to walk through rival gang neighborhoods as a result. I do have issues with teachers, especially in Chicago who appear more interested in a paycheck and paid summer breaks and retirement packages than helping the kids in the classroom. But there is a bigger more sinister plan going on and that is to destroy and marginalize strong black communities in Chicago at any cost. We saw all kind of attempts to disrupt and destroy the West Side and South Side of Chicago such as re-releasing violent criminals back into the black community to drive out residents – that didn’t really work. Then they tried to do gentrification and that didn’t work either. They tried building code violations, tax liens and other stuff and that also didn’t work. None of this stuff worked to break up the black communities on the West Side and South Side of Chicago to marginalize the black vote. But the Democrats – yes, the Democrats with their 90% black loyalty votes got real crafty in their scheme to bust up black neighborhoods and they started implementing TIFs or tax-increment-financing to put these black communities in debt. In the TIF deals, the politicians work to create business establishment that end up hiring non-black workers for construction jobs and hiring non-black workers for permanent full-time positions to make sure no money is being recycled in the local black community where the TIF funding coming from. The goal was to put the black community in debt to pay off the TIF but also to help the black community default on their tax contributions to pay for things like schools and parks. I only see TIFs being done only in Democrat controlled liberal areas around the country targeting black communities like Portland for example. So when the black community is having their real estate taxes diverted to repaying the TIF and not used to invest in public schools in the black community, then it appears the Democrats discovered they can destroy the black community by destroying the public school systems in these black communities. Everything I already stated is known by the Chicago activists in the black community on how the Democrats trying to destroy black communities to gentrify the area. Now, as a part of the assault to destroy the public school system do you know the extremely crafty plan the Democrats are doing? The Democrats have pulled one of the most crafty sophisticated strategy against the black community that me and the 3rd Strategic Institute have ever seen at the point I had to put my forehead on the table as if this was checkmate. The Democrats pursued a charter school propaganda campaign to promote the perception that the black community do not need the public schools the black community real estate taxes been paying for and have invested in for the past 70 years in Chicago. Let me cut to the damn chase here because I don’t want to hear bullcrap in the comment section – charter schools are not going to increase your real estate value, good public schools will increase your real estate value. Charter schools will decrease your real estate value. Second, notice we talking about the black community because this targeted marginalization strategy is not going on in other communities throughout ethnic-segregated Chicago. In case many of yall cats forgot – the original argument with educational improvement was not about charter schools in the black community but for school vouchers to attend schools outside the community. So how did yall started talking about charter schools instead of school vouchers? Well, that is an interesting question, isn’t it? Urban Prep Academies theirclaim If you go to the Urban Prep Academies web site, they have the following description: Urban Prep Academies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates a network of all-boys public schools including the country’s first charter high school for boys. Urban Prep’s mission is to provide a high-quality and comprehensive college-preparatory educational experience to young men that results in our graduates succeeding in college. The schools are a direct response to the urgent need to reverse abysmal graduation and college completion rates among boys in urban centers. While most of Urban Prep students come to the schools from economically disadvantaged households and behind in many subject areas, Urban Prep remains committed to preparing all of its students for college and life. Then in another section you read about "CEO" Tim King - yeah, CEO.. Urban Prep Academies is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by education entrepreneur Tim King and a group of African-American education, business and civic leaders. Urban Prep's mission is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality college preparatory education to young men that results in graduates succeeding in college. Let me ask a question – what the heck is an “education entrepreneur” and where the hell that term came from? I really don’t hear the words “nonprofit” and “entrepreneur” used in the same sentence as most people in non-profits actually want to be as far away from capitalism and entrepreneurial activity and focus more on their social mission and social responsibility statement. When I read about Tim King bio, he has all the bells and whistles about where he went to school, who name dropped him and anecdotal stuff – Chicago black people love to read and be inspired with anecdotal stuff, btw. But Tim King is a small player in the big picture and Tim King is just manufacturing a crafty stepping stone he want to add to his resume and I understand that - Patrick Bateman would be proud. So Tim King is not a target or a concern, he is just a cog in the machine of a bigger hustle plotted by bigger cats in the game. The Real Story.. realstory The real hustle and game is what Urban Prep Academies brag and boast about. Urban Prep Academies brags about having a 100% college acceptance rate. No offense but that 100% college acceptance metric is straight worthless garbage - you can get any two-bit university to accept a student to their college and any Chicago Public School can achieve this same metric if that was a real goal. You can also get state public universities to accept anybody and they do that all the time. Now, if you didn’t not realize after looking at “education entrepreneur” Tim King and his polished resume and this whole 100% college acceptance KPI that is worthless, you realize that they are peddling data and that should have clue yall in that this is data manipulation at play and there is a purpose. Really, claiming 100% college acceptance is no different than a two-bit trade school claiming 100% job placement - please make sure you keep things in perspective when education institutions like to brag about these types of thing. You want to know the real interesting data about Urban Prep Academies? The real interesting data is the average salary at Urban Prep for teachers is in the $40K/year range. That’s chump change in Chicago standards. The average Chicago Public School teacher that is in a union is $75K and that is in line with how much others working for the City of Chicago make such as firefighters and other professions. Now, you want to know who is using this data? The Democrats and Republicans are using this information to bust the Chicago Teacher Union and you heard damn right – the Democrats and Republicans are working together to bust a black-majority teacher union in Chicago. clipping Now do an Internet search on who is promoting Urban Prep Academies 100% college acceptance rate and you will see Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and other liberal organizations. You start seeing liberal writers as the one who are talking up Urban Prep Academies and you see plantation blogs like the Root and Grio talking up Urban Prep Academies. And you want to know what make this whole thing interesting about the media adoration of Urban Prep Academies? You do more research to uncover political propaganda white papers against the Chicago Teacher Union using Urban Prep Academies as a poster child arguing charter schools should replace the failing schools on the West Side and South Side of Chicago. If you have not figured it out by now, none of this Urban Prep Academies crap is about those preppy ass black boys and their 100% college acceptance rate – that’s a smoke screen. The real goal is to bust up and marginalize the black community power base in Chicago and also take down one of the largest influential black power base in Chicago which is the Chicago Teacher Union. The real story is how the Democrats are using “entrepreneur” Tim King and his cute story as a contrast to the Chicago Teacher Union and I bet you just realize something. Yep, the Democrats are using 1920 KKK, 1960 Barry Goldwater and Republican Southern Strategy anti-union platform to target the Chicago Teacher Union to marginalize them. Take out the black public schools and you marginalize the black community. You take out the black public schools through TIF diversion so local real estate taxes cannot pay for schools in the black community. You then focus on taking out local representation to marginalize the Chicago Teacher Union but you also have another propaganda strategy. You get a cute story about some charter school that pays teacher $40k average and their 100% college rate acceptance story going to make people turn against the Chicago Teachers Union with the classic “free market capitalism versus union restricting innovation and growth” argument that is the cornerstone of the Republican Party platform now being used by Chicago Democrats and the assumption no one would catch on to this hustle. Well, me and my crew caught on to this whole orchestrated machinations but there is one problem that made us realize there may be a checkmate. How to Destroy the Black Community By Exploiting African-American Emotional Weakness crybaby The checkmate came from ignorant non-Chicago African-Americans who been passing around and promoting the Urban Prep Academies college acceptance rate in social media like that @Quadirdapoet idiot in the social media meme above. All of these non-Chicago African-American idiots passing this crap around social media while staying stupid and ignorant to this entire setup going on. You have non-Chicago African-Americans running around on Facebook talking about “I’m so happy for these kids!” or “this is an inspirational story!” or “this is great news!” as if Chicago Public Schools have not been sending black boys off to college the past 70+ years. The Chicago Public School system still send off more Black kids to college than the Urban Prep Academies but these ignorant African-Americans are talking like Urban Prep Academies is doing something special. Bonus: There have been propaganda by these idiots saying Fox News did not cover this story - I have already explain conservative groups and the Tea Party are fully aware and help rallying Urban Prep Academies and bragging about the 100% college rate acceptance to take out the Chicago Teacher Union. Rahm Emanuel is a snake in the grass working with Republicans to try to bust up the Chicago Teacher Union but the non-Chicago black folks are too ignorant to even find how who is behind all of this Urban Prep Academies bullcrap. Black Folks Are Too Thirsty for a Good Inspirational Story thirsty See, what made me write this article was I was talking to this one non-Chicago black guy passing this story around Facebook with the poster child Urban Prep black boys smiling and dressing all preppy and he said “it was a good story” and that is what made me realize the checkmate scenario for us African-Americans. See, these ignorant weak emotional African-Americans are so damn thirsty for a “good story about our people” that our enemies come to realize this is our African-American weakness and leveraging the African-American thirst for a good story to take us down - Tyler Perry success showed them what our people about - we want to go to a movie to laugh or cry instead of develop insight and call-to-action. Now from a black political activist perspective or even the Chicago Teacher Union president perspective or the 3rd Strategic Institute perspective, how can you uplift the marginalizing African-American community when black people want to stay small-minded on emotional crap and cannot evaluate media propaganda? Here are the questions you should be asking right now:
  • The 100% College Acceptance Rate KPI. Why has no African-American questioned the value of the KPI metric of 100% college acceptance rate? Is it because black people are too stupid to know what a KPI is?
  • The Source of Data. Why has no African-American asked for source of the data because it appear only Urban Prep Academies are publishing this information and they don't share the details of their claim for further scrutiny
  • Juking the Stats. There are plenty of stories of black boys who were strugging being kicked out of Urban Prep Academies to maintain the KPI of 100% college acceptance rate over being a true brother keeper. Why have no one from the NABJ or other African-Americans researched this claim?
  • Why You Talking About Black Chicago Without Asking Black Chicago? You see liberal writers like Sarah Cohen from the AP and plantation black news site promoting this data but you don't see any real investigative journalism that you see done at the New York Times when claims are made. Black people just accepted the story and that meme image without even questioning the claim and just reacted to what they see as a feelgood story.
Do you see what going on here? We cannot even address the problems and challenges facing the black community, cannot educate people on the layoff of teachers who are a big contributor to the black economic power base or talk about TIFs and charter schools because we got black people out here who want to just be soooo emotional and gushy about seeing a picture of smiley ass preppy black boys and some bullcrap KPI about 100% college acceptance rate. Our enemies now can plot day and night a vector array of complex scenarios to take out the black community and we have no defense because black people want to badly argue in this Dream and Hustle comment section below about they proud of some smiley black preppy boys at Urban Prep not realizing these poster children and Tim King are nothing but a pawn in a bigger game to take out our people, take out our community and take out our future. Oh, and I hate to break your emotional hearts – but if you stupid enough to think the 21st century global economy gives a f*ck about Urban Prep Academies black boys over STEM-heavy Singaporean and Taiwanese and Nigerian and South Korean kids, then you black folks are about as dumb as you are emotional. Yeah, we straight screwed as a people because some of yall African-Americans are so damn thirsty to hear a good inspirational story...

8 thoughts on “How Emotionally Weak Non-Chicago African-Americans Are Helping to Destroy Black Communities Buying into that Urban Prep Academies Bullcrap

  1. You’re so right. I read an article the other day about how ivy league schools prefer to admit African and Caribbean students. I also notice many Asians and Africans in STEM careers. I feel bad when my mom said she wanted to put my 8 year old sister in art school so she could actually attend a school where she could excel. I was like wow? She’s automatically steering her to be an art student because you think she’s not intelligent enough to succeed at something else. And to think my mom’s a software engineer with that mentality? I’m from D.C. and they’ve been shutting down schools left and right. They claim it’s a truancy problem and public schools are being left behind for charter schools. Yet, all these white gentrifiers who are moving into D.C. with their white children do not attend any of these great charter schools. All the ads I see on the metro only have black and Hispanic children. It makes me question a lot. Luckily I married a Nigerian and I know that my kids will have the advantage of having a global perspective. My in-laws are engineers and doctor’s so I know that my future kids won’t be conditioned to only be artists. Sigh. I appreciate the research you’ve done. I don’t know why black people get so excited over every feel good story with someone with a black face. People were worried about Lupita being fetishized when she’s an ivy league graduate making bank. Yet, black women are angry and blogging for a woman who doesn’t have any worries.

  2. If a black community real estate taxes were paying for a public school and paying teachers a salary of $70K, then the economic strategy is to maximize the value of the tax dollars and 70 to 100 years of tax-paying investment to ensure quality is improved and quality teachers are sought for $70K.

    But when the black community allow the city to close down public schools they invested their real estate taxes in for nearly 100 years and bring around some private operation paying teachers $40K with a cute story of little black boys and 100% college acceptance rating – the black community does not have the economic savvy to realize they are being screwed.

    And as you pointed out, no white people are going to these cheap ass charter schools and as soon as the gentrification takes over, those public schools will be quickly reopened with the non-black students and they will keep those stupid ass black people in those cheap ass charter schools. But all of this flew over the black community head because they were so fixated on hearing some cute story about Urban Prep Academies and preppy black boys and their 100% college acceptance rate.

  3. Why don’t they ever use ACT scores to judge a school’s performance? I believe you on that love of storytelling. It’s the only way I can see these scams working over the decades.

    1. Vic78 I don’t think ACT scores or any other KPI that is being pulled out of the air matters. The only thing that should matter to the black community is taxation without representation. If their tax dollars are not going to public schools, then where is their real estate taxes being diverted to? Where are the numbers and show where the money going.

      But when black people on Facebook start passing around feel good stories and memes and not know the background, then people trying to do things have to waste energy debunking propaganda and fight against their own black folks getting worked up over their emotions instead of keeping focus on what’s going on.

      This is sad and troubling – the next person who pass around this Urban Prep Academies meme should get the shit slapped out of them…they promoting that “go to college and get a good job” bullshit and cats acting stupid right now and forgot what the hell we went through back in 2007 and 2001

  4. This article really blew my mind. A similar school scam involving tax dollars are for -profit colleges that are getting rich off of tax dollars from students that qualify for FAFSA. The same education entrepreneurs are screwing over poor, rural, & minority students. Those education entrepreneurs do not send their children to those schools. The executive leadership of those for profit colleges are all white!!!

  5. Ed, did you attend Chicago Public Schools? If so, did you attend during the per-security guard, pre-metal detector era?

    If so, what was different about school then, as contrasted with now? Finally, can you name all your home room teachers, from 1st-12th grades?

    1. Yes I attended CPS and not only I know all my home room teachers from 1 to 12, my favorite teachers are on my Facebook friend list and we are still in touch. There was actually a “grade school” reunion a few weeks ago at the local elementary school.

      I think the major difference between school back then and school today is the teachers actually lived in the community. I don’t believe the teachers are living in the community they teach nowadays which create a lot of disconnects.

  6. I have to admit that the sMe thing is happening over here in NY. These charter schools slowly but surely are taking over the system and the strange thing about it is that most are being built in low income neighborhoods.

    I hear people all the time praising who good these Charter schools are preparing black and Latino students for college. But isn’t the public school system doing the same thing? I went through the public school system from kindergarten on up to the twelfth grade and never got left back even though NYC was going through major problems. Still I was able to graduate, learned a skill because I went to a Vocational School and still went to college and get a degree!

    Just like you I have believed for a long time that this so called Charter schools are just a way for them to destroy the union as well as to destroy what these student wil learn as these Charter schools will most likely not follow the same method of teaching. They will only teach them just enough to pass state exams so that they continue to get paid by the gov.

    100% college acceptance? That is such bullshit! No one can have such perfect numbers like that as not every person can or could go to college being as expensive as they are these days.

    But Latinos eat that shit up! So every year they line up and sit in an auditorium hoping and praying that their child’s name would be called from a ballot. You should see the look of concern on these people’s faces.

    If we continue down this route the term “education” will be equal to profit as there will be no such thing as a “free education” and if you have the money to place your child in most likely we or she will learn the same shit they are learning now, which is to learn to take state exams and that is about it.

    Thank you for bringing this post front and center as I have been noticing the same thing for a long time!

    Great post and let’s keep fighting!

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