How the Afro-Chinese Youth Explosion Will Destroy the American Black Boule in Less Than a Decade

ping Many brothas and sistas are totally unaware of the dramatic shift of power taking place in the Africa Diaspora among the so-called black elite. Over in China there are a series of black swan events going on that will manifest into creating a superpower elite class of African Diaspora members who will have unmeasurable reach and influence that will be game-changer and game-ender for the current status quo. No one in African-America except African-American men will be able to tap into this and some brothas are already in there getting it in right now to make it happen. We are talking about the Afro-Chinese youth explosion and let’s discuss. doingbiz China has courted Africans to help setup trade zones in Guangzhou, China and many Africans have move there to do business with Chinese merchants and establish trade lines to their motherland country and other destinations around the world to do business. Well, you know what’s up – Chinese women are extremely beautiful and they know how to be down with their black man and all that make a brotha quickly forget his sista and her natural hairstyle, you know what I’m saying? So what is happening is a growing rate of Afro-Chinese marriages are going on in China and this article in SCMP ( gives more detail of these marriages and the children being born from these marriages. Here is a video from the article and what you see in this video is actually more revealing than the article itself: In the video, they explained that the Afro-Chinese children are given full rights as Chinese citizens. That’s all you need to know at this point to know how everything will turn out. You already know our people are strong people and our children will rise above their environment to become great. An African guy from Kenya already proven this with his son growing up to be President of the United States of America. And because these kids are given full Chinese citizenship, these Afro-Chinese children will become strong from their environment and they will end up being great and powerful because that’s how we do it when it comes to adversity and they have advantages no one else in the African Diaspora ever had. These children will grow up and have the financial backing of China and clout and influence to make moves in Africa and a lineage respected by both cultures. That means these Afro-Chinese children will be able to establish global trade lines between Africa and China and the rest of the world with ease. Who you think will own the hair weave and African hair care business globally? That means these Afro-Chinese children will be able to help setup infrastructure and become STEM experts by being able to take Chinese engineered solutions and create energy solutions in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora. Who you think will help run the energy and transportation companies in Africa and elsewhere? These Afro-Chinese will make it easier to extract mineral rights from Africa and work with Africa to take those mineral rights away from the white man. Who do you think will be at the table getting the most respect to those mineral rights? These Afro-Chinese will wield unspeakable Rockefeller/Carnegie power and influence in the African Diaspora as they will be super-billionaires and tycoons with the backing of China and the embrace of Africa. Meanwhile in America, the Boule are still boot licking liberals for a spot on MSNBC, do a deal with NBC to create something like the Grio or a cable channel or whatever. The Boule is still boot licking other liberals in Hollywood to get a position they can brag about in one of those Boule media outlets. And you will see that Boule network of the Grio, the Root, Radio One or whatever still try to exchange media content and profile the same Boule people. Then when it comes to affirmative action, the Boule is first in line trying to compete then find out they lost the contract to a Hispanic firm or a white woman firm with a rich husband. And you will see cornball African-Americans still trying to follow and admire the Boule and the Boule media know what - I’m actually bored talking about America and this broke ass Boule boot licking sh*t, let’s get back to talking about Afro-Chinese and billionaires and tycoons and Africa and blasians! Now in case you African-American men running around catching grief with the sistas ain’t figure out yet, the very smart African-American brothas are already doing what our African brothas are doing and running over to Asia and flying to Shanghai and straight inseminating and getting some girls pregnant! That Brazil tripping was so 2000s decade homey, the new moves is to get over to China and other emerging markets and start raising some blasian. Think about it, Mr. African-American man – if you have a Chinese national blasian who grows up in China and got the resources to be a tycoon who can create economic lines between China and Africa and do business in Latin America including Brazil, think about your retirement package with an Afro-Chinese son or daughter like that. Hell, your Afro-Chinese kid can buy you a spot in Manhattan to chill at just like those Chinese are doing in NYC right now blowing yuan money left and right like it ain’t nothing. Remember, your kid has full Chinese citizenship even if you don’t. We live in the Internet age homey, you don’t have to be a stranger. how_you_want_to_end_up Oh, but I African-American men want to still deal with those African-American women who watch Scandal, who watch Tyler Perry, who try to get the courts to garnish your wages for child support, who want to divorce you and take everything you built together – oh yeah, you still stuck on that ish watching all these other brothas catch grief and ish, yeah look at you homey – you still want that ish. Well go ahead and good luck with that and I wish the best for your butt even though we all know how it going to turn out.. ljing And think about the next generation brothas homey, we creating a whole explosion of half-black, half-Asian chicks with Chinese citizenship who can come over and do our next generation of brothas right and have empires for them to go do things in Africa and all over the African Diaspora. That means the next generation of African-American brothas can find themselves a blasian chick to build a global empire with - he can’t do that ish with these swirling Scandal watching sistas in America, can he? This brotha and his blasian girl have a daughter on the Chinese Oriental Idol singing competition with 400 million viewers. Come on, don’t you want to be an old man watching your young man bring home a fine blasian sista and she from China hanging out in America spending money on your boy and she talking to you about how she and your youngin setting up a baseball team and arena in Nicaragua and owning a franchise down there? Don’t you want to be an old man having that kind of conversation with your son and grandson with his blasian chick? See, right now you African-American brothas in 2014 can do smart d*ck moves or you can do dumb d*ck moves. A dumb d*ck is still chasing these trifling sistas trying to set a brotha up with a broke marginalized life and trying to keep you brothas away from your kids but got you paying for your kids. A smart d*ck move sees a Chinese chick and her Chinese girlfriends walking around downtown Atlanta and realize to create a hustle being an Atlanta tour guide for Chinese chicks and take them around King Center and up to Lenox mall got them shopping in West End taking photos with brothas and sistas, you getting yuan for tips and Skype numbers/WeChat handles and then you flying to Shanghai to hook up and give her some of that raw black diack and having a blasian baby over there in China while you on your grind here in America doing your thing and flying to China to visit your kid straight laughing at all these other brothers still messing with the broken American marriage system with an 80% divorce rate among African-American couples. Think about it.

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  1. I’ve started taking mandarin lessons from my business partner who is Chinese, I know that china will continue to be a powerhouse and living in Brisbane Australia, we now have free trade with china, plus is the closest city to Asia on the continent.

    I really wish more people looked outside of the places they were born.

  2. Smart move by those brothers. The total fruits won’t be seen for maybe 20 years. But by that time those children will be adults at the right time. Read some real slick comments at the end of that article from the link.

  3. Great article. So informative and motivational to me personally. I have been feeling a need for a new or another direction for African Americans, a movement post civil war movement. We need to start building a stronger community for the younger and future generations. Stop this status quo and start looking at the injuries we have suffered and work toward healing them so we will see motivated youth Thanks for this.

  4. Good article overall, but I couldn’t help but to notice the recurring theme of brothers leaving us behind and getting with these “extremely beautiful” chinese women and the pedestal…it’s honestly disheartening and hurtful for women like myself who want to build with black men globally to constantly be lumped in a group of other black women acting shamefully. There are quality black women out here and we never get recognized. What about us? Who are we to build with then? I don’t even think you guys realize or care about the damage that’s being done when these articles or comments are being made.The child support and scandal references are not descriptive of a whole group and hurtful.

    But I digress. I get the overall plan.

    1. Kay, don’t be discouraged, I laughed my way through the whole article to the point of tears. This is a good idea in theory but the lack of knowledge of what is socially going on in China will disappoint many black american men who think they can just jump over to china and will have a great go of it. Some will do will most will not, it no different than the whole “brazil” thing it is good talk, but peel back the onion as one black man finally did and you find the gold was just really high polished brass.

    2. @Kay,
      I can tell you honestly that a long time ago, brothas who wouldn’t date black women were straight sold out and cornball. Today and I’m being honest, i have never seen so many black men so adamant about not marrying an African-American woman and this trend started around 2007 after the housing bust. I think I explained several times and I have long stated my position on both sides as I cannot consciously endorse African-American marriages based on what I know and the alternatives I seen around the world for both sexes. But we have to have that discussion in another forum.

      When it come to this Chinese angle, this is what a real marriage is – a strategic partnership and why cultures practices arranged marriages with bloodlines. The Africans who are marrying Chinese in this fashion are raising their children for a purpose as I explained. When illegal immigrants come here to America, they are strategically marrying and having children for a strategic purpose. Right now, the African-American community completely lost and cannot define right here, right now the strategic purpose to getting married.

      @TK I don’t know the guy who “peeled the onion” about Brazil but I know way too many older brothas right now who have beautiful pre-teen daughters they are raising in Brazil and coming back to visit and take around Salvador(?) and handling their business here in the USA. Who is the guy who peeled the onion and what did he reveal exactly? Because my facts and what’s on the ground sounds a lot different.

      I travel around Central America for years and I can personally testify that I’m sitting in the airport flying to America and these Latina women come to me and we start talking and she talking about she got a man in Baltimore she going to fly and whisper what she going to do to her black man and I know a South America Latina right now already done the buttlift thing looking to get impregnated by an African-American man. These senoritas may not be telling you sistas but I can assure they sparing no secrets with me as a brotha…

      And one more thing TK and this is the part everybody miss – we are talking about “quality brothas” the ones who got degreed, got stable jobs and are capable of sustaining a marriage and raise kids but felt like black women betrayed them to date thugs and knuckleheads or some pick-up artist who brag about banging chicks. You can argue what black men will do and the same with black women but I’m talking about the quality portion – the majority of quality brothas and quality sistas are making alternative decisions from being burnt or seeing what others been through.

  5. ED, Thank you for being open to conversation on this topic. I made the comment that I did not to discourage black american men, had this article said Japan, Korea, or even Hong Kong I wouldn’t have commented at all. But there are some social issue that can’t be ignored.

    1. Shortage, there is a HUGE shortage of chinese women, due to one child policy as well as cultural preferences in males over females. This is going to make this very hard for black men as the women will have their pick of chinese men (most women are not going the the broke ones) as well as foreigners, whites favored more than blacks. That’s why I said some will do well most will not, and chinese nationalism is not going away.

    2. Abortion/Abandonment, In china due to male preference and no stigma of abortion the women may not be giving birth to a plethora of blasian females ripe for the picking, instead it might be more mails. Also growing is the abandonment of children, often due to single mother unable to care for their children both healthly and those with disabilities. So you risk you child being abandoned due to the fact that chinese are still very much nationalist, and they want to carry on the nation with “pure” chinese not mixed I know you speak of educated brothas with options, but if they play the visit every so card, often it will not work. Which leads to #3

    3. The same nonsense black men are pulling here (abandonment) is the same thing you are advocating in china “then you flying to Shanghai to hook up and give her some of that raw black diack and having a blasian baby over there in China while you on your grind here in America doing your thing and flying to China to visit your kid” WTF? Do you really think many women will put up with that? Why can’t black men stay there and then come back to america once in a while? You mentioned it in your answer about brothas visiting their kids, but what about the mothers? What about the actual relationship with the mothers, if the men no longer have a relationship with the mother aren’t they just doing the same thing there as they are here? I know a brotha, great older guy who has a half german daughter, he did the back and forth thing as well and now he is too old. His daughter is not here wanting visit and take care of him or even visit she is in Austrialia living her life, this is the reality I see for brothas mores so. Build those bonds by staying, don’t do the weekend father thing. And yes these latinas (and non-american, women) are telling us enough to let us know not to be angry or jealous. I grew up around whites and as an adult most of my friends are immigrants if the men of this country were to hear even half the advice these women give us about the game they are running on the men, yall would think twice. But so long as everyone is happy it works out.

    4. Most of these marriages are poor women looking to upgrade, now while I don’t hate on this, that is another reality for brothas to look at, yes she can be a great partner but she (like many poor women worldwide) are looking to take care of themselves and these marriages allow for that (also noted in the article). My feeling is if everyone is happy then so be it, however an african mentioned that if china allowed for africans to come over and do business easier they are less like to marry chinese so this is more about business which is what you are advocating so no harm and less about relationships,

    5. The truth of interacial relationships, you posted a video about african men and their chinese wives but it is still a big stigma in china if the young lady on chinese idol that you posted about her mother had an affair with her father, and it made life hard for both, even though she prevailed the racism she recieved by other chinese nationals after being on that show was on the same level as the KKK here and the children will only be granted citizenship providing they are listed under the mothers name the father is never going to be granted much of anything (even the millionaire they spoke to doesn’t have citizenship or many rights). The article does in fact mention the women who have dated black men and the family said no go and the women were forced to end it. I saw this happen in america with a white guy, the parents said never and the woman (who was in her 30’s) didn’t hesitate. However also not touched on because this is happening in china and not africa is another facet to IR, the fast growing with black/chinese is African women/ Chinese men not the other way around, while this will help with gender balance, it will still be a bit of a go for black american men. What we are seeing is that although china will be an economic powerhouse, parts of africa are on their heels with the added bonus of having a lot more natural resources then china.It makes it much easier for the chinese men to leave and work, marry and be granted more rights in Africa than an african in china. And they aren’t (either by choice or law) leaving their women and children behind.

    Thank you for allowing my piece, I really hope I didn’t come off as anti-black male, that is not the point like I said if this was any other country I would read the article and move on, but there is caution for black men. Nothing like working so hard only to have reality smack them in the face. Be happy and healthy even if it is with another, and I am still looking for the article I read just a couple of days ago about a black mans experience in brazil based on what he had heard about going down there and how it wasn’t the reality he expected.

    1. TK it sounding to me you are mixing up sex travel with strategic foreign marriage. Do you know who the guy in the top photo is? If we was on the topic of sex travel I would be discussing Thailand, not China.

      China has an interest and always look long term. You are also missing the long term strategic goal developing a new elite class in the African Diaspora that both Africa and China is cosigning right now.

      You only hearing the male half, do you know how many African women are marrying Chinese with the same purpose. These are not theories this been ongoing for several years.

      You already mentioned Germany where brothas in the military stationed first pulled this stunt. But those kids over there came out real good and hooked pops up too. Then in Korea there is this popular blasian rapper who father was in the army and he supported her and she turned out well. So these are not theories but we have nearly 60 years of this taking place and the smart career brothas are learning from the military brothas about this.

    1. This article does not reveal much and cosign what I already indicated. Brazil is an emerging nation and have new cities with new economy opportunities. You may have this image of american men looking for sex at a shantytown but Brazil is growing more advance by the year. These are not sistas American sistas can look down on…they selling Brazilian hair and the ingredients for natural curly hair.

      I would suggest you take a trip to Brazil and Shanghai and see whats going on the ground. The world is not based on an Americanized perspective anymore and sistas here are hurting themselves not realizing global strategic relationships they can build with their Bralizian sisters instead of talking about sex trade taboo.

  6. Thank you once again for your replies, I am not just giving an american persepective, as I have been to europe 2 times and mexico a handful (I live on the west coast very easy to get to) and canada whenever I feel like a weekend a way (I know it really is the 51st state), next trip is to go to japan as I have a friend teaching english there ( I will definitely push her to pop over to hong kong at least) , and if that doesn’t work out to Russia to visit a russian friend, so I do see this from a non-american eye as well.

    So while yes this is not just about booty calls but strategic marriage, you did mention planting the seed, handling business in America while “visiting” your child. This made me upset more so because black men don’t really understand how valuable your presence is to your children, in other words black men devalue themselves too much. I mentioned my friend that has a half german child, and you mentioned the kids came up, look good and hooked up pops. The only foreign kids I see hooking up their black pops are the ones where their black pops was active in their lives, you can’t just come and go, the gentleman I know did that (although a great guy) and like I said his daughter is living her life and he is suffering from failed kidneys and all manner of ailments, she is not hooking up pops.

    One of the things I really like about the chinese is the fact while we in america can barely look past 20yrs they are planning for the next 200yrs, so I completely agree with you with looking ahead and abroad for economic opportunities. I am not looking down any woman of any race or nationality, I make as many as I can my friend, (it’s a shame more black women don’t). I brought up the link not just to touch on “sex taboo”, to bring up the point, for years black men have been issuing the threat of other women with brazil leading the pack. And here is a brotha going down there expecting to live some of the stories he had been hearing only to learn first hand that there is more to the story. The women expect more, you can’t be a brotha living near paycheck to paycheck that happened to save up and expect the best quality will come at you, you are getting the ones trying to survive. The best quality due to economic mobility expect you to bring more to the table, being black, american, and having a big d*ck just is not enough.

    You are right I am only hearing the male half, but I have been hearing from foreign women my whole adult life as many of them I am friends with and have worked with. Women will tell women things they wouldn’t dare tell men, especially about relationships. I keep confidences and I am not judgmental which is why a lot of these women tell me what they really think.

    However economics is where it is at and too many in Americans are being bamboozled into not looking outside of our borders, this is a growing issue in the white community with them as well (not my issue I’m not white). I say it is their choice if they suffer they suffer.

    1. TK,

      You are once again trying to reach for straws and look beyond the obvious. If someone of my caliber goes to China and end up getting a beautiful Chinese chick pregnant, I have the resources and capability to raise the child even while here in the states – there is no discussion about if brothas of my caliber can and cannot – they can. I thought women can raise a child without a man, isn’t that what the African-American woman screams all the time? So why would a tiger mom in a socialist state have problems with a brotha still here in America handling his business? That’s what they do in China, the man goes out and make money and once a year on golden week, go back home to his family? Yes, you are trying to apply American standards to them over there.

      We are talking about an elite class of people and you keep referencing lightweights as anecdotal. This is going to be an elite Afro-Chinese that will destroy the Boule in terms of global power (actually the Boule have zero global power) and elitism. Some regular joe that you strawman is not even in the league of what is going on here.

  7. I have to say something. If anyone goes to Shanghai from the US, that cat is serious. One way tickets cost over $3000. You have either a person that’s already established or someone that feels he has nothing to lose.

    1. True we can – I love building with my fellow sisters <3

      In fact, that's what I'm doing at the moment.

      I'm talking specifically about the union of man and woman though. I always thought love to be more powerful when you and your mate are working together.

      @TK all hope isn't lost fortunately 🙂 Thank you for your comment. And I agree with you, women do tend to be more honest and open with other women. I've heard the same sentiments as well.

  8. Good business ideas, but glad to see that I’m not the only one seeing the black woman hating going on in the article. Why do we have to throw black women under the bus all of the time? Just because some black women are not focused on improving their stations in life doesn’t mean we are all the same. Really wish the shaming on black women would end, and instead be replaced with constructive criticism made in love, not hate.

  9. We have to be careful not to become part of the problem. Ed, I love UR blog, but I don’t agree with the post. In fact, I’m offended.

    I’m a black woman and I fuckin rock! Lol.

    ANY black, white, or blasian man would be blessed to get with this.

    Black men, don’t forget your mothers are Black women too. We can’t all be that bad.

  10. Sorry but as a black woman please listen to Ed. He’s going to tell you what other brothers will b.s. to you about. Black men love their mothers and sisters, but they will not marry black women anymore. The majority of them will not get married or if they do will marry out. I know it hurts you sisters, but that’s where the community is right now. Stop arguing with Ed over the facts he’s telling you. He giving you the real perspective. Black love is dead. The black family is dead. Point blank. If you really want black husbands marry an African man like me, but even they have their issues. Stop limiting yourself to black men who do not want you. Learn a foreign language and look to all men as potential husbands. I’m in my 20’s and I can see what’s happening here. A lot of black women are in denial, but it is what it is. We women don’t listen when men tell us straight up what they want. Hopefully some women will stop pining for men that don’t want you. Yes, it’s effed up but that’s the world we live in. Look-up the black princess of Liechenstein Germany. She’s a black Panamanian woman who looks like an average black woman. She’s a princess right now alive in Germany. She’s not whining about racism, or black men or afro-latino men.

    1. Well stated Ariel..couldn’t said it better myself. Any true qualified black men is simply not going to marry an African-American woman with all the “drama” being promoted in media and among African-American women in terms of ignorant reality shows, divorce, gossiping about cheating, cats going to jail over child support and keeping kids away…only a dumb fool for a black man would do the same thing other black men went through and expect a different result. And black men already stated it very and clear this is our intentions. I personally have zero desire or vision of dealing with a sista due to her patronage of the Scandal TV show disrespecting Michelle Obama and I wasn’t joking then and not joking now…I was extremely serious and other brothas had the same viewpoint.

      When we talk about sistas or anybody dating someone else, let’s say a brotha from UK or Brussels for example, she also have to be quality and do not think those other men will put up with the Tyler Perry chiltlin plays, reality TV show dramas and that other nonsense. So it still ends up being sistas have to stop consuming negative media irregardless. I can assure you that “German Princess” is not watching Scandal TV and have an admiration and respect for the First Lady Michelle Obama at this moment.

      What was presented in this article is what true marriage is – a power arrangement to build up a future generation with power. Anybody think marriage is some love and loyalty crap don’t know a damn thing about marriage. And at the end of the day, black men can still date anybody in this world and have children raised by a black father…

      1. This will be my last comment on the matter because clearly your mind is made up and I’m not trying to change it. And no Ariel I will not listen to Ed. Bless you and your man, though. Though I have dated them, and deal with them in their countries regarding business, I have no desire to marry an African man nor white, or other. Black/Latino all day for me. I also never said anything about love and loyalty making up a marriage so keep it. I understand full and well what a marriage is as well as what role I should be playing, thanks. These black men that worship the grounds other women walk on for whatever reason are not the ones I want anyway. They’re lost.

        Luckily I know enough successful black couples who do work together, and also am blessed to have a good man of the same flock whom I’m working with right at this moment, to know this is all poppycock.

        Us who are having a problem with this article are offended with this constant generalization and disregard for us women and we see the bitterness. I come here to read insightful things pertaining to business and apply what I need, just like I would with any other medium and this low key black woman hating seems to be a recurring theme. I for one have never seen an episode of scandal, don’t gossip, watch ignorant reality shows, have anyone on child support or whatever other bs you’re coming with. Hell I don’t even have children and won’t have any until I’m married anyway. Instead I spend my time researching, applying, executing, and achieving.

        You’re set in your ways and that’s fine. I also don’t care who you have the desire to date. Whatever those men went through with the women THEY chose has nothing to do with me or any of us that have done none of these things. And why does that need to be injected into this article? Their poor decisions are not my fault. When I counsel with these types men they didn’t choose these women by any redeeming qualities nor do they have any themselves. That’s what happens when you do things out of order. If I gave my self to a man before truly learning his heart, no foundation, had kids by him, he left me or became irresponsible…who’s fault is that?

        All I’m saying is, it would be nice to read something from a black man without him spitting in my face at the same time like I’m not good enough, all the while putting others on a pedestal. What makes you better than the Sotomayor types?I’m glad you’re being honest though so that I see how you really feel about us. And guess what? The best thing is that now that I have this information, I can also make the decision to stop patronizing this blog. I say this with no harm or malice, and wish you continued success.

        I wish you all well.

  11. No problem Kay, we wish you well but you should know your emotions does not impact anything here nor the reality on the ground. You being offended means little or next to nothing so I don’t understand why you claim to be about business but failed to recognize the difference between what you can control and what you cannot.

    And your patronizing means little or nothing either, I’m not here for socialite or likability purposes and that is a sad mistake too many brothas/sistas like you mistake for real business when it comes to this – you haven’t paid us a penny to even be capable of “patronizing” this blog.

    You have yet to explain why you so damn offended when at the end of the day, you are a single individual that need to find your own love/relationship fulfilment instead of worrying about what the whole or black men are doing.

  12. Keep dreaming. Think Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea and the number of Afro-Asian children who were left there by irresponsible black males and considered at the bottom of these traditional societies. It will be the same for the Afro-Chinese children sired by black American men. Just as you think of creating this so-called super race to hopefully propel black men economically on par with Asian and White males, it’s never going to happen because of the black American mans place in life. The educated African man I can envision as creating trade opportunities for the various nations on the continent, but the American black man, not so much. This has to be one of the most funniest blog posts that I’ve read in a while.

    1. Actually vonmiwi or afrolista – your comment is the most funniest thing I read on this board. The reason why is I honestly did not expect the reactions from the sistas like yourself when I wrote this article. But the way you sistas are reacting showed us brothas yall sistas are worried about something, ain’t yall? 🙂

      I realize and probably the other brothas realize that you sistas are maaaaad because you see the brothas got a better swirl game and better options than you bedwenching sistas thought you could bring to the table as a pathetic attempt to hurt us brothas and our people. Just be fucking honest – you mad because we brothas got global dick game. That’s exactly why you here writing up that crap because there is no other good excuse for you sistas to be so damn maaad.

      Look at the statements you made:

      “keep dreaming”
      “it’s never going to happen”

      It is already happening – what part you didn’t understand? Are you in denial? Do you realize African-American men already raising kids in other countries and many of their kids reached 18 already? Not celebrities brothas but regular brothas with jobs? So why you throwing shade at something already happening – damn girl, accept the fact it is happening, too late for you to theorize…

      When you try to throw out Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea as a pathetic example knowing your argument is flawed because your reference is 1960s to 1980s when these were 3rd world status the blasians made during that period where the result of military servicemen having babies over there. Since 2000s, it’s the dotcom and STEM brothas putting in the money and global dick game and raising kids overseas with support. You can go to Brazil right now and see a separate line for the well-off African-American men who coming to visit their kids. I would love to take you to Brazil to see this to see how maaad you get and your facial expression seeing these well-off African-American men smiling waiting to see their Brazilian kids.

      “so-called super race”,
      “hopefully propel black men economically on par with Asian and White males”
      “The educated African man I can envision as creating trade opportunities for the various nations on the continent, but the American black man, not so much. ”

      So tell us how you really feel about African-American men, afrolista. Keep in mind that 95% of African-American men are better off than 90% of the entire African Diaspora, even the African-American dudes that are currently incarcerated are doing better. No one disputed that the educated African man can do what they are doing – that was the whole point of the article. This article talked about how African men are doing this right now in case you forgot. I only spoke to the American brothas about how they can also leverage in this movement.

      Bottom line, it sounds like you sistas are mad because you realize you and your conspiring swirling sistas cannot hold down brothas or stop a brotha flow and his global dick game. You want to say Chinese women hate us African-American men but you know that is not true. You want to say we won’t take care of our kids in China when China as a socialist nation will take care of those kids by default but we brothas will be there and do so stress free and have a reason to do some overseas travel. This is the same situation in Brazil where well-off American brothas find it easier to raise black children than dealing with trifling sistas and their reality TV watching behinds.

      And I believe you sistas also theorized that the brothas realize they can wipe the current pack of trifling African-American sistas out of existence into extinction in less than a generation if African-American brothas adopted this trend. You sistas actually failed to learn science and thought for the longest time you can wipe us men out not realizing we brothas are the ones who can shape the sistas for the next generation of brothas to continue the legacy and we can pick and choose. That was not the message I was trying to spread but it seem you sistas figured that one out also and realize the nuclear options we African-American men do have when dealing with the sistas.

      So with that said, I found your comment funny because it is filled with stuff I did not expect to read after writing this article. The Afro-Chinese youth emergence is real and there is a billion Chinese women out there for a brotha to be choosey over – so go ahead and make us brothas keep laughing trying to stereotype how a billion women think. You and other sistas are mad all because you are jealous of the black man global dick game and the options he got and you cannot hold him down like you want to.

  13. I believe the kids may have dual citizenship. They can run for President if they want to. I almost feel bad for cats that weren’t smart enough to listen in the 2010s.

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