Hustle Space Teach or Take Preview: The Homies

coincounting In the upcoming Hustle Space I have been working hard getting it solid, you are going to see a series called Teach or Take. The Teach or Take series is where we look at real-world business situations and we either teach the cats already involved or we provide the information for someone else to take the hustle and take it over. For too long, cats been acting all status quo and refuse to change or improve. Well, we are going to seek out stagnant cats and either try to teach them or show you how to take their hustle and make it something better than what they doing with it. In this first episode we are going to talk about Homies, then in the following episodes, we are going to talk about Radio Shack and Black Greek-Lettered Organizations. By the way, Dream and Hustle will fold into Hustle Space and the 3rd Strategic Institute which are both upcoming operations. But let’s get into Homies. Homies collection I saw this Vice episode on a vending machine cat that was selling Homies and how he is now losing money in the vending game. This video had me laughing so hard after 8:30 mark I couldn’t breathe but it’s a great video to watch. What made me laugh is how at 8:30 mark he was cussing and stuff with his chump change in his bucket and it reminded of these silly black male PUA pseudo-hustlers on these BBS groups they lace with black porno images talking about vending machine hustles scooping up quarters everyday while making their rounds. LOL, that’s funny bro. Today, vending machines works only in hyper-dense urban communities like Tokyo, Hong Kong and many emerging Chinese cities. But in America, the only place you going to see true success is going to be hyper-dense hoods in places like New York and Chicago and Los Angeles and it has to be where you got little kids running around who got a quarter. But that’s the hood and the hoods are simply not that dense anymore. And you end up like this dude cussing at 8:30 mark of the video with the little quarters you got. Solution The Teach or Take solution is to insert RFID chips in these figures and turn these figures into playable characters that can be played on a mobile device with NFC. You heard of Skylanders and your kids heard of them also. There are 4 components here for the Teach or Take solution: figurinecustom Figurines. You can build your own figurine characters using open source 3D software like blender and ship the file off to China to get 1,000 manufactured. Do a search on “custom pvc figurine” on Alibaba to see the options. The key is to make the figurines small but guess what – you not going to sell in a vending machine, you going to sell these things in hood stores behind the glass or in main stores in package wrappings. rfid RFID Chips. You can buy the small RFID chips off Alibaba in bulk and they can have the code already flashed on them from the factory and you assign the numbers. What you may want to do is install the RFID chips yourself into your figurines as a starter. You can just use a hobby knife to cut a slit in the bottom and slide the rfid chip into the figurine and use a hot surface to reseal. samsung Mobile Device. Most Android mobile devices have NFC readers like the Samsung Galaxy. You can just have the kids tap their phone against the figurine. There are cheap RFID readers on Alibaba also you can customize with an outer PVC design – probably can wholesale this in stores and make money off other cats creating figurine-based games and get your money up just on the OEM RFID reader that interface with Android. Software. You will be surprised at how much money is made off the old RPG Maker style game especially in Asia. To be honest, you don’t have to use RPG Maker and can probably just use HTML5 with animated effects. But it should be fairly easy for a mobile programmer to roll out their own RPG style game. Now, what you want to do is see how you can import the figurines into the game. If they just have one figurine, then maybe one figurine can be seen. If they have tapped 5 figurines, then all 5 figurines can fight in a scene. Let me give you a little hint: you don’t need to have fantasy characters. You can have urban-theme stuff like the homies for example. For example, if you launch a RFID figurine set called PUA Brothas and the RPG game is about picking up chicks at the club, the player can take the mack daddy figurine, the muscle crew figurine and the wingman figurine to take out the blocker, the hater to get to the girl. If he only have the mack daddy figurine, then he may want to go to the store to get the muscle figurine to join him, right? You can keep releasing new RPG campaigns and sell them over the Internet as update packs to your figurines to play in new campaigns! Teach or Take figurines The reason why the Homies dude is cussing because he fail to adapt to change and thought the bucket of quarters was going to last forever. A lot of people believe they can have a lightweight hustle like peddling capsule toys and vending machines and think that is steady income but fail to embrace market change. Today, kids are on mobile devices playing games and playing Skylanders and that Disney version. You also see the Nintendo devices that that use NFC or RFID. rabbits The 21st century hustle is to focus on creating unique figurine characters that can interact with role playing games through RFID and sell to a hyper-dense market in areas like mainland China and Singapore. The first question someone is going to say is can’t someone clone the figures or copy the RFID chips? I want you to think how stupid that question is because the answer is obvious. But this is the kind of transformative brothas and sistas need to have in 21st century to grow global operations that take less effort than lugging around buckets of quarters.

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  1. This model would work perfectly in a cube shop also.

    The hair extension cube hustle netted me 3000 in 1 month, with outlay of $560 including rental of the space.

    1. Thanks for reminding me Charles, I believe I had an image of a guy placing this type of item in a cube display in an earlier article:

      Also, congrads on your profitability. It is sad in my opinion that other people have to see you tell your story before they go out and try and succeed themselves. Hopefully, your success will convince others to get out there and do for themselves with the information.

    2. I think everyone should read the lean startup, I sourced the hair from alibaba at 67c a pack and sold it for $10 each. (Highlights)

      I took out the initial investment, reinvested half of the profit. If I loose all my money from that point on, I haven’t lost anything. If we all adopted this attitude to business, we could all have side enterprises. This is all going to fund my big project.

      Take out $100, 500, 1000 whatever you can and try something. The internet levelled all playing fields.

      If you are stuck for ideas, here’s over 1000.

  2. While reading this post I was thinking about all those Yu-giou knockoff cartoons on tv. It’s right there in our face.

    1. Asia is more into role playing versus arcade style video games. Most video games you see in Asia are the ones with a plastic gun you shoot at the screen or the dance pad.

      I would look through manga culture and the most popular is cooking related. I will do a case study article to expand the how-to using a cooking example.

    1. I wrote a gamification article on Dream and Hustle several years ago. All I’m doing is showing how having a foundation of technology allow the ability to combine into something new.

      Just combine RFID reading with gamification. Can go further and say use trading cards with QR codes to snap with a camera phone. All of these are topics we discussed to the black community for years

  3. This is a teach AND take!! In game purchases, geotargetting…Thanks for pointing this one out man…got my summer project!!

  4. I’m on it, I work with young children and I can vision how this will work with that age group.

  5. Charles,

    If possible i would like to ask some questions about the alibaba website? According to your comment you have purchased hair i would like to know the details.


    Charles says:

    June 19, 2014 at 12:34 am

    I think everyone should read the lean startup, I sourced the hair from alibaba at 67c a pack and sold it for $10 each. (Highlights)

    I took out the initial investment, reinvested half of the profit. If I loose all my money from that point on, I haven’t lost anything. If we all adopted this attitude to business, we could all have side enterprises. This is all going to fund my big project.

    Take out $100, 500, 1000 whatever you can and try something. The internet levelled all playing fields.

    If you are stuck for ideas, here’s over 1000.

    1. Find the article Ed did about this topic.

      Then go to, it has hundreds of hair suppliers, Ed suggested sourcing from Malaysian suppliers, which is what I will be experimenting next, but for a test run I went the cheapest best quality I could find. You can get a test sample to see if it’s what you like.

  6. David Gonzalez might be able to use some of this post. He is still trying to get his old Homies line turned into an animated series. IMOHO – He has taken that line from a small comic strip to action figures sold at WalMart (That’s a pretty good run.), an animated series or video game is his next logical step. Now, the vending machine guy? He reminds me of the vendors, performers and/or promoters who always want to explain to me how they can make ME more money at the club. These guys are just riding coat tails – their success is contingent on the work and resources of others. MY next step with the club should be to franchise or to open other venues. If I’m not growing and acquiring, I become a target for acquisition.

  7. When you flash information onto a RFID or QR will it be character information and what else? I’m a noob to this type of technology but I am going to do this teach and take.

    1. Cleaven, the data that will be flashed on a RFID chip or encoded in a QR image will be a globally-unique-identifier or GUID – please look up GUID in wikipedia to under the concept.

      The GUID will be stored in your server database or embedded in your application and when the RFID sends 1234565 from the chip or QR code, your database recognize 123456 as the character and pull up all the attributes to participate in the game scene. Think of UPC codes on grocery products and you scanning through a supermarket checkout – the UPC barcode you scanning is passing a number to the grocery store server and they pull up the name of product and price to display to you at checkout. Same technology.

  8. Innovative and Revolutionary Thinking. Imagine If We All Had These Types Of Thoughts Consistently…

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