The Journey of Our Summer Hustle Will Absolutely Awesome You!

wow It takes years to find the nerve to be apart from what you've done. To find the truth inside yourself and not depend on anyone. Those are the lyrics from New Order “All The Way” I heard as a young man back in 1988 and 1989 trying to find myself and my purpose and it carried with me all my life. Bernard Summer lyrics made this song the most influential song that shaped my life in a positive, purposeful direction: When you become an entrepreneur or a person looking for your purpose, you have to progress to the state where you are apart from what you done and that means focus only on what’s ahead of you with no regrets on the past. And the end is finding the truth inside yourself which is your life purpose and not depend on anyone to define you or make you or help you. Everybody like to talk about being successful and trying to brag to you that they are about this and that but the truth is success is a journey, not a status. When you put in the work, have the setbacks, have the wins and can look back on your accomplishments with more things ahead of you, then you will know that all of this is a journey. It’s a lot of cats out there keep asking me for a status when I’m on a journey. With that said, I’m going to announce what me and my crew has been working on and plotting on and share with you to straight let you know we about it. Everybody should know by now that me and my people put in real work and we just ain’t talking about it. And we learn and build upon things we done and do nothing but get better and bigger. So with that said, here is what we got plan for the summer in 2014. Sista Sphere Coming to New Orleans July 3 to July 6. ss We will make it official in a few days as me and the 3rd Strategic Institute decided to bring an improved version of Sista Sphere back out and take it to New Orleans. We learned a lot from the last Sista Sphere and will more improved features and we will cover this for the upcoming weeks. The reason we are bringing Sista Sphere back is to help virtual vendors reach virtual attendees as well as demonstrate to the sistas that they can create 21st business models like Sista Sphere as their side hustle to showcase as Sista Sphere will be on the same $5/month GoDaddy site. The web site and Facebook will be updated soon for the New Orleans and then we redesigned Sista Sphere to now work all over the world with a permanent fixture in Atlanta, London and Johannesburg. Anybody who read Dream and Hustle know we are combining all of the articles from invisible pop-up store, geo-airport code and sista sphere. We covered this topic for years and we put it in practiced and ready for round 2 in New Orleans. Upcoming Facebook Group: Global Urban Collective guangzhou I have created a new Facebook group that is designed for African-Americans and other cultures around the world to discuss urban patterns and practices. One of the things I’m learning about Dream and Hustle is a lot of you black people don’t have Indian, Asian and Latin America connects and other connections to help you in your hustle. You guys live in a global economy and need to start networking and working on the global level. I already can show and tell with what I did to grow a black professional networking groups in terms of cultivating social media while everybody else is talking about they some social media expert, huh? But what I will be doing is showing you brothas and sistas how to grow a social media site from the ground floor to show you real social media skills. We are going to recruit urban people from all over the world to join the group and we ask brothas and sistas to participate and start networking on the global level on urban issues and discuss things like Alibaba and wholesaling and looking for connects to make business happen. From micro-malls to hair weave wholesaling to drop shipping operations, let’s work with global people worldwide directly with no one in the way and let’s get rid of that ignorant Pan-African talk and make real global moves and connect to build things up. Let’s build supply lines, share ideas, start businesses and do our thing on the global level. I also have a Global Urban Collective web site coming out to support the Facebook group with resources and references. Look out for this in mid-July early August time frame. Atlanta Urban Style and Fashion Framework machine2 The 3rd Strategic Institute has been aggressively swagger-jacking everybody from London to Milan to New York to Tokyo to Miami to Los Angeles to bring the best patterns and practices to establish an urban fashion scene here in Atlanta. We will do everything we can to help raise funds and provide resources to establish magazines, model agencies and establish patterns and practices and guidelines to do everything from snap team gatherings to where to shoot and marketing media channels. I think Atlanta has a pretty good fashion scene and we will try to see what we can go to start putting some people out here on the modeling path. I do not want that ignorant butt model thing that happen last year to ever happen again. That whole butt model thing show you this is what ignorant ass brothas with cameras do with ignorant sistas doing anything to be looked at. I better not ever see one of those butt model clowns approach me talking about opportunity and gigs and they can go f*ck themselves for all I care. We going to do this right with integrity and for the sistas. Kyary Paymu-Paymu has been a great source and love how she just exploded into a global icon in such a small time period but she used a pattern and practice we can adopt and apply. We have already ran trials here in Atlanta with snap teams and we are going to do an official snap team gathering in the upcoming weeks here in Atlanta. We are looking at starting up in the summer for full kick-off during the milder fall weather in Atlanta. Took It Back Like an 8-Track for Our Upcoming Streaming Broadcast antimass Trial and error, trial and error and finally I think we figured out how we going to do the streaming broadcast for our upcoming broadcast. We blogged about establishing a DJ network and setting up royalties to quickly get urban dance music artists to mass medium broadcast and earn royalties and sales immediately. What we realize is that we going to have to change the whole paradigm of broadcast to multi-channel to obsolete other broadcast channels to gain an advantage. What we decided to do was take advantage of the new generation of kids with mobile phones and cars with streaming Bluetooth and cars with Bluetooth and Bluetooth speakers and focus on streaming. But we cannot use the boring format that everybody from Spotify to Google Play and other uses for their “radio” station and we will talk about this. I’m actually excited about this project more than anything because it feels like a lifelong dream to make all the alternative music I grew up on be celebrated and appreciate in an environment that can sustain the growth of good music. Underground do not have to be broke and that is what we are going to change with the release of our UDM framework late July. View the Vista: Goal-Orientated Social Media ambition I have discussed earlier how the 3rd Strategic Institute use an in-house goal-orientated software to manage our projects and innovation. I have discussed how we realize this is probably a great social media tool that allow people to focus on their goals instead of selfies and status. As I stated in the beginning, success is not a status; it is a journey. And wouldn’t it be nice if you spend time not associating with clowns you went to school with but people who want to work together on similar goals? Create a bucket list, upload images to your vision boards, define a goal, establish objectives, create tasks and events to meet objectives. And guess what? Share data with your wearable tech, mobile phone and other social media to share your progress. Join groups that talks about the goal to get ideas. Create custom goals with pre-defined tasks and events to share with others to meet a goal. I will discuss more about the business model and the mid-August launch. These Cats are Straight Maaaad Seeing Me Getting It In aaarrrrh When I talk about my journey and my purpose that is part of my personal development, you see cats getting mad as if they got something to say. I always find this funny because I’m over here doing what I need to do and they over there talking about my personal journey. Well cats can get mad all they want seeing me put it in and enjoying myself, they mad because I’m enjoying myself. The takeaway here about our summer hustle that is so awesome is how we transformed many of the Dream and Hustle old concepts into real concepts. Sista Sphere is a gathering of topics as well as the streaming broadcast. We done projects over and over during the years while other cats just run their mouth trying to throw shade and doubt. We never cared about failure, never cared about impressing anybody and we just focused on ideas and goals and information out there to make things a reality. When all is said and done, don’t be afraid to pursue ideas, put down ideas and realize that your goals will transform over time. Realize that your path to success is a journey like the purpose of your life and things will always transform around you the same way change happen in the real world. Embrace change, accept transformation and realize this is a journey. It takes years to find a nerve to be apart from what you done. To find the truth inside yourself and not depend on anyone.

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  1. This is an awesome article and was much needed for me! I have been studying the Sista Sphere and Airport location articles like a real vocational school course. I am glad that you are still developing this project and that I can see how to continue to make the experience better. I live in L.A. and want to take ACTION and involve those who about that life. I’ve dealt with people who not on a sista level and look funny or won’t even take interest in making themselves better globally. I for one want to build an empire and want to enjoy all the aspects of my journey. 2014 WILL be a big year for turning up on the global economy and markets. This sista has been all ears since I started following you about a year ago. I have goals and want them to be a reality and not giving up!

  2. Incredible incredible article! I’m rooting for you all the way and will definitely contribute however and whenever I can! The takeover part 62748282 lol

  3. “When you become an entrepreneur or a person looking for your purpose, you have to progress to the state where you are apart from what you done and that means focus only on what’s ahead of you with no regrets on the past. And the end is finding the truth inside yourself which is your life purpose and not depend on anyone to define you or make you or help you.”

    Damn, that’s cold.

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