Sista Sphere Not Making it to New Orleans 4th of July Weekend Due to Short Marketing Opportunity

screen1 For the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, I decided against doing Sista Sphere for New Orleans because I did not have enough time to market. Nothing is wrong with and it is still live on the Internet and fully operational and always been. What happened is I looked through my debriefing notes and I looked at the web site that covered the whole SistaSphere project and realized something: Overall, marketing had too many teachable moments and something we are going to have to take to the lab and study more. The problem with marketing is we are not in control when asking others to spread the word about what we doing. We don’t know if people hate us, jealous of us or whatever but when we announce what we doing, the people we communicate to do not spread the word on our behalf and it has become frustrating. Of course, we cut ties with those people and don’t need that kind of people in our lives and yes, I do take stuff like that personal if I tell someone I know about my business and they act like so what in their response. I think our marketing efforts were extremely underwhelming and definitely was not good enough. We should had a database of at least 100 people to bring out and support the service and brought them in. We did not make follow up calls to have people show up and talk about the service. Did not have paper brochure and paper fliers to pass out even though we could have. We can talk and demonstrate but had nothing to follow up. In the future, marketing will be taken more seriously and done before the project even begin. Will create leads and then narrow the leads down to sponsors, advocates and influencers. Will lean on loyalists to help spread the word and champion the product. Will focus on bloggers and other information distributors to get the word out. This is the big learning lesson to carry forth on the next project. In my SistaSphere project debriefing notes from last year, I recommend it should take at least 10 weeks of solid marketing before releasing a product. That means as soon as I have the project 90% complete, I focus on a solid 10 weeks of marketing and hitting the road and making preview videos and other efforts. I made an announce around 3 weeks I will take SistaSphere to New Orleans and that contradicts what I promised myself as a lesson learned the last time we did Sista Sphere. I made the mistake in the past plenty of times releasing a project because I'm anxious to get it out the lab and dd not do any marketing build-up work. I learned my lesson and will not repeat it with this hastily release of SistaSphere for New Orleans. It does not matter I improved the service, what matters is getting the word out to enough people and that will take 10 weeks of making appointments, videos, social media campaigning and email getting the word out. Last year, the majority of vendors came from the Black Professional Network Facebook page I'm managing but I need more channels to get the world out when I SistaSphere again and I want the sophomore version to be big, not a quick turnaround. The teachable moment is too many time people want to run and take their e-book to the market, take their new product to market before the glue dries and I understand the impatience after being in the lab for a long time. But as a mature entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to market the right way and make sure you are reaching to as many people as possible beforehand. This is why you not hearing about Hustle Space, we are going to spend at least 10 weeks of marketing before the actual release and that is signing up people, going on mini-tours and give away preview articles and have discussions and do everything to make it blow up on release date. So this is what’s going to happen – I’m going to cover Sista Sphere once again and the improvements I made and it gives me a chance to talk about the technology and upgrades and the code. In fact, I was in a dilemma because is written in ASP.NET but I wanted to convert to ASP.NET MVC but now Swagg-Scientific moved to a new UI format similar to Flux and Angular used by Facebook and others like Google and hybrids with ASP.NET MVC. So now what I want to do is cover with the sistas this new style of programming that is actually highly scalable but plug-in-play. This framework is actually based off our point-of-sale architecture that uses as ESB architecture. I hope this was not too technical – you have to learn this stuff. I’m not going to confirm or deny my presence in New Orleans during the holiday weekend. It should be obvious as New Orleans where were I went to plan my first tech venture and it will always be a special place for that reason alone. Once the 4th of July holiday is over, I’m going over SistaSphere and as many of you know, I always use the Monday after the holiday to take things in a new direction.

6 thoughts on “Sista Sphere Not Making it to New Orleans 4th of July Weekend Due to Short Marketing Opportunity

  1. How about we use some of the articles you wrote about Shop wall posters as well in our marketing? I had found a good poster size printer off Craigslist for $50 bucks that prints to at least 11×17 posters. We add QR codes that present a “commercilized” instruction and awareness of how it works. Flood the initial area where Sista Sphere will be held and ask businesses to let us post up a poster in their window or somewhere noticable. Also how about the plastic covering that can stand on countertops like the idea for the SoLoMo for the airport hub with the vendors?
    Right now im a one woman team but I have incorporated was to market around L.A. on a small budget to get this business model in consumer faces. Also hit up every event happening as well to be heard because there is always something going o. Here in L.A. and I see them all as opportunities to market my business. Just some brainstorming ideas for the launch.

    1. This is the direction I want to go instead of the pop-up version. I going to consolidate the geofencing, qr code and micro-mall into an overall mobile solution and present it when I start discussing coding. People will run away from this blog when I start getting technical but after the Fourth that is how I want to rebuild this blog going into tech more deeply.

  2. I believe that some of the models will work well with eachother getting this model going. Also maybe for those who not scared to put in work you can hold webinars as well. Giving us more visual of putting together this model on our end as well. ASP.NET MVC seems more easier for the begining coder like myself and to see things from your perspective would help get this model launched.
    Again im excited that you are returning to this model it is by far my favorite because of the many possibilities that can roll out of it.

    1. I think a udemy course would be great. You will know who is serious by who is willing to invest their money into learning new skills.

      Can you do a post on kickstarter?

  3. Another thing I thought about is the security features. If we add a way for e-commerce to take place on vendor pages like a dropshipping feature how can we try to protect consumer transactions? We have to gain trust as well in that area for both vendors and consumers. I would like to see how would you try to prevent breaches and hacks.

  4. I’ll say your geo fencing is the best tech you put out. My mistake was poor planning. I just hit the road one day on a whim. I sat back and regrouped. I played with my site a little and put a better plan together. I figured I should aim high with a geo fencing scheme.

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