Ferguson Missouri is Nothing More than Black Failure, Plain and Simple

nailtrap I’m sorry for not blogging in a while and the reason why I didn’t blog is because once again, I ran into a fine sista here in Atlanta that was worth all of my time to get to know a little better. Yes, I’m the kind of brotha that will stop the world and melt with a sista if I feel she is worth it. So I been distracted a bit but now I’m back on track after already getting some and tired of her calling a brotha phone when I’m trying to hustle. So I'm back on track. Overall, Ferguson is a damn embarrassment before the shooting incident and when you have a town that is around 70% black and they have that kind of police chief and police force who is not working on the interest of the majority of the community then you really have only two reasons why. The first possible reason is the black population down there is too divisive and don’t vote and don’t know how to gain political power and dumb as heck. This is what Claud Anderson been telling yall black folks over and over about getting political power and it’s obvious 70% black Ferguson didn’t give a damn about having a political base in their own town. The second reason which is more interesting is the black people in Ferguson wanted a racist cop and wanted a racist police department to deal with the black youth and be tough against black people. Pretty much self-hate and this is very real and there are a lot of places that have this mentality all around the country and these are the black people who moved out the hood and believe the white cops and white judges will protect them in a way they did not get protected in the hood. And these the same black folks be in these areas getting setup with traffic-related tickets, taxes going up and they don’t have access to the fine government resources the white minority population has. That sounds more like Ferguson to me. So the lack of black economic empowerment in a town that is 70% black is all me and my crew need to know to focus on better things – the black population in Ferguson brought all of that on themselves by not voting and setting up a power structure like Dr. Claud Anderson outlined to have economic and political power in our own communities. So all you seeing right now is emotional-letting by the youth and the adults are just comedy. So with that said, let me point out some of the observations we noticed about this whole episode. The Fake Black Leadership Exposed. You saw Al Sharpton and the rest of the circus troupe run to Ferguson and got quotes for the newspapers, got their face on cable television and you see other black folks on twitter chatting away trying to pretend they matter or important. But you see the cats who are on those streets are real cats and ain’t paying these media whores any attention. You should realize the real point of those cats out there on the streets – they are clearly stating that no one controls them or lead them and they going to do what they going to do. handsup Hands Up Is Some Coward Ish. Walking around saying hands up and don’t shoot – who does that? Oh, only docile African-American Christians. I cannot remember the count of summary execution videos on streets where a cat got their hands up before being shot down like a dog. And the cops the 70% black population paying with their tax money is pointing guns and firing rubber bullets at them while they walking with their hands up. But you look at cats who strap up, get their guns up and ish – you see those damn police start backing down real fast. Bottom line is no one going to respect your African-American ass if you ain’t willing to show threat of force to those that want to try you. Businesses Yall Keep Shopping At Quick to Call the Cops on You. How much you want to bet Michael Brown was all up in that QT giving the store his money for years and years? Now, if this was the West Side of Chicago and I went into the corner store and told the black shopkeeper I was going to college in three days, you know what he would have done? He would have gave me those cigars for free on the house and be like congratulations. But you see in this whole episode some foreigner running a business in this black community who don’t give a damn about the people in the community patronizing his business quick to call the cops to deal with a kid who probably been spending money there. And yall black folks keep shopping at ish like this and don’t realize when cats don’t respect you or your patronage and just take your money. And I’m tired of white media outlets talking about “innocent businesses” when these businesses are just bloodsucker operations in the hood. What is the next step? Well if we look at the situation..these black kids are marginalized and they know it and that is why they out on the streets because they have nothing to lose. And if I had nothing to lose, I would act like I got nothing to lose also. The black leaders – they have no economic plan and being propped up by the mainstream media who believe they can run propaganda on TV asking black folks to calm down – mainstream media can go screw themselves with that lame strategy that will not work. The 70% black population in Ferguson – they really just want to get back to being lame ass black people in another lame ass black community with no political or economic power. The next steps are straightforward. The first thing that need to be done is switch the riots to the Ferguson police station and city hall and demand the resignation of the mayor and chief of police. Stage a sit-in and everybody else can act wild and chaotic. Learn what it takes to proceed with impeachment of the mayor and the firing of the mayor and prepare to impeach any politician in the way trying to keep the police chief and mayor in charge. That is the first step. The second step and this is important – make sure that dude who worked at QuickTrip never step his ass up in Ferguson and open a business for the black community again. And f*ck QuickTrip too, get your own local store setup with a local owner in the community. Run all those damn foreigners out of the community who just there to take money from black community and quick to call racist white cops on black kids. You don’t need that crap in the black community and it is better those businesses stay empty and you let real cats come in and build up than keep those damn people around. Real talk, if these cats running business ain’t supporting the community and just bloodsucking, run their ass out or burn their ass out of the community, f*ck them. Think about it – who call the cops and claim strong arm robbery on some kids taking cigars? And last – these rogue cops need to be dealt with. Overall, I don’t care about the African-American community over in Ferguson as they brought all that on themselves and I believe the 70% African-American community over there created the situation for a young brotha to end up shot. You mean to tell me the 70% black population did not bother to realize their all-white police force was militarizing? Yeah, now you see why I don’t give a damn about a group of people who obviously don’t give a damn about doing for self, their community or their future.

9 thoughts on “Ferguson Missouri is Nothing More than Black Failure, Plain and Simple

  1. Thanks. I was waiting/tuning in to get your perspective. Spot on! Numbers don’t lie. Actions too. Not protesting at police station was the first thing I noticed among other things. I was deleted from a news blog for suggesting that on another similar incident. 🙂

  2. 70% and don’t own anything? That’s exploitation. Your sentiment mirrors my own and what I tell others: picketing and marches do nothing; engage in selective commerce (sell to all but spend on a few) and use the letter of the law to back yourself with.

  3. This is pretty much what I said as soon as I heard about the racial make up. The Black folks there allowed this to happen. And all that hands up mess is just moronic. Why walk around looking like a victim when it clearly didn’t work out for Mike Brown?

    1. Joy,

      In warfare, truth is the first casualty. We dont need truth, we need victory and results. For too long black folks been running around talking about some truth instead of results. We need results and that is done through actions and skills, not truth…the black twitter link you provided is ineffectual chatter…only a established recall effort is tangible action and genuine intent…

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