Santa Gives, I Get: 2014 Roadmap to Hustling Hard This Holiday Season Like a Boss

santagivesiget The 2014 holiday season will have little to do with chasing cheap “door busters” electronics and generic clothing and have everything to do with innovative STEM-centric retailing and having a festive time socializing. As a hustler, you should start your preparations right now for the holiday and the reason I’m writing this article early is to focus on getting to Shanghai China or setting up your connects in Shanghai right now so you can make moves. For business travel to China you are going to need an “F” visa and plenty of brothas and sistas already doing this and going to Shanghai right now as I’m about to explain in this article. To learn about getting an “F” visa please visit and also many of you lurkers who do not comment or participate in discussions do not realize many of Dream and Hustle readers actually run back and forth from China doing business. Learn to get out there and network with cats instead of being like some of the lurkers who just read this blog and then start doing everything except do for self. This holiday season, you should focus on two main areas. The first area is providing technology and process as a retail consultant to enable stores to do everything from click-and-collect, local delivery and social media interaction. The second area is facilitating micro-festivals and holiday parties that can also contain vendor tables. So let’s talk about these two areas and obviously we will focus on more breakout sessions to get it done. If you been following this blog, the goal was to teach you how to code over the summer and now get you into full implementation mode up to the holiday season to get your hustle up and be a straight boss on your money. Let Santa do the giving, you focus on the getting. Micro-Retailing and Boutique Technology Consultant In this setup, you basically implement all the technology we talked about here on Dream and Hustle regarding retailing. You help manage pop-up shops by providing the fixtures and renting them out or advising on the space and help with the design and signage. You can also work on the technology solution such as rear projection film on the windows shooting video with a projector. Or you can install iBeacon and other mobile-interaction technology. You also setup a cloud service that facilitate services like click-and-collect for a micro-retailer or boutique. And you setup QR shopping walls and posters to facilitate click and collect. Now another thing is the micro-retailers and these are going to be cats selling from a table vendor or selling out of a food truck converted for retailing during the holiday season. You can setup services that allow people to find these micro-entrepreneurs and their current location and consult these micro-entrepreneurs on where the best place to show up based on data gathering as if you were their booking agent. You also help facilitate click-and-collect for these micro-entrepreneurs and setup mobile web design for people with mobile phones to find and track them. I have already showed you cats how to program code and when it comes to the UI, using something like Bootstrap should be easy and straightforward as a template and WrapBootstrap is the best and I used them extensively for our UI and having good results. Also, don’t forget to look at technology out there related to retailing and call up the vendors of these technologies and ask for a sample unit you can demonstrate and you need to be making these calls right now, not later. Running Micro-Festivals and Events I believe the biggest profit for a brotha and sista this holiday season is not buying some stuff and selling but actually setting up the events and charging at the door and charging cats to be table vendors. The cool thing is there are small format venues from apartment clubhouses to small lounges that can be rented out. Now the thing is back in the day, it is hard to get people to show up and also cats be getting shot and their cash box stolen and stuff. Today, you can run these events cashless using RFID bands and cloud services. You can sell tickets in advance and your ticket is the RFID band and you can also have pre-paid drink fee such as 2-drink fee of $15 that is on the RFID band and they just scan at the bar to get their drink. So no shady cats, they need an RFID band to get into the party and you also know everything there. And that allow you to get the money upfront to be confident the event going well and if you cannot sell in advance in a set time, then you can cancel and process refunds. Managing micro-festivals and events (under 150 people) on a weekly basis and doing this with a crew can get the whole crew some nice holiday dough and this is a new trend that can be done thanks to the technology of RFID bands and using mobile phones to order tickets and also using social media to spread the word and promote the event. And table vendors can also be managed ahead of time. Travelling to China to Sell, Not Source I think the days of traveling to China to buy cheap stuff to sell here in America is just tired. In fact the new trend and the smart thing to do for a hustler is to make their way to the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone outside of Shanghai with the goal to target the Chinese market with American-made goods. As indicated, wine is a big seller, sporting goods and even car bling made in America can be sold over there. So in other words, you are targeting the middle class in China versus having cats in China sell you cheap stuff here in America. So think about what you can have here in America and American-made that you can sell in China for the 4th Quarter period. One of the things we discovered is Victorian era styles and big and bold American stuff are very popular attributes for the market in China. Moving Forward Like a Boss As we indicated here, we spent the summer of 2014 talking about coding and innovation while Black Enterprise magazine stayed a joke for a publication. Now this late summer is the time to start putting in the implementation to get ready for the holiday season. I’m planning to make some holiday moves myself just to show it can be done to the local crowd here in Atlanta. So get your planning on and let’s get ready to hustle this 2014 holiday like a boss.

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    1. jb, the actual manufacturers can give you a list of authorized distributors. If you discussing sourcing from China, you can recruit/befriend people to help you out. Where most people mess up with China is they talking to one person as if one person runs any show in China. It is usually a real company with structure and make sure you got an address that you or the person you recruit on the ground can inspect before you go see yourself. that is why I wrote this article ahead of time to handle these upfront tasks now.

  1. Execution is going to be imperative on this one. Studying this and the cube shop and the homies.This blog changes lives. Much love

  2. Im building my web page but however Im looking to add code frim other business models that you have used into my cube shop busineess model. Im slightly confused in the Bootstrap and wrapbootstrap templates. Are you using both as a UI or one of them?

    1. I’m using templates for all of our business models. This is an upcoming topic on the UI MVC part since I already discussed database and the Code part.

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