Wrapping Up Summer of Solutions to Get Ready for Rise of Empires This Fall

howulikemenow When you can show and tell your realness, you see how fast all these other cats out there faking the funk go silent. While these other African-American technology clowns talk about they doing hackathons, they building this mobile app that supposed to do this and that, they going to teach blacks to code or whatever, Dream and Hustle spent the summer bringing real solutions with technology for the black community and showing how it can be done. wedontexist What I personally love about doing Dream and Hustle is watching these fake fronting African-American technology clowns and Black Enterprise magazine morons and the rest of these phony black people pretend Dream and Hustle do not exist and go silent – you gotta love that ish. The reason I love it because the rest of you guys and the West Side of Chicago can clearly see how disingenuous and phony Black Enterprise magazine and the rest of these fake clowns are towards black people while Dream and Hustle talk directly to brothas and sistas and talk specifically about our black issues and black solutions. Let me give you cats some expert advice about the technology industry so you can separate the real cats from the fake cats. The fake cats are the one running off at the mouth talking about diversity, inclusion, having a seat at the table – that’s how you know they are fake because that is what is coming out their mouth. The real cats got talent and skills and know they can do for self and sell their skills to the highest bidder – real cats don’t need to talk, they just make moves and stack the money up. See, when you become good in technology you actually become self-empowered with knowledge and can do for self – the weak cats are out here looking for someone else to put them on and that’s how you can easily tell the fake cats from the real cats in this technology game. The reason these fake technology and fake business black people hate Dream and Hustle so much is because they truly do not want to see you brothas and sistas progress because they just want to brag about themselves to appear better than the next black person instead of empower the next black person. Really, if you see Dream and Hustle out there providing information, why would another black person get a pissy attitude about that? See, that tells you what these cats are about and you should have no further doubts that we have black people not about the best interest of our people. So with that said, let me put the realness all in the face of these haters and discuss what we done over the summer and how we going to get down in the fall. Dream and Hustle Summer of Solutions summersol While other cats talk about they doing urban hackathons, showing black kids how to code, introducing generic black startups to Israeli-owned VC firms and other fluff, Dream and Hustle provided specific information to guide brothas and sistas how to architect and implement self-empowerment solutions for the hood. We first showed brothas and sistas how to create a space in their crib and transform their ideal in their head into something real using post-it notes and mind mapping software. Then we showed brothas and sistas how to look at components such as a membership system to design a membership-only Laundromat business model in the hood. Then we covered how to create a database layer to build out a distributed cube shop empire throughout the hood to empower micro-merchants and provide cross-marketing opportunities. Then we covered the C# class libraries to cover how to establish a product service system using circular economics to generate economic activity in the hood off existing ownership of items and renting instead of buying in the hood. And I forgot - we also showed brothas and sistas how to think scalable and on-demand with a black media operation. Dream and Hustle also used case studies to show how a sista can be an urban model and we also showed how a city can transform itself into a garden city using global patterns and practices. We also provided enough code and examples for any brothas and sista to now fully implement these solutions and research their learning skills further with a good head start. Dream and Hustle did not teach brothas and sistas how to code, we taught over the summer how to create solutions and business models to do for self, our people and our community. Wow, setting up a membership model that can scale globally and create an urban hub in the black community. Or setting up a cube empire to help startup micro-entrepreneurs and even young kids in the hood can sell items or be paid to setup cube displays. Or creating a product service system enabling people in the hood to save money by renting instead of buying and creating income for older people who have things they don't need but can rent out. And creating a black media operation to inform our people and market local black businesses in the community. Now go ahead and tell me what the other cats talking that technology ish was talking about over the summer..yeah, thought so... At this point after Dream and Hustle showed and tell in summer 2014, none of you African-Americans should take seriously any black person who claim to be about technology if (a) they cannot show you code or share technical specifications with you on how to do it (b) their product or service does not provide a benefit to the black community. We have produced enough information on Dream and Hustle for a black person if they truly want to do something, they can get started right now and put in the work. At this point, it is not about who thinks they can talk about technology and blackness, it’s about those who willing into put in the work and actually give a damn about doing for self instead of relying on others for income. Global Urban Collective Facebook Group theguc The Global Urban Collective (https://www.facebook.com/groups/globalurbancollective/) on Facebook has been a solid group and let me just get it out the way – you brothas and sistas who are on the GUC are being lurked by people all over the world. I see the statistics and people all over the world is looking at black people discuss next generation technology and global trends in the Facebook group and they lurking. That is why I left the Facebook group open and public so they can see how we doing this. The good thing about you brothas and sistas on the GUC is that you are showing we brothas and sistas are on top of technology and trends and doing business and a lot of those cats are noticing. The code base and documents we presenting – no one going to have that kind of information we going to keep putting on the GUC and when more and more people join from all over the world, you brothas and sistas can be proud to know you started this and represented your people on the global economic scale that we on top of what’s going on in the global economy. This is another embarrassment for the black “technology victims” out there whining that black people cannot get into the technology field or get VC funding and all that other crybaby stuff. How this is going to shape out is we brothas and sistas are actually on social media taking charge and collaborative with expertise and information and people worldwide will notice and it cannot be ignored. We starting from the bottom, putting out information, people will come in and provide their expertise from all over the world and we will be working with global partners to get real things done. The 3rd Strategic Institute will be producing white papers specifically to contribute to the Global Urban Collective and we are also asking brothas and sistas to start contributing their works and expertise from all over the world. I have all my international partners on hold but will start joining the Global Urban Collective and contribute their expertise on Latin America, Asia and Europe in terms of technology and business models. We Making Moves proud The last article for the summer solutions will be on the user interface and we will just talk about how to use templates off Template Monster and WrapBootstrap using HTML5. Then we are transitioning from the summer of solutions to the Rise of Empires this fall. In the Rise of Empires, we are going to use everything we discussed over the summer and previous Dream and Hustle articles and implement the actual solutions in an open source manner for the black community. We are going to discuss how to setup business models for the upcoming holiday season, from table vending to creating crafts, to doing the math, to hosting events, to hosting micro-parties, to using mobile pop-ups and building the technology to drive this innovation. And Hustle Space will be coming online and Swagg-Scientific will make our debut targeting the Asia market and Americas first before moving into other global markets. But the real empire we want to see rise is your empire – that is what we are here for so one more article on solutions which will be the user interface, then it’s the Rise of Empires..let’s go!

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  1. Loved this whole process! You made it simpler and opened up the opportunity for brothas and sistas to build a empire for themselves and community. I am glad to be apart of the Dream and Hustle growth and looking forward to knocking this fall out the park. Looking forward to the user interfaces study and your pattern in how you implement it to complete your business model for the next phase. Appreciate your dedication!

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