Hey I Haven’t Posted Because I’m Handling Some Business

handlingmine Sorry for not posting in a timely manner but there is always a reason for not posting. I really hope you cats realize the reasons why I'm not posting as often. First of all, you guys know it ain't because of girls - heck, I was blogging on Dream and Hustle with multiple girlfriends and was still blogging while handling an ignorant divorce. The truth is, I'm wrapping up Hustle Space magazine and I'm also wrapping up the 3rd Strategic Institute official launch and Swagg-Scientific which is the umbrella firm of many of our business models we are launching. When you working on your hustle and see the finish product before you can release it, you just so excited and forget about everything else and get caught up. I see the Hustle Space magazine and know this is a winner and I will blog about the whole Hustle Space empire very shortly. Then the 3rd Strategic Institute is going to go hard and we get money and now our official launch is already getting attention from insiders who know our skills and what we bringing to the table. We started as a crew called the 30 Rotten Dissidents (3rd) to now a true think-tank strategic organization that will operate on a leadership level worldwide and I been involved so much in our upcoming projects, many of them I never publicized but made an impact. Then I was trying to get ready for tailgating at the Falcons-Saints game but the place was all jacked up and I could not find a spot. So I had to make a change of plans. What I want to do is have a canopy setup around the brothas and sistas for tailgating and we can talk shop and enjoy football at one of the best NFL tailgating places in the country - Atlanta. I'll post more on this when I get a chance. Then I was watching all episodes of Kino's Journey that is on Amazon Prime and one of the best animes I saw in a while. The intro alone made me want to move to Japan and buy a motorcycle to ride out of Tokyo on the weekend to the rural parts. What I like about Kino's Journey is this is rated MA but it is mature content in a hardcore way without having to resort to blood and sex. You don't have sex scenes or super violent scenes, you just have some stuff that will throw you back and this is not something for the kids. You can probably watch it on YouTube following the video I embedded but that episode above went very hard...so I been distracted watching this with my girl at the crib. I'm also getting ready for another event that I will blog about in an upcoming article and that is hectic also preparing for. So I been all running around handling my business and that is why I don't blog as much as I have been. When Hustle Space launch, Dream and Hustle will wind down and no longer be around as I transition the content to the new Hustle Space web site. Hustle Space is 100x bigger than Dream and Hustle and I'm already in it to know I cannot wait to release the next version. Now what is more cool is the Global Urban Collective Facebook group over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/globalurbancollective/ and let me say it again - you brothas and sistas got people all over the world watching you post up technology content that is cutting edge and you are showing that our people is on top of this stuff and about business models. No one is out there talking about it like you guys on social media. I'm going to spend a lot of time working on documentation on the Global Urban Collective and editing docs. I also asked my members of the 3rd Strategic Institute from around the world to recruit talent to join the group and they will join the group also. I recommend joining the Global Urban Collective Facebook group as it will become a repository of data, code and white papers and detailed information on topics that were presented here on Dream and Hustle. And last is the Rise of Empires content - I'm working on content to help brothas and sistas launch their business with execution and the way I'm going to do it is document what I done with Swagg-Scientific business models and be open source. The goal right now is to empower brothas and sistas and that is what about to go down on this blog as we wrap up things here. So I hope you understand why I haven't posted in a while but I do have some great stuff coming down the pipeline. Ok, will be back.

4 thoughts on “Hey I Haven’t Posted Because I’m Handling Some Business

  1. LOL its all good!! We all on this empire thing! Nothing like feeling excited about the work you putting in and the anticipation of its outcome. I know im definitely excited about my business model after all this reading and trying to work on getting my money up and making this thing work. Empire building for real!

  2. Your content is super valuable, keep it coming. I am already working on adapting some of the concepts that you have revealed…I would really appreciate your thoughts about architects and design

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