Rise of Empires: Creating an Email Signup and Countdown Web Site to Notify the World of Your Upcoming Hustle

gettingstarted Once you decide you are going to do your hustle, the first thing you want to do is set a release date and also sign up people to be notified when you open up for business. So the first thing you will do right now is launch a web site on a $5/month GoDaddy site that explain what you are planning to do, set a date when you plan to launch and have an email form that let people be notified when your service launch or receive more information. In this article, we are going to show you how to accomplish the first step to creating your empire and letting the world know you are about it and coming out with a serious hustle. I have created for you a full working end-to-end template of a countdown script and email signup using ASP.NET MVC4, C# and SQL Server and can be hosted on your GoDaddy $5/month Windows Hosting Account. You can download the code at the Global Urban Collective Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/globalurbancollective/ and look at the Files section. If you have not joined the Global Urban Collective on Facebook I recommend you do so to collaborate on building out 21st century urban and economic solutions worldwide. The brothas and sistas on the site are doing a great job and being noticed by experts and industry professionals worldwide lurking. genericcountdown This basic template requires customization and you can tweak the HTML to just add a background image, add some content that describe your service and make sure you leave the HTML form coding the same even though you can add some CSS classes to design it your own way. This should not be hard for you to do. What I want you to do is look at the technical end-to-end and make this your first ASP.NET MVC4 SQL Server example that you can learn how the whole system work and research it. Then go on Dice.com and see the average salary and all the job listings which is about $105K and up and then ask yourself why you spent the last 3 years acting like this Dream and Hustle blog is a joke while you working a BS job and could have pulled down $315k in salary those past 3 years and saved up to launch your hustle? Let’s go over the components of your first ASP.NET MVC4 SQL Server project to understand how we will be coding out our technology empire solutions in the future. project Database. You will need to create your own database and then run the provided sql script to create the table to hold email addresses. I also created a merge SQL statement to insert the email if the email is not already inserted. I talked about the important of the merge SQL before on Dream and Hustle http://dreamandhustle.com/2013/09/using-sql-server-merge-to-employ-intelligent-data-gathering-solutions/ so learn the concept of that stored procedure I provided. View Model. In the web project, look for the “model” folder and you will see a class that is called signup.cs? If I remember and this is called a view model that is a representation of the data that is on your web page or the “view” in MVC. If you don’t know, MVC stands for Model/View/Controller and the model is the class library, the view is the HTML and the controller is the code controlling the retrieval and processing of data and returning views to be displayed to the user. App_Code. I put in the “app_code” folder which is a special folder a C# class library called SignUpManager.cs and this is the database connection code and processing methods and functions. I call the signup class view model into these methods and functions and populate from the database. You should copy/paste the code I provided as this is the template to getting data back and forth and the majority of the $100K - $200K work you will be doing if you do this as a career. Notice I’m not using LINQ and don’t care for it as an enterprise developer – I build real shit so use the code I gave you so you can keep your $100K - $200K job and launch your hustle as GoDaddy and other web hosting service don’t work well with LINQ or Entity Framework. In the future, I will not use App_Code but a separate C# class library project for C# classes – this is a temporary page that will disappear one the real site launch. This is important – set the app_code properties from “content” to “compile” to create the C# library but I believe this is already done in the download on the Global Urban Collective. Controller. If you look in the “controller” folder you should see the “HomeController” file. Remember that HomeController represents the “Home” folder in the view and must have the folder name before the controller name making it “HomeController” so “MemberController” is controller for the member folder and the functions and methods are inside this controller. Please review this file to see how things work. Views. The views are the actual HTML page and must be created in the same format as the controller. Review the Home/Index view and see how it aligns to the HomeController and the Index() function. Web.config This has the database connection string. Notice I have a database connection called local for your local database and one for GoDaddy where you just add your server and user/password information that GoDaddy given you. Now, I’m not going to get into technical of debugging, installing on your computer and running it as we already covered that coding stuff during the summer and you have the Global Urban Collective on Facebook to talk about how to make things work as we working together on that Facebook group to come up with solutions. stonyelliscountdown I have a live example of a WrapBootstrap template countdown signup on our upcoming crowdfunded discounting platform called Stony|Ellis and I mentioned this before. If you go to http://stonyellis.com and look at it with your mobile device and your desktop, you will see two different versions. Notice I have a stock footage video running in the background that is streaming from YouTube. On the mobile device, a picture of a store will be the background image. Now, this template we using can be found at WrapBootstrap called Atropos and you can see their template at http://theme.stepofweb.com/Atropos/v1.3/HTML/page-coming-soon-video.html. This makes it easier for you to just add your UI elements without trying to do anything new. Never get stuck on creating original UI and just use pre-fab UI templates for your technology service. Also notice the progress bars at the bottom – this is very simple to customize. Now, if you think about what I can do with the WrapBootStrap template version, which I believe was less than $20, I can actually take the countdown script I’m using to the public as a marketing tool. First, I can change the YouTube video with my own YouTube video where I create it with a demonstration video to explain the service and talk about the service on my own YouTube channel. Then I can do a signup table vendor hustle with brochures for the next several weeks recruiting merchants to signup to be notified about the upcoming Stony|Ellis crowdfunded discounting platform. See, now I'm out there recruiting real people and have that coming soon video on loop or i can even setup a kiosk style with a table that let people sign up with their email at events. This is something you need to take note of. kiosk http://www.displays2go.com/P-18553/Black-Anti-Theft-iPad-Enclosures-Feature-Durable-Locks-to-Protect-2nd-3rd-4th-Generation-and-iPad-Air See, the purpose of this countdown and signup script is to start recruiting potential customers as early as possible when you are getting ready to launch and you have something to show. So when you explain you have this web site to a customer, then direct them to your web site with the countdown and signup so they can see you are about it. In case you forgot, I did this with SistaSphere exactly one year ago – I had a countdown script and email signup list and I promoted the service on Facebook and other places and had a whole bunch of merchants ready to start using the service upon launch – in case you forgot and was too busy reading the relationship section of this blog. So go ahead and setup your coming soon web site of your idea or your hustle and let the world know you are ready to do for self, your people, your community and your future.

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  1. Thanks for the article I wasn’t sure if to get a wrapbootstrap template with a countdown page or get it separate and how to focus on getting it up and running to recruit micro entrepreneurs. One thing Im recognizing using MVC is that I can add to my web application in addition to building the data and code is that what is best recommended when building my coming soon UI and my website UI?
    It also seems as if you are either using 2 databases for one web application or adding to one just want to be sure on it.

    1. the coming soon will be part of the same database as the final application. The wrapbootstrap template I’m using have a coming soon UI but i will be using the other pages so I just remove the coming soon page once I’m ready to launch.

    1. Join the Global Urban Collective Facebook group where I and others discuss and collaborate. There is no need for anyone to contact me directly.

  2. Ed,

    I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog! I absolutely love what you’re doing and how you’re going about providing this knowledge. How would you suggest I keep up with the Global Urban Collective Group if I don’t have a Facebook page? In all honesty, I’d consider joining Facebook again just for this purpose. Let me know!

    1. I would recommend a facebook account as it is other people working together and sharing info. there may be a web site coming but will not confirm

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