Dream and Hustle Is Now Taking Awesome Reader Requests for Rise of Empires!

awesome Let’s be honest, we have a lot of African-Americans more interested in Rise of Emotions than Rise of Empires. Do you see our top 10 list showing these cornballs coming to Dream and Hustle looking up relationships topics? These black folks simple as hell and instead of coming to a blog to learn how to get the money up and build out the empire, they more interested in getting emotions worked up and just bursting to give us all their worthless opinion on relationship topics. But you on the other hand, you see the opportunities you see the landscape and you see how it can be done to implement next generation business models and technology. You looking to be a boss, to live life on your own terms and run your own empires while doing good and empowering others at the same damn time. You looking to put real food on your table, live in a house that is awesome and drive a car that is awesome. And you know this technology game is not some fronting shit like those multi-level marketing clowns. Look, everybody is not going to be a go-getter and we just have to accept most of the black folks around us accepted the conditioning of being a loser, being subservient and being a victim all the time. You have to look into the bible and realize God just decided to flood these sorry ass people out and told Noah to build an Ark. And you saw how cats was laughing at Noah building an Ark on dry land too, didn’t you? Do you know how old that biblical story is? And thousands of years after Noah Ark, cats are still today and right now acting stupid as fuck – think about that. So you cannot change these sorry ass cats who all in Dream and Hustle relationship section wanting to spill emotional diatribes while you trying to better your life. And because you go-getters are so damn awesome, I’m bringing back readers request for Dream and Hustle to focus on the Rise of Empires. All you have to do is tell us what you want us to talk about and if I think it sounds worthy to take it on, I will discuss the topic. But let’s talk about the upcoming holiday season and the Rise of Empires. Want to know how I setup our projects on GoDaddy step-by-step? Want to know how to create a tent in an empty parking lot in a commercial zone to sell items on behalf of Internet entrepreneurs to pickup? Ask away and don’t feel there is a stupid question or request. Many of you brothas and sistas are hiding behind your pride to ask questions and feel it may be stupid. I get asked stupid ass questions all the time by cats in Africa and Asia on technology but I take time to show them how to get it done because I know they trying to get somewhere. You brothas and sistas need to drop your damn pride and step up and ask the right questions because I’m the one that will actually answer them while all these other fake cats just want you to admire them. Here is the deal, I already showed cats how to do membership so cats should at least learn how to implement membership. Then I show cats how to design databases and create libraries and use UI templates from WrapBootStrap. Then I topped it off with showing cats how to create barcodes and qr codes. And from all the code I put out over the years, yall brothas and sistas have enough information to startup any kind of next generation business model. So now it’s time for yall to put it all together and all you have to do in your request is ask how to put together these models and make it real. So I look forward to getting those requests and let’s get to the point where you cats can start making things happen right now! Yeah, I know..Black Enterprise is too busy trying to create elitist top 100 lists to care about getting requests from brothas and sistas on how to make things happen.

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  1. Thanks Ed for opening up this convo to ask questions. I for one wanted to at least try and find answers before posing dumb questions lol. I do really want to get one or both of the business models I’m building off ground before the holidays. I’m just struggling on a few parts as far as connecting and making sure I use the correct data process in MVC. I will post in the Facebook group so all who have similar questions can get your input. Thanks so much again this was needed!

  2. Ready, set, conquer!

    I am ready and thanks for this opportunity! How do we make the requests? Will we post them on this thread?

  3. A request for the business model for Fashion Sista Snap Teams in Los Angeles. How do I train Sista “snap teams” to use their smart phones along with non-disclosure agreements with street models to help them sell or place their photos with fashion bloggers and magazines. Instagram is heavily used by sistas but I want to create a platform for sistas to monetize their fashion snaps.

    African American women spend alot during the holidays and take the time to look great with hair care, cosmetics and fashion. Snap teams will draw sista fashionistas together and that is where economic opportunity can grow.

    How does a “snap team” operation generate revenue? Requesting the business model for this awesome reader request.

  4. As you see Rick knows the drill. Use this comment section to make the requests so others can see.

    How do I setup curbside pickup service?

    How do I find popup space ?

    How do I setup a table vending/holiday social with food music and ticketing?

    How do I make my strip club go cashless and use iBeacon?

    How do I configure GoDaddy $5 a month account?

    Can you rewrite the hair extension article to reflect 2014?

    You dealing with real cats in this game so take advantage of this opportunity for me to write articles based on things you need more background or steps to move forward.

  5. Greatly appreciate this opportunity. I was inspired by one of your articles talking about making money with white papers. I launched a site – http://www.school18project.com – which is a multi media oral history project that tells the history of where I grew up. I tell the history through photography, video and articles. My question is: HOW DO I MAKE MONEY WITH HISTORY? The area features one of the first major parks in America (druid hill park) and is now being gentrified..a 90 year old Black hospital which closed in the 1980s..and one of the first closed-in mall(Mondawmin Mall) in America. It began as a Jewish comm in the early 1900’s and became a Black comm since the 1960’s. The community is now a historic district. Any insight will be appreciated.

    1. Hello Clinton, I know your post was directed to Ed specifically but I would like to offer some insight. I went to your site and I think what you have already has MASSIVE potential for those interested in the History of BMORE. The money making angle is inherent. I am sure that there are people willing to pay for prints of your photos. Any documentation you have is valuable too. The Reginald F Lewis Museum doesn’t have anything like your site. And I know for a FACT they ain’t interested in using tech to enrich the museum experience (I went to them and pretty much laid everything out…working examples of mobile tech uses in museums from transactions to media viewing and sharing, it could also be they weren’t interested in my work). Keep the site clean and sharp…always taking the high road. I think the target market you’re after would value that. Finally, keep promoting you’re site and mission. See about getting to 88.9 or letting folks know at HBCU’s. Eventually it could grow to archiving the entire Diaspora and you can go around the world collecting oral histories and photos and selling the media!!

  6. Ed, Thanks for all you do.
    My question is about manufacturing. I realize its cheaper to get products (clothes, inventions, etc) made in China. Is China the only place a startup can get quality products manufacturered for a decent cost? How do we start the process of finding legitimate manufacturers? Is there a database of manufacturers somewhere?

    I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a 3d printer to make some prototypes.

    I’m in the beginning stages of this invention thing. Its all new to me. There is a lot involved. Patents, prototypes, manufacturing, distribution and much more.

    I am working on the MVC projects because I want to be able to sell and promote my products. I want to understand the whole process.

    Again thanks for any guidance you’re able to give.

  7. How do you set up Qr Code Cashless system l have a Event Coming in 2015 l want to use this system to register
    people and track them at different check points and include usb power bank rental service also How do I configure GoDaddy $5 a month account?

  8. Hi Ed,

    Could you elaborate a bit more on the power bank rental business model? More specifically, being able to charge up multiple units such as the model shown in the picture. Who would be a good source to get these from? I have several venues that would greatly benefit from this model but due to anticipation of exceptionally large crowds I’m stuck at figuring out any other “charging” alternative(s) outside of a commercial one. Any suggestions?

  9. @Keith

    Thanks bro…I greatly, greatly appreciate the feedback and will def move on your suggestions. Liked your idea for the RFL because one of the things I am going to do is live exhibitions. That said I wanted to bring multi media experience. If you could send me your contact info maybe we could connect on some ideas. peace bro.

  10. Thanks brother, with the homies, how do i code the nfc into the game? What do i have to put in when im designing the game? How do i create a virtual aisle for the cube shop customers to check on their phone? With the miracast,build the app first and then send them the code to program the dongle? Where should i start internationally to get endowment fundinG . How do you verify your connect at alibaba?..Thanks

  11. With the smartwatches. Ok delivery driver gets his load in the morning (PRODUCE COMPANY) they’re labeled boxes with a rfid tag on them (typical label has weight, company info ,description of item) so the tag is on the label.Driver gets to restaurant and unloads(already routed their by the watch,been made aware of cancellation, add ons etc byway of the watch correct? Now a little strap hangs from the watch , as he picks up each box the strap contains a rfid reader, which records every box thats handled that has a tag on it, now the driver has loaded up everything, goes in the store, now the company sent the restaurant a rfid tag placed in the check-out area that can be programed by the produce company as to what the restaurant ordered, the checkout lady at the restaurant scans the tag to make sure everything they ordered is there. Can this happen? As the driver is scanning/ handling product, where should this info go? Back to the produce company, for them to update the tag or to the rfid tag at the restaurant. Can the watch tell him which items are missing?or can the checkout lady tell him by her reader?

  12. What are the steps to build, configure and connect my MVC application and website to Godaddy? What are the steps to creating a UI that is for administrator back end, employees, and customers all on one MVC project? What inventory level of USB power bank devices should you test when launching your service with little capital? What is suggested flow to operate the USB rental service in reference to re-charging devices? How to create this model into software to sell to merchants to run there own service? How to go about marketing a Cube Shop model with no fixture cases setup? How to reinvest profit from one business model to scale up the next model? (Using USB rental service profit to grow out Cube Shop model). How to figure out service charges for merchants/vendors? When is a good time to launch your business model promotion? How to connect with international entrepreneurs? How to begin setting up travel to showcase your model in different countries?

  13. I would like to go more into depth about the “Global Branded Empire”. There is so much involved with this business model and I would like advice on a recommended starting point.

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