Figured Out Why The Sistas Be Acting All Crazy, Always Single and Be Trifling and Stuff.

takingnotes I decided to spend some time with the sistas and took notes to find out why she tripping so much. As I hear the sistas talk and open up, I begin to learn exactly what the core problem is with sistas and going to share my findings. We black men have been chasing and mating and raising families and communities with the black woman for nearly 1.8 million years so no one is more qualified to speak to the sistas than us brothas. What drove me is my current experience which I do not like. Right now, I’m just completely turned off with the sistas today. I don’t like saying that and I’m from the hood in Chicago and never thought in my life I would say that kind of stuff. I grew up as a child in the hood dreaming of the kind of sistas I wanted to be with when I grow up. Today I don’t even dream about sistas anymore, I be having dreams about chicks but they ain’t the sistas. I can tell you from my experience and I know this among other brothas is that African-American woman truly underestimated her loyalty to a TV show called Scandal and an anonymous comment board sista can lie over the Internet all she want – I know for a real world fact that Scandal TV show crap turned off a lot of brothas from being serious with a sista. One of my biggest advantage being who I am and where I’m from and my experience is I’m a great brotha to take out on a date. Sistas give me 4.5/5 stars and I only get dinged because I be trying to look at their booty on the first date. But really, I can have a conversation with a sista and we can enjoy ourselves and not have a bullshit conversation like most brothas be having. I be having even the most uptight uppity chick be laughing all loud at the restaurant. So I know how to talk to the sistas and have a good time and better, I know how to listen to a sista. What Is the Problem With Sistas? whats_the_matter_baby The problem with sistas is very straightforward and obvious and I’m just going to get straight to the point. The problem is African-American women chase a racial identity social construct instead of chasing love and happiness. Yeah, that’s the problem and that is all it right there. Black women chase the black identity construct and following that race-based structure and black women also chase the white privilege system and that is what all these sistas are doing and not realizing it. Black women actually say and it comes out of their mouth she looking for a good black man. She actually have this ignorant race-based stereotype of some black man who used to play football at University of Texas and he is now some corporate hotshot making a lot of money. Sistas be chasing this image of a black man in a church wearing one of those oversized colorful Steve Harvey suits and she chase the black church structure. And sistas be chasing all of that stuff like black fraternities. And the sistas subscribe to black identity media like black radio and black TV channels. Then the sistas subscribe to the white privilege system where she thinks white people give her a good job and money and not the black man – pitting men against each other in her mind based on race. She talks about stories about her choosing to divest from black men and chase white men to be happy. And she is happy when white media promote shows by a bitter angry prune like Shonda Rhimes or whatever the heck her name is, that bulldog looking chick. So the sistas are chasing the court system, chasing the white police system and chasing white feminist and liberal ideology and all that stuff. You can look all over and see this happening. Then you see how this same white privilege structure gives two shits about black women dying from breast cancer, black women being sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas, black women and HIV but the sista still trying to fit in a system that don’t give a damn about her plight. This is the realistic situation and I need sistas to understand this paragraph. What if a sista love Imagine Dragons and all of their music? Can a sista find a brotha who love Imagine Dragons on a black dating web site? No, because that web site is based on black identity and dudes are promoting black identity trying to look hyper-macho and dressed up or show muscles but cannot show they capable of buying a $300K home, raising a family and pay bills and stay solid. So a sista that loves Imagine Dragons what she usually does is settle for a black dude that don’t want to hear that “white music” and she discount herself chasing racial identity in her mate. That is the core problem with the sistas, she is not looking for love she is following the propaganda line plotted out for her to follow by someone else agenda. The black church agenda of luring these black women in to pay tithes and get screwed by the church brothas. The black fraternity agenda of being exclusive set of brothas who have parties for the hottest ladies and all the black women chasing the same greek-lettered brothas on the college campus. The NAACP award, the Tyler Perry movies and these radio shows all of that black identity shit is limiting a sista and she failing to realize it. You want to know the worst and the one I get bothered by the most? The military veteran black woman that went through basic training, went around the world, experience a lot of things then come back home and fall into that chasing black identity shit when it comes to finding a man. That is the one I’m bothered by the most. I was in the Army sitting all alone with a sista in the middle of a desert and that real shit right there, many of yall never experience that. How the fuck can that military sista after all that experience just go home just to spend her life dressing up to go to some black nightclub to be seen by brothas and just waiting to see a fight or someone get shot? Damn that is stupid of these military veteran sistas. A Solution for the Sistas to Take Care of Herself herewhatweneedtodo Now that we identify the problem which is basically following an external social construct doctrine like race identity instead of pursuing love and happiness, this black man and his 1.8 million years of experience dealing with sistas now want to tell the sistas how to carry herself from this point on. Accept Your Own Likes/Dislike. If you sistas like Imagine Dragons or Maroon 5 then love that shit. I don’t like cornball sistas that like that one dude Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke, I like sistas who like artists like Zedd and shit like that because she got taste that she developed on her own and she got depth to me. If you dislike Steve Harvey morning show and that strawberry letter negative shit they do all the time, then be honest and stop subscribing to Steve Harvey and tell him he focus too much on black negativity and he don’t bring that same negative crap to his white audience. Go and Have Fun with Your Life When I was at Tommorrowworld or any EDM concert, I always ran into sistas who went by themselves and enjoying themselves. They are not chasing white dudes, they love the music and the scene and being part of it. Same with the cosplay stuff if she want to dress up in the steampunk outfit. What a sista does is run into brothas like me who likes steampunk also and that how you find a brotha who love Doctor P and can go to Tokyo together and read manga books at a comic café together before trekking to Mount Fuji together. Remove Black Identity and White Privilege From Your Life Stop chasing black men at church and start chasing men that like Imagine Dragons and other things you like. If you sistas like Kyary Paymu Paymu and other J-Pop and K-Pop bands then go ahead and embrace it and don’t care what other black folks think. You saw on this blog I talk about Kyary day and night, do you think I gave a damn what other black folks trying to run black blogs thought about me? You see me play EDM on this blog, you think I care about other cats opinion of my music taste? I don’t chase black identity and neither should you. Because guess what – I’m still doing things for black people way better than those other simple cornball cats and do it while watching Attack on Titan in the background. Get rid of the mentality that you only want to do things around black people. Stop hanging around just black people when you get a damn job at a corporation. Just focus on your profession and move forward and the right people who matter and relevant to your life and what you pursue will come around. I don’t fuck with black identity anymore such as dealing only with black sistas and you know what happened? I deal with smart Asian sistas, smart Indian sistas, Latino sistas and all other kind of sistas worldwide including interracial sistas who have the same technology background and interest that I have. I got in my damn zone once I wiped out all that black identity shit from my life. Find Yourself and Find Your Purpose And Everything Will Fall in Place staybeauty You sistas have to learn to stop subscribing to the black identity framework and the white privilege system and start pursuing all of your passion and purpose that you believe you have to offer with the one life you got. The majority of sad sistas I know the reason they are sad is because they are loyal to chasing a stereotypical black man instead of real brothas like me. Yeah, I’m nothing like these cornball ass brothas yall sistas be chasing and that’s why yall sistas let me fall off your radar and straight missed out on a good brotha like me. Any sista that know me tell you I like to canoe for example and we can canoe together and travel doing that. I like to go to the beach and road trip and relax. I like EDM and I like New Order as my favorite band. I love Kyary Paymu-Paymu. I know how to program and I know how to field strip over 30 types of assault rifles and a marksman. I would love to go whale watching and see the Northern Lights. I also know how to cook different styles of food and I love having an active and healthy lifestyle free from media consumption. See, you sistas bypass brothas like me everyday because you sistas go chase dudes in churches and nightclubs and gyms and limit yourself and you end up with the same tired type of brothas and disappointment chasing stereotypes based on a race-based social construct called black identity. Accept your likes/dislikes, pursue your path and you will quickly see all the right people and environment set itself up for you. Be you and make sure this whole world understand that you never changing who you are.

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  1. This is almost right, except to you its ok for black men to date interracially but not black women. When we date for love/happiness and find it with a non-black man then we are “chasing a white man” sigh. Double standards again, too bad for you and other men who think like you the black woman is waking up and realizes she can date and marry whoever she wants just as the black man has done, the part you got right is black women need to put themselves first and their needs as women. We don’t owe black men our love, we can find love with any race of men. Sounding bitter hating on Shond Rhimes who shows complex stories of black women. Sounds like you mad the focus is not on chasing a black man. Done with one sided loyalty and intelligent black women are not being suckas anymore. Oh yea no mention about black men who are not being responsible and taking care of black women and their kids, that’s right black men can do no wrong, as more than 75% of babies are born out of marriage *sarcasm*


    1. Ladies and Gentlemen notice this is the perfect example of what I just explained. Notice this woman in her rant/diatribe talk in race-identity over and over. Please read it and notice.

      “We don’t owe black men our love, we can find love with any race of men.” – isn’t that what I stated in the article above? You see how blinded with anger this weirdo is transmitting.

      Here is the truth – this Shanae is a phony. She talks interracial only in the context of race-identity. I date interracial also but if you read this article and what I wrote, you see I have depth where I talk about things I like and women who like the same thing I like and do what I do transcend racial identity. Shanae only talks about interracial as a way to bite at black men – she is not in a real relationship and she just on the internet promoting a persona as propaganda with an agenda…a phony.

      The bigger problem with Shanae silly behind is she think we black men don’t have white men as friends, like we don’t serve in the US Army and go to war together or play sports together at the gym. In Shanae mind, these white men are detached from us black men and we bros don’t engage with each other. If you know I listen to EDM, then you know I’m raving with the bros. Observe that phony angle these sistas be putting there also when you see these women like Shanae be talking that “white men” stuff.

      All of you ladies out there reading and observing are smarter than Shanae give you credit for and I trust you will see through her phony persona. You also should look at the other comments with people trying to see if they can go left-field and find a way to discount. None of this have nothing to do with your personal pursuit of love and happiness. You know exactly what I’m saying here – transcend the race identity and notice i put emphasis on removing yourself from black identity. The people out here all focused on race and want to race-bait is going to have problems with this article and try to make up anything to discount it. You sistas on the other hand…stay beautiful by staying you.

    1. I believe I stated I as a man went through the same thing in the article..what is your point? See you tried to deflect, that aint good

  2. Hi Dream and Hustle, I like reading some of your blogs but you cus absolutely too much so this turns me away from wanting to read your blogs. The information is good however when you start knocking against christian morals and values this turn me away also.

    1. MeToo you and anybody else can just keep it moving – no need to say you not reading anymore and stuff. You not paying for this blog and you not being forced to read this. I’m willing to bet you read immoral wothless crap all the time since you respond to relationship articles and not on the business.

      I kinda laugh because you think the comment board can be used to discount the article – nah, Ill just delete and keep it moving.

  3. On point Ed! I took a break, asked why and recently decided to go back in. “Lets go to the movies.” Okay what do you want to see. “Addicted” Dolled up, dinner, drinks and got see a movie like “Addicted” ouch! 🙂 I cant touch or try to talk about Scandal. I get thrown in hating box. I did notice some disturbing things in the beginning with Scandal and with this new Rhimes show, “….get away with murder” Straight subliminal. I luuuvZZZ Kerry Washington but when they slapped that Scandal font across her face in the ads that ended it. The billboards got Viola Davis face with “murder” across it. Thats the first thing seen driving by at 60mph. What is this?

  4. Scandal. There is a reason why they call television “programming”. They are literally programming us to think a certain way or to promote a certain a agenda. So,the agenda of Scandal is to obviously promote interracial relationships amongst black women. I notice the “interracial agenda” growing stronger since the broadcasting of Scandal. Major blogs like huffington post are posting “black men ain’t shit” articles and the growing popularity of the bwe )movement, which is (basically dating out) across the net.
    Similar media promotion of interracial relationships has happened with BM also for the past 20 years or so. So the question is what the real agenda that they are after? My hunch tells me they are conspiring to “water down” the black race by promoting non-black partners to black women since they don’t date out enough. Much like they conspired to create welfare policies in a way that breaks up black families. If my theory is right, then more spin off shows like Scandal are bound to be broadcasted. Afterall, they have to ‘program’ their target audience.

    1. I agree with you Lena. The war has always been against the black family. And it has always been under attack 24/7/365 for over 500+ years. Yes, the plan is to water us down. Remember, mixed is supposed to be the new black. The program is that black women are horrible to be with, and black men aren’t shit, so we should be with everyone else but each other. To be with each other would be racist, because then you are excluding whites. They don’t want us making anymore black babies.

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