For Sistas to Deal with the Hate, She Have to Look Closely At What She Love

samemedicine There is a growing proliferation of anti-black woman radicalization spreading across the Internet and college campuses and becoming more and more radicalized. There is not a question of if, it is a question of when a sista or a group of sistas will be killed as a result of the radicalization being manifested as we speak. However, black women are doing next to nothing to deal with this situation and now all of the real cats have to step in. With that said, I have zero confidence black women are capable of dealing with the growing black male radicalization against sistas. The threat is too real and at this time, me and my people and affiliates are going to launch strategic action to neutralize any threat against the American black woman and all options are on the table. Not going to let another sista fall like Asia McGowan so help me God. And I already connecting with powerful allies to assist in the identification and marginalization and if necessary establish legal termination scenarios to deal with anybody who is encouraging and seeking radicalization of causing harm to the black woman. One of the biggest target and names floating around is Tommy Sotomayor and his material and communication is architect to reinforce negative and hostile attitudes towards black American women. Tommy Sotomayor can be dealt with easily by simply giving him more exposure than he can handle. That is the oldest trick in the book told to me and was advised not to seek fame before fortune like these other African-Americans like to do. You see reality TV and how these people be acting up trying to be famous. But you sistas should be asking yourself – why haven’t black media tried to give Tommy Sotomayor more exposure than he can handle or even discuss what is going on? You sistas want to know the answer? The reason why is black media is doing the same thing Tommy Sotomayor is doing to you black women and they built a business model around it and that is where Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey enter the picture. Now you sistas going to have to deal with the truth – all those guys I mention is the same as Tommy Sotomayor and the difference is you sistas choose to like the cherry cough medicine but hate the raw tasting medicine. All of them run the same damn game against black women and yall sistas have not realize the hustle. But guess what – brothas like me and other brothas been trying to tell you sistas about Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden and Tyler Perry for the longest time and yall sistas didn’t want to listen. So let’s break it down so you sistas are not confused and we have an official record of understanding why: Michael Baisden is a two-bit hustler little man with a big mouth who talks in an authoritative voice to yall sistas about negative black relationships and scandalous drama. You sistas read his negative shit, you listen to his negative shit and you consumed his negative shit. Michael Baisden operated on the black identity framework targeting black women and you sistas entered his universe and gave him your money and support. Steve Harvey is a stand-up comedian turned actor and entertainer who decided one of hustles was going to be create a relationship book for women to make money off the growing black woman she-conomy. So he wrote a book based on familiar black comic routines about relationships and make it look serious and called it “Think Like a Man” and you sistas went out and bought that crap and believed that crap as real. Brothas left and right tried to tell you sistas that was some made up crap that is not truth and what you sistas want yourself to hear. Now Steve Harvey has a radio show peddling negative actions designed to entertain black women like that Strawberry letter series they be reading reinforcing negativity. Tyler Perry is a chitlin circuit playwright who also focused on cheap stereotypes, negative drama relationships and exploited black people spirituality to make money on his chitlin circuit plays and tours. Now he brought it to the big screen and black women run out and lap it up. Before I go further, let me tell you a real world story. I was driving down Peachtree and stopped at a red light in front of the Fox Theatre and saw a line of black women walking to the Tyler Perry play. I was at the red light and looked at all those sistas faces and I saw so much sadness, depression and self-loathing and that is when I realize this is the type of people Tyler Perry pursue to get his money and pretend he some good guy as a PR stunt. Now the difference between all of the guys above and Tommy Sotomayor is Tommy Sotomayor is just blatant with his disdain for sistas and not trying to squeeze money out of the sistas with his disdain, that’s the only difference. Black media and these guys have disdain for sistas playing negative music filled with guys talking about having uncommitted sex with sistas, calling them bitches and hoes and they rotate that music and then they bring these Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey around to reinforce negative relationships among black women and pass that off as black drama relationship talk. Now in Tyler Perry universe, a black woman cannot like music like One Direction or Kyary Paymu Paymu or like a white guy out of love or have genuine white friends. Tyler Perry created an extremely narrow black identity universe that is very strict and stereotypical with him cross-dressing as an elder woman telling black women how to think and deal with male relationships with hate and disdain and seeking revenge. Not one of these people I mention bring positive energy to the black woman and they are paid by a black media that make money promoting negativity about black women to black women. Tommy Sotomayor is just a small time character compared to the structured anti-black woman media machine in the black community. But you black women are trying to keep loving and will even defend Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden and not willing to see through the hustle they running on your sistas. You sistas have to confront this dilemma and be painfully honest with yourself and realize these men are all the same as Tommy Sotomayor and it will be hard, but you sistas got to accept this fact to move forward with a solution. If you want to deal with the negative elements in your life, deal with the haters in your life the first thing you need to evaluate is what you love the most. When you become enlightened, you will discover a symbiotic relationship between the things you sistas hate and the things you love and realize you have to give up both to be free. For example, you don’t hate Dream and Hustle and you don’t love Dream and Hustle, you just read this blog and take information relevant to you and keep it moving to take care of yourself. That is the enlightened and mature path you sistas need to take in this matter. You will never deal with this hate climate and people like Tommy Sotomayor until you sistas deal with Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey and see them for what they all are – one and the same. Notice none of those dudes even came after Tommy Sotomayor or mention his name because they know they are no different from him and they screwing you sistas over and afraid you sistas will discover and find out Michael, Steve and Tyler are no difference than Tommy. Learn to let all of them go sistas and that is something you have to do immediately. Stop letting men come around you sistas telling you stuff about how to be a woman in a relationship. All you sistas have to do is be beautiful and be you and we real brothas will move mountains and handle our business and fight each other to come at you. Look for women leaders like Yolanda King, Iyanla Vanzant or Mo Ivory who would have a more genuine self-interest interest in the advocacy of the progress of black woman and sisterhood. Build your own black media for sistas by sistas and stop supporting this negative media crap that use black women in a negative manner to make profits. Give them all up..until you sistas do that, the escalation of anti-black woman radicalization will just continue until another sista or a group of sistas get killed like Asia McGowan.

7 thoughts on “For Sistas to Deal with the Hate, She Have to Look Closely At What She Love

  1. My daughter told me last week that she wants to date outside of our race-I asked her why and she said “because the black guys hate me. They don’t think I am pretty and most of the black guys want something that doesn’t look like me”. I was amazed but I totally understood what she was saying. I don’t know why black men are radicalizing our women-I never bought into it (Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden). The only person that can tell me how to be a woman is my grandmother and mother…And I am trying to teach my daughter to love herself no matter what is said about black/dark skin women-but the agenda is far gone that I don’t know if we can come back from it.

    1. I’m not surprised about what your daughter told you. The black community is experiencing an exodus of educated black women. When I see a sis that’s well dressed, has natural hair, and who clearly has her stuff together–both professionally and personally–I assume she dates interracially. It’s sad to see our numbers dwindle, but we can’t expect upwardly mobile women to sacrifice their happiness–better to date out than down.

    2. I am in the same boat as your daughter. I also experienced such hatred and disrespect from these Black men too that I was turned off by them. But subconsciously and unconsciously, I have always preferred White men because they have showed me more respect and I have always found them attractive and from what I have seen, most of them provide for their families and respect themselves.

      You will see more young, Black woman like myself and your daughter with non Black men in the future.

  2. Though I do thank the black man who wrote this article, I and I am sure other black women already recognized the agenda of of all 3 black men, especially that evil monster Tommy Sotomayor who seems he won’t be satisfied until black women and our image are completely destroyed. He will never get his wish. We are also aware of Steve Harvey’s continued desire to capitalized off of some black women’s desire for the so-call “Good Black Men” myth and Tyler Perry’s continuous promotion of bw negative stereotypes for his own financial gain. I don’t know who Baisden is but I forever lost trust inand respect for Chris Rock’s that totally publically exploited and ridiculed black women’s hair and hair procedures and almost begging other races to laugh and look down on us.

    The key is for black women to stop listening to what black men advise us to do. Most black men outside our family and sometimes in, are looking out for themselves and has never had black women’s welfare at heart. Many black men either hate black women and want to destroy us or look to benefit financially or socially by our downfall. We as black women need to unify and make our own decisions about our lives.

    1. Tracey, I agree with you 100%. It’s sad because I don’t like to be right about this. I thought I was the only one that saw through & hated Chris Rock for the whole hair thing he did on BW. I remember him saying to stop wearing relaxer, but when I saw him say it, I saw he had a texturizer in his own hair to relax his naps. And the way he addressed BW was with a complete lack of respect, even on a basic level.

      Steve Harvey was on this special about BW being single & he told these attractive black female lawyers to go find a much older man. I wondered why Harvey kept targeting BW but I see BW are his only real clients. We need to realize that we don’t need to constantly listen to black men! Yes, BW need to bond together & help each other. We can’t really anyone else right now. The sky is the limit for BW & yes, BW have started waking up!

  3. You told the truth here!
    Anyone with a brain can see the agenda of the males mentioned in this article and they are exploitING and make money off of the misery of black women. Which would further make sense for them to fuel the flames of misery. I believe good energy in means good energy out. I peeped that slick Steve Harvey when he was on the Apollo. I was not supprise that he was hating on RIP BErie Mack.
    I did not buy that stupid A** book or watch any stupid a** Tyler perry movies.
    I stay single before I look to any of these men for self-help tips. I am marketable and do not have to resort to tricks to get a man. Furthermore, I would like someone in my life but that does not define me…we need to stop defining our self worth by, if we ‘got a man’ crap. I suspect this falls into the greater plan come on home to the white man; who had open access to the black female in slavery. By and large most black women were loyal to black men only. Now the tides have shifted. By all means I can’t tell anyone who to love. But to say I want to date white men because ALL black men don’t like black women is a pathos. That doesn’t even mean you like white men you’re just going to them out of some perceived rejection of the black man. Madness. divide and conquer.
    fyi…Kevin Hart and anything he is involved in is off limits for me too.

  4. His latest work. I knew nothing about him until today. I didn’t realize what I was up against. His response to my concerns were to simply leave his video. He had tons of people that agreed with him by the way. I did leave the page but not without speaking my minds. His topic was toward black women and weaves. I guess he dares people like myself to speak out.

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