Global Urban Collective Facebook Group Going Private…

guc The Global Urban Collective Facebook group is now set to closed meaning only members who joined will be able to see posts and access resources. Me and my team will be in the process of adding new code, new white papers and how-to resources for GUC members. Both HustleSpace magazine and the 3rd Strategic Institute when launched will exclusively use the Global Urban Collective as the repository for downloads and will only be for members of the Facebook group. It is strongly advised you join the GUC at if you are looking for resources and materials to make things happen. It is the only place I respond to people with questions or comments and other members in the group are very resourceful. Also, any material I cover including the reader submitted content, any downloads will only be available on the Global Urban Collective Facebook group. The GUC is not going to be a huge numbers group full of get-rich quick spammers and cats posting up political/emotionally charged content. This Facebook group will focus on global STEM-based topics and focus on solutions, patterns and practices and how-to in order to help members move forward on their goals. Let me explain something and I need you guys to understand - everything I'm talking about here is $15 million and above talk and discussions and business or $100k and above career stuff. You should have enough sense to realize I'm not a lightweight and the topics we bringing here are not lightweight either. Silicon Valley, Wall Street, London and Australia and rich tycoons are pouring serious money into cats who even have a hint of the skills and talent I'm bringing to you brothas and sistas. You should already know and probably peeped that the 3rd Strategic will likely do a big deal out of Asia real soon but that is inevitable. Black media and the cornball Boule are simply not on this level of the game and you need to understand cats around you don't understand this level of the game - you are in new terrority and have to trailblaze and make things happen in this front. I can tell you for example - we already know retail jobs will no longer be minimum wage but $40k - $70k jobs within 2 years and I will discuss that later. Money is pouring in from everywhere and I hope you catch a clue this is where it is all at... So I'm currently working on white papers to publish exclusively to the group and you see the first one coming down the pipeline in the image above. The problem with Facebook groups is it does a really crappy job of organizing files so what I'm going to have to do is re-archive and re-name everything like WhitePaper_TableVending or WebSite_ProductServiceSystem. I'm just going to be honest as hell - I'm extremely hyped and nutty with both HustleSpace magazine and HustleSpace web site and the resources we are bringing to the table for brothas and sistas. We are blowing everybody out of the water and none of them will be able to answer when we launch - none of them. But HustleSpace is a paid subscription service. The Global Urban Collective is your best bet for free resources and materials that you will not get anywhere else on business models and technologies for urban areas. Dream and Hustle will be slated to wind down operations after HustleSpace launch as we moving 7 years of content from Dream and Hustle over to HustleSpace. Dream and Hustle cease blog operations in 2015 will transform into an short story series many of you guys who read this blog were familiar with years ago. Anybody who read those stories should be excited to hear this news. I will announce more details later. So for now, your best bet is to get over to the Global Urban Collective Facebook group as I will be going hardcore for the upcoming holiday season to get brothas and sistas ramped up to launch business models and be hands-on with providing documentation. Also, in November I'm looking at startup space sharing with a few organizations in Atlanta to host some hacking sessions and planning to do a strip club hackathon at a known strip club here in Atlanta - see the things going down? Should strippers wear smart watches to know what table or VIP to go to? Should brothas be able to order fantasy girls by body type and order lap dances from kiosks and fill up a prepaid card? Most banks do not offer payment processing to strip clubs - can a brotha or sista offer an alternative payment system? Ok, let's get back to the GUC. I just want to say - don't you find it funny that you saw all these "techie" black folks talking about Black Web 2.0, talking about Blerds, talking about making mobile apps, talking about getting VC funding, talking about lack of diversity in Silicon Valley but none of them are even doing anything on the level me and the 3rd Strategic Institute is doing? Have these characters even written one line of code for you brothas and sistas to download and get started on something? Well did they?! Yeah, I hope you cats recognize I'm as real as the West Side of Chicago I came from and hope to see you at the Global Urban Collective Facebook group to start making things happen.

6 thoughts on “Global Urban Collective Facebook Group Going Private…

  1. Your strategic mindset never ceases to amaze me. Even as an older head I am finding so much valuable information from your blog and I am proud to say that I am a member of The Global Urban Collective Facebook group.
    I spent a lots of wasted time and energy following the Quasi “Know it all” Black Business and Tech establishments before I realized all they were doing was running their mouths and patting themselves on the backs and providing no real information. You data and info has brought me up to speed. I am now prepared to show the WORLD what a middle age black techtreprenour can do with his own empire. Again thanks.


    1. You are welcome. The more real cats that do this for self and make a difference, the better we can expose the fake cats out there.

  2. I am so happy to continue to read your blog and try to take these ideas and implement them into my own. You are giving some knowledge and I am on a course to have several different ventures soon. I have changed my savings structure just to accommodate the things that I know I will need to begin with. I went back to the beginning of the blog and just started to re-read articles. Ed, you are awesome and amazing! I appreciate your skills and the ablity to turn on others of us to the game!

  3. Hey there ED, I am studying Web Development and Computer Programming, and am taking my studies from my Associates to up to my masters degree. I have self-taught myself code and have been learning it before I enrolled into college. Long story short, I had been looking for a Facebook group much like the Global Urban Collective, and to a lesser extent was browsing sites like CollabFinder to connect with fellow pan-African technologically savvy like minded individuals.

    I only managed to find this site today when I was browsing information on Claud Andserson, and I am grateful I have found this site. I support what you are trying to do and have been looking for something like this to get involved in.

    I would very much appreciate it if we could connect and network together.

  4. Hello, thank you for your blog. I just tried the Facebook link, but it returned a page saying the content is unavailable. Any help you could provide in helping me access the GUC group would be much appreciated.

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