I Need the Sistas to Read This To Understand the Next Articles

readsome Sistas, I have to keep it moving and focus on business topics and the awesome user submitted requests. But I'm aware of what is going on and manifesting itself in real-time regarding the growing online hate campaign against black women. However, you sistas are simply failing and have not made any significant accomplishment since I talked about this from the beginning. The problem with you sistas is you sistas are not understanding the battle and do not know your allies and enemies and the real targets. Yesterday I received the following comment on Dream and Hustle from a young brotha on the article about Elliot Rodgers and the MRA threat: I’ve listened to Tommy Sotomayor and what he does is expose the behaviors that black women have been getting away with for years. Everything from the foolish ideological backwards thinking of “Yo Mama’s Black,” to the issues with self-hate, Tommy talks about these things that most men (because of articles like this) are scared of. Most black men have an idol and it’s called the black women’s vagina. Tommy addresses that AND is man enough to speak of his own failures. If you’ve really listened to him (and I know you have) you would have picked that up. Instead this is just another feminist, (even though white feminism used y’all during the civil rights movement) intellectually dishonest, article put together for women who would rather have a white man at the end of the day. At first, I called him a sniveling bitch for talking about what another dude said on the Internet. Then I drove to Old Navy because they have nice stuff on sale and some Asian women are attracted to black men that wears Old Navy stuff. So as I was driving, I realize something about the comment - I cussed out a young impressionable man. This is not the same group of people who hated black women online two or three years ago, this dude was a new generation of black men who grew up and growing into Tommy Sotomayor propaganda against black women and he is consuming it the same way and he represent a bigger picture of the young black men out here and the attitude towards black women. So I decided to clean up my message and talk to him like a grown man to a younger man: I’m going to clean up what I said and responded because I realize that you appear to be a young cat that is probably still trying to find his way. So let me speak to you as a responsible elder. First of all, you as a man should never talk about what another man said especially what he says about women. You are your own man and you go out in this world and find out yourself as a man. When you build yourself up to support a family and a wife and have an empire, you will discover you don’t have these “black women problems” that these other dudes are talking about. I don’t give a damn what Tommy Sotomayor, Tariq Nasheed or anyone else is talking about – fuck what they talking about – I’m my own man who made my own way up in this world and do things my way as a man. This is the problem we having with Warren Ballentine right now with cats following other cats in these media stuff and not being their own man. So please do not ever argue or mention what another man said as you are your own man. Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed attract weak-minded bros who ain’t their own man and I don’t want any of those kinds of simple ass emotional dudes near Dream and Hustle. I want go-getters, cats who think for self to go do for self around here. So with that said, I hope you realize that you need to realign your life as a man and disconnect yourself from that crap you reading and watching like Tommy Sotomayor or Tariq Nasheed or whover you bros want to name-drop. Get another man name out of your mouth and instead, be your own man out in this world and live your life. Stop following other cats. We don’t do followers here at Dream and Hustle and if you are your own man, you would never have these so-called “women problems” these other dudes are talking about and whining about on YouTube and other places. Let me explain something to you sistas because this is what the next article is going to be about. I'm going to show you how to deal with Tommy Sotomayor but I want you sistas to understand something. If you want to deal with Tommy Sotomayor you have to realize the target and the problem is not Tommy Sotomayor. To be honest, Tommy Sotomayor can be marginalized in less than week easily and I will explain why in the article. But Tommy isn't the real problem here. See, it's interesting that a black woman put this information online on YouTube and only get 2,000 views meaning you black women are not even helping each other spread the message: Dream and Hustle told you sistas what the real damn problem is a long time ago but you sistas are refusing to accept what we told yall. The problem is not Tommy Sotomayor and he is not your target. Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and the rest of those motherfuckers are your real target and you sistas are emotionally blinded and loyal to your own enemy-in-your-face to understand this. Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey created Tommy Sotomayor and they are worst than him in terms because they manipulated you sistas to believe these Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden men can tell you how to think like a woman and how to do black relationships when neither of these clowns are foundational black men, just some damn entertainers. If you want to deal with Tommy Sotomayor, you have to go to Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey. I already told you that it was Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden and Tyler Perry who sold you sistas the black-identity relationship concept that is the core problem of sistas so these "entertainer" guys can get rich off the sistas. Now, let me ask you sistas a simple question - why haven't these two characters Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden leverage any weight towards Tommy Sotomayor? Tommy Sotomayor is not some underground or unknown - everybody know who he is. You sistas are failing to open your eyes on Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey and see what going on and I'm going to open those eyes for you in the next article. Now there is one more problem and this is the swirling sistas and the Scandal bullshit - I hinted in the last article comment section to AntX question about the Shonda Rhimes billboards and I deleted my comment because I didn't want to leak anything. But the problem is you sistas have fucked up big time, so big that not even the 3rd Strategic Institute can save you. See, you sistas think you messing with us black men with all that swirling talk and Scandal bullshit you consuming but you sistas actually pissed off a bigger enemy who is now going to come after your ass. And I'm going to give you a hint - they are getting ready to get Hillary Clinton in office, they are going hard after the white male corporate culture and pay inequality and they taking on issues and winning decisive victories and they got TV shows on daytime TV where they sit around a table and chat up issues. These people are so powerful, Karl Rove and Fox News are scared to death of them and been trying to fight them for years hoping this day would not come when they rise up. They already dropped a hint calling Shonda Rhimes "how to get away with being an angry black woman" in the New York Times, hinting to you black women they coming after yall. And I know these women because me and my crew personally trained some of them in data manipulation last decade and they running with it and I'm proud of them. And I know this about them - they don't like sluts and bimbos like sistas talking about sleeping with white men out of spite or watching a show about a whore fucking a married president like she Monica Lewinsky when the wife could be Hillary Clinton. I'm going to get back to business talk and ignore this relationship stuff but I'm going to throw you sistas two bones to handle yourself because you sistas don't even realize what coming at you right now. You black women are about to get hit hard from two directions and you are not prepared for battle that you sista actually manifested through your own actions. And we are talking black women being killed by radicalized black men and black women losing jobs and opportunities and growth by not getting on the team fighting the good ol boy system. You sistas don't understand is that if you want to win and succeed, you have to realize your biggest enemies are the ones you sistas are believing are not the problem and that is the problem.

5 thoughts on “I Need the Sistas to Read This To Understand the Next Articles

  1. She went in on Rhimes’ bootleg ass. I appreciate her ruthlessness. You can say the same about the other clowns you named.

    Why is Steve Harvey hanging out with Paula Deen when he’s supposed to represent positive black manhood?

  2. I salute you my brother! You have hit the nail on the head. I am glad someone said it! It is very hard to be a black woman and its about to get harder!

  3. I guess folks wasn’t paying attention when Monica Lewinsky got on national television making her rounds last year saying, how her ass couldn’t get a job for that stunt she pulled on Bill Clinton. Make no mistake Hillary Clinton is a real live gangster and I ain’t mad at her at all. Sistas are degreed up but please believe what these classes don’t teach you that the hood will never let you forget is that there are rules of engagement, and the silent ones are deadly!

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