It’s Time for You to Cut the Crap, Man Up and Marry Her Because She Loves You

her It only take us men 9 seconds to realize the woman we just met is someone we want to marry. It also take only 90 days for us men to change our life around to be the man she want to be married to. In this article we are going to talk man-to-man about you stepping up and settle down with the girl who loves you and you know you love her too. With that said, this is a conversation between real brothas like me and you, not some silly ass Internet motherfuckers because this is your girl we are discussing here. So I’m disabling comments on this one because when real brothas talk, we don’t need bitch dudes who ain’t got their manhood together and bitch sistas who ain’t got her womanhood together trying to chime in with their bitch ass opinion. This is the discussion of you becoming a self-made fulfilled man and be the kind of man that she not only wants but the kind of man you know she need to take care of your family and your legacy. The problem I see here in Atlanta, Georgia USA is there are a huge number of quality sistas who are in relationships with dudes not willing to commit. These are not those sorry ass sistas that spend too much time on the Internet and watching reality TV – these are real quality sistas that love her man. But because dude isn’t showing any progressive commitment, she is walking around calling him “husby” or “significant other” for years and that some really sad shit to see a good sista be in that kind of situation, my man. And it’s time I call you out for putting a quality sista in that situation because you as a brotha is failing to step up to your place as a man in this world and be there for those who love you. That is your only purpose in this world as a man – to be the solid provider and protector of your family and tribe. She will take your last name and the children will take your last name and you are to build a legacy that your ancestors built over the years and continue the journey of life for the next generation of your family to carry out the legacy. So as a man who is responsible for this legacy, it is your role and purpose with your mortal life to be a leader and step up and build your legacy and your family with someone you love and trust. And if you standing there with a woman that loves you, calling you “husby” and “significant other” then you need to take the steps as a man to begin the building of your legacy and place in this world as a mortal man to carry the legacy handed down to you by your ancestors to carry to your children. That means you prepare yourself as man who is going to marry her and make the commitment to settle down with her. Let Her Know Right Now. Because you failed to act within your 9 seconds of realizing she is wife material and failing to show your progress in 90 days to be her husband, you will need to make this happen immediately. Get with your woman and let her know you loved her the very first moment you met her and tell her that you are going to work to be the man she want and need as a loving husband. You give her that verbal commitment immediately and you mean it. This is not about catering to her, this is about you as a man making a commitment to be someone for somebody who loves you and step up who you are. Get Your Act Together. Let her also know you are making changes to be the best man she can love and be the best father for your kids. You are giving up smoking and drinking. You are going to be there after work and wish her off before work as her support system. You are going to get a better job and tell her you started reading Dream and Hustle to be an entrepreneur to build a solid foundation for you and your family. And get into the gym and active lifestyle and ask her if she want to go jogging or workout in the park and the gym with you. Health and wellness is the most important cornerstone of a marriage and courtship period because it shows you both are committed to being healthy for self, each other and try your best to be around to see your kids grow up. Meet Her Family. As a man, you have to meet the family and let them know that you love her. I strongly advise you to meet her family as the family will show you what kind of woman she is. If the family dysfunctional, I strongly advise you to get rid of her ass and find a woman with a solid foundation and solid parents. Find a woman with a father who put in real work and not talking that sissy ass religious crap. The kind of father who served in Special Forces at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and take his son-in-law hunting, real man shit. You let the family know that you are a man in progress and you are doing it for her and explain how their daughter is everything to you and she mean something in your life. You are not saying this either, you truly mean it that she gives you a path and purpose and make sure the parents hear this. Prepare to Be a Husband and Father. You need to put in the work to be a provider and protector of your family. That means you must have good income coming in and you must know how to build solid assets. The majority of weak ass dudes bitching and complaining about women simply are broke dudes who ain’t got their shit together. Even dudes who are well off, if we get divorced and lose it all, we can get all that shit right back with our hustle. You as a man need to have that foundational hustle to make shit happen for you and your family and your girl. Learn to start and run your own business, learn to travel and get connections globally and learn to save money as well as make that money. Your children, be there to play airplane with them at the park, dress them up for Easter and show up at their play or game at school. Let me explain something to you – I don’t fuck around here at Dream and Hustle and be on my business. The majority of the business models I talk about is for cats to do for self, their people, their community and their future. The reason why I say that on these articles over and over is because that is real man shit and that is what you supposed to be about. You as a man in progress have to step up and take your role as the provider and protector of those who love you. And right now, you have a woman in your life showing over and over she loves you and you as a man now have to stop the playing around crap and make that commitment in the name of love and legacy to your ancestors, to yourself and to your future generation. I do have a woman in my life and I cannot tell you how fulfilling it is knowing she love me and there for me when I dealt with so many shitty ass sistas throughout my life. So you don't have to preach to me how messed up relationships are, I know. I already told the young brothas to look at Asian and Catholic Latinas because I know just as much as you brothas how shitty and worthless the majority of these African-American sistas are. But the majority of you brothas have sistas loving you that are from around the way, from the same hood you from and you know she knows the kind of man you are, know your parents and people and she down with you with whatever. I’m telling you as an elder from the West Side of Chicago and also as a man who recently found my best friend and purpose for you to marry that girl if she loves you and make yourself the man she would be proud to love and you both can continue your legacy for the next generation.