Look Like Brothas and Sistas in Good Shape to Build Some Global Empires

elhappy Dream and Hustle put out so much information on launching and running global empires and Global Urban Collective Facebook have cats collaborating that we are in good shape to make real moves. A lot of brothas and sistas have their own solutions and contributions and willing to own the foundational technology level to be able to scale up to global empires. These brothas and sistas also destroyed the myth of African-Americans not having access to opportunities in technology and cannot make empowerment moves and realize we can do anything if we share information and how-to with each other. In this article let’s look at closing all of the gaps so brothas and sistas can truly make self-empowerment moves towards establishing global empires. So let’s talk about how brothas and sistas can move forward and address some of the gaps stopping progress so we can make things happen. Learn to Build Solutions and Foundations Remember that the role of an entrepreneur and mogul is to create solutions based on solid foundations and frameworks. Many of you are spending too much time trying to learn code, learn a specific technology and not looking at the big picture of the solution. Drive your hustle from the defined solution to the defined framework and defined workflow and everything else will fall in place in terms of what marketing or technology strategies to incorporate in your business model. When it comes to programming, what makes it cheap like $5/month on GoDaddy cheap is because I know how to create a scalable foundation and I know how to code out the solution in modules. This is why me and my crew can work on multiple projects because we have modules that are part of a framework we can piece together to deliver a solution. If you read the business models long enough on this blog, you should realize the cube shop solution is no different than the QR shopping wall solution and the cashless wristband solution is no different than the grocery pickup model solution. They all use the same components that we already established. This is where I’m trying to lead you brothas and sistas how to think. So what Dream and Hustle will do is start putting creating modules that we will use for our hustles on the Global Urban Collective Facebook group for brothas and sistas to apply to their hustle. For example, the first thing you should setup is the Membership component to sign up users. Then you setup the payment module to get the money through subscription or checkout process. You setup getting customers and getting their money first and foremost, everything else is secondary. Once you learn to get customers and get their money, then can’t nobody tell you ish because you have an expertise on getting that money. Then from there, you build out the social media component to share products you are selling, publish videos and create customer groups on Facebook and Twitter to interact with customers. But remember the goal is to get them to your web site to conduct transactions by signing up to a subscription service or purchasing a product. And then you build out your core business model which you may find surprising is simple as heck – just checking a membership status, post a feed status, schedule an event and so on. That is why you focus on foundations and frameworks to hold the solution in place. You Have to Put Boots on the Ground A lot of people want to say why we are giving away all this code and information for brothas and sistas to just take. You see a lot of takers and not a lot of givers around here and that is true, cats come to this blog, take information and don’t even give me any kind of acknowledgement and some even got the balls to try to criticize me after taking my information, which is just as funny. The truth is, the only thing proprietary is your hustle, not the code or information. Your hustle is the actual action of putting work in to get it done. Cats be coming to this Dream and Hustle to just read and then wait for the next article to come out. You on the other hand want to say “let me see if this work, test it out and if it can make me some money” and then you have 12 business models all making that money for you while other cats still waiting for the next Dream and Hustle article to say it was a good read. See, this is nothing but all words and text on a screen – it is your hustle and your action that is what going to make things real in your world. But one thing you need to learn is this is nothing but technology and code. You have to sell the solution to the people and you have to be real-world and physical. I know many of you cats want to badly believe you can just copy and paste cute slogans on the Internet and think that is how you get business. But at the end of the day, something real and physical has to happen between you and your customer to build your business up. You cannot just run some mail-order stuff where you send a package – you have to incorporate tracking and a nice package and also send an email for follow up. You have to setup 10x10 canopies and table vendors to get the word out at trade shows and special events. You also have to do media spots and interviews to get awareness out. And you also have to do a lot of dog and pony shows to convince cats who doubting you from the beginning. Me, personally I’m not interested in winning over people I know, I grew up with and family and close friends. If they don’t believe in my hustle and they know me personally, I will get rid of their ass and put them out of my life, family is not exempt. Cats better support me and my dreams and you better have that same mentality that people around you better support you and your dreams also. Screw all that funny crap, if you got people in your life twisting their lips up or go quiet when you talk about your hustle, get rid of them and diss them and make sure you tell them why you dissing them and you stay on your mission. Now you are going to see crap in the black community like Black Enterprise magazine trying to say you need to prove yourself for them to acknowledge you like a gatekeeper. Well, you don’t accept the myth that only those funny ass characters at Black Enterprise get to pick and choose the black folks will hustle and succeed. Instead, you focus on recruiting customers in these streets and build your empire up and you diss Black Enterprise magazine for even introducing that elitist uppity bullshit to our black community. You see how Dream and Hustle do it – we are here to help you brothas and sistas starting from the bottom to come up and we are happy to share information and how-to with yall to see you make it. You startup black entrepreneurs mean something to us at Dream and Hustle right now and yall don’t have to prove yourself - we want you to have that entrepreneurial journey and be with you along the way. And HustleSpace is going to have that same mission. So don’t think you are going to be online, you have to get out in the real world and promote your hustle, have your hustle on your tablet to demonstrate the workflow and also be able to signup and register users and get them on the subscription plan or receive more information via a QR code and show them how to physically use their phone to scan QR codes and NFC tags to get them to conduct transactions with you and your business. You Have to Replace Black Identity with Black Solutions The younger African-Americans have to accept that the whole black identity stuff was some straight bullshit, plain and simple. Black identity does not put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads and keep jobs in our community. Black identity is some sissy-ass emotional shit of feeling inspired, feeling proud because of the color of a person skin, some ignorant ass race-based shit. I have not listened to black media in a long time and for the first time last week, I turned on black media. I turned on black talk radio to hear the same emotional topics where black people call up and chime their worthless opinion and quote from the King James bible. I turn on the morning shows with Steve Harvey doing negative pranks and talk about negative relationship issues and they all laughing together. Then you hear that same weird laugh of black folks laughing together when you turn on Tom Joyner and that laughing together on Tom Joyner show is creepy if you not used to it. Then the movies and black series are nothing but negative conflicts and drama. Then we talk about Al Sharpton where we black folks just always have a problem and need to be emotional to go register to vote or voice our concerns and protest. Then you see emotional sissy ass black intellectuals acting like they got talking points that are provocative and deep and you also see crap like the Urban League and others trying to “inspire” you with stories of other people and look important to you instead of just help your ass get somewhere. If you sit back and sit out of black media and come back to it, you will be shocked at the emotional programming they doing against black people and that is all black identity crap. You brothas and sistas need to think solutions, not identity when it comes to our people. See, when you focus on solutions, the end justify the means. Many black women be throwing shade when this strong black brotha mention his beautiful and lovely Asian girlfriend who has been there for him through real thick and thin situations and is his best friend at the base level. Other cats want to say something but don’t realize HustleSpace was being developed and article written by Filipino cats in the Philippines under my direction. Now, ask yourself what is more important – me and my girl going to Asia to broker deals to open Asia trade to black communities as an economic solution or the black identity of me obligated be in a relationship with a black woman? Ask yourself what is more important – a HustleSpace resource packed with information to empower brothas and sistas or a black identity operation magazine based in the hood with just black folks working there? Black identity has been a disaster and held our people back from progress and you see cornball Boule cats running around promoting that black identity shit trying to get good in white privilege circles. Look around at the cats talking about affirmative action and appearing on MSNBC – oh damn, why they all light-skinned and curly hair and ain’t from no parts of any hood? Because real hood cats like to hustle their way up to the top and this West Side brotha is a straight hustler and that’s all I know and love how to go out here and get all of mines. So I’m interested in chasing solutions, not a hookup or some Boule ass connection. Let me tell you young brothas and sistas the number one reason why you need to destroy black identity and embrace black solutions. The reason why is because your experience as a black person is valuable as a contribution to the global economy and scalable. When you create a solution for the black urban community, you create a solution for an emerging Chinese urban community and other emerging cities around the world. When you create a membership Laundromat or a cube shop in the hood or a pop-up IPTV broadcast system – you can take that hustle anywhere in the world and you build global empires. Look, the black identity cats are dead in the water and marginalized and you know better than follow defeated cats who are worthless to the big picture of building global empires. You instead focus on leverage your experience as an African-American and contribute to the global economy with your unique background and perspective to offer as a solution. When you create hood solutions, you create global solutions from aquaponics to solar farms and so on. Focus on solutions, no more race-based warm and fuzzy black identity crap. You Have to Go Global Going global does not mean you get a passport, travel somewhere and take a selfie and brag on the Nomadness Travel Tribe that you been there and brag you got more stamps than the next guy. Going global means you look worldwide for patterns and practices and apply those solutions. Going global mean getting new friends from all over the world who can give you a diverse perspective on people around the world and new insight. Going global means not having your mindset based on College Park, Georgia but understanding what is going on worldwide like the newly established free trade zone near Pudong, China around the Shanghai airport to go and create a serious enterprise opportunity for global trade. You see this blog can talk quickly about things that go on in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London to African-Americans while Black Enterprise is chasing black faces to throw in their magazine. We talk about modeling in the UK and talk about South London like it is the South Side of Chicago. You see me throw up maps in Hong Kong along Mong Kok so you can navigate from your desktop how it looks over there. This is all global patterns and practices you are learning to see things that you can peep and say hey, this is something we can do over here. You saw how I peep the USB power bank business model from a European operation and described exactly how we can do that over here in our hoods. That is what I mean by going global and find opportunities we can pursue. Learn to have global friends and just introduce yourself and be cool with cats from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle Eastern cats. Then most important, look at seeing how you as an African-American can contribute to better their lives. One of the things you will see as a brotha or sista when you make global moves is how just $200 can change a person life forever with a new business in their emerging country. You can help them start a magazine operation and then you see them motivated and excited and get something out there and you as a brotha or sista, even though you not tight here, you still can help them out and encourage them and congratulate cats. For too long, our people been selfish looking at ourselves instead of realizing we have the resources to change people lives everywhere. We brothas and sistas have plenty of opportunities to pursue and things to share globally and it’s time we start operating on that level as our place in the global economy. Little Bit of Advice Before I go, I have one more very strong advice for brothas and sistas and this is a problem that has something to do with ego. When I show your ass how to do something – do it exactly how I done it! Don’t be trying to go off on your own or veer left field with some alternative approach. I worked in this industry long enough to know how easy it can be to be distracted and way off-course of delivering a solution getting caught up chasing alternative technology and configuring that shit, learning that shit and months later, I don’t even have a solution in place nor see any real work in progress. If I tell you to do GoDaddy $5/month Windows hosting account – do that shit and not another web host if you want to just get to the real part of hustling. If I provide you with code, learn that damn code and ask about it before trying to implement something new like you want to do some kind of one-up against me like you smarter than me. If you were that good, you would be blogging like Dream and Hustle and coding at the same damn time, wouldn’t you? Yeah, thought so. When I put these modules out on the Global Urban Collective in the upcoming weeks, the goal is for you to just implement them so you can focus on your core business process. You are going to have to spend your time boots on the ground with brochures, demonstrations, recruiting help and setting up trading and distribution partners. So that is the best advice I can give you to help close the gaps and start focusing on your rise of empires to get yours.

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  1. Tearful. Thanks for the motivation! I stopped midway reading this. One of my jobs ended and now I have a lot of free time on my hands to look around. Drift. I’ve been listening to local black talk radio. You are right. Stuck in a black identity politics is real. Its starting to seem like hypnosis. 🙂 You mention global. Being aware of surroundings. I’ve been thinking hard about this Black Enterprise effect. If I heard about a California based Korean bank doing mergers in Texas and other states thus becoming the 2nd largest Korean bank in the US, will that even be an article. Would they go there? Brazilian elections and their stock markets? South Africa and Dubai keeps popping up. This is stuff I ran across randomly. I want to know. Locally Radio One shut down a black owned but non black formatted FM all news, business and talk station and decided to reformat the station to play nothing but songs by Beyonce all day until they decide what they will do next. I don’t know. A whole FM station devoted to one RB artist? 24 hours? Really?

  2. I just discovered your site today and have been on it for the past 10 hours. Your info. is needed and most definitely appreciated.

  3. Solution: Urban fashionistas together in one place with economic opportunity for beauty and fashion entrepreneurs.

    Framework: Fashion Snap Teams utilizing smart phones and non-disclosure agreements with street models to “monetize” their “look”.

    I’m stuck on the business model. How does a “Snap Team” operation generate membership and payment revenue.

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