While I Work on These User Submitted Articles, Just a Couple of Things I Got To Speak On

swagnotes First of all, thanks to all the people out there who submitted topic request for me to cover. This is not the first time I did this but it helps me understand where my people at and I want to make sure I can cover areas I’m not discussing or going into detail about. You have to realize when it comes to black media that a lot of these fake cats are just trying to present themselves as important to you and just want you to listen to them but they do not listen to you. Like those Black Enterprise magazine characters and they over there mad because West Side of Chicago and Dream and Hustle straight styling on their uppity lame behinds. But there are a few things I want to talk about, get off my chest, level with you, set the record straight, real talk or whatever. So let me get all of these little things out the way and get back to the hustle. Global Urban Collective guc The Global Urban Collective on Facebook group is pretty much going good. People are collaborating, providing information and one user introduced us to have a mastermind session. Now the Global Urban Collective on Facebook now have an innovation space and breakout session room called The Forum to do presentations and sidebars. The one thing I don’t want done with the Global Urban Collective is to have it infected with the Clique of Death. Ed Dunn is not the leader of the GUC and cats are posting in the GUC calling me out and addressing me by name not realizing there are over 100 people in the group who they can collaborate with. The Global Urban Collective is for you and people like you. Also the Global Urban Collective is not an extension of Dream and Hustle blog, everybody who in the GUC, a good number of people do not even read Dream and Hustle so I trying to detach the blog from the GUC, a resource designed for brothas and sistas to work collectively towards their goals and helping others with their goals and provide information for the group. So what I’m trying to say is stop posting at the GUC trying to talk to me directly in a post and ignoring the other cats in the group. Also Dream and Hustle is on the way out with all this information moving to HustleSpace, referencing it in the GUC is going to lead to outdated links real fast. Keep the Global Urban Collective independent and your own resource and collaboration spot. Ain't a lot of resources out here for you like the Global Urban Collective, don't turn it into an "Ask Ed Dunn" FB group and try to clique it up - not even I will let that happen. Black Men on YouTube Talking Worthless Shit I had the unfortunate waste of time running into this YouTube video of a guy name Kevin Smith dissing someone or “ethering” someone named Jason Black who does YouTube and it appears Tommy Sotomayor name and Tariq Nasheed and a few other black male YouTube celebrity names are mentioned. You know how I came across this shit? Many of you guys who are on the Global Urban Collective are following someone named Jason Black on Facebook and other worthless shit where guys run their damn mouth and just happy they have someone listening to them – like you. And it shows up as a recommended Facebook link next to the Global Urban Collective. Just like that Dr. Claude Anderson Powernomics Facebook group where they ain’t talking a damn thing about Powernomics in that group and just posting up whiny ineffectual BS. I’m just going to ask nicely – please look at yourself and the things you consume and realize this stuff is who you are. Look at your personal situation, look at the fact you actually spend time consuming this stuff instead of investing in yourself with that same amount of time you are allocated in your mortal lifespan. You are not going to convince me you are doing good and going well consuming stuff like this online. And that “I’m just researching and listening to what cats say” excuse isn’t going to fly with me – you are consuming this crap like a customer homey and you know it. See, I can understand sistas into emotional tirades and online media pushing tirades but I cannot understand a black man into this stuff because the truth is, this is not a black man stuff. A real man is raising his kids and building an empire for his woman and his future generation and smoking a cigar at his mistress house reflecting at the world he made so far while his mistress undress and get ready to let him have his way with her. Do you think a man like me even have the space in my hustle to sit down and listen to that crap above Kevin Smith was talking about? Come on dudes, stop subscribing to this silly ass shit and then you want to bring your worthless ass over to Dream and Hustle and Global Urban Collective and you can’t contribute or act on anything because you conditioned your mind to be trifling. Look at me and look at them and recognize who is really living the life and who really about it and I hope you come to your senses and disconnect yourself from the crap and make that call right now and do right by yourself. Let Warren Ballentine Fight His Battle trialfighter I know Warren Ballentine trial is supposed to start around this time and you guys coming around here at Dream and Hustle as you Google search for information on his trial. You should know Warren Ballentine is from Chicago and that means we have the same social circles. The lawyer in the trial, Louis Myers is someone I knew for a very long time. So don’t come around here thinking I’m going to shit on Warren Ballentine and kick the dude down while he fighting. I already called this former Truthfighter-turned-Trialfighter guy out and the bottom line is many of you cats were following him and blindly defending him. And the same thing with Tyler Perry, you guys too damn stupid to see he is practicing usury putting his name out there talking about he giving donations and charity which happen to coincide around the same time with a movie release by Tyler Perry. And Tyler Perry going to use his money and power to take a “What Would Jesus Do?” trademark from a sista by force – most cats would buy the trademark out of goodwill. And then you got these cats blindly defending Tyler Perry. Fuck Tyler Perry, fuck him right in the ass too. And Tyler Perry is endorsing the Republican Governor here in Georgia who helped him get land from a former Army base like he George Lucas and the Presido. See, one thing I learn going to battle with the Boule, the elite groups and other cats who are hurting our community. I spend years learning how to fight them, how to take them out and I was good as hell and my crew was good as hell – except for one thing. Me and my crew discovered the hard way we cannot defeat them because these elitists had one secret weapon. The secret weapon they had that we could not defeat was all of you cats out there dickriding them and worshipping these characters or even worse, stay silent while they do their thing. That’s why you don’t see me fight these cats anymore because I know I’m going to destroy hard a dickrider cat who come around me trying to defend one of these elitist character honor or whatever. Cathy Hughes and the Radio One group is a piece of shit with all the negative black media programming they target our community with and you got cats defending and booty licking that Radio One shit like that is the best thing that ever happen to their life. Cats too stupid to realize that negative stuff is keeping them broke and not realizing positive organic and global scalable black media programming can get them billions in revenue and yall want to defend a smelly bucket of chitlin black media content for no good damn reason. So no, I’m not interested in fighting these status quo because the truth is the majority of you black people straight dickride these cats and follow them and quietly defend them. If I’m going to deal with them, me and the 3rd Strategic Institute already have plans in place and is being done covertly and probably already in progress if you didn’t realize. But to be honest, all this status quo black crap is being wiped out systematically anyway and there is nothing the dickriding cats can do about it. You Got Everything Right Now to Make Moves vision I have verified and certified that the Dream and Hustle blog + Global Urban Collective is giving you brothas and sistas everything you need to move forward on your entrepreneurial and social goals. You cats ain’t got no more excuses and I got you pinned against the wall. Either you going to hustle or you going to disappear like the bitch ass cowards that came to Dream and Hustle years ago and now still simple and broke and on other trifling blogs talking shit. Do you really want to go out like that? Don’t sell yourself short by doing what these other worthless black folks are doing and you see they don’t show up here anymore talking shit at Dream and Hustle. Because any fool can put 2+2 together and realize I’m not a lightweight and I’m putting all on the table as information for other cats to take. So when I put it out there, cats either do two things. They either decide to run and hide and lurk or they decide to go full in and try to do something. At the end of the day, you know damn well I’m living a good life and came a long way being in this tech game. All I’m doing is showing the things I learn, how I discover information, how me and my people collaborate and how to build up things organically and with foundation and structure. I don’t ever need to work hard again and cats be talking some shit about you never know – motherfucker I know – I don’t need to work hard again. Even the 7 years of content from Dream and Hustle, I can clean it up and make books for the rest of my life selling worldwide and giving paid talk. You brothas and sistas have all the information to build media, build publishing empires, help others in other countries, build financial frameworks and build urban solutions for parks and renewable energy. And you have enough information to build stores and even go overseas and start new and take some of the ideas and build a nation for you and yours. At some point you have to look after yourself and realize it is time to go make something happen for you and go and get it. Stop consuming this other crap, start investing in yourself and go do for yourself and make something out of your life. You guys literally lose $100,000 to millions by reading Dream and Hustle and refusing to act upon the information because this is lost opportunity cost you incurred by knowing something and not acting upon it. Stop doing that shit to yourself and go out and get yours.

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  1. New to this blog , but ready to get to work. Will the GUC Facebook group ever accept new members again?


    1. You can always join the Global Urban Collective Facebook group. The Global Urban Collective is set to private for the members. Not going to leave it open for anonymous lurkers who looking to just take and stay quiet.

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