You Know, Warren Ballentine Do Got a Nice Looking Prison Booty

prisonmatchdotcom Ebony magazine Power 100 and scumbag convicted felon Warren Ballentine was found guilty of engaging in the type of mortgage fraud that decimated black communities nationwide. Let’s cut to the chase – dude is definitely going to be spending some real time behind those bars. The reason why is this Warren Ballentine idiot never showed any damn remorse or accountability and kept talking and publishing on social media how innocent his ass was all the damn time. When it comes to federal sentencing, these federal judges and federal prosecutors don’t like cats keep talking about they innocent. Let me give every last one of you a bit of advice – if the federal government got a federal indictment on your ass by a federal grand jury, you ain’t innocent even if you believe you are. Better humble that shit up like T.I. and try to get some T.I. time for your crime. So Warren Ballentine thought he can run his fooling game he pulled on all these ignorant black folks out there that followed his ass, he thought he can play that shit with the US Department of Justice and that show you how arrogant and big-headed cats can get when yall be dickriding these fools as much as yall be doing. Well, I thought it was going to be a dragged out trial but that trial ended so quick and the jury didn’t even take long, less than an hour to convict this former Radio One personality of mortgage fraud. And all Warren Ballentine can do is put his head down and say “Man” but the truth is, he should have said “Bitch” because that’s how it’s going to go down ain’t it? See, Warren Ballentine if you haven’t notice, he got one of those nice prison booty that can make that clapping noise when another prisoner bang his backside out for a box of cigarettes. No homo, it just something you can’t help but notice. If I went to prison for a long time, I want a cellmate with a booty like Warren Ballentine, that’s all I’m saying over here. So now Warren Ballentine got to figure how to handle his ass at this point, literally. If you want to know what Warren Ballentine did and the government convicted this scumbag of, let’s break it down. Back in the days cats were exploiting the liberal mortgage lending laws and taking homes in the hood and inflating the value of these homes to get big mortgage loans and checks for those loans. So what happened is a home in the hood that is worth about $40K, these cats be writing up phony ass loans for $350K and split the $310K among themselves. And these cats be at the club talking about they making money “flipping homes” and shit. I knew a bunch of these bragging cats and they had money, cars and a nice girl and when they had to turn themselves in, I ran behind their back and fucked a couple of their “arm candy/trophy wifey” women here in Atlanta in their McMansion that was going to be forfeited or seized soon– real talk. I don’t give a fuck, well actually I did, haha. But what these cats did was harmed and destroyed many black communities because it raised real estate taxes on poor black families in these hoods and many poor black families had to leave the hood because they could not afford the taxes anymore. And then these same mortgage scum frauds be buying the poor family home on auction and do that same crap of getting a huge mortgage fraud loan against a low-value home. This went on throughout the hoods all over. And you know cats been getting tracked down and arrested and convicted and sent to jail for 20 and 30 years by federal judges. And after all those years and cats getting serious federal time, in 2014 you got Warren Ballentine acting like that shit won’t catch up with him and he trying to tell all of yall how innocent his ass is. Well, if his ass is innocent, it won’t be when get behind those bars. I’m pretty sure Warren Ballentine is wondering what will happen if he drop the soap, especially with that cheeky booty he got over there. See, the problem with cats like Warren Ballentine and this should be a litmus test – when cats be talking their mouth off about who they know, who wrote them up like Ebony and Jet, they affiliated with crap like the Boule and their operations, then you know they crooked or full of shit or both. Because these types of cats can’t do a damn thing that involve real work and like to take credit for every damn thing out there. I don’t want to see anything to happen to Warren Ballentine and I don’t wish anyone to pin him down and ass-rape him in prison because that is not cool. Even though I didn’t do a damn thing to that moron and he running pretending I don’t exist or unimportant I just want to let you guys know something. I learn to stay compliant and keep to myself low-key and just focus on my mission and put in real work. That’s why you don’t see me out here running my mouth trying to show my ass. And I hope you understand this also. See, when you want to get big and be a mogul, you need to focus on getting rich before getting famous. A lot of these cats want to be famous but they ain’t rich so what they do is go along with schemes to get money so they can flex being rich to cats. And they get involved in shady shit or immoral shit to get money and then they are all caught up, because they trying to get some funds behind that fame they were chasing. What you need to learn from this convicted felon Warren Ballentine is that you focus on the core hustle of what you doing, get your money up and once you got your money up, then you can run your mouth and get famous. See, I don’t need to run around and yell in media I’m this black technology guy and guru or whatever. And I’m looking for Google or Techcrunch to validate like these Black Web 2.0 and NewMe cornballs were doing. You guys already know that I got a solid foundation and skills and I can handle mine as the baseline. Meaning I’m not broke or hungry or desperate to get money either, like Angela Benton thirsty ass wanting to brag about being VC-funded. What I hope you brothas and sistas learn is just focus on the business – fuck all that big-mouth and being famous and popular shit. See while cats want to get famous and be recognized, I can still hang out at the strip club and the strippers think I’m a cheap and perverted but kinda handsome looking brotha. I can go to regular clubs and the W Hotel and the mall and the library and handle my regular business. I can go eat by myself and not bothered and take flights and be disrespected by sistas who think I’m some lame ass cat. And these loud mouth cats can easily dismiss me and think I’m a nobody because nobody talk about me or write me up in the media. See, all of that let me live a real life and enjoy myself being normal but at the same time, handle my core hustle real hard. But Warren Ballentine, he got to figure out if he going to do it the easy way or the hard way giving up that booty of his to the booty warriors he going to have to confront. Those cats doing time don’t give a fuck about his jive ass running his mouth about black empowerment especially when his ass wasn’t doing shit real. Dude might as well hurry up and convert to Prislam and start learning how to smell like shit to turn cats off his booty and shower with his drawers still on. All I got to say is I find it funny once again how shit like Radio One, Ebony magazine and others be promoting these frauds and jokesters in their media but none of them give Dr. Claud Anderson any real airtime.

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  1. I stopped reading ebony and b.e. years ago. They have lost contact with the black audience. I’ve learned so much in the short time that i have been following you. I learned to not limit my ambition to this country, but to have a global perspective. Thanks, Ed.

  2. I knew Warren was a scam artist long before the fed charges. I Waśnt surprised at al when he was charged. His show was ok the first year or two. Then came the debt stopper and coffe BS. His status still comes across my news feed. I’m amazed at how many people still support him. Talking that nonsense about how he was giving the black community to much knowledge. They had to shut him down. Lmao. I don’t wish any harm but feel he deserves what he’s getting.

  3. Ok good to hear because he is back on the radio or TuneIN with another financial scam begging for donations to his paypal account. i really hate to see people get defrauded out of their money.

  4. I just ran across this article and enjoyed reading it it was informative. Thanks to whomever Ed is, no disrespect. I’ve been wondering for the last couple years where Warren Ballentine was this is somewhat surprising to me but not totally I always wondered about him and that that stopped a relationship. Don’t know whether what Ed said was true about the one Ballentine situation has been with the heat was actually get their Innocent but it sure smells like that s*** that we get here in Atlanta where I live. Han dead come you really put it down on all the real estate and get money scams because that’s exactly what happened here in Atlanta where I’m a real estate investor. I took it slow because I was in financial services and investment before getting into real estate and I knew what happened to people that messed over other folk money. Like you, I’m not trying to bug out or 4:10 just keep it low and keep my cash flowing. God bless you man you totally speaking the truth and those black people need to hear it it follows that type of real knowledge. Fast money is the fast track to jail. And one thing to mention I believe as a convicted felon he cannot practice law anymore meaning Warren Ballentine. That’s a waste of an expensive education. It never ceases to amaze me how people so smart I can do things that are so dumb on the most basic level….Patron

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