Each Day African-Americans Fail to Create Pop-Up Media Coverage on Ferguson, a Cute Adorable Puppy Dies Somewhere

puppy I’m really do not understand why African-Americans are sitting around doing nothing as we constantly see over and over negative propaganda after anti-black propaganda about Ferguson being distributed all on mainstream media with no effective counter from the real black community. Yall sitting around talking your damn opinion on the web but cannot work together to create a media voice to make sure your perspectives are heard in a mass medium format. It takes nothing to create a WordPress blog to provide Ferguson coverage using Facebook and Twitter to distribute headlines. It even take nothing to do a SoundCloud or even an MP3 podcast of what is going on in an NPR format using your raw voice and voices from people who can call in a conference call and you use their voice to show the opinion and perspective of everyday black folks. It does not take much to even create a pop-up TV studio to do pre-recorded streaming video broadcasts and have it on smart TV for streaming and create a Ferguson channel on smart TV! Why are African-Americans straight bullshitting and sitting on their damn ass? Now recently, another predictable event happen and that is Charles Barkley: This whole conversation should have been predicted that white media would call on characters like Charles Barkley to talk about black people taking away that a young kid is dead in a coffin shot by a cop. Charles Barkly is not laid up in a coffin shot by a cop so why he running his damn mouth about the incident, the anger and everything else and talking this Booker T. Washington shit? “I’m not shutting up and I’m not sitting down” – Charles Barkley. You guys can easily sit Charles Barkley down and shut him up. In information warfare there is something called interception and I talked about this in the data manipulation and in a recent phone conference at the Global Urban Collective Facebook page where we talked about predicting how they will come at brothas and sistas. Using interception, you guys should have went after Charles Barkley before he opened his mouth and in real-time after he open his mouth and discounted his ass immediately. But none of you brothas and sistas ain’t doing shit but looking to put your two-bit ass opinion in the comment section somewhere on Facebook or Dr. Boyce Watkins blogs. Every day that pass by and you brothas and sistas do not create a pop-up media to provide proper coverage for our people on this Ferguson thing, a puppy dies somewhere. Not just any puppy, a cute adorable one. When are you African-Americans going to stop killing puppies the same way cops kill black teenagers and create a pop-up media? Get off your damn ass and make something happen! Because every day I have to talk about this, I cannot talk about economics – I was supposed to talk about the table vending operation and running one but I cannot because I’m talking about Charles Barkley and you African-Americans still sitting on your ass and ain’t started up shit and keep running your damn mouth in comment sections on Yahoo, Huffington Post or whatever.

5 thoughts on “Each Day African-Americans Fail to Create Pop-Up Media Coverage on Ferguson, a Cute Adorable Puppy Dies Somewhere

  1. You are right but we need your skills to start the media propaganda you mentioned. It’s lack of knowledge, skill and our people do not know how to get out of 1960’s style of protest. Yes, some tech savvy people know what you are talking about but they don’t act for some reason. Then you have folks like me that want to act efficiently but don’t know how. Then some are so busy trying to survive, working so much they can’t think of protesting (which powers that be like & plan). Help! Do what God has told you to do and empowered you to start. Don’t keep attacking be a solution not a problem. You are a blessing you are one of many talented young millennials or at least 21st century thinker that can be a help or hindrance. Don’t be the latter. Don’t be a lone wolf. Get some help with people relations, writers that ignite the fire under us like you do but with cross generational appeal so you will appeal not repel more blacks that would join you. The baby boomers like myself have more time, motivation and resources to help you young activist but you have to educate us to the new ways of communicating.

    Ps.your writing has greatly improved with fewer four letter words. Thank you broths.

    1. i cannot fight every damn battle like yall baby boomers had Martin Luther King fighting segregation, Jim Crow, black union strikers and the Vietnam War at the same damn time.

      Stop making excuses and trying to assign this to my plate. If you can write a comment, you can write a blog. If you can speak, you can record a podcast….no more excuses…puppies are dying because of these excuses.

    1. Names like Charles Barkley, Stacey Dash and others who we already know will be dragged on TV should have been pre-empted and intercepted. In addition the white guy interviewing Barkley name should be recorded and followed closely so he dont pop up again in future events.

      You are right, the media act this way towards African Americans because they know our people dont have effective media and these black pundits are cowards more interested in being in front of a camera running their mouth.

      This is a serious problem causing damage and negative global perception of our people

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