How African-Americans Can Tell the Black Boule to Go F*ck Off Somewhere By Creating Alternative Private Clubs.

fukboule For quite some time, the African-American community had to put up with a bunch of funny characters called the Boule who pride themselves on being the self-appointed elite class of black America. These intra-racist cornballs worked with establishment liberal bigots in the Democratic Party and leverage these relationships to gain access to affirmative action opportunities, mainstream media access and political jobs pretending like they representing our people. But in reality, the black Boule is looking only after themselves while pretending they are representing our interests in the black community. The Boule is kinda of irrelevant right now due to new money from China and Latin America emerging in the 21st century. I was at an exclusive elitist event where the same handlers who used to work these Boule cats where groveling after wealthy Chinese guys to make deals and I’m just smirking with this wheat olive oil cracker with smoked salmon and zinfandel in my hands like damn..I kinda liked the black Boule and too bad the black Boule is not relevant anymore. And the sad part is we lowly proletariat African-Americans don’t need the black Boule either as the Boule wanted us to admire them so badly with the Root 100 and Black Enterprise top 100 lists and all that other crap. One of the things the Boule thought they can do for exclusivity is create private clubs. Well, in this article we are going to talk about the emergence of alternative private clubs and how brothas and sistas can create their own alternative private clubs that can benefit not only themselves but the local community at large. Instead of creating elitist social clubs like the Boule did, we brothas and sistas can use crowdsourcing and sharing economy patterns and practices to create true purpose-driven private clubs. These alternative private clubs will create jobs, serve the community and build better relationships within our urban communities. What Is an Alternative Private Club? ff The best way to think of an alternative private club is to look at the original model of a country club or golf club. These country clubs were designed to be exclusive to certain members of wealth who can enjoy access to facilities maintained using group economics. So in the country club model, a member can access the golf course, the club house, the gym and tennis courts and special social invites. Today, you can take the same concept of a country club model and apply it to the hood where you still have exclusive members but they have access to boutique facilities like a relaxation lounge, a street car club, a micro-resort or an investment club. Many of you guys may get confused and think we already have this in the hood like motorcycle clubs and social clubs and the Chevy Impala club or whatever but that is not the same and will explain later in this article. The Alternative Private Club Business Model carclub The business model of an alternative private club is based on having an asset that members have access to and work collectively on. The member founder or founders will look to acquire an asset and establish a social model around it where members can invest and have full access or other members can pay to have access to the asset in question. So what brothas and sistas want to do is look at things that can be acquired as an asset collectively and establish a private club model behind it. Another thing about a private club is the organization can be 501c tax-exempt in the United States provided it is exclusive only to members and do not do business with the general public. But please do not drive your business model around being tax-exempt as in some cases, it may be beneficial to be a for-profit organization. For example, an urban renewal private club focus on hood urban engineers who get together and build models and white papers on urban topics. This group can acquire empty lots in the hood and convert them to parks, walking paths, urban gardens or micro-markets or food truck part. The private club will be for-profit but the members are paid through dividends and entrepreneurs pay for access to these lots to do business and have to abide by bylaws to operate ethically with brothas and sistas in the hood. In this case, being for-profit is more advantageous than being tax-exempt. Or a private club can buy classic cars and restore them and show them off in parades and street car shows. Many of the members are comprised of mechanics and their affiliation with the private club gives them credibility in the industry and local community. Or a private club can pool their money and buy an exotic sports car and members have access to the car and take care of it and upkeep the cars every weekend. I believe the video game Midnight Club and Fast and Furious use this concept for a private club. Or a private club that have access to manufacturing equipment and only members can access the machinery to create products to sell on the market or may have access to CAD software or other state of the art software. The same with a music studio with state of the art equipment. All of these are assets acquired and help brothas and sistas in the community collectively work on their trades like a guild model from the middle ages. So remember, get an asset and get people to fund the acquisition of the asset and then build a model around providing service and access to the asset and a place for socialization among members. And the private club perform activities and duties that benefit the hood as a whole. Brothas and Sistas Current Private Social Club Models oursocialclubs Many brothas and sistas believe we already have private clubs in the hood but these are social clubs and not the same. You guys are thinking about motorcycle clubs, masonic and veterans’ lodges, Greek-lettered organizations and performing arts like drill teams and jump rope teams. These are not the same thing as the alternative private clubs because the alternative private clubs focus primarily on assets, not socializing and showing off. In the motorcycle example, the current black motorcycle club consist of brothas and sistas with their own motorcycle and they go hang out at the BP on Ponce Deleon and Spring Street in Atlanta or at the White Castle at 79th and Stony Island in Chicago. The alternative private club for motorcycles would be a bunch of brothas and sistas group buying a rare motorcycle and a collection of sports bikes that they would also use and have access to. And they can sell the rare motorcycle once restored at auction and the founding members will get the profits from the sale. The black community need to look beyond all this socializing clique stuff like greek-lettered organizations and instead use private club model of acquiring assets and looking at profit models that benefit their members and the community as a whole. Let’s stop it with all this elitist crap with private social clubs and trying to get tax-exempt status all the time. Let’s look at alternative private club models that can be done in our hoods: Urban Space Upcycling. This is a private club where cats can acquire empty lots and convert them into spaces for either urban gardening, micro-park or food truck park and micro-market. The private club only allow members to operate their business on these spaces and these members are bounded by stricter standards than regular vendors to do business, creating a more solid merchant experience in the hood. The park model and urban spaces are designed to be in contests to compete for urban awards and help build the profile of member’s resumes who participated on these projects. Building Acquisitions. The private club acquires empty commercial buildings in the hood and work as a private club to create a pop-up retail model or a micro-mall model and use the space to host social gathering and events for the club members. The revenue generated is used to buy up other businesses and build them up and this model can be a tax-exempt model where the revenue goes back to converting the hood into a place ready for entrepreneurs to move in and do business. Lamborghini and Rolls Royce Ballers. This is a private club that maintain and upkeep a Lamborghini Huracan and a Rolls Royce Ghost for members to have access to and drive. Club members can use the car to go out on town and roll around and this model is non-profit where the revenue can be used to buy new cars down the road. Think of Zipcar business model but personally, it may be best to start with smaller cars that can generate more profits quickly. Handbags, Hats and Sundresses. This is also a sharing model that let members get the latest and super expensive clothes they can have access to wear. The profits will be used to keep up with the latest fashion accessories to be bought and shown off immediately. Day Resort Club. This is a club that allow members to go enjoy themselves in a relaxation lounge environment where they have big rooms to socialize and luxury office space to work on their business and a lounge and venue to host private parties. At this time, you brothas and sistas in the hood should be getting an idea and realize this is all the sharing economy but is using the private club model to sustain this operation. You brothas and sistas in the hood should realize this is an opportunity that create jobs among yourselves and create economic development and quality of life improvements within your own community. Let me explain something to you brothas and sistas in the hood – you may be poor but you don’t have to live shitty. You can build things in your hood to be luxury and comfortable and maintain it using the private club model to keep out knuckleheads. You don’t have to buy much of anything but food and if you may not realize it, but you can even create a kitchen private club where members can go and cook their food in the hood and collaborate on recipes and dishes. So what I’m trying to explain to you hood brothas and sistas is fuck the black Boule – you hood cats are the elite in the black community because you have the hood and all the resources and land and you can build something from nothing right now. Think on what I’m trying to explain to you hood cats with this alternative private club model. Getting Started on an Alternative Private Club teach Once again, Black Enterprise magazine which is some uppity garbage never showed you brothas and sistas how to setup these kind of alternative private clubs to benefit the black community. Well to be fair, Dr. Claud Anderson ain’t done this either and hate to disappoint his fanboys. But guess what – yeah, LOL, Dream and Hustle already documented how to create the private club model because we provided the code and resources to create the Membership model and the Collaborative Consumption model which can be used as the framework foundation of an alternative private club organization. Damn, that messed up that Dream and Hustle is the only one that can show and tell we actually been about this black empowerment shit, embarrassing all these other cats out here running their mouth. So let’s talk about how you cats in the hood can setup an alternative private club to make things happen in your hood. Locate Your Asset. Decide on what you want to acquire that can appreciate in value or have a high rate of return for usage. For example, get a warehouse in the hood and convert it into an innovation center filled with the latest software and computers so brothas and sistas can create next generation technology. Or buy a used Mercedes from the 1950s and restore it to be sold at auction. Or get a commercial store and work to change it into an exhibition museum for the hood history. Establish Private Membership Plans. There are two types of membership plans and they are called tiered and unitary membership. In a tiered membership, there are levels where a person can buy a package for unlimited access and another that have to reserve access like a timeshare to the resource like a golf club. But in an alternative model like an exotic car club, only top tiered members can access the Bugatti Veyron while the other members can only drive the Toyota Scion FR-S. In a unitary model like a gym club, all members have the same access to the equipment and resources. Recruit Founding Members. The founders are going to be the ones who put in the original money and have the ultimate access but also a vested access interest in the property. This is known as equity membership. So if the old restored Mercedes need to go to auction for sale, the founding members get all of the profits since they are the owners and not merely members. Same with real estate of a private club, if it is sold then the founding members get the distribution of profits from the sale. Recruit Regular Members. These are also known as the non-equity membership and usually there for exclusive access to the product and service. These non-equity members usually pay for an annual membership fee or pay-as-you-go fee but will still have to put up a deposit and initiation fee that can be up to $10,000 in some cases. These members are there to have access to start of the art machinery to do 3-D printing and micro-manufacturing facilities. The financial strategy is to have non-equity members pay for the upkeep and services of the estate of the club in exchange for use and access. Look at crowdfunding like Kickstarter to help get your private club off the ground. Also look into investment visas that allow to get foreign investors on board who will get visas if they invest in the hood and that business create jobs for the local community. Having them invest in a private club in the hood where we are also members is a realistic win-win scenario for the hood and have global help with our efforts. Meanwhile, the black Boule will still be bootlicking liberals and bigots for validation and respect. Operations and Growth lifestyle The components you will need to manage in your private club operations is membership, access to assets and activities. Membership. Get a custom PVC card design and embed with a RFID chip and hologram for your members. You can find these items online to custom order and get enough to send to your members. Have separate types of cards for each tiered like your equity-members versus your non-equity members. Use mobile devices for sign-in and make sure your members at least have photos on file. There are plenty of membership software to use out there to sign up members and let members manage their account information. Access to Asset. The Stored Value Account system is the best way to track funds used to purchase access to the asset in question. A member pays $1USD for every 1 point to be used and then the member will have to book a date and time to use the asset with a schedule software or call in and someone can schedule the appointment. Set a fee amount for the hourly rate and let the members book the unit with the full price as the deposit. Have rules in place in terms of security deposit, cancellation fees and rebooking fees. Activities. Make sure you get a schedule to determine the kind of activities like participating in a contest or being part of an exhibit or upcoming parade. Have volunteers from the club participate in building parade floats or maintaining the assets and offer them points on their membership cards as payment where the points can be used for access to assets. Activities are morale and visibility boosters for your private club and help improve the career and resumes of members associated with the club. Also, make sure you throw plenty of parties and bring in members where people can mingle and be a potential ground for recruiting other members to join the club. Moving Forward lookingforward For too long, the black community put up with a bunch of worthless cats referred to as the black boule who did nothing but wanted the rest of us to admire them and their uppity cornball behinds. The black boule did little or next to nothing for the community and just wanted to shove their face in the media cameras and appear important and speaking for our people. The black community do not need the boule for a damn thing in the 21st century and the black community can run our own elite game our own way by creating alternative private clubs that can serve our interests and the community interests. Instead of doing socialite private clubs, brothas and sistas can look at for-profit models that allow brothas and sistas to find equity-members to startup an operation and provide access to non-equity members and use this model to create collective economic development solutions in our hoods. When brothas and sistas in the hood work together, that is the only way we all can rise up as a people here in America. A good alternative private club can create jobs and business-to-business opportunities. Private clubs can help build up the resume and professional profile of its members. In addition, a good private club can help other organizations like drill teams by sponsoring them to compete or go on tour or participate in the Puerto Rican Day parade. The worthless black Boule cannot do a damn thing to help brothas and sistas and only the hood brothas and sistas can uplift our people by working together to create hood-based solutions. We are hoping brothas and sistas in the hood start looking at creating alternative private clubs that are both non-profit and for-profit to serve the purpose of us being able to so for self, our people, our community and our future.

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  1. Great works, excellent blue prints. Thank you Ed. Nobody is providing this information like D & H, and with consistency. I’ve learned so much from reading this blog. Something for everyone. This is living history.

  2. This is an excellent idea Ed. I suffered a set back on my plan for a tennis academy, but with this concept in hand, I think I can take another run at it this year and perhaps be more successful. Thank you sir!

  3. This article was based on discussions/content from the Global Urban Collective Facebook group( These are the articles in question:

    As a thought, an alternative private club probably can start off as a 501c to initially serve the community then convert to for-profit later with the equity members still benefiting from their investment.

    One great research for further study is simply look at how golf clubs and country clubs work and their bylaws – this is documented on the web to use as the blueprint.

  4. Awesome I’ve been trying to figure out a business I like that car club model plus I’m about to be stationed in Germany get a few cars from there for half ship them back and start a car club. Good stuff Ed you stay giving back I’m glad you decided to keep the site going and posting business models.

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