How African-Americans Should Peacefully Deal With these Racist Cowards in the United States of America

swagnotes It takes a real coward like Fox News to talk about a race of black people who do not have the media to respond back to their bigoted attacks. Then you have the Editor-in-Chief at Fast Company who does not see a problem looking for only white tech people to grace his magazine cover. Or a grand jury of majority white people to say black lives don’t matter. Or a police officer beating up on unarmed black folks – shit, yall cops be shooting little kids then yall cops be calling backup and SWAT on real brothas don’t yall? At the end of the day, that is some straight coward ass shit about the mainstream in America. One of the words I keep hearing on television and out of the mouth of people like Al Sharpton is the word “peacefully” and “peace” and “non-violent” buzzwords they keep trying to throw around on TV. Look, and I speak for a lot of African-Americans who feel the same way I do – if you a passive punk ass coward that let others roll over you and all you want to do is be vocal, march, walk around saying “hands up, don’t shoot” and all that other sissy ass shit, then that is you and how you get down. Don’t fucking lecture me or any other African-American about being “peaceful” and try to make the entire African-American race look docile and easy to roll over. Because we all know that chickens get fucked over by everybody. I'm sick of watching our people getting fucked like a chicken over and over again. And I’m getting sick of all this victim ass shit going on in the African-American community among our pussy ass leaders. None of these black leadership cats act like they ain’t willing to fight for shit, they scared to die over shit and just want to run their mouth and act like I and other African-Americans supposed to admire these punk coward ass self-appointed black leaders. There is no such thing as “fighting smart” – you fight with your life on the line if you want to make shit happen and that how it was and how it always will be as long as status quo want to keep things status quo. You know what bothers me the most? The average black man is not going to die a good death, not even I can guarantee that for me. Even if we brothas don’t get violently killed, the health mortality that black men (and black women) go through due to poor diet and exercise tend to be long, painful and lingering. Brothas and sistas be dying hard and ugly every damn day in America from health-related issues. So all of you coward docile brothas out there – I don’t know why you scared to die when every indicator point to the fact you going to die ugly and painful when all is said and done. And your family going to fight each other for your Social Security benefits and insurance after you die too. So with that fact, why don’t you docile cats try to grow a pair of balls and be willing to fight for yours for just once in your life? But I don’t expect a coward to become courageous overnight so with a little frustration, let’s talk about the peaceful ways to deal with these bigots in America. Here are the best ways African-Americans can be “peaceful” to appease Al Sharpton and the rest of these pussy ass docile cats out there. Shop Online. Don’t buy shit local from another local merchant in your area ever again. Fuck that local farmer market shit too. Buy that shit from a major internet retailer like or Wal-Mart and make sure that shit was made in China too. I already decided I’m not buying another damn thing in Georgia locally if I can help it and ordering every damn thing online. I’ll pay taxes in Georgia but I’ll be damn if I’m paying someone salary or help them keep their manufacturing job who probably sit on these grand juries and these local yokels act like black lives don’t matter and hating Hispanics for wanting to come to America and live a better life. Pulp Fiction. I talked about how the black writing community can create pulp fiction e-books to sell showing cops as punk bitch cowards, white people as being complicit, news media as a bunch of cowards picking on poor blacks and tell that shit like it is and write it as fiction. Just like they created a fictional character like Slenderman, the black community should create a fictional character that goes around robbing bigots in these bigoted ass community and use the money to feed the poor back in the hood and kill cops, state prosecutors and police union chiefs and media pundits just for the fuck of it. Shit, write fiction about cats suicide bombing the county fair – free speech and fuck them because they portraying us black people as savage animal thugs – hit back with pulp fiction and make that shit count. Swarm Intelligence. I like how you brothas and sistas got these cops and National Guard and state troopers all at these malls and Christmas events getting paid overtime. All of that cost the state money and it also cost those retailers extra security and people do not show up. Keep the pressure on these retailers and break their ass for quietly supporting this system and got cops following us black folks around their store. Swarm and flash mobs these places and do what yall do – just be yourself and scare away these suburban bigots who quick to get on a grand jury and want to express that black lives don’t matter. Educate The Asian tourists Not to Shop With Bigots. To any idiot that says Asians don’t like black folks, ain’t no black people put cats in Asia on heroin and they know the people who did sold their people opium and heroin. The Asian cats helping brothas and sistas from Africa establish trade routes while stealing everything invented by entrepreneurs in America. You brothas and sistas sleeping and stupid as fuck not taking opportunities you got over in Asia for yall still trying to be liked in America. Like my bae told me, whatever you see in America right now, they will have in China in 6 months. We see mostly Asian tourists now shopping at these retailers and we have to create signs written up in Chinese simplified showing images from the Opium war and let them know Mao and Ho Chi Minh would not want them shopping with these racist money-grubbing establishments that hate black people like Martin Luther King and Stevie Wonder. Call the Chinese tourists out on this and discourage the Chinese from shopping with these bigots. These are the four things I would do “peacefully” to deal with these racist ass people and establishments in America acting like black lives don’t matter and be smiling in our faces the next day acting like we cool. Sitting up there reading Fast Company knowing they don’t write about real black people or watching these TV shows that do not feature black people and get on a grand jury panel and exonerate a cop that killed an unarmed black person. These people are some cowards the way they treat those who cannot defend themselves here in America and these morons want to act like they the greatest country in the world. Talk about they have free speech but mainstream media is the Fourth Estate. Talk about they have rights to guns then bullets become scared and pulled off shelves. Talk about they have rights against search and seizure but click the checkbox on a web site terms and agreement saying they can have personal data collected on them. Right to a fair trial but they have grand juries not wanting to prosecute cops who can’t wait for backup to start shooting unarmed civilians. Funny as shit how things going down here in the USA right now. Learn to be “peaceful” by learning to zero-sum these coward ass mainstream bigots in America and go after their money and everything they pride themselves on in a “peaceful” manner. You brothas and sistas ain’t got nothing to lose, they do and make sure they understand that.

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  1. Ed – my fiance used this very same argument (black health/mortality) during a recent conversation about these events…you’re right on point with this one.

  2. Hit ’em where it hurts…the same money they stole from us! Teach, Mr. Dunn, TEACH!! They keep on doing this crap because WE allow them to! Time for ACTION! We have to finish this once and for all and reclaim OUR POWER!

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