Modernizing Dr. Claud Anderson Approach to Uplifting Brothas and Sistas.

fivestory The days of marching, protesting, chanting we fed up and can’t take more, and screaming no justice no peace are long past. It is time for black people in America to say “dude screw this crap, there got to be a better freaking way dude” and look at long term goals and strategies to hold our own as a people and have a quality of life we and our future generations can enjoy. One individual who dedicated decades of his time and business laying out the modern foundations to establish economic empowerment and quality of life for brothas and sistas is Dr. Claud Anderson. At first, I was thinking like Ebony and Black Enterprise magazine – being scared to discuss Dr. Claud Anderson here on Dream and Hustle in fear of losing our corporate advertisers. But I realize Dr. Claud Anderson message and approach is too important and I’m not scared like Ebony and Black Enterprise magazine because I love my people and their best interest and we are going to proceed without fear and with determination and conviction to be better by doing better. In this article, we are going to show and tell my personal commitment, Dream and Hustle commitment and the 3rd Strategic Institute commitment to acknowledge Dr. Claud Anderson philosophical approach to the betterment and empowerment of our people. Too many brothas and sistas are screaming “preach!” and keep talking about Dr. Claud Anderson speeches but making zero steps to anything forward action and just doing comedy routines. I'm very embarrassed at that pathetic Facebook group out there with a bunch of jokers talking about they represent Dr. Claud Anderson and Powernomics ( with that nonsense/crap they posting in that Facebook group. Since me and my crew are 100% and the things we are doing here are so real, no one can do it better than us on making sure the mission is on track for the betterment of our people and we are honored to do this. Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics Stacked Foundations Approach stackvenn Dr. Claud Anderson uses what is known as a Stacked Venn approach and many black people who talk about solutions in the black community traditionally use this approach. The Stacked Venn approach outlines how we have to do this first, then do this next and then do this but do that before you do this and try to get this done before you do that before you can get all of this and that accomplished. So let’s cover in overview Dr. Claud Anderson approach – I actually felt like I blogged about this before, but let’s repeat this discussion. Dr. Claud Anderson talk about the foundations of a 5-story building and speak foundational on what you build from the bottom to the top. Let’s cover in each foundational strategy. Economic Foundation. We first have to build our own businesses to get money, power and respect to get you what you need in life, help you sleep at night and have you eating right. Political Foundation. We use the money and power to influence elections and influence politicians to advocate our agenda and pass laws that are in the best interest of our agenda. Justice Foundation. We use politicians and our economic power to control how cops act in our community, how judges treat black people when it comes to sentencing and fairness in the court of law. Media Foundation. We own print and electronic media to control our voice and promote our businesses and our culture to our people. Education Foundation. We move away from standardization and focus on the specific talent and needs of our children to hone their skills to provide their talents and contribution to the black community. As I indicated before, this Stacked Venn approach is 20th century and outdated and we just have to accept the fact Dr. Claud Anderson is an old school cat who is not hip to the new way of thinking and approach. That is not his fault and that is just who he is because the truth is, it is upon us to take what he presented and make it work right here and right now. The 3rd Strategic Institute Ecosystem of Foundations Approach ecosystem We believe our 21st century approach to Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics is based on a more natural ecosystem of foundations that works in synergy to create the bigger superstructure of our defined black empowerment solution. In this approach, everything is developed at the same damn time and we leverage and share concepts from each foundation to help the other foundations for overall collective growth. For example, brothas and sistas start media right now and use it to sway the political and justice system and cats use education to help brothas and sistas learn about economics in our community. We don’t hold one foundational development hostage to prerequisites of another foundation having to be developed first. Dr. Claud Anderson approach like many late 20th solution approaches are not natural and not the way the world works. That is like saying grow the grass, then get cows to eat the grass before you can eat beef – nah you create an farming ecosystem that consist of aquaponics that is an ecosystem of fish and greens and even Dr. Claud Anderson and the Harvest Institute are a big fan of aquaponics so they have to understand the natural circular flow of solution development and agree the approach of foundations as to be a natural ecosystem versus stacked. Now with that said, let’s talk about the 3rd Strategic Institute approach to the ecosystem of foundations approach: Economic Foundation. We establish global enterprises to do import/export business around the world and create commercial zones to bring global revenue into our communities. Political Foundation. We establish the global African Diaspora through satellite black communities worldwide to influence trade and relations with the black community. Justice Foundation. We create advocacy group that work with local justices and the UN and develop strategic non-violent and violent ways to marginalize or neutralize anti-black elements by any means necessary. Media Foundation. We create marketing campaigns and digital media promoting community businesses and black culture to encourage global trade and tourism to our communities. Education Foundation. We identify challenges and solutions and develop or adopt existing pattern and practices worldwide that address the problem and the solution. If brothas and sistas actually got started on applying Powernomics, then they would have realize this was the only way to go. We have to establish all of the foundations like you establish everything in aquaponic farming and let each element grow and establish a balance between each foundation to create the ecosystem that will support and define the superstructure solution. Modernizing Dr. Claud Anderson Approach to Empowerment scan Me and my people and some of yall reading this blog already put in that real work to establish the foundations to create the ecosystem supporting the empowerment and betterment of our people and uplift our culture. Cats want to pretend I don’t exist or I’m not doing anything, cats want to pretend nobody out there is doing anything and cats just want to be like that because they themselves ain’t doing anything but running their mouth, reading books and taking no tangible action. So let’s put it in all these cats faces and show them we about it and show and tell what we have been doing here using Dr. Claud Anderson approach to do for self, our people, our communities and our future. The first thing we have to understand and what I preach over and over – all black empowerment is going to have to start in our hoods, not some boule or working middle class crap. Our hood brothas and sistas are the ones who are proven to put in real work, real hustle and are hard enough to make things happen. Second, we have to accept responsibility for our own mistakes and openly admit to what we are doing wrong as a people and how we messing up. For example, the grand juries refusing to indict these cops killing unarmed black people is due to black people not voting to be called up for jury duty and even if black people are called up for jury duty, black folks be making up excuses why they cannot serve on jury duty and black lawyers defending black defendants see this everyday done by our people as yall out there talking some “no justice, no peace” crap with yall hypocritical selves. So with that said, let’s talk about how we going to modernized Dr. Claud Anderson approach to the betterment and empowerment of our people: Modern Economic Foundation. Implement circular economic solutions that consist of brothas and sistas sharing assets and services instead of purchase to allow personal wealth growth. Focus on urbanization strategies to establish communities to build economic foundations which is our established hoods and new regions around the world. Implementation of digital payments such as peer-to-peer mobile payments to promote spending and payments within our communities. Modern Political Foundation. Establish satellite sites throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America for African-Americans to migrate to help build up global trading markets and channels. Create organizations that special in drafting template legislations for our politicians to advocate. Create scorecards and media channels specifically targeting politicians in our communities and put their record under the microscope. Modern Justice Foundation. Teach brothas and sistas how to use strategic tactics to neutralize anybody including law enforcement with lethal force if black lives are in danger. Put judges and state prosecutors under scrutiny and give them a scorecard and their track record. Target and expose black women who use the justice system as her personal vendetta against black men. Ensure black people know their rights and how to invoke their rights when the time is appropriate. Modern Media Foundation. Create open source digital signage in multiple languages to attract global business. Create IPTV programming to promote educational and cultural shows about our people to promote worldwide like Japan does successfully. Create news stations anchored in our communities and work with other news stations in our communities nationwide to share news and stories. Create pop-up media to counter mainstream media biased reporting against black people and hit mainstream media with everything we got. Modern Education Foundation. Seed fund and promote alternative private clubs in the hood to establish asset ownerships and specialization. Create center of excellence and innovation centers in every black household, educational institution and in our communities. Create online courses for brothas and sistas to watch regarding family and relationship development, promoting active lifestyle and treating the community and others with dignity and respect. Create think tanks and collaborative groups to create, discuss and share information leading to the betterment and empowerment of our people. Moving Forward Me and my people already done the majority of this work and cats who are on the Global Urban Collective Facebook group are collaborating creating and sharing good information to help others build up. It is time for brothas and sistas to put down the protest signs, stop marching and stop being angry at people here in America who never liked black people and never will like black people. The time is now for us brothas and sistas to look at what we need to do for ourselves and work together to build up our communities and make sure our children live in a world better than now and they living better than we are now.

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  1. No, the protests are not working. Trying to get whites to like us is not working. The post racial America is a complete fantasy. Your proposition is headed the right direction for Black people is this country right now. …As you know I am also chipping away too in my little corner…. I like your analysis of the ecosystem approach. Please add a blog roll to help with making connections and expanding the fantastic network that you have started

  2. This is the “silence of the lambs” phenomenon we always have here on Dream and Hustle. Small talk and relationships, everybody black come out to run their damn mouth. We talk about frameworks and direction to improve the black community…hardly any comments.

    At the end of the day, I hope whoever reading this understand why you need to go alone and not trust these other characters out here talking up shit. This is the proof right here that cats ain’t about that real shit to get things really done.

    Funny because if I put Ayn Rand philosophies on this blog, I would get a ton of responses from Rand followers on beliefs and interpretations. The fact cats ain’t coming here talking upon Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics approaches tells me and you it’s cats out there name-dropping Dr. Claud Anderson name but cannot articulate his vision and they are basically full of shit.

    Again, we got too many full of shit people in the black community who just want to talk/discuss for a day but when you start breaking down real vision and action, they are nowhere to be found. That is why you – yes, you – have to go alone and do this shit your own way and not wait for others to make things happen.

  3. Read it yesterday and I woke up this morning thinking about this post. Heavy. Open loop. Closed loop ecosystem. Thinking about a lot of stuff. Drifting. I feel there is indeed a search going on. An awakening. I feel there will come a time where there will be no other option but to act. Thanks.

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