My Top 5 Music Videos of 2014 Using Low-Cost Production Delivering High-Impact Results

lilsiaroom These five music videos are some of the best that came out in 2014 and what made them even more awesome was how minimal the production was and still was able to deliver a home run knockout. In this article, we are going to discuss these videos and the patterns and practices they use. The goal here is to show you brothas and sistas how to create powerful videos like this with minimal budget but make it effective to deliver big results. #5 Mapei - "Don't Wait" I care for you, I talk to you In my deepest dreams, I'm fortunate We got a friendship, no one can contest it And not to mention, I respect you with my all Yall let me know when an African-American woman can ever write these kind of lyrics towards a brotha. And I hope you brothas are not still confused why I told you get with Afro-European sistas because yeah, they all that especially in comparison. These are the chilled down ass sistas I mess with FYI – get a clue. But what made this music video great was the scene in the open desert and the cut scenes and location is the same. The focal points was just her and one dude and the backdrops. And that’s all you need for video production, no special effects and these other things – Mapei cool ass personality delivered this video all the way through. #4 Duke Dumont - I Got U You know what made this video extremely awesome? Yeah, they show the brotha pick up this VR thing and put it on his head and act out a few scenes in the recliner right? But you know those other scenes? All those other scenes could have easily been outsourced or crowdsourced and your production could have just pasted together like you saw in this music video. All of that could have been some Fiverr type stuff right there and pieced together. #3 Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) Now before I get started, let me say to the African-American sistas – yall sistas let me know when you find yourself to the point you can make a video like this that show depth of what sistas go through and deal with in artistic expression instead of all the junk drama. Tyler Perry can never create something like this Tove Lo video with this much depth because Tyler Perry is basic. As you see in this video, a GoPro like angle and cut scenes but showing tons of emotions, scenarios and reaction and the expression on her face is what carried this video and it delivered and this video is just good because you feel what she going through and can even look in her soul. #2 Foxes - Let Go for Tonight Foxes is just so awesome of a singer she is just one of the best out there right now and congrads for her for winning that Grammy last year with Zedd for Clarity because she deserved it. Listen to how she invoke both 1980 Madonna and 1970 Donna Summer in this song. I love this song and it is one of my most favorite song of the year. In this video, she use the color splash party theme that you see being done at a lot of clubs and on tour which is actually cool if you ever been to one. I heard these originated in India and now a mainstream worldwide party event. But the music video stayed in one location and moved to an outdoor location but it stayed minimal with just people and time-lapse effects. Notice how they made Foxes a straight beautiful diva in the video. #1 Sia – Chandelier In my opinion, this is the most controversial music video I have ever seen in my life and they pushed the envelope to the very edge. If you have never seen this video before you will see very quickly why it is controversial and pushed it to the edge as far as they can without crossing the border. But as a result, this is the most beautiful controversial video to come out as the whole video was based on interpretative dancing in several scenes. She danced throughout the whole video and you didn’t get bored because you were shocked at the controversy and limits that was being pushed but at the same time, you were amazed at the performance. I loved Sia way back when she was doing Zero 7 but this video here get #1 because it has 330 million views by using extreme pushing it to the limit controversy with a beautiful performance that was very minimal in production. The Takeaway Over and over, brothas and sistas complain they do not have a budget to make a good music video or production, especially the Chicago house music cats. But what you just saw in these videos was how you can deliver the results you want out of a video by being creative and letting talent drive the video, not expensive effects and too many locations with flashy cut scenes. I really want brothas and sistas learn to make videos like this and be daring, push it to the limit and most important – you see that this African-American brotha listen to positive music. And I can assure you brothas my chicks also listen to this kind of music and my chicks are quality vs your chicks. All those songs above are positive music that I listen to and will be on regular rotation on the MixPartyZone, our upcoming 4-channel media stream broadcast for dance music that you guys already knew I been quietly working on for two years. And we’ll talk about that later but you guys already know about that project from previous articles in this blog. And with that said, you urban brothas and sistas who are in music video production and also other short media need to get hip to what was discussed in this article and learn to make these kind of videos that use minimal production and deliver high impact so we can elevate this game to new heights in 2015 and get ours.

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  1. You have unusual taste in music Ed. That is okay so do my two sons…… I fail to see the controversy in the piece called Chandelier. It just seems like modern dance by a tweenager set in a dingy room… One minimalist piece I like is called Runaway Slave by Stic Man. Great song.

    1. Why would you say unusual? These are the most popular music and videos and been nominated for Grammys and awards.

      I like for you to explain “unsual” and tell us what your “usual” music is…

      This music is not may be trying to plug me in a black identity box with that statement..should I have put up a Drake video?

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