Sorority Sisters Full Episode 1

sorosista As you may already know, I do not watch cable television or pay $40/month or $100/month on cable television as I focus on entrepreneurial goals and do not have time and space to sit down and consume mainstream media. Today I would like to showcase Sorority Sisters here on Dream and Hustle.

10 thoughts on “Sorority Sisters Full Episode 1

  1. How sad. I can’t even finish the episode. Straight up trash, as if we need ANOTHER show showcasing black women as head bopping, argumentative, territorial Jezebel’s.

  2. This type of show will continue until black women stop spending there money on fake hair fake nails fake clothes and other fake stuff which other races make millions off of them. This is about supply and demand. These cable channels sell billions in advertising to companies that sell that fake stuff. Grow up black woman.

  3. I observed this women stated they graduated around 2008 and 2009 when the real estate market crashed and devastated the black community and black jobs. In addition, gas price shot up to $5-$6/gallon that same time frame. I remember covering this incident where people passing out waiting to get an application for Section 8.

    I also went to the unemployment office and lines of black people going out the door applying for unemployment these same years these women graduated. Those years they graduated was full economic devastation upon the black community.

    I graduated when the Internet jumped off and had everything like dotcom startups, stock options, flipping brownstones in Bronzeville in Chicago and Harlem, New York, Love Jones with Nia Long and Larenz Tate and Lauryn Hill and the Fugees and .79/gallon gas filling up a 12mpg SUV with spinners.

    There is no way in hell these girls had it better than me and that generation in terms of money and opportunity but they acting like they were living through the dotcom and housing boom era like I did. This is something I observed.

    1. this and shows like this is a prime example of how without a strong loving man of principles in black women life to guide and protect them finically, physically and emotionally they has been, is, will and will always be easy prey for legal and illegal hustlers and pimps to exploit them in the worst possible way. Have you ever notice in the RHWOA none of the women have “real men” in their life and when one did have a real man as husband they got cut or he divorce her cause no “real man” worth the salt in his body will allow yes I said allow his women to shame his name or herself in that manner.

  4. Ed,
    I only survived less than 5 minutes of that video before I turned it off.
    But real question. Do the black women in Atlanta really act like this or is this only for television? Like the black women on RHOA, Married to Medicine, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, now this show, do they really front and perpetrate this hard in real life?

    1. The women born and raised in Atlanta do not act like this and very down to earth. These women appear to be 3rd-string basic material that moved to Atlanta from Indiana or Ohio and now fronting like they were always Queen Bee. I don’t mind though as it make funny dates and encounters but to be honest – yes we do have sistas acting and talking exactly like this here in Atlanta..

  5. This some bullshit…plain and simple. Many of my relatives are sorority sisters and this shit here does not represent them at all.

    Looks like it is up to me and my team to put out some images of sorority sisters that real sisters can actually relate to. Not this celebration of overdone makeup and weave.

  6. The images displayed are a foreign culture to me. I hope there are not too many people like this or who consume garbage tv like this.

  7. The first 2 minutes in my opinion shows how all levels of black are influenced by outside forces. The first display was when the sister said.” We “greeks for life”,. Have you ever seen a 40 year old white woman with a sorority sign on the front of the car? Like in our community. Second, something about secret knowledge? If 2million blacks had secret knowledge we would of been out this mess. Third, the weave ,light skin brothers,dark skinned passive brother, booty shakn,white (you better)aceppetance, loud mounting, all served up to us on they satellite, the channel ,they network. Showing us reverting back to our primitive state. Children on a playground, when left to our own device(not drug by the ear by whitey to work or school) look at our “free time”. The training of the supremacists have us watching black people. And paying no attention to the people who control all the water,banks,schools. Dream keep up the good work!

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