The 2014 Best Business Model We Are Super Impressed With

cannedfish As you know we cover a lot of business models and concepts here and we see and research them all over the world and bring them to you as patterns and practices we can adopt for the hood and applied as an expandable urban business model. I’m not going to do a top list, I’m going to focus on the absolute best business model we have seen this year. You know what we like here at Dream and Hustle for startup urban business models. We like something relatively simple to startup and require little resources and can help serve as an anchor and magnet to attract other businesses to the urban revitalization effort. Tin Can London tlondon Tin Can ( is a pop-up restaurant model over in the Soho area of London where the main dish is canned fish. They were inspired by Sol e Pesca over in Lisbon which is a nice cafe serving canned fish. The owners have scoured the world for all types of canned fish and offer them as the main dish on the menu. As you know, canned fish can last up to a year (some can last around 5 years) so there is no need to worry about spoiled food and in addition, there is little need for food inspections and less food serving licensing problems by having packaged food. When someone orders something, all they have to do is pull out a can and pop open the main dish. watchyourfingersgal Why is this number one? Because several years ago, I was joking with cats to create a potted meat restaurant in the hood that serve potted meats on crackers and white bread. I explained in my thesis that the hood would rush to this business model to buy low-cost potted meat sandwiches in the hood and as an affordable place to sit down and eat. I explained the real profit model would come from the drinks anyway. But I was shot down and told I was trying to give cats in the hood colon cancer with all that processed meat and the concept was abandoned. serving But canned fish is actually healthier option with a good dose of Vitamin D and Tin Can actually does it with class by putting the canned fish in nice dishware and serve with bread and other garnishments and also serve wine. If you think about it, there is no need for a kitchen and cooks, just serve the canned fish in dishware and bring out fresh salad, wine and garnishments like peppers and onions and bread. I mean, come on cannot deny how awesome this is. dining This is probably one of the best business models we seen because of the low barrier-of-entry to startup, no need or overhead for a kitchen and cook and long shelf life of the main product. Because at the end of the day, it comes down to paying for a meal and providing a tip and we think this business model will definitely work as an urban pop-up model in the hood to not only serve the local community but bring in outsiders to spend in the local community. selection And when you look at all of the options they have for canned fish, that means you can have exotic dishes for Chinese tourists and other foreign tourists and you can serve them with a can that is in your inventory with a long shelf life! So you got international cuisines in a can that you pop open and serve! But here is the bigger picture – brothas and sistas can now establish fish cannery operations themselves to sell in these restaurants and worldwide creating a new industry. You don’t need to grow a fish farm in the hood like Dr. Claude Anderson talking about – you go to Southeast Asia or Costa Rica where they have these factories and have them create a custom can and recipe for your fish. You may want a certain oil or hot sauce or vinegar and tomatoes and other stuff added and create your own unique style. And guess what? Yeah, I knew you were smart – you can open up these pop-up canned fish restaurants in Africa as a chain creating you a nice empire over there in Africa. You can distributed these canned fish to spots worldwide and create your own brand and you have a long shelf life of your inventory. I really hope you understand why this is the hands-down best business model we seen in 2014.

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  1. Awesome story Ed! This has me thinking about implementing this as a subscription model. Time to do some research!

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