The Dream and Hustle 2014 Brotha and Sista of the Year

brothasista2014 Looking back at 2014, Dream and Hustle is going to announce our brotha and sista of the year 2014 who made a profound impact by their actions and created results. With that said, Dream and Hustle is going to go into why Tommy Sotomayor is the Brotha of the Year and Charlo Greene as Sista of the Year. Brotha of the Year : Tommy Sotomayor tommy When a black man in America is attacked and targeted by black people in the fashion Tommy Sotomayor is going through, it usually a sign he is saying something that is rubbing people the wrong way for a reason. And these attacks made us give Tommy Sotomayor the 2014 Brotha of Year for his solo action to stand up for and speak to expose the feminist agenda in the black community and awoken brothas to stop going along with the feminist-orientated black relationship code where black men are either dogs or effeminate and black women are never to be criticized or questioned. I believe I know what Tommy Sotomayor been through and the same happened to me. When you are a black man being lied on by an angry bitter black woman who cannot control her emotions, everybody want to badly believe the black woman lies and assume the black man is guilty and a monster. For some reason and over the years the black man supposed to “just be a man” and take this crap standing down, take the lies, have his kids taken away and not see his kids normally again and take a social fall because black society find it acceptable for her to be a scorned black woman. This is how African-American society works and this crap been pulled on us brothas for the longest time. Tommy Sotomayor did not choose to stand down and decided he was going to stand up and run his mouth and expose this nonsense and created his own media channel and dedicated himself to the message. He said what was on his mind about roachy sistas and ghetto backward black culture and he kept at it with his Internet-based media and not backing down to black people who wanted him silenced because they don’t like to hear what he had to say. Black media and everybody has been trying to avoid giving Tommy Sotomayor any attention but it didn’t work – black people, both black men and black women were listening in. Despite pathetic attempts by Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden and Tyler Perry to sell media pandering to black women attacking black men to make money off black women, Tommy Sotomayor forgo the whore route the other guys did and just spoke on what he felt was a wrong and other brothas listened. And the brothas have listened over the years and realize that the sistas are full of crap and re-thought their whole role in the black male – black female relationship here in America. Brothas actually began using their own insight and realize they are putting up with a lot of BS from the sistas that is not necessary and rooted in hate. Today, we seeing black men now thinking twice about marrying black women, having babies with black women and all this “black women are queens” BS went out the window – nah, the majority of these black women are some crazy ass bitches that a real brotha need to keep him and his penis far away from if he want to live a good life and not be trapped up in BS. Tommy Sotomayor refused to stand down like the rest of these punk ass African-American men when it came to black women, called the sistas out on the BS and brothas have woken up and realize the BS themselves. I see brothas now very clear in only having casual sex with sistas without commitment but brothas are also realizing they have other options beside African-American women and brothas can be choosey realizing how much these other women out here love some brothas. Brothas are realizing they can court and marry Latino, Afro-European and Asian chicks and brothas are expressing in private circles they are stress-free and happy dating other sistas. To the black man reading this – go where you are celebrated and remember that phrase every day in your life. Tommy Sotomayor exposed the BS in the black community where we brothas will now criticize black women for the crap going on and most important – we are beginning to realize black identity relationships are a farce with an 80% failure rate and brothas need to rethink their options if the sistas want to continue to stay stuck on bitterness and BS instead of work towards black love in the 21st century. Sista of the Year: Charlo Greene charlo Over and over we see a pretty African-American face on mainstream media news who sit there and report crap and she just want to keep her job on that news media channel. These black women who report on the news just have a pretty face and read the teleprompter and that is it, an empty shell of a black woman who show no substance or essence of beauty and womanhood. This is the average model minority woman TV reporter and news anchor in local news station across America. Well, Charlo Greene made a decision that made her the hands-down 2014 Sista of the Year. Charlo Greene was a news reporter for KTVA in Alaska and if you look at her reporting style, you will notice she brings her own character and she does not appear to be forced to be some monolithic character like you see other black women who are news reporters and news anchors: She has her own character and you see this in her reporting and this is real and raw talent brothas like a sista to be about – at least have a personality. You know what Charlo Greene remind me of? Charlo Greene remind me of authentic real black women you see in your real black community growing up with you who is witty and funny and you like that as a brotha. We grew up with these kind of sistas and went to school with these kind of sistas but we don’t see these sistas in mainstream media, all we get is these THOTs in clubs and music videos, drama bitches on reality TV and uptight women working the local news stations. What happened is Charlo Greene started up the Alaska Cannabis Club which is the private club model we spoke about here on Dream and Hustle brothas and sistas need to do in the hood. What is this club? Started in April, the Alaska Cannabis Club connects medical marijuana cardholders with other cardholders who are growing cannabis. Growers are offered "donations" as reimbursement for the costs of growing marijuana, the club said in an interview with Alaska Dispatch News in August. The club said it hopes to increase access to medical marijuana patients, despite operating in a legal gray area within Alaska's murky medical marijuana laws. KTVA wanted to do a special report on this group and I have a feeling they knew Charlo Greene was the owner and it was leaked to them. The reason why is the legalization of medical marijuana was on the table in the upcoming election in Alaska. So KTVA did the typical move where they wanted to dangle a person job over their head for what they believe in and not just being another monolithic black woman in news media who just read the words on the teleprompt machine. Charlo Green took a stand for what she believed in. Not only did she take a stand, Charlo Greene created her own media to explain her decision and her advocacy using her reporting skills and did an effective job. Charlo Greene stood up for what she believe in, stood up for her club that she owned and led her people and the movement to help get Ballot Measure 2 voted in and enacted as law in the state of Alaska. This is what you call true advocacy journalism and the National Association of Black Journalists or NABJ can learn a thing or two from Charlo Greene. Standing Up For What You Believe In Our runner-ups for 2014 Brotha and Sista of the Year was Chicago West Sider Hannibal Buress for calling out Bill Cosby and exposing him and waking up all of his victims to stand up and no longer be a silent victim and V. Stiviano who exposed the plantation-like bigotry among NBA franchises owner showing the world how these bigots really think of us brothas and sistas leading to a chain reaction where an owner of the Atlanta Hawks had to sell his stake in the team. But Tommy Sotomayor and Charlo Greene are regular brothas and sistas and what made them 2014 Brotha and Sista of the Year is they refused to be bullied as regular people and used Internet media and the power of media to make their voice heard and stood up for what they believe in. And as a result of their actions, black men are no longer following this blind doctrine of just loving his “black queen” and a law was voted in Alaska for medical marijuana due to brave advocacy. Some of you cats out there, you know what I’m going to do – I’m going to leave the comment section open so you can vent and rant or whatever lightweight nonsense you are about. Because the truth is, you cats are going to decide cowardly you not going to use your real name and hide behind an alias – Tommy Sotomayor and Charlo Greene are real names. But what is going to be funny is before I delete your rant and punk comments, I hope you understand that you have no control just typing your statements in comment sections because you not in control of this blog or other people media and you better figure it out to control your own voice with your own media. We brothas and sistas need to stand up for what we believe in and create our own media channels to speak to what we believe in and stay true to ourselves and put everything on the line for what we believe in. Nobody cares about what you think, how you feel when all you do is put statements in comment sections – you and other brothas and sistas better learn how to find your voice to stand up for what you believe in and have your voice heard. Tommy Sotomayor and Charlo Greene hands down laid down the path and direction that we brothas and sistas will have to do everything necessary in 2015 to have real media that speak to our voices and that is the mission and vision that lies ahead, thanks to the actions of Dream and Hustle 2014 Brotha and Sista of the Year.

25 thoughts on “The Dream and Hustle 2014 Brotha and Sista of the Year

  1. I hold hardily agree with Brotha of the Year : Tommy Sotomayor and Sista of the Year: Charlo Greene however I can in no way agree with runner-ups for 2014 Brotha and Sista of the Year Hannibal Buress for calling out Bill Cosby because he attacked another stand up brother on some 20, 30 ,40 years age “he said she said” with no evident if we are going to be creditable when we call out each other at least the accusers should provide some evident [which if it happen the way these women said it did they could have provided concrete evident but they DID NOT] other than another person words, so at best these allegation against Bill Cosby is just that “allegation” not fact sadly as this fine article is falsely reporting it, lastly I believe Hannibal Buress allowed himself to be a tool of the far left wing liberal and progressive establishment to tear down and assassinate the character of Bill Cosby to make and example out of Bill so no other well respected black person will step out of line away from the typical liberal narrative and tell black people the bitter truth.

    1. I do not understand how you can attribute any of this drama that went on in the 1970s and 1980s to Hannibal Buress. One thing I’m not naive of is what people do know in the industry that the rest of us do not know. When Beverly Johnson spoke up, that is pretty much close the book on any doubt on Bill Cosby behavior. Beverly Johnson do not need to lie about what happened to her and she is credible. So I’m not going with the pretend Bill Cosby didn’t do this routine after Beverly Johnson stepped up.

      This all falls back on Bill Cosby and remember that Bill Cosby was the only black person allowed on prime-time TV back then and he was the one that had leverage on what black person can appear on the Cosby show and that other HBCU show I don’t remember the name. In addition of the countless affairs some he had to admit to, trying to put some halo over Bill Cosby head is just not going to happen.

      Hannibal Buress knew all of this for a minute and knew of the hypocrisy and he called this guy out in his comedy routine. I find it interesting when I see Philly cats and other cats hell-bent on trying to salvage a dude like Bill Cosby character when too many, I mean too many women come up saying dude drugged and raped her….screw that…I’m not defending the Cosby show and if Beverly Johnson come into the room and said that happened also….my mind is made up Bill Cosby did all of that and then some.

      1. I didn’t say Bill Cosby did or didn’t do what is allege all I am saying is based on what I know and my life experience I cannot and will not jump on a bandwagon and destroy or assassinate the character of Bill Cosby or anyone else based solely on a women or man words without any proof or evident other than he said she said, now that’s just me!

  2. Great Blog !! 100% agree with the Man and Woman of the year …From what I hear Hannibal was just doing his routine and some one recorded it…..he never meant for it to go viral, I guess that’s karma huh?….So will Bill Cosby get cuffs?? Who knows, but his bank account will get light. Cosby got away with doggin Mike Tyson, but was a predator himself, we kinda know how Tyson got caught up ..espically in Indiana.I digress.

    1. How soon we black folk forget history I remember doing the days of Jim Crow when just the word of a white women or man WITHOUT EVIDENTS have gotten many of innocent black men put into the electric chair, now fast forward to today just the word of women NO EVIDENTS AT ALL [not even considering the fact that if it had happen as they said it did they could have provided evident but they did not] is enough for some black folk to easily want to convict and at the very least destroy a black man reputation, character and without any “EVIDENT” how soon we forget if we ever knew at all!

      1. Well, I haven’t forgot anything. So is there any proof Bill Cosby didn’t do it?? Understanding how the Entertainment Business works, many will do most of anything to get in the door. Someone with Bill Cosby clout and power could perhaps use this power to his advantage. I have seen Burger King shift managers do that to there on damn employees. So let’s get a understanding, if Bill Cosby didn’t do it cool. I still don’t like how he criticize other poor and uneducated blacks knowing the system was designed that way. He has done a lot of good for HBCU’s and has done alot for black culture with positive images. But I think he may have his own little sick way about him …if the accusations are true, they will have to prove it. Even if Bill Cosby wins all and every court case. He knows deep down if he did do it….he will have to live with that, not me! But I do respect your and anybodys Opinion but I have a daughter and I hope to be able to leave her something that she is not in a position to be “used and abused” like a guy like Mr. Cosby. I digress

        1. Curtis I agree with you for the most part I have children too however knowing what I know I cannot condemn or destroy the character of anyone base on allegations alone without any evident. If I could condemn Cosby base on women word alone without evident then I would be no better than the DA and grand jury in New York or Ferguson MO because both were bias and operation on emotion at best.

  3. “trueletterson” I agree 100%. Even though he was on TV in the 60’s, as a black man he had no real power in Hollywood back then. Just the illusion of power, like rappers have the illusion of wealth today. He truly retained power in 1984, when he became a household name with his sitcom. I have yet to hear about any allegations from after 1984. I may be wrong and please correct me if that is so. I am not doing this to be facetious, but it’s not spelled “evidents”. The correct spelling is evidence. I really am only correcting you to help you learn and save you any future embarrassment.

    1. “I am not doing this to be facetious, but it’s not spelled “evidents”. The correct spelling is evidence. I really am only correcting you to help you learn and save you any future embarrassment” THANK YOU I am not above being corrected and I agree with you comment, again my point is I know it’s wrong and I will not trash, destroy and assassinate the character of Bill Cosby or anyone base on a person word a women word alone with no evidence it is wrong and not right how soon we black folk forget.

  4. Ed, are you sure that Tommy Sotomayor is the brotha of the year? I know that you support the brotha for creating his own platform, but he built that platform to speak negatively on black people only and to me….that not progress. He was supposed to produce a documentary called “Fatherless America” but he decided not to produce the movie, and did not return the donations to the contributors to the documentary. He disrespected a well known psychiatrist named Frances Cress Welsing. He disrespected Tim Alexander, Dr Umar Johnson, Jason Black, and many more people that are really supporting the black community during our hard times. He also continuously advocates that whites should kill black kids and teenagers! Here’s the proof below and there is many more videos of him talking negatively of black people:

    1. Javan,

      Yes I’m very sure Tommy Sotomayor is brotha of the year. He handling his own while you (a man) writing about he “disrespecting others” which is lightweight stuff. Tommy created his own media and channel holding his own while you Javan (a man) is talking about what he is talking about and posting feels about “ooooh…he disrespected someone”.

      I’m saying screw Tim Alexandar, Dr. Umar Johnson, Jason Black and Frances Cress Welsing because they just talking black identity fluff at the end of the day. We got a serious war of media going on, serious battle of global resources to fight over and you Javan is sitting here in 2014 talking some lightweight hip-hop beef he “disrespect this person” stuff?

      We got things going down hard right now Javan and it will be worse than 2009-2011 where you saw young brothas and sistas sleeping out of their cars at malls and grocery store parking lots overnight in the hood – have you ever saw that Javan? Has Tim Alexandar, Dr. Umar Johnson, Jason Black and Frances Cress Welsing ever talked about that Javan? Only one who bring this up is Dr. Claud Anderson who understand economics – the rest of those black identity characters can go somewhere with their crap.

      Tommy Sotomayor has his own stuff to hold his down – you Javan (a man) are in a comment board section talking about “oooooh…he disrespected [name drop other people names]” and you asking seriously why Tommy Sotomayor should not be brotha of the year? I just sayin..

  5. Ed, let’s talk about manhood for a minute brotha so that we can be on the same page. Don’t question my manhood, don’t make this personal and don’t try to get gangsta on your blog, just because I don’t agree with you. Women do that nonsense. In your own mind, you decided to ignore the bigger issues I presented to you about the guy, and chose the deflect to the minor issues I talked about. So, let me ask you this, Is a man(brotha of the year) supposed to give his word to people about finishing a project, then go back on his word, take people’s money, pay his monthly rent with it and tell them, “FUCK THE BLACK COMMUNITY”?

    1. “Is a man(brotha of the year) supposed to give his word to people about finishing a project, then go back on his word, take people’s money, pay his monthly rent with it and tell them, “FUCK THE BLACK COMMUNITY”?”

      What does that have to do with the “bigger picture” Javan? That sounds like some Judge Judy TV Court show stuff. You sound like you have some personal beef with Tommy Sotomayor and I hope you understand that on you to sort out. I do business in the real world and some people you have to break your word, burn them and tell to go somewhere and that’s just how it is when you get into this and have to make things happen for you. So that is not good enough.

      You are bringing lightweight material to the table Javan. You talking in an arena of real cats and hustlers who get theirs and got theirs. I don’t understand and cannot understand what you really saying except you want to express attitude. I don’t need to question your manhood anymore.

  6. Ed what the fuck are you talking about tommy is whack ass dude. And don’t sit up here disrespecting people like Frances who has speaking the truth for years now

    1. miguel please go further and deeper than calling someone whack. I dont know what rock you brothas coming from but yall bringing lame bitchy shit to the table.

      Is this what Frances Wesling and Tariq Nashid got you guys on – this lightweight shit? Because people over here building empires not talking about someone is “whack” like a 1990 hip hopper.

      Have a real damn reason why you dont think Tommy Sotomayor dont deserve it other than some bitchy attitude shit that Im shocked seeing come from you brothas. Jesus Christ we fighting wars and yall dudes acting like draft dodging hippies expressing your emotions..goodness.

  7. To all yall pathetic excuses for a fucking black man wanting to come here and post bitchy shit like yall dont have a hustle to maintain, mercedes a/b service work due and a nice girl to occupy yourself with, better step back and look at you before typing a word in my comment section.

    I dont understand your conversation because your convo is not real man shit. Talking to me about your feelings regarding another dude – I cannot comprehend that so please understand because Im a real man handling mine.

    But most important – dont come here talking about third-party characters like I give a fuck about them or they supposed to mean something to me. They mean something to you because you are a follower and not your own man.

    Check yourself black dude and ask “is this the petty shit I reduced my life too?” before typing in a damn comment about your feels.

    Tommy has his own shit, you on some emotional fuckboy shit in someone BBS and blog comment section – keep this reality in mind. You may need to hang out here at Dream and Hustle for a minute and learn how to be your own man and see what real work look like to do for your people.

  8. LOL at “bitchy shit”. How you calling anyone bitchy when you all up in your feelings cause people don’t agree with your brotha of the year?

    This dude’s whole audience is bitter brothas who can’t get over their bad past experiences with sistas. Granted, I’m no TS expert because I couldn’t listen to more than 10 minutes of his black woman hating bullshit before I knew I wasn’t his audience and my time would be better spent hustling and building for me and my fam.

    There are some real brothas out here grinding, doing their own shit and getting international money without being divisive or tearing anyone down to do it. I would much rather seeing them getting props than this WACK brotha.

    1. Regg – I noticed you didn’t mention anybody names when you said “other brothas”. The last I checked, you have this “Tommy” guy name in your mouth and like I said, he was a regular brotha who setup his own media channel. So that means he hit the critical mass of brothas and yall talking about him. See, you guys are funny talking about Tommy Sotomayor not realizing how much of an impact Tommy Sotomayor put on you and you wondering why he is 2014 Brotha of the Year. Isn’t that funny?

    1. “that bitch ass dude”

      how old are you, seriously? You dont seem to understand how this shit makes you look…

      I went into clear explanation why but you have no argument or rationale. I believe you and others are around too many dicks..maybe that upasite bbs board…

      End of day I can go on TV and radio and explain my position to the black community and hold my own and cats respect me. You will never show your physical face in any black media outlet calling someone whack or a bitch ass dude because you know the black community will laugh at you.

      But you do this on the Internet. Like I said, yall got Tommy name all in your mouth and he mindfucked yall brothas to the point yall got convo all up in upasite over him – and yall still dont understand why he is the brotha of the year.

  9. I totally agree with “Brotha of The Year!” Tommy gets persecuted for speaking his mind. What he speaks of can be seen in all cultures but the truth is that it is rampant in minority communities/neighborhoods. I applaud him for speaking up and calling for change! I support him and his message. Thank you for acknowledging his efforts!

  10. Ed,

    First, and foremost, all that lightweight material shit you claim I talk about..can potentially grow into bigger problems later on down the road and that’s one of the major rules of life when it comes to dealing with people and you should know that. You have to able to spot shit that comes a mile away and take it out like a long range sniper, otherwise you’ll suffer. And If I’m not mistaken, that’s one of the many lightweight material shit I brought up in an earlier post.

    I’m just saying “the bigger picture” here is that you don’t want to do business with people who have a track record of not representing who they are, what they do, and what they have accomplished. I know you’ve met people like that in real life, because they’re a dime of dozen and it’s a huge sorting out process you have to go through, which wastes time and money. I just wouldn’t do business with them, and I wouldn’t RECOMMEND them to the rest of the world for glory. That’s all I’m disagreeing with you in this post.

    Secondly, all this attitude I express in my writing, is what regular people like me and you get from dealing with life. Can me and you agree that people who get shit done have horrible and no-nonsense attitudes? Shit…man, you might be an arrogant muthufucka yourself and reply back to me in this post with some cruel words. Haha, man I deal with that shit on the regular, but I’m just trying to be real with ya and support ya shit. You’ll hardly ever find people who read your posts, and actually comment on it…would you?

    Other than that, I’m not trying to hijack yo shit, because I check out all the rests of your posts on the weekly tip, and I can validate that you’re a real cat and you’re serious……because you try shit! I see that you established things, and you didn’t bask in the glow of an idea, you brought it to fruition. So what if things fail, you get the reward of “living and learning after each attempt”, and that’s what this life we live is all about.

    You understand where I’m coming from?

    1. Well said, I hope you stick around here and deal with real brothas and sistas that are about something and going places. You will find out we are a lot more funnier and entertaining and about our money here at the same damn time.

  11. Love Charlo. She has a profitable business and doesn’t restrict her dating choices to black men. Love seeing sistas making smart moves.

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